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Posted in: Michelin-star sushi restaurant in Tokyo defends foreigner rules See in context

Tatsuwashi is right though... Japanese are very punctual and it's just not that important in other countries. It is incredibly disrespectful, but even after expressing clearly that I want to be on time, friends are always late. Japanese are always 5mins early.

They should have a credit card charge, that'd solve the issue instantly.

And foreigners can just give a Japanese name (given they have good Japanese) and they'd be none the wiser until the time of booking - in which case, I doubt they'd turn down patrons waiting to be seated.

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Posted in: Woman slashed on street while walking home in Gunma See in context

@kittychosen Please stop. You are vitim blaming, highlighting that clothing will resulting a higher chance of being sexually assaulted. That is a form of victim blaming, after you also say she'd be wearing high hells and strutting along. What about blaming the guy for pulling out a knife and slashing a stranger for no reason, and being unable to control himself or seek professional help?

That is a shame that you think this way and automatically point thn finger at female victims.

Men have the responsibility to control themselves and have NO RIGHT to other women. I personally have been assaulted in Thailand and would never go there again, but in Japan which is a modern, educated country there is no excuse or reasoning for women to be attacked.

As another poster said, this was an assault and not sexual in nature, but in a way it is likely that it was for the attacker - perhaps he hates young women for rejecting him, or he wants to control vulnerable women etc etc

I look forward to entering my company in Tokyo from April, wearing red lipstick, high heels and a short skirt on Friday night, and having lots of fun. I will not walk in back streets alone and will take other precautions, but if I am assaulted it is by no means my fault!

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Posted in: Japan quake study sounds alarm at 'creeping fault' doctrine See in context

I dont work for R&D and I am not a scientist but atleast I dont mock on them. Good work Mr. Noda and Mr. Lapusta

Thank you Waxman, well put. A little respect goes a long way.

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Posted in: One dead, 900 hurt after heavy snowfall in Kanto-Koshin region See in context

This type of snow is not very common, I would think (with limited knowledge of course) that setting up the infrastructure for this would be very very very expensive, especially considering it would be a 1-2 day event a year at most.

In the west there may not be a concept of helping others or making concessions at any time, but in times like the past couple of days I have seen many people putting in work to help those around them such as clearing footpaths, driving around cyclists who are stuck in the tyre groove (god forbid!) and so on. Was a time for me to further appreciate the kindness and community feel you get in Japan. Things could have been done better, but compared to where I'm from (Sydney) they have done an amazing job IMO.

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