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So happy to see John move to his new channel.

I've followed his old channel for years now and have been to Japan 3 times and plan to visit a lot more. He is informative, friendly and down to earth, highlighting the intricate country that is Japan in his videos. His videos are informative for those that want to visit and have a great time both in tourist areas and off the beaten path. I will continue to watch and support and am excited to see what more he has to show the world about such a wonderful country.

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Personally I love these signs. I am Canadian and have been fortunate enough to travel to Japan on 3 occasions and think that these signs are just visual reminders for anything from 'don't talk on your cellphone on the train' to 'don't be drunk on a platform' and I think that the rest of the would could use these friendly reminders for all sorts of things. This is why Japan is clean, courteous and thinks everything through so thoroughly.

Even at work here in my office, what would be the harm in having a sign on the hot water kettle to say 'if you see me empty or take some water, refill for the next person!''s not rude or anything like that, it's just a little reminder to be your best and be helpful and if everyone does this (or more people the better), the interaction or experience will be just that much better for everyone.

People may laugh at that, but how many times does one approach an empty kettle and think "Why is it ALWAYS empty!?! I'm ALWAYS filling it up..." when the alternative would be seeing it's a full kettle, pouring my water in my cup and filling it for the next person and going back to my desk.


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