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"but by and large Aussies know the hard work that goes into becoming and Olympian and got behind our team. "

For an Olympian, it's the physical work and sacrifices. People who study to become to notch engineers or doctors make sacrifices too... They work hard too.. night outs, endless research, all these. It's only that a sportsperson gives his best to the sport while others give it elsewhere...

It's time to prioritize human life ..not just one aspect of it.

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The fact is that even after vaccination, you can still catch the disease, but you will sail through. This is what is practically happening in the world now... A few of my friends had the shots, but still caught it, and managed to do away with a mild infection.

An infected person, is still a carrier.

So now, we risk bringing in hundreds, if not thousands of potential carriers into Tokyo...

They have test events here..but a test is a test...In a software system, you conduct a test and say it's reasonably okay, because it's a controlled system.

Olympics is different..all you can test is your protocols.bThe actual scenario is going to be much more different... Because each human being and the environment are uncontrolled systems... And there are too many variables with so many people coming in. Hope good sense and humanity prevail and the IOC and JGovt. take the right decision

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Posted in: Opposition leader Edano says Olympics cannot be held safely See in context

The Olympics are going ahead anyway... All countries are vaccinating their athletes now.

They are going to launch this senseless even as per schedule, while ordinary people wait in the sidelines, asking for the govt to cancel it. Really insensible, insensitive.... with no one to stop them

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spread false narrative that Hindus are magically naturally immune to coronavirus and using this narrative to recklessly export all the vaccines and medical oxygen in the time India needed them the most. 

I'd like to see a real news article on this exact statement. Can you share a link?

Do you remember the terrorist attacks that went down in India's cities before the current govt came into power? And how many happened once these guys came in?

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Posted in: India's official count of coronavirus cases passes 20 million See in context


It's not a hate narrative.. it's a 'fact narrative'.

And again..please..this is not a political or a religious discussion... It's about a pandemic that affects everything everywhere in the world.

Every nation is underreporting. Do you believe/expect everyone to believe the numbers here, where we live?

India and US carry out a lot of testing. Which is why the numbers are high. The vaccination numbers are high too.

India is of those countries where all all comorbidity condition (+ COVID) deaths, are listed as COVID deaths..

Not true... Let's not whitewash... If a person dies due to his condition being aggravated by CoViD, it is still a CoViD fatality, because his/her condition wouldn't have worsened otherwise.

But like @SindhoorGK said, the cause is reported as the comorbidity itself...which is wrong...

The fact is that authorities everywhere use this jargon to under report.

India is the current hell hole for CoViD. The others were there earlier.

And the reporting is obviously focussed on India now, because anyway, the media looks for stories.

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Posted in: India's official count of coronavirus cases passes 20 million See in context


Wow...what has India done to you to come up with a statement like-

'If it takes a crisis of this magnitude to awaken Indians to this charlatan's bluster so be it.'

If you have said this, then you aren't an Indian or even a good human being.

I haven't seen such an acidic comment on this forum from anyone.. not against Italy, not against America , not against any nation when they were experiencing the worst. I think I can guess your country based on this statement you made.

And what has Modi done to you? That leader is in power because of so many other reasons..not just religion. You don't know any of the ground realities.. probably you read one-sided accounts published by media giants..you probably never had a chance to interact with any Indian, except when you criticize them, or their country.

And who is anyone to judge as to how Indians dispose off their dead? It's them and their religious beliefs. Monarchies, traditions, and Olympics, are alive today just because of local belief systems-right or wrong. It's better we don't comment on such stuff.

Election rallies without masks have been held even in the US when CoVid was at it's peak. Where were you then, with all your expert knowledge? Don't let bigotry mask your eyes when you make inhumane statements.

And among you all, how many of you really wear Your masks correctly and how many of you have spent time at home during the Golden Week?

Every leader has failed their country in this pandemic..this is true for both advanced nations and not-so-advanced nations. Some became scapegoats, some got an advantage. But the only constant sufferer is the common man.

@Zichi, @Smithinjapan, thanks for showing empathy. Your comments give hope..unlike shallow minded posters here, who get Modi and Santanadharma into picture..and make this a stupid political argument.

@Sindhoor ..sorry for your loss. That has been the story of many families in the pandemic. If only the citizens have the good sense to social distance, and mask up properly, the scale of the tragedy can really be toned down.

Governments have to spend substantially on healthcare. In India, it's a fact that no government does so.

Military spending takes priority, thanks to the neighbors. All we can hope is that things will change some day.

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Posted in: Virus surges fuel fears 100 days before Tokyo Olympics See in context

They noted that most Olympics face criticism before they begin, but said they expect the mood to change once athletes take the stage after the July 23 opening ceremony.

Is that true? Because there were protests in Brazil too... and I remember ads featuring Usain Bolt and other top athletes being aired during Rio Olympics, appealing to people to come in and watch them..coz not enough tickets got sold.... and those ..were... normal times.

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Posted in: COVID-19 patient in Japan receives world's first lung transplant from living donors See in context

Very positive and good news. Congratulations to the family. She is lucky to have such a husband and son..

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Posted in: Japan has granted 93 foreigners permission to bring their same-sex spouse: survey See in context

@Burning Bush

Polygamous marriages are totally legal in 58 countries. I'm curious if men from those countries are permitted to bring in their perfectly legal multiple spouses into Japan and if they are recognised as such upon entry.

Japan does allow that. I do not remember the channel and program exactly, but I had watched a TV programme recently, which showed a very rich Afghan used car exporter.. who had more than one wives and many children..all living in a luxurious house in Japan. The man has been living in Japan for many decades too... So Japan does allow them

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Posted in: Famous faces See in context

White washing Kamala Harris eh???

