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Posted in: Balentien hits 54th homer See in context

Balentien is a good hitter, and if it was so "easy" to hit these "easy" balls then where are the rest of sluggers? Balentien missed the first month of the season, too. Bye bye record! Maeda is no easy guy to hit off either. I'm actually happy a lot of pitchers aren't walking him and trying to make him hit their junk. He's that damn good - here.

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Posted in: Abe to decide on sales tax hike on Oct 1: Amari See in context

My bet is it's going up. Who else is going to pay for the Olympics, Fukushima... ? It just may be time to jump ship.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor slams Fukushima coverage on eve of 2020 vote See in context

This selfish d-bag cares nothing about his country. He just wants the glory. Yes, the glory of debt. Fukushima is a huge factor and is no where near contained. Japan needs to be shamed into doing something about this. Let's start with a losing bid.

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Posted in: Hunter's campfire sparked California blaze that scorched Yosemite See in context

Woah. A hunter! He'll be charged and will lose his gun license, hunting license, freedom. Just sad to know an idiot human started that. Amazing how they can trace it back, though.

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Posted in: Lego sales soar thanks to popular girls series See in context

Wha, what? Now if only they'd lower the price. Those blocks are expensive and really hurt when you step on one. My mom used to just vacuum the buggers up - I know how she feels.

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Posted in: Honda announces new design concept EXCITING H DESIGN!!! See in context

It's like they have the worst marketing in the world here. Just odd catchphrases and slogans.

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Posted in: Roman Polanski discusses impact of his 1977 sex crime conviction See in context

You know, I love his movies. However, drugging, then raping a girl (regardless her reputation) is unforgivable. Oh, it's so hard to be a misunderstood artist. You ran away after you admitted the crime. Who cares how you confessed, if there was a witch hunt ... you raped a 13 year old girl. Monster.

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Posted in: Fukushima tank leak may have mixed with groundwater: TEPCO See in context

Of course it did. Any it's in the water table and thus in the fields. Boycott all products from the Tohoku area for your own good people. Keep checking the labels in the stores.

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Posted in: Light-up for Tokyo Olympic bid See in context

The propaganda machine keeps on turning. Say NO Japan ... I do believe Nagano is still paying for the 98 Olympics.

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Posted in: Obama challenges world to act on Syria See in context

Humanitarian aid, yes! Military, no. Let's help by assisting Jordan and Turkey with all the refugees.

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Posted in: Ohio man who held 3 women captive for a decade found dead in cell See in context

Good. All you sensitive types that wanted this sicko in prison for life on tax payers money being rehabed can go cry yourselves to sleep. I'm glad he did himself in. Those girls can rest well finally.

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Posted in: Balentien moves closer to Japan's home run record See in context

Considering he missed the first month of Baseball due to injury, he's kicking a*se. As well, the Swallows are the worst team in Baseball - no other offense on the team, error kings, and the worst bullpen! It is amazing there is some semblance of good news. I'm more amazed at the fans for supporting the team and there awful coaching staff (Fire Ogawa and all his henchmen).

I could care less about the ball controversy. Gee, every MLB player is on roids. Seems fair to me.

Go Coco.

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Posted in: 2 youths arrested for dumping body in Fukuoka See in context

@bildeberg: I couldn't agree more!

Why do all the excuses given by criminals in this country seem so childish?! I used to think they were perhaps lost in translation, but I now realize it's because most adults here are, well, actually very childlike.

It's like they know they did something bad, but ball up into baby-mode when things get serious. I find this true for most things in Japan.

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Posted in: TEPCO president apologizes to Fukushima fishermen See in context

Apology not accepted. Contaminated fisheries extend further out than Fukushima you imbecile. How about all the farms in the area too? What about all the schools and businesses? Liquidate the whole prefecture and get everyone out. It's Chernobyl all over again. What part of nuclear disaster do people not get?

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Posted in: AirAsia X CEO makes ice-cream dig at Vanilla Air See in context

I just hope the air waitresses look like the pic on this page.

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Posted in: Spacey says TV must adapt to viewer demand or die See in context

This is somehow ground-breaking!? I think the cable companies don't know how, and they will for the most part only be in the homes of seniors and computer-illiterates.

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Posted in: Numbers down at Fukushima beach See in context

Is this a joke? Why anyone would go near any beach in that area is beyond me. Numbers down... Good.

