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Posted in: FIFA charges Luis Suarez for biting in World Cup See in context

What a beautiful game - faking, diving, biting, no clock stoppage, 0-0 ties...

Fine him and move on.

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Posted in: Zaccheroni undecided on future after Japan's World Cup exit See in context

He's gone, and I'm sure the government will pay for his plane ticket outta here... like most workers their done with.

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Posted in: I won't resign, says Hodgson after England shocker See in context

When you can't play simple coverage D against a team you'll lose regardless.

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Posted in: Japan played too slow and lacked ideas, says coach See in context

This quote could be the ideal comment on all of Japanese society. Zacheronni won't last and like many foriegn workers here he can see through the fog... the only difference is he's rich and can leave anytime - happily I may add.

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Posted in: Croatia furious with Japanese ref after defeat See in context

Doesn't this kind of nonsense always decide it. Yet, in this case it was pretty bad that he didn't call the dive in the box as opposed to the PK. He missed a lot of calls. When refs make it about them, it always is a garbage result.

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Posted in: Netflix plays to children with Sony animated films See in context

If Japan had a Netflix it'd be awful like all their other entertainment outlets.

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Posted in: Leno says he's enjoying retirement See in context

Leno kills. He has always been a great comic. People don't remember how big he was before he got hte tonight show gig. He used to have some of the best segments on Late Night with Dave in the 80s, too. Then he dominated the 1130 slot for his entire career.

I'm glad he's back on the road.

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Posted in: Hitachi unveils robot with a sense of humor See in context


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Posted in: Buttery and flaky goodness — Mister Donut Japan to sell original Croissant Doughnuts See in context

I hope that chef in NY gets a patent on them. Sucks to have corporations steal his innovation.

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Posted in: Patience running out among Japan's disaster refugees See in context

Shame on Japan and Abe. The people have so much apathy and for the most part don't want to talk about blame or demand justice. I bring it up all the time but people here don't know what to do. Instead there is this idea that volunteering there will solve everything, but I find this very selfish and a cover up from the government. One, the gov wants the people to clean up the mess and then live there again (dumb idea), and two young people are taken by the opportunity to get some attention by going up there and picking up garbage.

What the refugees should have done was gotten out right away. This government is incapable in dealing with crisis and it is sad that the refugees seem to believe that things will get better ... 3 years on ...

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Posted in: Canada's PM open to easing pot laws See in context

One million? Yeah, as if any stoner would take a survey. It has to be way more than one million. Still, I'm surprised too, that this wasn't legalized long ago. Get it together you hosers.

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Posted in: Baptist churches in Kentucky give away guns as prizes See in context

Oh religion, you have now made people officially loonier.

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Posted in: You need a mascot if you hope to be successful in Japan See in context

Have to agree. Very childish adults for the most part.

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Posted in: Bullying suspected as cause of 16-year-old boy's suicide See in context

Have to agree with the idea that there is something fundamentally wrong at the core here. We all know the way this society is, but they continue to breed the same practices with no real solutions ever mentioned. Bowing and giving an apology does not deal with the problem. Things get more frustrating by the day here.

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Posted in: Canada beats Sweden 3-0 for men's ice hockey gold See in context

There was no trap in that game. It's called aggressive forechecking and discipline. The D dominated and there were always more Canadians out numbering Swedes. It was a clinic.

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Posted in: Finland routs U.S. 5-0 for bronze in men's ice hockey See in context

Bronze medal in hockey? No point to it and the Americans were just not emotionally committed to it. That semi-final against Canada was a lesson in domination on all aspects of the game.

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Posted in: Russian security forces attack Pussy Riot members See in context

What are these people doing there? Just leave already. It's the Olympics and it is no place for whatever they are. Go to the States and preach all you want ... they seem to be liking the spotlight a little too much.

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Posted in: Canadian women beat U.S. 3-2 in OT for ice hockey gold See in context

Canadian heart.

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Posted in: Angry Koreans demand review of judges' scores in figure skating after Kim's silver finish See in context

Again, silly event ... but you knew after they Ruskies lost in Hockey it was a shoe-in for the little commie gal to win gold. I mean when you bet you're whole Olympics on Hockey and it doesn't pay off ... ahem.

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Posted in: Mori slammed for critical remarks about Asada See in context

So what ... it's icecapades. She'll be fine. They all mess up at some point.

