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Posted in: Some ALTs have a background in education, while some never even studied a foreign language before. Some are doing it just to earn money, while other ALTs are working because they really want to teach See in context

I'm not sure ALT is the correct title. Most teachers I know don't do any assisting. They design and implement curriculums. Team-teaching is a nice way to say we'll have a watchdog in your classroom to make sure you don't poison our children. They need to get rid of this title and simply say ESL Teacher, or Teacher. The idea of "assisting" makes it seem they don't work full-time.

The government needs to really embrace the dedicated teachers and provide a clear pathway to obtaining a license after JET Contracts or Direct-Hire Contracts have expired. As for the out-sourced Eikaiwa jobs, they need to be cut altogether. Cut out the middle-men and hire these dedicated teachers full-time, too.

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Posted in: Abe says Inose's resignation will have no impact on Olympics See in context

Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along. Oh, and don't forget "Omotenashi". Happy happy.

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Posted in: 91 PGA brass to resign over yakuza scandal See in context

Corruption, lies, and politics. How did we get the Olympics? Boy they are really doing damage control on this one - in the same week Inose resigns over a scandal. Yup, all is well Japan. Put those smiles on.

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Posted in: Tanaka says he wants to pursue career in MLB See in context

The sadness of the NPB to not take this as a positive for all is beyond me. They should be promoting the talent here and maybe trying to get scouts and sports' networks interested in the NPB.

That fact that he is being held for ransom is ridiculous. Could you imagine other companies trying to do this with their workers? "No we're not letting you quit - sorry. But since you want to leave we'd like you to stay. Okay now back to work."

Tanaka should be creative and simply retire from NPB. He won his title, now test out your abilities in the majors. He'll get way more cash and never have to worry about the hostage system here again.

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Posted in: From Love Princess to Silent Hill: Japanese prefecture names changed into English See in context

信州 the greatest of them all. (Trusting Province)

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Posted in: China's first lunar rover lands on moon See in context

China has accomplished many things in a short time. I commend them. They must realize that it was not possible without the Soviets or USA - fine - but they did it. Someone needs to pick up where the USA gave up and the Russians have no interest in going. Good for us all.

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Posted in: Instructional video promotes public baths to foreign visitors See in context

They need an instructional video for tourists in this country, too. Foreign tourists usually have no problem figuring out the manners and rules. It's the domestic tourists that don't wash before, put their towels in the water, let their kids run crazy, track water all over the floors, leave their towels on the floor, ... I could go on.

Funny video though.

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Posted in: Tempers flare in Diet over state secrets bill See in context

Politicians don't care about the people. They're having a right good laugh at the apathy. This disgrace will continue until the people go down there and forcably rip those old, arrogant, elitists from their chairs and give them public lashings for their corrupt and incompetent leadership. Sorry, but this type of totalitarian shift scare the c%#p out of me and basically says the media is useless. Oh, Japan ... for shame.

Anyone overseas hiring?

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Posted in: 'Hafu' tells story of Japan’s mixed-race minority and changing attitudes in society See in context

So easy for people to judge something they have no idea about. This movie needs to get out there to the more than ignorant population of Japan on this issue. Whether it is understood by Japanese is another question. I do feel there is no need to bring attention to this on a grand scale, but in this society the ignorance and constant inquiry into someone's background makes a film like this necessary.

They should simply be saying to Japan, "Grow up."

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Posted in: 2 killed, 7 hurt in Detroit barbershop shooting See in context

Detroit is a sad state of what America is fast becoming. What used to be the crown jewel of invention and industry is nothing more than an abandoned city ran by criminals. The government does not care about Detroit. They do care about foreign wars and aid to unstable countries. Call in the national guard and clean that city up.

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Posted in: Housewife wins National Beautiful Witch Contest See in context

It's days like these I'm happy to be in Japan. These mommies are hot.

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Posted in: Toronto mayor vows to stay on after admitting he smoked crack See in context

I can believe Torontonians missed the obvious. How can you not smoke crack and live there? Abysmal city with the sports teams to prove it.

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Posted in: Secrecy act stirs fears about press freedom, right to know See in context

So in essence the press will be silenced even more. Great way to cover things up, or sweep them under the carpet. Things are getting worse and I'm getting a bit tired of the apathy here. Does no one care?

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Posted in: Nevada school shooter, 12, got gun from home See in context

This teacher is a hero. The parents have a lot to answer for here. Gun control always seems to be the issue and I can't see any sense of the word "control" here. Nevada must be one easy place for kids to have access to guns. Just maddening that this was done with a legal gun at a school ... again.

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Posted in: Mayor offers Fukushima kids home in his town See in context

Matsumoto is the best place to live in Japan. Those parents in Fukushima shouldn't have stayed so long in that ruined prefecture. Get out while this offer is on the table.

