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One Kid took out the regime stooge soldier through the wall, it was awesome, like "finish him!", "pow", "yeah!".

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Crank it up to 5 and Deploy more Chinese Worldwide to help build and populate The Silk Road.

The Silk Road is very important Lore and Japan is The Gateway (Japan needs to intellectually resolve, but balks because its missing the key which is Kotowaza of Ali(as).

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Japan should invite China to set up bases in Okinawa and Yokosuka and have joint patrols and exercises.

If this sounds crazy, remember Japan invited America to set up bases in Okinawa and Yokosuka and had joint patrols and exercises.

Im no expert in history, but China has never bombed Japan. China has sent cute Pandas though.

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Posted in: Japan offers $410 mil in aid to support Turkey's hosting of refugees See in context


Motegi-san is building the Right connections within the BRICS Axis.

This is not a waste of money.

The real waste of money is on nato in Afghanistan and nato in Okinawa.

Japan is bound to Universal Principles, which prioritizes Humanitarian efforts like Gaza and Refugees over Nissans ghosn and the wests 1%.

Japan is the Gateway to The Silk Road, which will inevitably flow through Taliban controlled territory.

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Posted in: Motegi pledges more humanitarian assistance for Gaza See in context

Thank you Japan for caring.

Palestine will play out similar to Afghanistan, with BRICS supporting, and nato opposed, so its in Japans best interest to join and support BRICS, or at the very least to hedge both sides.

Its very clear that nato is losing its edge, while BRICS is becoming unstoppable. Already, Taliban has just joined BRICS as will Palestine.

This two-state solution is a no can do, so Japan has to treat China as Kyodai, which will guarantee both success and happiness in the Eastern Hemisphere.

The World needs to stop complaining and suck it up to the new modern Geopolitical inevitability, simply put as sharing the wealth where ESG and Diversity literally means income-equality.

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