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Posted in: Trudeau slams Facebook for threatening to block Canadian news See in context

It's just hockey news and the odd Tim Hortons' special, eh.

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Posted in: City in Nagano offers super cheap taxi fares to seniors who give up licenses, and to disabled people See in context

This is a good idea, but we also need Uber and Lyft here to up the ante for taxi companies and drivers to evolve. Cabs are crazy expensive for everyone else!

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Posted in: Not live, MTV Movie & TV Awards rely on plenty of old clips See in context

Didn't realize this was still a thing. Meh.

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Posted in: Japan lifts COVID overseas travel alert for entire world See in context

Have to agree with the statement above @Ricky Kaminski13! The mental issues to come from this were deep before it, and worse off now.

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Posted in: Japan eyes ending COVID border control measures on Saturday See in context

It's about time, but I hope they let people turn the seats around on express trains so 4 people can sit together. Open boarders means tourism can thrive again!

Vax or no vax, we all have to be treated the same.

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Posted in: Singapore hangs prisoner over cannabis trafficking See in context

Barbaric country ... they'd do the same if it was chewing gum.

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Posted in: Maple Leafs rally, top Lightning in OT for 3-1 series lead See in context

Gotta win one in the next 3 ... LOL.

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Posted in: Teacher moonlighting as bar host arrested in Nagoya See in context

Civil servants do have a code of conduct, but not many do during a drinking party or festival. I feel bad for this guy. Just trying to earn some extra money and he gets nabbed for a question to an undercover cop. Sad for everyone ... waste of time and resources.

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Posted in: Public safety chief kept eating at restaurant despite Kishida attack news See in context

I mean una-don is pretty expensive and delicious. I totally get it.

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Posted in: Canada public servants stage massive strike See in context

Fight on! I wish we had strikes in Japan. Public servants and teachers could use raises.

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Posted in: Major U.S. sports leagues, broadcasters pledge responsible betting ads See in context

I'm so sick of all the sports gambling ads and the infomercials during the games. They really make it look like it's the coolest and most fun you could have with an app. Gee, I wonder if youth like games, sports, or the convenience of an app?

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Posted in: Former teen idol alleges sex abuse by Japan music mogul See in context

Why is it important to mention Okamoto is Japanese-Brazilian?

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Posted in: Yellow sand blankets parts of Japan See in context

Lots of China-hate in the media and here (big surprise). The sand is coming from Mongolia, China, and Kazakhstan, but the amount of anti-China slander from the news and all the man-on-the-street interviews is pretty bad. I agree it is a pain, but don't just blame China for it.

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Posted in: Japan's population falls under 125 mil; 12th year of decline See in context

If they really wanted to solve this problem they would have opened the country up long ago to immigration on an equal level. However, we know this was not going to happen due to a lot of xenophobia. Also, a lot of people know that this isn't a welcoming place, and that the wages are not the greatest. This government has really dropped the ball over the past few decades and have been spending money hand over fist. The population is going to decline and the Japanese can't do enough to save it.

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Posted in: Climate battle heats up over fate of Tokyo stadium where Babe Ruth played See in context

You could always put a memorial plaque in place of where Ruth played. And, who really cares about him anyway?

It's a great old stadium, but it's seen better days. I don't see an issue with renovating or rebuilding it. Yet, the new stadium would be on the opposite side and they'll lose the outfield view of the Shinjuku Skyline.

As for the tress, there was no mention of cutting them down. It sounds as though the greenery will increase in the area. However, that's what they say will happen. In these huge projects things always change. With that all said, I can't wait to hear about the backroom deals and bribes after this project is completed in 13 years.

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Posted in: 4 utilities may get business improvement order over cartels See in context

"May" ask them? Get these crooks to lower rates for everyone.

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Posted in: As streamers cut costs, TV shows — and residuals — vanish See in context

I have 3 streaming sevices and it's still cheaper than what I paid for cable back in the 90s. However, I do agree that the content disappearing really hurts the artist and the audience. I hope that TV channels back home can pick up the rights to these shows and re-air them.