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Posted in: Coffee, wine and sushi! New pregnancy book says OK See in context

In Japan they are very paranoid about all of these fallacies. Obstetricians I've spoken with are all for the "safety first" which isn't a bad thing. What's wrong with cutting alcohol and caffine from your diet? I've shown my wife the data on alcohol and caffine in moderation, as well as sushi, but she was adamant about listening to her doctor. In the end it's what makes you feel comfortable and I'm not going to tell a pregnant woman to do anything that would stress them out. This is a very touchy issue, and I do thnk there needs to be more conversation between families and their doctors on all matters to iron out all the so-called "fallacies".

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Posted in: Bradley Manning says he wants to live as a woman named Chelsea See in context

Criminals have no identity. They are simply numbers.

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Posted in: Bank on us, says Tokyo Olympic bid chief See in context

This whole thing is a propaganda white-out. The Olympics are a sham meant to distract everyone from the nuclear crisis, the recession, and failing economy. Are the people here really that blind!? Considering Spain is broke and Istanbul is far too near the Middle East, I see Tokyo getting this monstrosity. I just hope that when we get it the international news exposes the coruption within Japan.

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Posted in: Froman, Motegi agree to work toward concluding TPP deal this year See in context

Greed will prevail. The corporations have deep pockets and politicians are always open to a bribe. The US are masters at bullying their way into markets.

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Posted in: New radiation hotspots found near Fukushima tanks See in context

Their water table is contaminated, as is the ocean. Carefull what you buy from Tohoku and the Pacific fishing areas. A lot of shops are still not clearly labeling goods. They are mixing a lot of the fish from the pacific side into Sushi and Sashimi sets. It's a blatent disgrace. It seems to me that shops and restaurants don't care since this crisis is shrouded by secrecy and apathy.

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Posted in: Troubled BlackBerry eyes sale, other options See in context

Mismanagement at the top. Lack of market sense. No long term strategy shared with middle management ... The former CEOs must feel so good about their departure.

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Posted in: Zimmerman 'got away with murder' of black teen: juror See in context

These jurors should keep their yaps shut. It's already bad enough that the media had turned this into a witch hunt and tried to influence the case. What they should really be focusing on is the amount of black on black crime in the inner cities (pick one), and really be honest about all this. Most of the crime in the inner cities is committed by black youths that come from broken homes. The breakdown of the black community and family has perpetuated a culture of ignorant & illegitimate children. This is where the media should be looking at instead of pretending to be so noble about an issue that is far deeper than one young kid that got into a horrible situation. White people phoniness and self-gratifying pats on the back are the media continue to report. Shame shame.

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Posted in: Toxic radiation in groundwater at Fukushima plant: TEPCO See in context

Did they really think they would sweep it all away with time? Of course they did. Boy are they hoping for a successful Olympic bid! Another way to steer attention aways from the disaster that IS still paramount.

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Posted in: Education ministry will allow all schools to open on Saturdays from next year See in context

For teachers, especially those with their own kids, it is awful. Still, I wonder what levels this would work at ... for HS I think keeping the teenagers as busy as possible keeps them out of trouble. Yet, for the younger ES kids I don't think an extra day of schooling will do anything for them. Those of you in the system and in the PTA should be voicing your opinions about this. I'm sure the teachers would be happy to hear that parents want their kids at home on the weekend. Remember this isn't mandatory.

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Posted in: Madrid shines in 2020 bid presentations See in context

I don't see how any of the remaining countries can afford it. Japan would be the only one with no protests if successful in their bid, thus, it is unfortunate that we will get this monstrosity of debt and propaganda that is the Olympics.

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Posted in: 12-year-old boy taken into custody over attacks on schoolchildren in Saitama See in context

Has to be the parents or lack thereof. Still, boys that are left to their own devices for the most part are evil little brats and can get much worse without enough attention from parents.

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Posted in: Japan Restoration Party unveils ambitious election manifesto See in context

Not all that bad, but how much would they actually accomplish without abolishing the diet altogether? Still, they'll never get in.

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Posted in: Obama lays out national plan to fight climate change See in context

After the failure of this, it will be time to consider splitting up the States. There are just too many differing views on things. Nothing is getting done either way you look at it. The house and senate have been log-jammed for at least the last 2 administrations, the President has been nothing more than a state symbol - useless, and religious nuts still influence matters of science.

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