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Jessica Marie Sato comments

Posted in: 4-month-old boy dies of fractured skull at unauthorized childcare facility See in context

Strangeland, these facilities don't have 'beds'. They sleep on futons on the floor. If the camera footage shows nothing, who's to say it didn't happen prior to the child being dropped off. I'm sure the police are thinking this as well.

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Posted in: 22-year-old woman arrested for attempted murder of 6-month-old son See in context

Japan really need to stop stigmatizing post natal depression. It's real. And its really freakin hard, especially when your friends with no kids talk like everything is 'ok' and once you 'take a break', it will be fine. Well it isn't fine. And if you don't have a baby, and you aren't a woman, keep your opinion to yourself.

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Posted in: Gov't plans to raise minimum wage to revive economy See in context

Wow! 3%?? SLOW DOWN.

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Posted in: Tokyo International Players to perform 'The Rocky Horror Show' See in context

It's just not the same without Tim Curry as Dr. Frankenfurter.

On a side note: Once I moved to NZ for a while to this super tiny town called Katikati, had no idea it was the same teeny tiny town where Richard O'Brian was living.

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Posted in: Mel Gibson to direct new movie on Battle of Okinawa See in context

Mel Gibson directing? Vince Vaughn acting? Alright! It's gonna be a TOTALLY quality flick then, said NO ONE ever.

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Posted in: World's 1st kindergarten-monitoring robot debuts See in context

It's also a way that parents can monitor daily what is happening in the classroom.

I would hope no teacher with one of them in their classroom has a monster mom that year. That would certainly make the entire experience hell because they will be scouring the pictures (because it isn't stated that the robot can PICK AND CHOOSE the best photos) and then running to the school to get angry if they see something they don't like.

A school I was working at installed webcams the year I left. That's one pressure you don't need. Parent day is bad enough.

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Posted in: Health fallout from Fukushima mainly mental: studies See in context

In these types of studies, really the government can use whatever data they want. Also, they are trying to ignore the thyroid cancer cases. Kids are developing thyroid cancer and the mothers are trying to be heard. The government is just saying that the cases cannot be proven to be caused from Fukushima, despite the spike.

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Posted in: 13-year-old boy drowns after jumping into sea from pier See in context

Badman, I second that. I grew up in Newfoundland, Canada. Right on the coast. A grey, windy ocean, and I still was confident enough in that swimming ability that was drilled into me from a young age that I and everyone I knew, swam in it without a problem. I was taught how to swim in very deep waters. I can't even remember learning to swim, I learned it from such a young age. My daughter is 15 months now, and already getting the kicking and floating down pretty well.

I was very surprised when I went to Japan and the pools had no 'deep end'. =

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Posted in: Gackt lashes out at Cool Japan: 'Almost no results of Japanese culture exported overseas' See in context

Excellent article!! Good job digging so deep. Bureaucrats that can piss away millions of dollars... and get exposed by a celebrity on their completely directionless idea. I hope this goes further and gets a little deeper coverage.

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Posted in: Father arrested after 4 children perish in Oita house fire See in context

He has admitted to the charges. That is really really sad.

I can't imagine why. There is no reason in this existence that can ever justify what he did.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempted murder of 9-year-old son See in context

Yes, that makes perfect sense! I will kill my ex-wife and son, so I will live freely in magical fairyland where unicorns poop rainbows and the police will never suspect me. EVER.

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Posted in: Late arrival See in context

Zichi, I agree with you (as most times when you post). Journalists that rush to the scene like this, are only looking for the story and a juicy picture.

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Posted in: Man goes on trial over hit-and-run deaths of 3 women in Otaru See in context

So, after deliberation, he came to the conclusion that if he claimed that he was texting, it was probably better than admitting he was drunk driving.

WTF? He left 3 women dead, and 1 woman left to live with this.

I hope he goes away for a long time. But in Japan, the system is so wacked some times, I wouldn't be surprised if by some miracle he got off with a slap on the wrist.

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Posted in: Elementary school in Tokyo gets threatening phone call See in context

XD Kobe White Bar Owner, you are so right. Never has a sentence been so overused by idiots passing off the blame as this one.

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Posted in: Gov't considers introducing body scanners at airports across Japan See in context

So, there are no longer privacy issues? or they just don't care anymore?

