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Posted in: Australian defense minister to tour Japan stealth submarine See in context

Clearly China will protest this meeting and argue that Japan doesn't need to have a stealth submarine fleet unless it's Japan's plan to sneak up on China and attack it (again). I can see the headlines now.

Australia's the one building the fleet not Japan. Japan already has one. China just doesn't want Japan fostering strong military alliances so close to home.

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Posted in: China uses D-Day anniversary to praise Germany, slam Japan See in context

The Chinese government wouldn't even be able to accept an apology at this point... due to the amount of brainwashing they've forced schools to shove down the throats of kids. They've created an enormous generation of Japan-hating zombies that have never even seen war; and aren't entirely able to explain the reason for their own hatred. How do you tell these people that you've accepted the apology of (what they've been told) is their arch-nemesis? All they can do at this point is continue to use Japan as a scapegoat for the rage that has been brewing as a direct result of the massive wealth inequality and Party corruption.

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Posted in: China hits back at U.S., Japan for 'provocative' remarks See in context

Time to expand US air space onto Mr. Wang's pool and setup an oil rig. If he protests we'll call that a provocation.

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Posted in: U.S. backs more active security role for Japan: Hagel See in context

It seems as though China's unbridled aggression will give Japan the support it needs to unshackle its military without a huge uproar from its other neighbors. I think the US is wise in welcoming the inevitable and working with it, not against it. The 'us vs you' mentality of the Chinese makes it too hard to keep it in check without a strong alliance filling the "you" part.

Though that's just based on my personal observation..

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Posted in: What if the missing Malaysia plane is never found? See in context

Just goes to show you where some governments' priorities lie: the U.S. can spend hundreds of billions on an unnecessary and unwinnable war in Iraq and Afghanistan but will not upgrade systems to help passenger safety. That's government "for the people?"

Uhhh... I thought Boeing was responsible for designing marketing and selling the Boeing 777-200ER jetliner. (and isn't this particular one being managed by Malaysia?) Can you wrap your head around the fact that the US government isn't responsible for every single wrongdoing that happens around the world? I know THOUSANDS of Boeing jets drop out of the sky everyday, but I think Boeing is trying their best with what cash isn't being shipped to Iraq and Afghanistan!

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Posted in: S Korea to pay $866.6 mil in 2014 to host U.S. troops See in context

More "protection" money!

This is becoming a good cash crop for the U.S.A.

Of course, they had nothing to do with creating the dangerous environment in the first place!

Well played by the Americans.. They created this environment to begin with and now they have convinced the South Korean's to pay them $800 million a year to fund America's 'interests'... Con of the century perhaps?

Truly... utterly... disgusting... Apologize to the 33,700 Americans who died keeping South Korea from ending up like the North.

Profiting??? The US pays nearly 50 billion dollars in financial aid to third world countries.... am I wrong?

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Posted in: Pentagon chief urges Tokyo to improve ties with neighbors See in context

Improve relations?

With Japan about to build a massive superbase for the US in Henoko, Okinawa and the US selling TONS of weaponry to this country, how can he say this?

Sure Japan needs to improve its relations.

Any leader who truly represented his country would have visited China long ago and threshed out the problem.

But not Abe.

He'd much rather sit in a safe and comfortable office in Tokyo and "take a tough stance" against China.

Both the US and Japan need to cut down on the military build up and secrecy, open up and talk, get to understand and negotiate with China, South Korea, etc.

US army military build up? The US is cutting its military budget by 500 million and planning a 25% reduction of army personnel. This hardly constitutes a buildup.

Meanwhile, China's defense spending has seen double-digit growth each year...

Just saying

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Posted in: U.S. House pressures countries on child abductions See in context

Here is the world child abduction ranking. http://www.hcch.net/upload/wop/abduct2011pd08ae.pdf

See page 9 and 10. The USA is the world leader of international child abduction with 283 alleged cases just in 1 year, followed by UK with 200 alleged cases. The US should do something to themselves rather than to point fingers to others.

What....? Doesn't that data mean the US is the leader of filling out applications to have abducted children returned?

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Posted in: U.S. urges China to set up hotline with Japan, S Korea See in context


Shows how weak the US government is.

