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Posted in: Senate apologizes for slavery, segregation in U.S. See in context

Your everyday salary worker, although paid better than 80 percent of the world, can't single handedly do anything of any great effect with his or her wealth.

Therefore, for any civilised, or smooth transition, it has to be changed infrastructurally, and it has to come from the top of the food chain.

There is just as much power in the corporation, as the media, as there is in the government. But perhaps, it would best start from the government through the media to the corporation, hence the power of the news article above.

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Posted in: Australia downs Japan 2-1 to secure top spot in group for World Cup See in context

How about we change the game to which country can donate the highest percentage of GDP?

That way we can get back to reality in a world where recently 1B people are now in poverty. That's 1 in 6 people worldwide.

As the most played sport in the world, The World Cup should be about world issues, not the garbage posted above. Maybe this is why Nakata stopped playing, something to think about.

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Posted in: Letterman apologizes again for 'bad' Palin joke See in context

Maybe Letterman needs to find a more useful job.

He's like the colloseum in Rome for all the Romans before the fall.

I heard that Freud says there is no such thing as slip of the tongue. All the more reason to question this guys integrity and what he does for this world. Just doing your job in this case is not very useful. Kind of like, just watching TV.

Try flicking the channel to real news and and get a dose of reality for a change.

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Posted in: Packing heat See in context

There is nothing worse than a bunch of people in fear of the wrong things. I don't recall very many gun related incidents in Japan, so an article like this (much like swineflu) would only serve to disproportionately waste time and resources. And bring out more inane regulations.

In Canada, there are rules that a bicyclist can't lift their butts off of their seats when riding.

Maybe we should make it a rule that everyone has to wear masks.

Lets just focus on the big picture, because the only people benefitting from this, are the advertisers on this forum.

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Posted in: Senate apologizes for slavery, segregation in U.S. See in context

Exactly, maybe in ten years (If we can get there), we will be apologizing to the 26,000 kids (ironically mostly in Africa) under 5 that are dying everyday.

There is an article about how 25% of males in Africa, mostly the wealthier ones, have admitted that they have committed rape, and see no problem with this. Yes, we have colonized Africa alright, let's forget about the apologizing at this stage, and see if we can make reparations, (without any airstrikes this time please).

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Posted in: CIA head suggests Cheney almost wishing U.S. will be attacked See in context

Forget about Cheney, don't even worry about other countries at this point, worry about what is happening to your country.

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Posted in: Republicans accuse Obama of socialism See in context

Just start with Forbes 100, and we will save millions from poverty.

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Posted in: Iran's leader: End protests or risk bloodshed See in context

So less than 1% of the population (You can't keep everyone happy I guess, in a population of 70M people) is on the streets. Where are the rest of these Mousavi supporters? It sounded to me like a few Mousavi supporters tried to run into the Police compound. If I was a police guard, I would consider defending myself. Or maybe we should storm some airports and tasered people to death instead.

How many riots occur in the West? Hockey riots, cricket riots, UK riots, LA riots. I guess that would mean we would need to change Democracy to something else (Based on the markets it looks like maybe we do).

Ahmadinejad, won his first presidential election with more than 60% of the people's votes. I haven't seen anything about fraud, or riots then, so why should it be any different now.

Sounds like Mousavi is quickly losing ground, and trying to kiss his way out of this by looking to the West, which obviously hates Ahmadinejad who cleary, fights for the poor and oppressed, something that is really annoying to Capitalists, who also love to kiss their bosses and fear for their own 9-5 jobs. Where else can they release their pent up anger towards themselves, they have already fired as many former "buddies" as they can to preserve the lifestyle that they've become accustomed to.

"Supporters of Ahmadinejad consider him a "simple man" that leads a "modest" life. Upon becoming president (in 2005), he wanted to continue living in his "modest" family home in Tehran, until his security advisers forced him to move. Ahmadinejad rolled up the antique Persian carpets in the Presidential palace and sent them to a carpet museum, and used low-cost carpets instead. There are stories that he refused the V.I.P. seat on the Presidential plane, and that he eventually replaced it with a cargo plane instead."

