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Posted in: Man, woman stabbed to death in random attack on Osaka street See in context

strange....hen desu ne...more and more strange crime happening their...like what did happen in Tokyo 3 years ago...numerous isolated cases of crime...I think the society their now a days having an ill condition ever since I left.

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Posted in: If you want a child, do it before you're 30, says leading obstetrician See in context

well, this is to encourage japanese young wife to give birth as early as possible. many schools remain idle for having less pupils going to school. other effect, more sensei lost their jobs due to less gakusei.

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Posted in: Boy missing for 9 years; grandparents still claiming welfare See in context

The government too did not check the childs whereabouts for 9 years? I think it should be check ones a year if the person intended for welfare still alive or not. Giving tax payers money to unworthy receiver.

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Posted in: 4 family members found dead in Tokyo apartment See in context

make this country socialize and noisy, party where ever you go...to prevent suicide...

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Posted in: U.S. Coast Guard cannons sink tsunami ship after 4 hours See in context

Did the US ask permission to Japanese government to cannon the ship? As what Canada said, the ship is a sentimental symbol of Japan`s monster tsunami.

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Posted in: Remains of the day See in context

very strong and as high as 1-2 story building tsunami. imagine how it float the ship.

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Posted in: Two men steal quake donation money from Fukuoka 'gyudon' restaurant See in context

Oh my God. What is happening to the new generation of Japan especially the high school students. Future trouble maker of Japan. I`m afraid someday the good image of Japan will change 10 years from now.

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Posted in: Elderly woman robbed, punched in the face on Tokyo street See in context

so sad....caucasian? stupid caucasian....

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Posted in: JR West driver took photos of 2 women passengers while operating train at 120 kph See in context

no problem for that...besides, lucky for the girls since they were noticed...

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Posted in: Car crashes into police station in Gifu; driver says he wanted to die See in context

anxiety, loneliness, depression or maybe his wife left him...or maybe the current recession here affect him...anyway this country must focus more on social life development to experience more enjoyment in life....

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Posted in: Car crashes into police station in Gifu; driver says he wanted to die See in context

why many people commit suicide here...sad environment...like here in my place...

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Posted in: Barrage of complaints force Miss Universe Japan to change costume design for finals See in context

that is what i am saying before...it will alarm the whole nation and flood criticisms....anyway she can use any costume rather than changing the original traditional kimono.

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Posted in: Reach for the Universe See in context

wow....sexy....kimono and panties...

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Posted in: Parents arrested for strangling 35-year-old abusive son to death in Chiba See in context

cases like that is very hard to handle....most especially if mental dis-order person and his parents living in the same roof...everyday punch may experience from mentally ill....which is very difficult and a nightmare...an elder person being punch...

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