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Different countries have different approaches. I agree with how Australia and NZ are handling this for their respective countries. I also agree with Reckless that for those countries the lockdowns and travel restrictions should go on for as long as it takes. I think it will be years before those restrictions are lifted for Australia and NZ, as there will inevitably be more variants and cases will continue to pop up from time to time. Much respect to the people of Australia and NZ for doing the right thing and staying inside and giving up on their international travel plans. You're in in for the long haul, my friends. Hunker down and stay safe. Here in the U.S. people are out and about and traveling all over the place as if there is no pandemic. Not sure which country has the right approach, but again, much respect to you there for doing what you think is right.

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My question you all is, why do you care? The US isn't even a nation anymore. Why do you care if someone is a traitor to it? Are you fervent right wing nationalists who want a strong nation state or something?

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I'm in the U.S. now and it's a totally failed state. No one believes in the institutions of the country anymore. No one wants the country to exist anymore. There's nothing left to be a traitor to. If they want to go after Trump and the rest that's fine. The place is finished. It's like hanging a traitor to Rome. Who cares? Rome fell a long time ago.

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Having worked in corporate Japan for almost 20 year and now in corporate America I would say that corporate America is definitely a better deal. Once you start getting into the "higher class" income bracket in Japan the taxes eat into so much that it's not worth the extra stress of having a higher paying job. The 401(K) system in the US and lower tax brackets mean that more goes into your pockets here. Plus the housing costs in Japan, weird bonus system and lack of widespread equity/profit sharing mean that it's hard to get ahead. That being said I loved my time in Japan and often miss it. Japan is more of a socialist system where the middle class rely on their pension and paid off houses with low property tax rather than building personal wealth. By the way 80 hours overtime for 6 million yen probably works out to a pretty low hourly rate for that extra time at the office.

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I worked at Sega (in Tokyo) for over 8 years. They do this from time to time. Every time they do it they lose people who are employable elsewhere and their employee base is increasingly made up of unemployables. I understand why they do it. It's the Japanese system. But the company just becomes more of a zombie every time they do.

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Looks like that guy to the left is doing some street pickup and escalation. Enjoy.

That place reminds me of a certain Wings place in Ebisu. I hope they're better at social distancing there.

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I left from Haneda April 9th. There were some restaurants open but were mostly empty. It was eerie and dark in the terminal. I may be leaving Japan forever this time, so it was a bit of a sad way to leave..

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