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Jessica101Black comments

Posted in: Trump faces presidential fitness test amid raised concerns See in context

I don't always agree with the commander-in-chief, but I will not support a witch hunt to destroy his credibility. He won fair and square, but the sad fact is, some people just don't see it that way. The #RegressiveLeft want to make the claim he colluded with the Russians, or some garbage like that. But, where is the proof?! No seriously, in the past year since he became POTUS, where is the god given proof?! None, why am I not surprised. As a registered democrat myself, I respect the ones that want to reach across the aisle and put America first. Not these globalist SJW and rude ones who want to paint the POTUS as a vile creature. This man has made some questionable decisions, true. But, does that mean we need to question his sanity?! NO!! If that is the case, then we should question every elected official, because they might be incompetent just as much. Sorry to sound harsh, but if they want to do this to Trump, then by god, they should do it to everyone.

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Posted in: 1 killed, 11 injured after minibus goes down mountainside See in context

Oh my god, that's so sad. This proves why I don't take the bus too often in the mountainous regions of the country. If ever possible, I hike the mountains instead.

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Posted in: 3 most unattractive women’s hairstyles (according to Japanese men) See in context

I could care less about what they think. I wear my hair short from time to time and at least my friends love and still support me.

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Posted in: Japan announces breakthrough for drought-resistant rice See in context

Now this is simply amazing. It seems day after day, we as Japanese people are developing cooler things. It makes a girl like me happy to be Japanaese! :-D

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl starves to death after mother leaves country See in context

Oh my god, this is sad! It makes me sick to hear such a thing. My Mother would never let me or my sister starve, and after reading this, I feel glad that she doesn't make us starve. And yet, I feel bad for this family. The mother needs SERIOUS help, and I hope to God, she gets it now, before its too late.

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