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Who pays for the date is all about common sense, as someone stated above. You other guys in the comments are hilarious overthinking this "issue" lol.

So personally, I hated having a guy pay for my date. I was not even aware of feminism at the time-- I was just a kid. Lol. But I hated it if a guy was like, "Let me take care of the check." I don't know why, it made me feel uncomfortable and indebted...

Anyways, I married a man who hated having to pay for dates just as much as I do so now we try to go on free dates lol. Most of the time, though, if we are out at the movies or something, he pays because he has a full-time job and I'm just a college student/at-home wife at the moment. We never argue over these things, really. We don't think twice about it. We've been married about 10 years now.

Anyways, my point I'm attempting to make is that you should use common sense when dating, obviously. Did you ask the girl/guy out? Does she/he make less than you, same, or more?

If you asked a guy/girl out and make a considerable amount more than him/her, maybe you should be a decent person and pay. It's only the polite thing to do.

Also, interestingly, I believe there was a study done on some women, and although they want equality, they still instinctively want to marry a financially stable partner. Financial stability = security. So if you offer to pay for the date, that would be seen subconsciously as, "This man is able to provide security for our potential future offspring." Lol.

And by the way, my daddy taught me to value and respect myself. He taught me how to be picky with men and never settle. He taught me traditional values.

And if you asked me on a date, friend or possible love interest, I'd ask you if you're paying. And if you're not paying, I would ask if we can go on a no-cost date because I really do not have the money right now.

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