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Posted in: Rabid Japanese fans label athletes who don’t bring home a medal 'tax thieves' See in context

Rabid? In Japan? Surely you mean passive-headline-reading frustrated people. Just opinions by some random drones. Nothing wrong with opinions now.

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Posted in: Abe congratulates Hanyu See in context

Propaganda. And "haaaay I'm fabulous". Hell of an athlete, but playing right into the "sorry I'm from a disaster area" Japan machine. Oh those 2020 Olympics are going to be ... umm... fabulously expensive. Let's see how many medical "issues" there are by then. Nothing to see here ... move along. How sad for our country.

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Posted in: High school girl arrested over Arashi concert ticket fraud See in context

Where you see crime, I see entrepreneur. Still ... what's an Arashi?

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Posted in: Snowstorm leaves 19 dead; 6,900 trapped in small communities See in context

What is the point of a weather forecast when no one listens or prepares? For shame (again) government. Also, the kindness of strangers happened within those cars and trains ... most of the surrounding communities are old people and can't get out to volunteer. All you young people that live in those areas sitting at home should be ashamed of yourselves.

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Posted in: 3 dead, 850 injured as snow causes more travel chaos See in context

It's Nagano and Yamanashi that are in trouble. I wonder why the gov were so unprepared for this!? Still there are people in their cars on the national highways (RT 19, 153, 361)! Where is the jieitai? It is really sad to see. No trains or road openings for the foreseeable future either (Only shinkansen).

The true problem is not the snow but TRUCKS with no snow tires that turned over and blocked highways which led to snow accumulating. Removal equipment can't get to certain places because all the out of prefecture vehicles jammed the roads and are still sitting there. In my opinion it is a crime to come to an area ill-equipped to deal with weather and endanger the lives of people. These trucking companies (and government) need to be held accountable for this. A serious disaster very unlike your 5cm in Tokyo. Stop your whining city people and stay off the roads.

2 days people have been stuck out there. Also there are 2 express trains trapped on the Nishi-Chuo Line between Shiojiri and Kiso Fukushima. Where are the reports about that!? Sad Japan, very sad.

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Posted in: Sensor lets diaper say baby needs changing See in context

Umm, is this yet another excuse for selfish parents to ignore their kids until the last minute? Useless.

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Posted in: Japan faced with gloomy data ahead of tax hike See in context

This mirage of Abe-nomics will soon reveal itself as nothing more than a trick to get consumers to believe the recession is over. But, consumers already don't have money so the idea is to raise taxes and companies to follow suit and give raises? What about government workers? Will they get raises? Doubt it.

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Posted in: 3 dead, 494 injured as heavy snow hits most of Japan See in context

This wasn't just a Tokyo problem, but it's actually normal for Japan to just sit back and wait for the snow to stop, then send in the troops. However, with all the snow none of the workers could get to work to get in the plows or shovel station fronts.

Even places outside of Tokyo that regularly get snow (talking cities) usually don't remove the snow from main roads. It's the small towns and villages that get it done right. They put the snow in rivers, or in dumptrucks and take it away.

Even JR, which had trains running for limited times had to deal with manual snow removal from tracks. But for the most part JR did a good job and even gave refunds for passengers that were stranded on express trains for extended hours.

I was in Tokyo on the weekend and it seemed people just don't own shovels since the majority are living in those god-awful apartment complexes where there is no sense of community or responsibility.

The big question is: Why weren't they ready? They knew it was coming. Seems like "gaman" bit them in the a r s e ...

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Posted in: Headline of S Korean magazine angers Japanese readers See in context

Non-story. Grow up and take a joke. Maxim is not a serious news magazine and judging by the cover people don't read anything in it unless stuck at an airport.

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Posted in: Balentien apologizes in Japan for Florida arrest See in context

We have no idea what went on. As is the case with most celebrity arrests, the haters come out and assume the worst. Domestic abuse can mean a lot of things, and in most cases they always take the side of the woman no matter the littlest contact.

Grabbing an arm? Climbing through a window? If anything tresspassing if there is a restraining order, but if he owns the place and there is no order, then I guess the only thing the wife can go by is abuse or assault. Cops will arrest on complaints or if the other feel threatened, but it means no guilt. Saying sorry for a situation is not guilt either.

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