"After two years as mayor, Ahmadinejad was shortlisted in a list of 65 finalists for World Mayor in 2005 and was among 3 strong candidates for the top-10 list"

Sounds like Obama to me. No-one questions his win, although, I have read there have been convicted cases of voter fraud in California recently.

What's with all these news articles on Iran? Twitter. Maybe its not about Freedom and Democracy. Just advertising space, fads, annoying "LOLs", and entertainment (Reminds me of high school kids).

Try not eating for one day, I bet you couldn't do it, and I guarantee it will change your perspective on life, and Islam will mean a lot more to you than you could have ever imagined.

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Posted in: Republicans accuse Obama of socialism See in context

Its not about Republican or Democratic, left or right, it is about rich and poor.

Pretty straightforward, do we need to talk about anything else?

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Posted in: Israel: Palestinians use settlements as excuse to avoid peace talks See in context

hear, hear

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Posted in: Iran's leader: End protests or risk bloodshed See in context

The voices of 1,000,000,000 crying people in poverty might not be heard by some of us, but will be quickly swallowing up the rest of us, if we don't get this right.

Try not eating for one day, and let us know if makes you cry or not. And maybe you will understand a little bit more about the Islamic world.

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Posted in: Israel: Palestinians use settlements as excuse to avoid peace talks See in context

They are telling you that Capitalism doesn't work when the income gap keeps widening.

They won't give in to Western values of Freedom, because, Freedom, is a false ideology coming primarily from a country that has the largest prison system in the world, is responsible for not only environmental pollution, but pollution to the mind.

The mind of the Westerner has been polluted with selfishness, ignorance, and apathy towards the oppressed.

Its time to for us to wake up from the "Western Dream". Because it is over.

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Posted in: Iran's leader: End protests or risk bloodshed See in context

Kahmenei is the predecessor of Khomeini, who had 6,000,000 (Million) supporters when he returned from exile in 1979, compared to the 100,000 that Mousavi has today. The population of Iran is 70,000,000 (Million). So Mousavi has less than 1% of the population in protest.

So why does the Western media make such a big deal out of this? Sounds like a conspiracy and corruption to me.

Why are there so many immature and ignorant comments on this board? Sounds like the conspiracy and corruption is working to me.

I hope Obama and everyday Americans aren't part of this, because the whole world is watching.

Who were the people in the administration that meddled with Twitter? And why was it so important to them? If they cared about other countries and people so much, why aren't they telling twitter to keep the lines open on the 26,000 children that are dying everyday, or the increasing unemployment rate, or the 1,000,000,000 BN that are estimated to be in poverty.

One of the biggest threats to Iran has always been factioning, which threatens the fabric, culture, and history of Iran and all that it has been preserving for more than 1,700 years. Iran is a cultural world heritage, untouched by Western culture and materialism.

So when some site like "twitter", (some start-up that began less than 1,700 days ago) that is being told what to do by the US government, becomes some temporary sensation, which is feeding the factioning process within Iran, it would bother me too.

How many more countries does the West want to mess up? Doesn't it have enough mess on its hands already?

Why do I have to waste my time worrying about the West trying to mess around with another country every year? How many countries do you need to mess around with?

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Posted in: Jolie, Pitt give U.N. agency $1 million See in context

Theoretically, there should be no poverty. 60 Trillion World GDP divided by 6B World Population equals 10k per capita per year. Of course GDP doesn't include ownership of assets like land, buildings, and capital.

Half the world is able to live on less than 10k per capita. Nigeria was ranked the happiest nation in the world.

If everybody donated 10% of their income on poverty, there would be no poverty.

A ten percent reduction in the world's wealthiest, would save at least ten percent of the world's poorest.

Forget about this capitalism, socialism, communism, or for that matter ideology or politics, its a crime against humanity if we don't. And we will pay for it, if we are not already.

Corporations used to be factories that gave us jobs and produced our products. Now they sell us things we actually don't even want or need, fire us, and we have to fight each other to work for them. In the meantime unemployement is about to surpass 10%, and it is estimated that there are 1BN people in poverty around the world. The days of the corporation and shareholders are numbered. They are psychopathic, and their behavior will be modified, if they do not collapse already.

