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Posted in: Abe declares nationwide state of emergency over virus spread See in context

Well now that he realized a lot of the workers are commuters from surrounding prefectures. Also, many SMEs didn’t stop business trips to these urban centres.

Not to mention all the rich folks that fled the city for their second homes and the students who all escaped, too.

What a S-storm or cluster f.

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Posted in: 'Escape from Tokyo' hot topic ahead of state of emergency See in context

You selfish urban idiots. You will make it worse for everyone. Stay home and quarantine in the city. You’re not welcome here.

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Posted in: IOC to start 4 weeks of discussions on Tokyo Olympics See in context

The IOC reps who already got their pay-offs probably feel a lot of guilt to Japan so they’re dragging it out as long as possible.

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Posted in: England fined for encroaching on All Blacks haka at Rugby World Cup See in context

I'm not a big fan of this sport, but I have to agree about the dance routine before the game. It's all just pageantry and makes me embarrassed for them. Fining England for this is a pretty harsh.

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup organizers cancel 2 games due to typhoon See in context

Sunday should be fine, but if the typhoon hangs around it could mean a ticket to the final 8 for Japan.

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Posted in: Almost 20,000 foreign children in Japan not attending school See in context

So dual citizens are considered foreign?

A long way to go Japan ... keep doing what you do so you alienate all people who aren’t your precious pure bloods.

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Posted in: Woman, youth arrested for letting two others die in car suicide pact See in context

Well are they 17-year-old kids, youths, or adults?

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Posted in: Tokio pop group member's contract terminated over indecent act See in context

A lot of good points on the board. I wish the young lady didn't accept the payoff. It would be nice to blow up these "talent" groups and show how a lot of them have gotten away with so much for decades. I'm pretty sure the Japan-Entertainment industry has way more skeletons (pun intended) in their closets than Hollywood.

Naive is no excuse to use people. I really wish that those of you on the "lynch-mob" argument for this would truly think about the abuse of power of a lot of these (as someone wrote above) these "man-children". God only knows how those poor idol groups of young women are treated, and I'm sure they are drawing up all kinds of contracts to silence them (which won't be hard since the problem also lies in the wannabe-stars sign anything).

At the end of the day the real crime is the word "talent" being associated with a lot of these people.

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Posted in: Foreign trainees worked at Fukushima nuclear plant despite ban See in context

This is nothing new, and will continue long after the Olympics have come and gone. I'm actually getting the sense that Japanese people can't wait for the Olympics to end already so they can blatantly get back to their discrimination.

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Posted in: A new challenge: Changes to elementary school English education in Japan for 2020 See in context

The true change will be when we stop using ALT as a job title. It's insulting since most Japanese use it as a generic label for the foreign worker. Most foreign teacher that are in the public school system are highly educated and come from good institutions in their home countries.

School boards need (more so) to hire teachers directly and actually commit to their investment rather than throwing it away after 5 or 10 year contracts have expired. Institutions like JET and the staffing companies like Interac are a disservice to those of us that have built a career here in education. They keep the foreign worker's image as a transient or temp. As along as the foreign teacher is called an ALT there will be no pay raises, bonuses, respect, or full-committal jobs.

The government probably will never do this on a mass scale, since they are typically opposed to foreign workers having some say in their public institutions. They like to keep us at arms-length and with as many hoops to jump through as possible. I do think there are some really good Japanese English teachers out there, but overall there are far too many just taking up space. The whole English dilemma would be solved if they just opened up the jobs to foreign staff to control English curricula - at least there would be more confident speakers.

Just my two cents...

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Posted in: Japan's population declines to 127 mil, falling for 7th consecutive year See in context

Solutions need to come in the form of allowing citizens to have dual-citizenship in other countries, giving permanent residents voting rights, making the public sector jobs more attainable for immigrants (and equal pay for that matter), and incentives (tax) to live in the countryside over the urban centres. Of course these solutions are more about inclusion of the foreign populace and to make living in Japan more attractive. However, inclusion is a two-way street and I'm pretty sure the majority of the population of Japanese nationals wants none of this. Thus, immigration will not save the day.

My advice is to get out while you can and find a nice job back in your home country. The collapse here in imminent and the imbalance will only create higher taxes for those paying (foreign nationals included ... ahem with no voting rights) and a worthless pension system (which we also pay into).

It's quite a sad, but true reality.

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Posted in: Is hanami in Japan actually all that fun? See in context

I'm glad I don't have to deal with the big city crowds, but I do enjoy seeing people out having fun in the spring. I just hope the university students take it easy. There always seems to be an alcohol poisoning case or 2 around this time.

