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Dktrgonzo comments

Posted in: Russia to halt peace treaty talks with Japan over sanctions See in context

A peace treaty with Putin is worth no more than the paper it's printed on. Just ask Ukraine how much the Minsk agreements are worth now with missiles falling on their cities.

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Posted in: Girl sues Tokyo high school that made her drop out for breaking no-dating rule See in context

For those saying "She should have known when she signed up." or "if you don't like it, don't go." Seem to be forgetting this girl was a minor so her legal acceptance of the terms and conditions attending the school was most likely neither sought nor given. The article doesn't say as much, but I imagine her parents enrolled her, thus those sorts of arguments are really not relevant.

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Posted in: #MeToo movement journalist sues lawmaker for liking defaming tweets See in context

I don't profess to know the specifics, of course, but it seems to me the lawsuit isn't so much about her actions but on shining a light on those actions in a public way. She may have no intention of actually winning the lawsuit but on making sure people are aware of what Ms. Sugita is doing in which case it seems pretty effective to me and good on her!

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Posted in: Okayama to join other Japan cities issuing LGBT certificates See in context

Burning Bush:

Let's be equal and fair, any two humans, regardless of the reason for them to live together, should get recognition.

Attempting to distract from the issue with a false equivalency and straw man argument is counterproductive to the conversation. The certificates are plainly geared toward further recognition of two people's right to love one another regardless of gender and receiving some of the benefits traditional couples enjoy and should be beneath being brought into the conversation.

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Posted in: Tokyo aquarium seeks video-chats for eels See in context

Stories like this, especially in a time like this are important. It gives us a momentary respite from "more pressing things." Fluff is not a bad thing.

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Posted in: U.S. TV anchor retires on air after harassment claims See in context

Harassment is defined as “unwelcome” comments.

So let's assume there are two guys in the office, Bob and Joe.

Lisa likes Bob but she doesn't like Joe.

Bob makes a pass at Lisa and she accepts it (the comment was wanted)

Joe sees that Bob's comment was accepted and thinks to himself, I'll say the exact same thing and Lisa will go on a date with me too.

Joe makes a pass at Lisa using the exact same technique as Bob, but now it's “unwanted”, therefore it's harassment. Lisa feels that Joe is “creepy” and reports him to HR.

Bob gets a date and keeps his job.

Joe doesn't get a date and is fired and tainted for life as a sexual predator.

Bob and Joe did the exact same thing but the law treated Joe differently.

That's not fair.

Alternately, both Bob and Joe can keep their comments in a work environment professional, that way neither lose their jobs or are branded sexual predators. That seems more "fair" to me.

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