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Posted in: New island discovered south of Tokyo after submarine volcano erupts See in context

Time to get an application in for the next Olympics there. Would be great for MTB, aquatic sports, surfing etc. Unfortunately the athletics will be C-shaped!

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing ¥1.2 mil from woman in elevator See in context

At least the thief was environmentally conscious and used recyclable bag rather than plastic.

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Posted in: Paralympian arrested for assaulting hotel security guard See in context


Today  01:25 pm JST

In short, when the charges support, you must deport.

Why do people make silly rhymes like this ... Was Dr. Seuss on the reading list at your law school?

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Posted in: Premier League looks to be a 4-team title fight See in context

Grealish has got the biggest calves I have ever seen. Maybe those socks they keep giving him don't fit

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Posted in: To shake hands or not? An age-old human gesture now in limbo See in context

Shaking hands is so passe....why not invent a new method of greeting. Hold an international competition to vote for the bes idea.

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Posted in: Lionel Messi signs 2-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain See in context

He can afford alot of tissue with all that cash.. .

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Posted in: Typhoon approaches Tokyo area See in context

Maybe rehold the surfing competition down in Nijima ..could be some monster waves .....

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Posted in: IOC gives itself more power to remove sports from future Olympics See in context

So they have more power to remove sports but not to add them? Won't there eventually be zero sports left?

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Posted in: IOC gives itself more power to remove sports from future Olympics See in context

Please add Dodgeball in honor of Patches O'Houlihan. Remember the 5 D's of dodgeball, dodge, duck, dip, dive, and ...... dodge

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Posted in: Nagoya mayor under fire for biting Olympian's gold medal See in context

Isn't the medal recycled way I would luck it if ain't gold!

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Posted in: Pompeo got $5,800 whisky gift from Japan, but where is it? See in context

Who valued this at 5800$. Not buying this at all....

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Posted in: Karate hoping to land killer Tokyo blow before Olympic knockout See in context


You sound like an English white belt, so I will help you once...."or" means "namely" or "in other words", now get down and give me 50. Teaching moment over!

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Posted in: Karate hoping to land killer Tokyo blow before Olympic knockout See in context

Karate is basically like an artistic dance form .....better to have Thai boxing or muay Thai at the olympics

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Posted in: Court denies Belarus sprinter's legal bid to run in Olympics See in context

So she fell at the first (legal) hurdle?

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Posted in: Saitama man repeatedly steals food from store by making his phone say 'PayPay♫' See in context

A ventriloquist prankster wouldld have a field day with this

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Posted in: High jump friends decide on double gold over jump-off See in context

Feel good story but dangerous precedent. If all sports events are negotiated like this, then eventually lawyers and negotiators will get involved, followed by lawsuits amongst sponsors and stakeholders, not to mention Vegas odds makers.

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Posted in: Olympic gymnastics champ Hashimoto responds to scoring criticism See in context

People were upset on that Date that the Fig's judging of the first Seed was the Pits? This argument doesn't bear fruit.

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Posted in: Players, coaches criticize IOC for dropping softball for 2024 See in context

Good idea to get rid of softball. Also should reduce number of swimming and gymnastic medals and add sports with wide global popularity such as squash and caber toss

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Posted in: Tropical storm nears Japan, disrupting Tokyo Olympics See in context

Shouldn't this be called a subtropical storm since Tokyo is in a subtropical climatic zone?

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Posted in: What is umami, the mysterious taste of Japanese cooking? See in context

Author surprisingly got the five basic tastes wrong. They should be salty, sour, bitter, sweet and spicy....umami is just a PC term for food additive MSG, to throw off all the MSG critics...

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Posted in: Muhammad Ali fights Antonio Inoki at the Nippon Budokan in 1976 See in context

This was more of a show exhibition than a real fight, although it was a bit of a pioneer in raising consciousness of MMA movement

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Posted in: Day of the Dolphin See in context

Miniscule waves, more like pretend surfing than the real thing

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Posted in: Japanese artist creates ramen face mask to complement fogged glasses See in context

Nerd alert!

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Posted in: Sri Lanka scraps $1.5 bil Japan-funded light rail system See in context

BertieWoosterToday 07:52 am JST

Expecting Japan to give advice on road design is absurd!"

Reading not your strong point? Let me help you is a rail project, not a road project.

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Posted in: King Kazu breaks records again in J.League match See in context

Mr KiplingToday 03:07 pm JST

After all he had done for Japanese football, they owed him his place on the squad."*

Nobody is owed a place on any national squad and have to earn it. His performance numbers playing in European leagues alone, were very revealing. 12 games in Croatia, 0 goals. 21 games in Italy, 1 goal. That is 1 goal in 33 games against European style defenses. That is simply not good enough. Japan was in a tough physical group with Jamaica, Argentina and Croatia and needed physically stronger forwards. Very different from playing Macau, Maldives, or other footballing minnows. Will have to go with the Manager's final selection based on performance potential, rather than your second guessing it for compassionate reasons.

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Posted in: Japanese swimmer Seto apologizes for extramarital affair See in context

NOMINATIONToday 09:33 am JST

Perhaps she wasn't giving him "dessert" for all we know."

Instead he got his just desserts.....

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Posted in: King Kazu breaks records again in J.League match See in context

Mr KiplingToday 08:04 am JST

It was a disgrace that he was omitted from the 1998 World Cup squad."

Silly comment. He was already 31 by the time the world cup came around. His qualifying goal totals were also inflated with 10 goals against the likes of Macau and Nepal, hardly world cup quality sides. Very rare for an older striker to be able to compete at the WC level , although there are exceptions such as Roger Milla of Cameroon.

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Posted in: Japanese sex business operator sues state over virus cash handout snub See in context

Sounds like this story won't have a happy ending

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Posted in: Multitasking See in context

Sorry, meant earplugs, not blindfold....

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Posted in: Multitasking See in context

Touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste

No looking where she's going both hands occupied, nose and mouth covered.

Let's see that is 4/5 senses blocked. If she wears a blindfold, she completes the set and wins the Darwin prize!

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