Of course, we can't afford abrupt distruption to our infrastructure, especially in large cities like Tokyo, so the only way to stop the bleeding, is to target the wealthiest, to help the poorest first.

However, we have other major problems to fix as well:

The US (47k per capita), Australia (47k), Canada (40k), Japan (34k), and Western Europe(30k), should donate 10% of GDP to the rest of the world, not 0.14% or 0.7%, it should be at least 10%. We are way too spoiled. Paranoid, Schizophrenic, Psychopathic.

And now we are thinking of messing in the affairs of North Korea (1k), and Iran (4k). No wonder they are creating nuclear arms to defend themselves, because they know that we are crazy.

And if we truly believe in God, as 80% of us supposedly do, then we should be paying this fast before Jesus arrives, or before North Korea and all of the other countries that hate us, declares war on us.

The days of the billionaire are over. There is no such thing as a "good" billionaire, unless they give most of their money away. Ridiculous.

So the world will be watching Obama (the leader of one of the wealthiest, most powerful nations in the world 47k) who has just labelled the people of North Korea (one of the poorest, most isolated countries in the world 1k) "a grave threat".

If we gave them and the rest of the poor nations 10% of our GDP, (which, any individual or company could easily figure out how to do), we would not be having this problem with North Korea, we would not be seeing homelessness, or poverty, or the 95% bad news in the newspapers, and we wouldn't be so selfish, paranoid, schizophrenic, or psychopathic.

We already have enough problems on our hands, why make it more complicated, and why make it worse.

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Posted in: Republicans accuse Obama of socialism See in context

sailwind, from your writing, I guess we would have to presume that you are a "wealth creator", relatively "wealthy", against both socialism, and obviously communism, and therefore capitalist.

How much wealth do you have, and what are you doing with it, in a time when it is now estimated that 1B people (That's 1 in 6 worldwide) are in poverty, 26k children under 5 are still dying of poverty everyday, and official unemployment in western countries is about to surpass 10%.

If the information above is propaganda, which I doubt, then I would apologize, but is it too "ideological" (which by the way hints on the theological), for you to see that there is a gaping income gap, and that capitalism is not only more likely to be destroying wealth than creating it, but seems to have lost its steam, or maybe in sailwind's case, no more wind?

Just worried about you guys, let me know if I'm not seeing things correctly.

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Posted in: Senate apologizes for slavery, segregation in U.S. See in context

Apologizing for slavery, long overdue, a good start, lets also move to other related issues such as the estimated 1,000,000,000 (1BN) in poverty across all countries, (however mostly blacks in Africa) and the group of people worldwide who have more than 1,000,000,000 (1BN) in assets (of which it would be safe to assume most are whites).

Just trying to connect a massive problem with the only solution. Was this not the message from Obama that got him elected? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who both live in Africa, and despite their spats, have donated 1M, as a start.

Any others? At this stage it shouldn't matter if you are black or white. Do something now, before we find it much harder to forgive you.

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Posted in: Israel: Palestinians use settlements as excuse to avoid peace talks See in context

hear, hear

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Posted in: Republicans accuse Obama of socialism See in context

Oneforall: "No wealth = No jobs"

I think we have this the other way around, "No jobs = No wealth", if corporations keep firing people at the rate they are, we are shooting ourselves in the foot don't you think.

CEOs & VPs keep their same salaries and performance bonus for poor performance, and fire 5-10% of their workforce doesn't make any sense.

They should reduce their salaries by 5-10%, or I would argue by the same value that their stock value dropped.

It is Psychopathic behavior, and very, very, un-Democratic.

Don't worry, change is already happening, and we will not forget what these totalitarian leaders did to our Democratic system.

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Posted in: Republicans accuse Obama of socialism See in context

Its just a matter of determining how much is excessive (Say more than 5 million in assets, or say more than 500 thousand a year).

Of course how these assets were accumulated as well as how they are being spent would also help determine the degree of antisocial behavior, but we can leave this up to the mental health professionals to figure out.

Also the use of offshore entities to minimize tax, or the act of short-selling for profit taking, could be seen as antisocial as well.