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Posted in: Ex-PM Hatoyama defies Tokyo and visits Crimea See in context

Where can one see this Waist size story?

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Posted in: Magazine publishes name, photo of Kawasaki murder suspect See in context

Those youths brought this on themselves. Whatever is written or published or whatever happens to them now is karma. I don't think at this point they even deserve clemency or privacy for what they did.

As a minor, when you take a human life in such a cruel way or are involved in such a merciless crime because you wanted to be the king rat of the rat pack, you will not be protected because of your age from the lynching society is going to want to bring down upon you.

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Posted in: Parents questioned over abuse of 2-month-old son See in context

Let's hope it isn't what it usually is, and that honestly, the boy fell and got hurt by mistake.

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Posted in: Court sentences Korean Air nut rage exec to 1 year in prison See in context

Dan Lewis had the best comment of all.

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Posted in: Man arrested for spraying graffiti near Yotsuya Station in Tokyo See in context

How is this news worthy of JAPANTODAY? All he did was spray graffiti. So what? This kind of kid doesn't need to be on national news. Its exactly what he wants. He's probably reveling in his jail now.


It happens EVERYWHERE. All around the world. Everyday day.

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Posted in: Japan Football Association fires coach Aguirre See in context

I miss zaccheroni

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Posted in: Cheer up See in context

Some answers to your questions:

MissingCylonModel Why is the boy wearing a transparent plastic bag and playing with toilet paper?

Plastic bags or plastic wrapping are put on victims of thermal burns. The reasoning behind this is to prevent bacteria from getting into the burns that are covered with a gauze. Its somewhat like incubating. Keeping the body warm and covered while changing the gauze often can help the burns heal faster and with less scaring. You can find articles about this if you look up plastic wrap as wound dressings for thermal burns in google.

Why is the child playing with toilet paper? Closer inspection of the photo will show that that roll is indeed NOT toilet paper. Most likely it is gauze stripping that is in a roll and cut in to pieces.

What is MOST likely happening is Mrs. Abe had an opportunity to help the nurses with the gauze, or to see how it was done on small children who are burn victims.

The wives of politicians who visit these types of places don't just sit and smile at these poor kids with the hopes of a photo opportunity. They actually have to do some work - like watching how medical procedures are done or helping these kids in some way shape or form as indicated by a nurse or caretaker.

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Posted in: 88-year-old love-triangle poisoner denied retrial See in context

It wasn't that he was romantically involved with 5 women, just his wife and mistress were too much to handle. 3 other women were caught in the crossfire as a result.

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Posted in: Kanda Myojin shrine See in context

This picture could totally be an album cover for the guy in the middle.

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Posted in: Bodies found near site where AirAsia plane crashed See in context

My heart is with you all. RIP. The world doesn't need tragedies, especially at a time when we are all supposed to be together.

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Posted in: Two police officers commit suicide in Osaka, Miyazaki See in context

Sorry for being completely off topic here but Koban's have nap rooms?

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Posted in: Empress Michiko celebrates 80th birthday See in context

Happy birthday Empress.

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Posted in: Funeral held for murdered 6-year-old Kobe girl See in context

Having my own baby daughter, this story struck a cord with me so deeply. I can't even begin to imagine how the mother feels.

We may think 'Not my family', but in actual fact such a possibility of your child being taken away, as this terrible incident has shown, is closer than we think.

I pray to the family. Living the rest of their life without their daughter will feel like an eternity until they can see her again on the other side.

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Posted in: Man arrested for poisoning over 40 cats in Tokyo's Ota Ward See in context

Wow, he's really weird. What is the punishment for violating the animal protection law?

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Posted in: Search for missing 6-year-old girl in Kobe enters 5th day See in context

Its so weird. She was seen at 5:30 pm, walking in the opposite direction, far from her house. There is no indication from witnesses that she was in distress. I wonder what all the factors are. It isn't so strange that a young girl her age was out walking. But something just doesn't add up. She dropped her bag off, picked up another rucksack to carry (that fuzzy one with the bear on it), and went for a walk. Perhaps she told a friend at school she would visit there house? Or was she inspired by something she saw on TV to go for a walk with a parasol around the neighborhood without thinking? A 6 year old child has a different perspective of the world. They are so innocent and have no idea the dangers (even in their own neighborhood).

I pray she is found. As a new mother myself. I pray.

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