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Posted in: Japanese firms wage war on 'smell harassment' See in context

Not only do they need showers before school or work, they need tutorials on body deodorant and what is best for your body. I couldn't agree more with all the other comments about smoke, BO, perfume, and especially the teeth! They stand there with a dry toothbrush scrubbing for at least 20 minutes without a drop of toothpaste or water.

And to add to this, the kids at school smell really bad, too.

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Posted in: Outgoing Canadian ambassador discusses diplomacy and trade relations See in context

Well spoken man. And you can't get anymore Canadian with a name like "Mackenzie". Otsukaresamadeshita.

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Posted in: Casino bill enactment to be deferred again See in context

Generates money how? Gambling losses. Not a healthy way to build a society. Plus gambling areas are the tackiest places on Earth.

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Posted in: Why married couples in Japan must have same surname See in context

I don't have the same last name as my spouse, but I am on the family register, and I have my own residence so I have my own Juminhyo. The problem is with children: When you don't have the same last name then the name of your kids goes to the Japanese National. But, if you go to court to fight it, it will get changed. Yes, it is very archaic and ridiculous since it totally discounts any equality or rights for the foreign resident. It also discounts the equality of the national since they may not want to change their name.

If it wasn't this confusing then a lot of city/town officials would lose their jobs. Gotta have that bureaucracy more than human rights.

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Posted in: Attentive robot gives undivided attention See in context

Frightening. We're all doomed.

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Posted in: Prince William, Abe visit Fukushima See in context

Propaganda visit well under way.

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Posted in: Netflix streaming service heading for Japan in autumn See in context

Don't expect much. It'll be awful here. Expect it to be around ¥1200/month.

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Posted in: Pyeongchang Games could include events in Japan See in context

Where are the rinks and mountains in South Korea? Sad choice. Just keep the games in places with infrastructure for it.

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Posted in: Japanese wives in int'l marriages share what they hate about Christmas overseas See in context

I just like the songs, decorations, and food. Presents are unnecessary. As you get older you realize the waste of spending and that it's better to try to enjoy each other's company. I'm sure from all the wives' experiences above the families are pretty pushy and gluttonous, but don't worry about the pressure - just enjoy the time.

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Posted in: Sapporo to bid for 2026 Winter Olympics See in context

Well, if they go for it and get it maybe Japan will keep it's borders open past 2020. Let's communicate with foreigners ... ugh. In all honesty, it's a waste of money to have such an event. Even after the next Olympic Winter games in Korea, they have only 2 bidders (Beijing and some place in Kazahkstan) ... money pits indeed. Just keep it in the European Alps everytime. It would be easier for all.

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Posted in: Queen hopes Scottish voters 'think carefully' before vote See in context

Come on Scotland! Time to oust this archaic Monarchy. I wish the rest of us did away with our Governor Generals and this silliness. Emperors, Queens, Popes, and witch doctors all share the same line - con-artists.

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Posted in: Girl who killed instructor at shooting range said Uzi was too much for her See in context

Now if I didn't know the story or saw the video, I'd still be at the same conclusion after reading the title of this article ... "wha tha faaa..."

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Posted in: Ice Bucket Challenge in Japan raises Y27 mil and a few complaints See in context

It's called Lou Gehrig's disease. It's been around forever. Stop these 5-year old challenges and just privately donate to whatever you want. You don't need to wear pink, grow a moustache, or pour ice water over your head.

Charity is selfless, not selfish.

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Posted in: A broken man living on dreams pulls Japan into Syria hostage drama See in context

When I first saw this guy on tv after his capture I thought something was odd. This country has a ton of mentally ill that they look the other way from. I feel sad for this guy.

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Posted in: Special English zones proposed as part of Cool Japan tourism initiative See in context

Next thing you know they'll start rounding up the English speakers and making them live in these "Special English Zones". For some reason that doesn't sound too unrealistic ... I mean foreigners are equal to Japanese ... umm ...

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Posted in: Poll: White, rich fill Brazil World Cup stadiums See in context

So what. This is life. Most of the real Brasilian people don't want this event.

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Posted in: IOC warns Tokyo over potential 2020 venue changes See in context

The IOC like FIFA are mafia. They take their cut and leave the rest scattering for crumbs or other underhanded deals. Just sad that Japan and the IOC park their cars in the same garage - no concern for regular people.

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Posted in: Zaccheroni quits as coach after Japan's World Cup flop See in context

Arevederci. Now whatever team wins the world cup, let's get a gaijin from there to teach us! It works in all facets of society here, so it's a no-brainer. Ganbare Nippon.

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