One path would be the mental health route, and the other would just be the criminal or civil route.

It would be a great opportunity for Lawyers, Forensic Accountants, and Mental Health Professionals.

Does anyone disagree?

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Posted in: U.S., Israel still butting heads on settlements See in context

Maybe because it is democracies that need reshaping, including Israel.

If we took a closer look at what these demands are, they are basically saying, "don't meddle with our countries", of which the case of Israel is that it is a democracy meddling with Palestine.

No Mcdonalds, no Walmart, no mortages, no US dollars, no hedge funds, no outsourcing, no media, no twitter, no bulldozers, no same sex marriages, no abortions, no obesity, no chemicals in our food, no atomic bombs, no oil seekers, none of that freedom jargon, no thanks and thank you.

I feel sorry for Obama, he probably has the toughest job in the world. But some of the people that he represents don't even deserve a leader like him. I hope administrations and other so called democracies don't mislead him into going into North Korea.

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Posted in: Republicans accuse Obama of socialism See in context

Well the only thing the government, or we, or society needs to monitor is the income gap problem.

Solve this, and solve most of the problems we read about in the newspapers.

Does anybody have a problem with what Bill Gates or Warren Buffet did? Who was number three, and what is he doing with billions of dollars? You would think anyone that hordes that much money would carry antisocial behaviors characteristic of a sociopath.

Any Mental Health Professionals or Lawyers looking for something to do?

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Posted in: Obama unveils biggest financial rules overhaul since 1930s See in context

If you read the definition of Totalitarianism, it is more likely that we are living in it now. Not from an Obama/Government perspective, but from a Corporate perspective, in terms of regulation (Rent, Interest, Fees, Commissions, on almost everything we do), in terms of political power (Advertising, corporate regulatory bodies/associations/clubs, Media), the level of fear in losing work. I would call it Corporate Totalitarianism, of which for most, there's no way out but to join it.

The weak links as mentioned in the article are not the multiple regulatory bodies, it is the corporations behaviors themselves. Most of which have proven to be predatory psychopaths that profit for the sake of profit, so long as there are no snags with the legal system that would prove costly to themselves. Nothing so new here.

The rules should be simple, a corporation and its administrators whos actions are solely for the sake of profit, should be deemed psychopathic, and therefore not mentally capable of making business decisions, in light of its impact on society.

How do we do this, simple, starting with the largest and most profitable companies, begin investigating their affairs over the past five to ten years, in terms of the number of employees terminated (If excessive, then clearly antisocial), how much profits where channeled through offshore entities (If excessive, then clearly antisocial), what percentage was allocated to community or philanthropic causes (if minimal, then clearly antisocial).

Below is a small list of some of the largest companies in the world. There is quite a bit of evidence over the past ten years on the behavior of some of these entities, it is just a matter of proving sociopathic behaviors, and determining mental incompetence through this, which would have to be of course assessed by a professional health organization such as the American Psychological Association (APA), or Australian Psychological Society (APS), etc:

Wal Mart - United States (retail) ExxonMobil Corporation - United States (oil) Royal Dutch Shell - Netherlands [2] (oil) BP - United Kingdom (oil) Toyota Motor - Japan (automobiles) Chevron - United States (oil) ING Group - Netherlands (banking) Total - France (oil) General Motors - United States (automobiles) ConocoPhillips - United States (oil)

Of course some would worry about the employees and perhaps shareholders of these related to these companies, however, it is not the companies themselves, at risk, it is simply their behavior, particularly in terms of the level of unemployment caused, the lack of contribution to society in terms of taxes, community, and philanthropy, and generally where resources are spent, which is separate from the contributions and efforts of the individuals themselves.

In terms of individuals, another group of potential psychopaths could be in the following list of billionaires, of which Sociopathy can be determined generally by what or what is not being spent annually in more or less the same criteria as above:

Many Psychologists claim that Psychopathy or Sociopathy is incurable, however, it is the behavior of such mental incompetents, whether corporate entities or persons, that can actually be controlled and monitored.