One minute they talk all big and bold and make it seem like they're all business.

Next minute they show their true cowardly colors. "Umm, China, sorry to bother you, but could you pretty please try to work out things with Japan and South Korea? We really do not want things to get out of hand. Thank you so much..."

When the US acts people call it a warmonger... and it stays passive they call it cowardly. Ignore problems and get called cold-hearted... try to mediate them and get called nosey...

This constant hypocrisy is truly sickening. Are you really criticizing the US for simply suggesting steps to lower potential war-starting tensions....??

Are those rocks worth ruining the entire worlds economy and hurtling us into a bloodbath...? It appears that some of those in Washington don't think so.

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Posted in: China launches first moon rover mission See in context

You've fallen for the illusion that just because one technology is progressing rapidly so is everything else. They put landers on Mars in the 70s. For humans going beyond Earth orbit, it doesn't matter how small or fast computers get if you still need something the size of a Saturn V rocket packed with fuel to go. Its prohibitively expensive and may always be. The age of going to the moon not so much over.. a handful of people once went, it never really began.

Launching a Saturn V rocket + lander with all costs associated is 300 million dollars cheaper then the curiosity rover we recently landed on mars. An illusion that technology doesn't increase the rate at which we progress?? These days we have PRIVATELY OWNED COMPANIES developing and launching rockets off a pad and LANDING them back on the exact spot it took off from (See SpaceX Grasshopper)

NASA's current budget is the equivalent of each person in the US paying HALF of a penny. Maybe we should kick them up to a whole penny? Hell... if we each paid 25 cents a year to NASA I wouldn't be surprised if a man was on Mars next year. It took merely 10 years to put a man on the moon 30 years ago; and that was when we were just beginning to learn how rockets worked.

There is absolutely 100% nothing that a human can do that an instrument packed rover can't. Putting a man on the moon to do what exactly?? It's only for prestige points. NASA already did it and they've gone on to more important things. Asteroid mining is the future (and much much much harder then flying a rocket for 3 days and landing a tin can in low gravity.)

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Posted in: China launches first moon rover mission See in context

If they can eventually get people there why shouldn't they claim it? Fair game.

The United Nations sponsored 1967 "Outer Space Treaty" established all of outer space as an international commons by describing it as the "province of all mankind" and forbidding states from claiming territorial sovereignty.[2] Article VI vests the responsibility for activities in space to States Parties, regardless of whether they are carried out by governments or non-governmental entities. The Outer Space Treaty of 1967 has currently been ratified by 102 countries,[3] including all the major space-faring nations. It has also been signed by 26 other nations but not yet ratified.

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Posted in: China launches first moon rover mission See in context

America will be in trouble if there's another race to put humans on the moon. They'd have to re-develop the expertise to do it, I bet China would get there first.

What...? Why would there be another race to put someone BACK on the moon? The US was putting people on the moon back when computers were less powerful than your cellphone. This isn't lost a lost capability... it's been abandoned for more important things like mars exploration and asteroid mining. The age of earth orbit and moon exploration is long past.

This is, however, a good start for China's space program. I just wish they'd direct it toward things that weren't done before. (does earth really need a SECOND space-station?) I'm looking forward to a potential space race in the future if China picks up its game. Competition drives technology, and nobody has been able to fill the void following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson once jokingly said: "If China said, “Let’s put a military base on Mars,” we would be on Mars in 10 months."

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Posted in: U.S. Army seeks 'Iron Man' armor for commandos See in context

Minor correction: How to kill others more efficiently with zero risk to themselves. They pretend they're such big manly men, but I've met mice with more courage. They only go into a fight when they've got an overwhelming technological advantage... and even then they normally lose (e.g. Vietnam, Syria, Somalia, etc.)

The U.S. Military... the biggest bunch of cowardly killers the planet has ever seen.

Uh oh internet warrior talking about courage...

I'm pretty sure most soldiers aren't out to get themselves killed. Anyone who only fights 'to look courageous' deserves a bullet to the head. (hopefully in a cool movie-like heroic fashion?)

Based on your logic, the US army should be fighting naked with pistols for ULTIMATE HONOR!

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