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Posted in: Woman fatally stabbed on train platform; suspect jumps to his death in front of train See in context

Sick moron coward. RIP young lady.

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Posted in: Half of unmarried people under 30 in Japan do not want kids: survey See in context

It's up to the individual, sure. Yet, I think we started having our kids too late (mid 30s). I wish I'd of done it in my 20s. There is something about having a kid that makes you grow up and face reality. And, it's a happy one at that (most of the time).

I'm sure many of the reasons above are related to the way those under 30 feel, but all the colleagues I know under 30 are pretty selfish and just like their life the way it is. They buy what they want, play games, and try not to stir the pot.

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Posted in: Japan nuclear watchdog halts Tsuruga reactor safety assessment again See in context

Get them all back up operating. We need power.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't survey finds nearly 1.5 million living as recluses See in context

Some very insightful comments above. I agree these numbers seem far too low for a country that generally doesn't go outside - even in their own backyards. If they go out it's only for a task.

For the younger ones, sometimes they are coddled so much by their parents they have no idea how to stand up for themselves and accept that they are failures or whatever they were bulied about. I don't get the gaming culture at all. This is probably another big reason youth (and the adult-children) stay in some fake world rather than join the real one.

The middle-aged ones probably couldn't take their horrendous work schedules and pressure. I don't blame them, but you can't just sit at home and sulk. You've got to get out there and make changes for yourself. Easier said than done, I know. This is where real friendships and relationships could help with the mentral trauma because seeing a thereapist just isn't as widespread here.

It is just an awuful cycle of conformity, pressure, and shame. All ages suffer from it and only the strong (brainwashed or confident?) make it out. Life doesn't have to be a task. Move out of the city and find some solace in the countryside.

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Posted in: Musk, scientists call for halt to AI race sparked by ChatGPT See in context

I was already worried about it, but this scares me even more knowing many scientists want to halt it.

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Posted in: TEPCO unit acquires rights to develop wind farms off Scotland See in context

So what! Why not develop something here in Japan to help out your customers.

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Posted in: Ito En releases drinkable cold ramen See in context


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Posted in: Japan's winning World Baseball Classic team visits Kishida See in context

Nice to see them smiling and without masks on coming out of customs and then with Kishida. The human side of these players is great! I hope more people here start to show their emotions. Good job boys!

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Posted in: Japanese fast food chain Mos Burger to release soy sea burger See in context

¥430 for a faux fish burger ... I'm intrigued by the ammount of effort to make it, but I'd opt for a good ol' Fillet O Fish instead. With that said, I would like to try it someday.

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Posted in: All-Stars of Team USA outmatched, outpitched in WBC final See in context

Munetaka Murakami followed up his walk-off, two-run double in Monday’s semifinal win over Mexico by blasting Kelly’s first-pitch 92.4 mph fastball into the upper deck in right field. The play gave Japan a 1-0 lead in the second.

Actually, the homer in the 2nd tied the game. Maybe you should pay attention to the sport you're writing about. ;)

Great game for baseball in general though!

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Posted in: 50-year-old man gets 6 years in prison for sexually abusing girlfriend’s 11-year-old daughter See in context

This poor girl will now end up in the system and probably in a group home for the next several years. I hope she has kind grandparents to take her in.

The mother, probably depended on the boyfriend financially and was easily pressured into all those heinous acts. She definitely should lose custody of the kid and do her time in jail. The boyfriend needs to be beaten with baseball bat and put away for at least 15 years.

Just an awful story.

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Posted in: For Asian Americans, Yeoh, Quan's Oscar wins are theirs too See in context

Why not be proud of her for a long career in Asia? What about Parasite winning a couple years ago? Asia is the biggest movie market. Asians should be patting themselves on the back for keeping most of these terrible Hollywood movies in business.

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating father to death with hammer and rice cooker See in context

Mentally unstable ...!? You had me at "rice cooker". Sheesh

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