Many would claim that then psychopathy is widespread and would include mnay people, however, we wouldn't propose investigation of an entire population, which would clearly make this a totalitarian regime, we would only be talking about the 1st percentile or perhaps 5th percentile of individuals and corporations, and determining what would be considered excessive or unreasonable towards society, especially when compared to the bottom 1st or 5th percentile of society.

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Posted in: Obama labels nuclear-armed N Korea 'grave threat' See in context

I agree with you on many respects, particularily in the sense that North Korea is not wealthy (hell hole), that its leaders are probably better off (priviledged), and especially that they have nukes (threat), and hear what is being said.

Consider in the western world, that poverty, crime, and perhaps prisons (hell holes) also exist, in addition to widening income gaps, billionaires, and consequently Air Force One (priviledged), and of course the number of nukes held (threat).

More importanly consider, if the world were a country, that the Northern Hemisphere (western world) is the priviledged, and through its sanctions, policies, trade deals, etc, may be playing dictator to countries where people live on less than a dollar a day

The western world lives higher on the hog than the entire southern hemisphere, including the hell hole Africa, where most of the 26,000 kids under 5 die of poverty. Ironically Nigeria, with a life expectancy lower than 50, per capita of about $1,000, and predominantly sunni muslim, was ranked one of the happiest countries in the world.

So, I don't know the right answer or what is going to happen, but it appears that the US (per capita 46k) has declared war on North Korea (per capita 2k), in a time when the US is on the brink of bankruptcy, and needs more resources. Sounds like axis of evil doublespeak (in biblical proportions) to me.

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Posted in: Obama labels nuclear-armed N Korea 'grave threat' See in context

North Korea has been making defensive preparations under the assumption that its sovereign territory will be breached by the Western world if not physically then culturally, of which the only plausible physical defense, given their resources, is nuclear.

Obama, by declaring North Korea a threat, and authorizing the boarding of North Korean vessels, has effectively declared war on North Korea.

The North Korean idealogy is based on a classless society following the direction of one leader. On a practical basis, this leader happens to be a real person, but on a theoretical basis, is based on one idealized leader, hence the term ideology, and theoretically happens once the physical leader dies.

On a theological basis, this structure is tantamount to following the will of God, a striking parallel to the political structure of Iran, another deeply religious country making the exact same assumptions that their country is under the threat of Western influence and needs to build the bomb.

What's wrong with freedom, pursuit of happiness, fulfillment, etc. Nothing is wrong with it theoretically, however practically speaking, as we read everyday in the news, there are horror stories, that we can't even imagine going on in this world, most of which can be traced back to the Western world, not North Korea or Iran.

In any theological system, freedom, pursuit of happiness, and fulfillment, are not conducive to this world (because it is selfish, ignorant, and incompassionate while there are others suffering), and we have a standoff.

One side saying live life to the fullest or die trying, and the other side saying live life to the fullest after you die. Take your pick, choose wisely.

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Posted in: Father, 3 children die in apparent murder-suicide in Hiroshima See in context

Wrongful act, perhaps, but this was clearly poverty related.

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Posted in: Iran's Guardian Council ready to do limited recount of ballot boxes See in context

The population of Iran is more than 70,000,000, of which even hundreds of thousands of protestors represents about one percent of the population.

Western media is intentionally blowing this out of proportion.

Everyday the equivalent of 100 airliners crash everyday containing children under the age of 5 who have died of poverty related causes.

Statistically speaking, the first thing the Western world does when it faces financial difficulty is fire their "maids" per se, and we have at least ten percent of our own population that is unemployed (Try to imagine what would happen if 10% of the population started protesting).

Lets worry about what we are doing wrong in our own countries before we start messing with others.

If you want to make references to "evil", try looking it up in Biblical, Islamic, or even Buddhist terms and you might see yourselves along this very axis.

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Posted in: Tehran calm after vote fraud claims trigger clashes See in context

Mousavi led Iran into a war with Iraq which led to many Persians fleeing the country. I have not read much about Ahmadinejad doing anything violent. He does seem to represent strong Islamic sentiments, and deeply opposes Israel's attacks on Palestine, Israel more or less being a non-religious population although most would presume that they are.

