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Posted in: Japan greets new year with crowds despite pleas from leaders to stay home See in context

I’m not sure if people are being selfish or are just lemmings...?

Trying to be positive, but the lack of common sense really dampens that. I feel really bad for the health care workers in the next month.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,337 daily COVID cases; nationwide tally 4,519 See in context

This is sad. It is not a drop in the bucket ... it is an infestation that is now being spread around the country at alarming rates. It's not funny, and it is not a joke. I do believe most of the urban-centred people are following the protocols and being responsible, but the yesterday there were hoards of cars with numerous out of province plates up here in the mountains.

We all know, that is where the virus is coming from and I'm sure we will see ridiculous numbers in the next 14 days. Thanks selfish city people! You shine in times like these!

Stay home and stay away... please.

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Posted in: Heavy snow strands 1,000 cars on highway, causes blackouts in Niigata, Gunma See in context

This happens every huge snowfall - negligent truckers racing against time don't have chains or the proper tires and they jackknife blocking the highway. People, watch the weather forecast and plan accordingly.

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Posted in: Gov't urges 'quiet' year-end, but will continue Go To Travel campaign See in context

The reason they push for this, and for all the cryptic non-committals is really about how fragile the economy is in Japan. They cannot sustain a shutdown for a month. This society will collapse.

I’m also convinced they don’t mind elderly dying, knowing they follow like lemmings and cannot refuse a deal. These people are the drain in society and I do feel the government really looks at them as exceptional losses. This is a cold, efficient country that cares nothing for humanity unless there is some reward for that well-doing.

This country has a serial killer mentality compared to the wacko asylum in the US.

stay strong out there

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Posted in: Gov't to suspend Go To Travel campaign in some areas See in context

No concern for human life, only money. A very sad reality. People here cannot think for themselves and only see "deals" over common sense (which is an oxymoron in this case).

This is all ridiculous. The big shutdown is coming and It's the hospitals that are most at risk.


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Posted in: Tokyo reports 182 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 704 See in context

The number will go back up soon. All the city people came to the countryside and spread their germs here. So the numbers will be balanced throughout Japan for the next week. We in the countryside respect ourselves and others so we choose not to travel for there is a pandemic!

All of the infections in our area are a result of a Kanto or Kansai idiot coming here. Please stay away!

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Posted in: Medical staff, elderly should get COVID vaccination first: task force See in context

Nonsense. All of this. The elderly can wait. It those of us who go out in Society that need it. Make us immune then the workers and their kids can be safe to move about. If we are safe then society can function.

medical workers, teachers, construction workers, service industry people, etc. Need it first

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Posted in: Schools restart across Japan after short summer vacation See in context

It’s going to be very bad in about 7-10 days. I’m quite sure not all the families stayed home during the break.

Especially with all this heat, why not stay home a little longer. 1-2 weeks of school is not a big deal.

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Posted in: Aichi governor declares state of emergency after virus spike See in context

Travelling around the country is not a good idea. It doesn't matter if the number on a whole population is less than 1%. It's a pandemic and its contagious. This means that it spreads and as we know it also kills. I don't want city people coming back to my area, nor do I want people here travelling to the city. Numbers go up when we let our guard down as we've seen so far. Why increase your chances to be part of the statistics?

We have to exercise restraint and care about this. Yes, washing hands and wearing a mask is great, but I've seen lots of people with out of Ken plates shopping in our stores without masks on not being socially distant.

It only takes a few ill-mannered city people to ruin it for all of us. With that said, people up here in Inaka have been lax on masks, too. They feel we won't get infected - especially high school students! If we travel, then this will be a lose-lose.

Think about your family, and the area they live in. If the neigbours see out of Ken plates there could be a backlash against them. There is a stigma associated with COIVD, so even if you test negative that is something else you should consider.

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Posted in: Japan to lift virus ban on re-entry of some foreign residents from Aug 5 See in context

Plain and simple racist policy - especially for permanent residents. Yet, we can become Japanese nationals, but none of us do ... I wonder why? Must be the years of listening to ignorant people ask you the same question over and over again. Yet, why stay? Well, there are too many positives that outweigh the ignorance in my opinion.

The permanent residents seem to be At the bottom of the totem pole - below the interns, tourists, and new visa holders - regardless and it’s a sad time all over the world for a lot of mixed families. We are not Japanese and we have to live with our choices. Yet, I agree with a lot of your comments above.

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Posted in: Anti-Olympic protest held in Tokyo See in context

I’m very glad to see a lot of great comments here. The story itself is a bit of a shocker. It’s time we all realized that this isn’t going to happen and the corrupt IOC knows it. As one of you said above, I wonder what Japan’s insurance is like for that hefty tag.

To be honest, I don’t think anyone will miss them once it’s all said and done. The games need to be rethought to deal with the scandals and cost. Perhaps having only one global spot for the Winter and Summer games would be much more efficient.

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Posted in: Go To travel campaign thrown into disarray after minister's remarks See in context

The inept plan doesn’t factor in all the commuters to and from Tokyo.

Cancel it now and save lives. If not, all the big city people will flood the countryside and infect innocents.

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Posted in: Experts meet on how to prevent Go To campaign from spreading coronavirus See in context

The selfish will travel. And, just because you wear a mask doesn’t mean you can’t spread it. Stay away campaign is a much better solution.

However, I feel people will still head out of the city and destroy everything. It’s in their selfish nature. The ignorance is mind-boggling.

