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Posted in: Singapore hangs first woman in 19 years after she was convicted of trafficking 31 grams of heroin See in context

Punishment should fit the crime. This should be for every country. DP is a bit harsh for bringing in drugs but I’m 100% for DP for those that committed murder and rape. This will also cut down on the burden of overcrowded prisons.

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Posted in: Convenience store operators urged to tackle labor shortages See in context

Have you given thoughts what an increase in pay would do? 1. Increase in prices of the products. 2. Have less staff when they go automated, which in turn increase unemployment. 3. Turn Japan more like America, full of crime.

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Posted in: Musical moves See in context

And this made it into the news. Why?

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Posted in: 'I’m glad I’m Japanese' posters in Kyoto spark outrage among Japanese Twitter users See in context

So what is wrong with being proud of who you are? Do you hear Americans chanting USA at every game when it's USA vs another country. It's a way to show pride of where you are from. When I see Americans stepping on an American flag, I flip and go crazy because I am proud of being a naturalized American.

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Posted in: U.S. can no longer sustain huge trade deficit with Japan: Ross See in context

I live in Hawaii and the number one automobile is Toyota. The only reason you see domestic vehicles is that half are rentals. I drive a Chevy because I work at a Chevy dealership. My car is a 2016 and already I'm have issues. Fortunately I can get it fixed quickly. The bottom line is that we need to make better products.

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Posted in: American passenger arrested for assaulting ANA employee See in context

On behalf of other Americans I apologize for his behavior. Not all Americans are like him.

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Posted in: America’s Panda Express Chinese fast food chain is coming to Japan See in context

I'm sure in the beginning it will be popular but it will die out. Besides how are they going to compete with the lunchtime special of 500yen. Here in Hawaii you spend almost $10.

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Posted in: Sony: No decision made yet on 'Ghostbusters' release in China See in context

Why bother. I'm sure millions already watched bootleg version in China.

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Posted in: American becomes Japan's first salaried foreign ninja See in context

even though it pays 180k. It's his decision to take the offer. No one put a gun to his head.

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Posted in: Former U.S. POWs, Koreans seek conditions for Abe's address to Congress See in context

Give it a rest.

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Posted in: Widower continues diving off tsunami-hit coast in search of wife's remains See in context

I wish him the best as he try's to get closure from this tragedy.

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Posted in: China concerned at Japan holding weapons-grade plutonium See in context

Let's just hope that all this bs will resolve. We got bigger issues to worry about.

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Posted in: Japan upset by S Korean 'comfort women' exhibit at French comic book festival See in context

It's true that ugly events happen during war and we always need to find someone to bash against. However didn't the Americans rape women during Vietnam or better yet didn't events that abuses women happen when a country took over another country.

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Posted in: Philippines to seek more aid from Japan See in context

Asking the China to help? Good luck!!! There is a term Chinese Jew.

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