Ahmadinejad comments controversially on the Holocaust, in response to Israel's pounding on Palestine, with the point that the Holocaust, while clearly a historical and shocking event, is being used today as tool to persecute, in much the same way that it uses small provocations by Palestine, to retaliate, and for that matter the persecution he faced when visiting the University in the US with his rather imperfect English, and inability to fully communicate in two clearly different cultures, as well as the persecution he faced at one of the more recent summit meetings in which he attempted, again to communicate his point on Israel's attack on Palestine, and his perhaps, not so well taken comments on the Holocaust. It was Israel which sent bulldozers into Palestine and cleared the homes of families, which would obvious provoke anyone who would lose their home. And it was Israel which used this to pound Palestine.

Consider, the point of view, the Holocaust was an un-kosher event which persecuted religious Jews, Israel becomes a non-religious state and claims land, which biblically, is not supposed to exist until a later stage in time, and was actually opposed by core Jews, and uses the Holocaust as an excuse to persecute Palestinians, as defended by Ahmadinejad, who is now being accused of rigging elections by Mousavi, a non-religious proponent, who was involved in a war with Iraq.

Perhaps it could be the non-religious that incite violence, war, and noise against the religious. By definition, religion is intended for the betterment of people and always incites helping the oppressed, and is diametrically opposed to evil which incites violence, confusion, and noise in attempt oppress the religious, of which many still do.

When David Letterman or Jay Leno poll everyday Americans on basic questions involving America, it would not be hard to presume that everyday Americans would have a very difficult time understanding someone like Ahmadinejad or Islam, or matters outside of America, and would automatically presume, after reading an article as the one above, that someone is a wacko, as indicated in our comments above.

More than 80% of Americans believe in God, why would Iranians (Persians) who are 89% Shia Muslim, not vote for Ahmadinejad, clearly a more religious person than Mousavi, who incited a war with Iraq, and sells his movement as a "green" movement as opposed to a religious one.

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Posted in: Obama promises more than 600,000 jobs this summer See in context

Executives of the largest foreign companies in Japan, many of which are members of the Tokyo American Club, are responsible for the firing of millions of people in Tokyo, who only have a 10% chance of getting back into the workforce.

As the unemployed only represent less than 10% of the workforce, you would think that a 10% reduction in salaries at each company, most of which goes to these senior management anyways would prevent such an abrupt change in the lives of millions of people. But you continue to send people out on the street anyways.

This is a crime against the people of Tokyo.

You will not get away with this.

There are 20,000 children dying of poverty around the world, while you busy yourself with your wealth and prosperity, control the lives of millions of employees, mislead them, have them pay you fees, have them pay you interest, have them pay you rent, have them buy your products, bring you coffee, clean your house, take care of your kids, throw away your garbage.

This is a crime against humanity. YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH THIS.

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Posted in: Japan can do without preaching on how to fix its economy See in context

Well then we will see in a few months time how well Australia fares, of which we could attribute your efforts and intentions, and I will continue to impart into the psyche of our readers in this forum that the aspirations of prosperity amongst the already wealthy is the sole cause of unemployment, poverty, lower consumption, less economic growth, a further widening of the income gap, and the beginnings of the "economic valley of death" that they are inadvertently creating for themselves.

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Posted in: Obama calls for new beginning between U.S., Muslims See in context

JoeBigs, your link doesn't seem to be working. Here is another that links the Qu'ran to the Bible:

Teleprompter, An Abrahmic Religion includes Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, so your comment seems to be just "noise".

Nurse13, I am sure that there are some of us that share your controversial opinion.

Obama calls for a new beginning between U.S.,Muslims.

There is no controversy between true Christians and true Muslims, the only true controversy is between the religious and non-religious, of which the former is trying to reach the latter, in a time when corporate giants are crashing, the world is in its deepest recession ever, and 20,000 children continue to die of poverty everyday.

So, although I have been an Atheist for most of my life, I will drop to my knees, and put my hands together, in hopes that anyone reading this, might be thinking the same. I don't think it matters what religion because they are all basically the same, and without them, you could be hopelessly lost without it, even if you have your partner, kids, ride, and pad today, it may not be there tomorrow.

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