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Posted in: U.S. freezes major weapons, cash aid to Egypt See in context

Get out of all these countries and bring all the money and military back to the US. It's shameful how the government has neglected it's poor and needy. Domestic before foreign. None of these countries are going to attack the US, and if they did then wipe them off the Earth. But for now, it's time to clean up the mess at home.

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Posted in: Native Americans seek name change for Redskins football team See in context

Not sure the name fits the time though. "Fighting Irish" I agree is hypocritical in this argument, but the Irish aren't whiny like a lot of special interest/PC panderers. The Washington logo is pretty cool, as is the Blackhawks' logo. The name "Redskins" I personally could do without. It's just dumb.

The Cleveland Indians logo is the one I think is the most offensive of them all.

Yet, at the end of the day it's up to the owner. If he keeps it or not won't change my opinions, nor am I going to protest it either way.

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Posted in: 10 tips on giving birth in Japan See in context

Article is very generalized. But, I've been through the process with 2 kids and the "care" factor may seem extreme to some, but it's comforting to know they put the health of the woman and baby paramount. Also, the nurses (technically midwives) do the delivering. The doctor is an observer in case of any problems. (Of course the doctor does C sections).

As well, having the families prepare all the towels and other accessories need for hospital stay is good training for everyone. Fathers realize all the things we need to do and prepare, and take an active role. To the foreign eye it looks really tiresome and banal, but the to-be parents have to realize that there are many things we have to do when the baby is coming. It's good.

Also, the post natal care and check-ups are excellent. Not like in the west where they send you home the next day sometimes! Japan rules!

My advice: learn Japanese and also try to accept their ways.

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Posted in: Japan’s 20 best free sightseeing spots See in context

Kurobe? Free? Ha. And, you technically it's in Toyama, but to get there you have to go to Omachi, Nagano. If you come from the other way via Toyama it costs more.

I recommend Nezame-no-toko, Tsumago, or Magome. All free (but parking may cost you).

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Posted in: 11, including child, 3, shot in Chicago park See in context

Criminals with illegal guns - that's it in Chicago. Go after the dealers, send in the national guard, and clean up the city. It is appalling the Americans would rather argue over their party stance rather than save their inner cities. Politicians don't care about Chicago, Detroit, etc... They would rather send all their jobs and money overseas. Clean up the mess at home.

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Posted in: Batman's crime-ridden Gotham metropolis comes to Fox TV See in context

These shows may look good on paper, but you can't compete with cable or online by giving the people a milquetoast TV drama with no real language or violence. I was disappointed with SHIELD, too. Very bland and predictable drama with a bunch of unnecessary characters acting way too over the top.

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Posted in: 2 charged in Chicago park shooting that wounded 13 See in context

This is a daily occurrence in Chicago. Funny how no mainstream TV picks this up, but will blab on about viral YouTube videos. Illegal guns are everywhere and the politicians are doing nothing to go after the dealers, or enforcing law in these areas. Rom Emanuel and Obama should be ashamed of themselves, too.

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Posted in: Ex-U.S. nuclear regulator says Japan was slow on Fukushima leak See in context

Ignorance is bliss. Far too an appropriate expression for this mess.

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Posted in: Survey asks foreigners which items' design they find most different from home countries See in context

I find it hilarious/annoying when my colleagues all change their wardrobe on the same days. You won't see a short-sleeved shirt past October 1st. Then they all pretend it's colder out and look at you clad in your short sleeves muttering, "Samukunai?". Ugh.

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Posted in: Nearly 290,000 people still living in shelters 2 1/2 years after Tohoku disaster See in context

2&1/2 years is disgraceful. The disconnect by the government and rest of Japan from the reality is ... shocking. Oh well, Tokyo 2020 will make it all better ... right?

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Posted in: Congress bickers as U.S. government shutdown looms See in context

I'm more surprised how apathetic Americans are to their government. Revolution this mutha and let's start from scratch. Jefferson would be proud.

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Posted in: Turk charged with murder, rape of Japanese tourist See in context

Naive? I don't think so. On the news it said they'd traveled many times outside Japan. To where, I have no idea. In tourist hotspots there are always scams and criminals. Any scumbag can be convincing ... I've seen it done in Tokyo to unsuspecting gaijin. We all have to be careful when we travel and are befriended by a stranger - keyword ... "stranger". Horrible this ladies were duped. What do we know of the assailant? Not a thing. But he hasn't been convicted, so they have to give him a fair trial - if they do that in Turkey?

Wait and see I guess.

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Posted in: Are the 2020 Olympics in good hands? See in context

Of course Japan can do this better than anyone, but like all the previous posts ... at what cost? That Olympic Village will be completed before the people of Tohoku have been resettled or reimbursed. Now that is SAD!

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Posted in: Balentien hits 55th home run to equal Japan record See in context

He'll break it, then smash it.

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Posted in: With week to go, iPhone fans start queuing in Japan See in context

Can't you just reserve one online then go in and pick it up? Just silly loners looking for attention.

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