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Posted in: Sendai training foreigners to be leaders in time of disasters See in context

Can we stop throwing the "foreigner" word around. Many of us have been here for decades, and do not see ourselves as outsiders. I know you come and goers don't care, but maybe "non-Japanese speakers" is best.

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Posted in: Hospital grapples with coronavirus aftermath See in context

This has to be the first healthcare story I’ve seen anywhere since this began. There has been barely a mention of the workers, their opinions, and duty. The culture of service to your country is really disrespected here - I feel. It’s more “do your job because I’m sick and you help me”.

a commenter above asked, “ does the Hippocratic oath apply here?” Id love to know.

Finally, please stay away from people. It’s not over.

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Posted in: Tokyo Disney parks reopen after 4-month closure due to virus See in context

Not tIg, but if.

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Posted in: Tokyo Disney parks reopen after 4-month closure due to virus See in context

just stay home and watch Disney Plus.

tIg you think 67 cases in Tokyo is a lot, wait for a couple weeks to see numbers soar again

this makes no sense at all

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Posted in: Office cluster pushes Tokyo coronavirus cases to 6-week high of 55 See in context

This is not a flu. People everywhere think going about your day in the ignorance is bliss lifestyle is just the way it is. Well, this lack of caring is going to kill a lot of people. Even when you say only a small percent will die, then you discount that their death was preventable.

I am afraid the data of infections is far too low. It must / has to be worse. The urban centres are germ pools.

Even those who are dying of supposed natural causes should be checked. I hate sounding like a nut, but there has to be a major data cover-up. Then again, with those that aren’t being tested or are afraid of it also factor into the low numbers.

I can empathize with the economical

woes and wanting to go about your day, but please consider who is around you.

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Posted in: Japan's farming industry faces falling demand, labor shortage See in context

Vietnam and Thailand travel restrictions eased ... not a coincidence.

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Posted in: Gov't lifts restrictions on travel across prefectures See in context

What restrictions?

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Posted in: Abe declares nationwide state of emergency over virus spread See in context

Well now that he realized a lot of the workers are commuters from surrounding prefectures. Also, many SMEs didn’t stop business trips to these urban centres.

Not to mention all the rich folks that fled the city for their second homes and the students who all escaped, too.

What a S-storm or cluster f.

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Posted in: 'Escape from Tokyo' hot topic ahead of state of emergency See in context

You selfish urban idiots. You will make it worse for everyone. Stay home and quarantine in the city. You’re not welcome here.

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Posted in: IOC to start 4 weeks of discussions on Tokyo Olympics See in context

The IOC reps who already got their pay-offs probably feel a lot of guilt to Japan so they’re dragging it out as long as possible.

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Posted in: England fined for encroaching on All Blacks haka at Rugby World Cup See in context

I'm not a big fan of this sport, but I have to agree about the dance routine before the game. It's all just pageantry and makes me embarrassed for them. Fining England for this is a pretty harsh.

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup organizers cancel 2 games due to typhoon See in context

Sunday should be fine, but if the typhoon hangs around it could mean a ticket to the final 8 for Japan.

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Posted in: Almost 20,000 foreign children in Japan not attending school See in context

So dual citizens are considered foreign?

A long way to go Japan ... keep doing what you do so you alienate all people who aren’t your precious pure bloods.

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Posted in: Woman, youth arrested for letting two others die in car suicide pact See in context

Well are they 17-year-old kids, youths, or adults?

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Posted in: Tokio pop group member's contract terminated over indecent act See in context

A lot of good points on the board. I wish the young lady didn't accept the payoff. It would be nice to blow up these "talent" groups and show how a lot of them have gotten away with so much for decades. I'm pretty sure the Japan-Entertainment industry has way more skeletons (pun intended) in their closets than Hollywood.

Naive is no excuse to use people. I really wish that those of you on the "lynch-mob" argument for this would truly think about the abuse of power of a lot of these (as someone wrote above) these "man-children". God only knows how those poor idol groups of young women are treated, and I'm sure they are drawing up all kinds of contracts to silence them (which won't be hard since the problem also lies in the wannabe-stars sign anything).

At the end of the day the real crime is the word "talent" being associated with a lot of these people.

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Posted in: Foreign trainees worked at Fukushima nuclear plant despite ban See in context

This is nothing new, and will continue long after the Olympics have come and gone. I'm actually getting the sense that Japanese people can't wait for the Olympics to end already so they can blatantly get back to their discrimination.

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Posted in: A new challenge: Changes to elementary school English education in Japan for 2020 See in context

The true change will be when we stop using ALT as a job title. It's insulting since most Japanese use it as a generic label for the foreign worker. Most foreign teacher that are in the public school system are highly educated and come from good institutions in their home countries.

School boards need (more so) to hire teachers directly and actually commit to their investment rather than throwing it away after 5 or 10 year contracts have expired. Institutions like JET and the staffing companies like Interac are a disservice to those of us that have built a career here in education. They keep the foreign worker's image as a transient or temp. As along as the foreign teacher is called an ALT there will be no pay raises, bonuses, respect, or full-committal jobs.

The government probably will never do this on a mass scale, since they are typically opposed to foreign workers having some say in their public institutions. They like to keep us at arms-length and with as many hoops to jump through as possible. I do think there are some really good Japanese English teachers out there, but overall there are far too many just taking up space. The whole English dilemma would be solved if they just opened up the jobs to foreign staff to control English curricula - at least there would be more confident speakers.

Just my two cents...

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