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jianadaren comments

Posted in: Police get tough on cyclists violating traffic laws See in context

Good news!

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Posted in: Five-year jail term sought for ex-Olympus head See in context

Get Real -- Get real!

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Posted in: Raucous celebrations as Asia greets Year of Snake See in context

Gay Snake Year, y'all!

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Posted in: China orders vendors to stop selling 'Tokyo Big Bang' fireworks See in context

What a surprise! A welcome one, nonetheless~

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Posted in: China 'highly vigilant' over Japanese fighters flying over disputed islands See in context


You will find reading the Party mouthpieces distressing, for sure. But that doesn't mean all Chinese buy into it. In fact, I'd go so far as to say most people that do read such drivel take it with a grain of salt.

CCTV is a laughing stock among the Chinese - and the Global Times, Xinhua, et al, are written by Party suck-ups. Not many Chinese are willing to stand up to their government for fear of imprisonment. That's the truly sad state of affairs here. And it very well could get worse before it gets better.

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Posted in: China less attractive to Japanese firms - but not because of riots See in context

Inflation in China is less than 2%.

No, it is not. Where did you get a number like that? Government reported statistics here - in China - are notoriously unreliable.

Things in shops have stabilised recently, but prices across the board have gone up - especially earlier in the year. They will go up again at year-end and especially for the Chinese New Year.

Rents are out of control, possibly because people can't afford to buy into the housing bubble. Wages are most definitely going up.

Those are my on-the-street observations.

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Posted in: Scattered anti-Japan protests held in China See in context

A little unsurprising that the protesters are not damaging, overturning or burning the official fleet of Nissan military vehicles~

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Posted in: Baby panda born at Ueno Zoo last week dies of pneumonia See in context

Such sad news!!! Hope the Chinese don't think he was murdered for political reasons~

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Posted in: Calls made for bicycles to have number plates See in context

Everyt [sic] 3 years you have to take your bike in for a check...

More often would be nice if it meant less squeaky brakes!

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Posted in: Noda to reshuffle cabinet to gain LDP support for tax hike plan See in context

Do you see any good in countries where tax is 20% or more? Do you see a prosperous country with a high tax? If so, let me know I see Spain has a high tax Canada has a high tax

Canada's a bad country?

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Posted in: Ishihara agrees with Nagoya mayor's Nanjing massacre denial See in context

It was Japan's "leaders" who brought it to war, and too many of them are still saying the most stupid things.

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Posted in: Japan Coast Guard seizes 2 Chinese boats over illegal fishing See in context

Or are they just lost or don't care

I'd say lost because of their cheap knock-off GPS

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Posted in: Time for U.S. to take responsibility: Chinese state media See in context

Bite the hand that feeds you, China.

Meanwhile, China's rated a AA- with S&P~ I wonder why?

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Posted in: China calls Japan defense comments irresponsible See in context

what kind of idiot in CCP would consider war as an option for their growth?

It's been used as a tactic for economic growth in other countries. Why wouldn't China use it?

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Posted in: Recently, the death penalty has been handed down in lay judge trials. If executions continue to be delayed because of politicians' personal views, public confidence in the law will be shaken. Executio See in context

How can anyone respect a state that uses the death penalty? If death is so wrong, the state should have no business killing people.

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Posted in: China calls Japan defense comments irresponsible See in context

Seems like the Philippines need to be worried most. I mean, the Chinese have drawn lines right up to its shores.

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Posted in: What part of a woman's face do men pay attention to most? See in context

If she's wearing a burkha, the eyes.

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Posted in: Do you think cell phones can cause cancer? See in context

Depends where you put your mobile - and for how long you keep it there.

Everything in moderation!

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Posted in: Gunmen torch 10 NATO oil tankers in south Pakistan See in context

Say what? Terrorists running rampant in Pakistan? Hard to believe.

I'm sure things will calm down after the Chinese start paying off & buying out this sad country. Oh, wait~ Did China just blame Pakistani terrorist-training camps for their latest terrorist incursions in Kashgar?

Looks like the US and China have a big arm-wrestling match coming up in Pakistan.

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Posted in: Coast guard warns Chinese ship sailing near disputed island chain See in context

Shows the government has no respect for the peoples of the former Ryukyu Kingdom.

Which government, YuriO?

The Chinese government has plenty of respect for the islands Ryukyu Kingdom. Japanese "respect" towards the American occupiers of Okinawa is what happens when you lose a war. Time will tell.

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Posted in: 3 Japanese lawmakers give up and return home from Seoul See in context

Germany is an example to the world of redemption. Japan is an example to the world of, uh,.......

I think one word that could follow is... "shit-surei-shimasu"


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Posted in: 3 Japanese lawmakers give up and return home from Seoul See in context

These guys are opposition lawmakers. Could this be one of the reasons they are not in the party that actually leads the government?

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Posted in: Sun topples Hackett's 10-year-old record See in context


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Posted in: In view of what happened in China, how safe do you think high-speed trains are? See in context

HSR where? In China, no. Not safe.

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Posted in: China high-speed train crash fuels safety concerns See in context

Once the wreckage is buried all mention of the crash will be banned, web sites will be censored and it will be as if it never happened: until the next crash.

That likely would have happened before Weibo (twitter) but it seems the government can't - or won't - kill the story completely. The Railway Ministry is taking the heat for this. Sure, they could just shut Weibo down, but that would seriously harm the government.

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Posted in: Train collision in China kills 35, injures 191 See in context

Regarding this train wreck and the affect it's had on the way the internet is controlled in China, I offer this brief read:http://blogs.mcclatchydc.com/china/2011/07/a-tussle-for-the-internet-in-china.html

Another summary of the story here: http://blog.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2011/07/26/what_happened_in_wenzhou

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Posted in: Train collision in China kills 35, injures 191 See in context

Pukey2, try "Canadian" eh~

The Chinese have been trying to sell "its" HSR technology without any regard to foreign contribution toward its development. Sure, it's a false claim and their disregard for IPR should be challenged in every jurisdiction.

My bigger point is that those, like Wang, who were so proudly claiming China's railway technology is better than Japan's are now backtracking.

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Posted in: Airbus plays down A380 scrape during Narita landing See in context

sumgai, care to expand on why you guess not?

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Posted in: Train collision in China kills 35, injures 191 See in context

digiridoo, there's supposed to be one, but clearly it failed. Last month China's Railway Ministry said their anti-collision system could stop a train running at top speed in under a minute.

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Posted in: Train collision in China kills 35, injures 191 See in context


I don't believe all the facts are in that caused the accident but I'm sure an investigation is on going.

I don't think they intend to perform a proper investigation. They've already buried 4 of the most damaged carriages! Less than 24-hours after the accident. The C-gov is too busy, literally, covering up the real story.

A few weeks ago it was claimed by Wang Yongping that no Japanese technology was used in Chinese HSR. Today, it's being said the trains involved are Japanese J/V trains.

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