It's amazing how they do this again and again, after repeatedly criticized for the same thing.

I would like to see how the real Kamala responds to this...Oh, wait!! She doesn't care..

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Posted in: Japan's 2nd state of emergency met with public indifference See in context

This is what happens when ...you tell your people repeatedly that everything is fine..when you hammer it into their brains that they are living in a place which is a virtual safezone, when everytime there's a news article, it mentions that somehow, we avoided/continue to the worst caused by the pandemic..... And suddenly one day, you make a U-turn and say that we are not fine... People are already used to think they are safe .they won't believe that they too are at risk . The administrators here created this complacency... No one else is to blame.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 970 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 4,535 See in context

Good..the SoE seems to be working... numbers are decreasing already. May be we can lift the SoE sooner than Feb 7th. And start the prep for Olympics in full swing then onwards...

In other news, Gates wants the Olympics too.

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Posted in: Japan's New Year rituals fall victim to virus surge See in context

@Marcelito said

Lots of it is indeed a money racket....the prices shrines charge for all the trinkets they sell over New Year are insane.

It works the same all over the world... Churches, shrines, temples, etc. There's no need to call out Japan on this.

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Posted in: Have yourselves a merry little Christmas, British PM Johnson says See in context

I see one biker wearing a mask, in this picture :)

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Posted in: Koike says vaccines give hope for Olympics but worried about complaceny over virus See in context

Complacency is caused by repeated exposure to contradicting information, fear mongering coupled with inaction by those in power... Every where in the world... it's the same..

Ultimately, people need to get on with their lives

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Posted in: Pacific nations urge world to 'get serious' on climate change See in context


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Posted in: Are you becoming numb to the daily reports of surging coronavirus cases or does it still worry you when you see each day's figures? See in context

Yes ..I am... I no longer even care to look at the numbers everyday.

That said, me and my family still continue to sanitize all our stuff, shoes to avoid cross contamination .. and follow quite a few rules when we enter the house after going out. We haven't been to a single restaurant since mid-February, when the news of the virus started becoming big, and we haven't visited any indoor amusement facilities... We stick to outdoors.

This is an year for survival.

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Posted in: Passengers confined to cabins after Singapore cruise ship detects COVID-19 See in context


Clearly, you know something about microbiology... Your posts are good, science based and enlightening.

I suppose you work in one of the many fields associated with pathology....

Keep posting sensible stuff like this without bothering much about the reaction of many others who don't know the basics of biology...

Always a pleasure to read your posts.

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Posted in: Study links Go To Travel campaign to increased COVID-19 symptoms See in context

Some point of time, Japan needs tobcome out of the denial mode, stop window dressing the numbers and start testing people.

No...this is not the magical land which the virus has not affected "somehow".

If the government continues their economy first stuff, it's going to hurt their party in the long run... They should have realized this by now... But who controls them..and who is prompting them to keep numbers low, when their own people aren't buying their narrative?

Look at many other nations... They have come out of their lockdowns..and they also have huge numbers. But their markets are improving. If the jinxed Olympics is the only thing they want to save, then they are going too far for it, I am afraid, at their own cost.

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Posted in: Asteroid dust collected by Japanese probe arrives on Earth See in context


the universe was formed.

I believe this should say solar system, not universe.

Spot on

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Posted in: Nike ad addresses bullying and racism in Japan; riles up debate online See in context

“Is Japan really such a country full of discrimination? It feels like you’re creating a false impression of Japan.”

Yes Japan, there is....

I changed my kid's sports club because all of the other kids used to gang up..never talk to my child, and used words like "kirai da.." whenever they had to team up.

The coach frequently and vocally made people of my nation one team and all the Japanese kids another team..and never appreciated my child even when the job was well done...

When I relate these experiences to friends in my country, they are all very surprised.... Because they look at the tourist propaganda showing Omotenashi...

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Posted in: Nissan to sell redesigned Note compact car in Japan as it looks to restore profitability See in context


*What I hate the most is Hari Nada smiling for the picture.*

Didn't check the facts before you posted ... eh?

That's Ashwani Gupta.

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Posted in: India reports 83,000 new coronavirus cases See in context

In India, if you have symptoms, you can request a test and it would be readily done... Unlike even here..

They have built their own test kits .. not dependant on China for their supplies.

ShiroIshii.. India should follow China's example and tweak their virus figures just like they tweak their GDP figures.

Pray tell us what is the evidence you have regarding the tweaked GDP figures...

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Posted in: At U.N., Trump raps China for coronavirus as U.S. deaths top 200,000; Xi takes potshots at Trump See in context

"We will never seek hegemony, expansion or sphere of influence," he said. "We have no intention of fighting either a Cold War or a hot one with any country."

Really, China?????

What about Taiwan, HK... ??

Okkk ..you claim they are your territories and you can send your police and planes whenever you want...

What about India?? Is that your territory too???

And all this in the wake of the pandemic???

Why did you start belt and road? So that it will better the world trade? Nothing to do with the sphere of influence..right?

I think the general understanding in the world is wrong..China is infact a peace loving nation which always co-operates with it's neighbors.

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Posted in: Djokovic out of U.S. Open after hitting line judge with ball See in context

He is better than Federer and most players as a human being. He is polite, easy going and a great human being and speaks his heart out without inhibitions.

The other top player who is also a great human being and a humble guy is Nadal.

Such accidents are unfortunate, and of course not at all excusable. However they do happen once in a while.

Shocking to see how some people jump to judgements without knowing enough.

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Posted in: One way to quickly resolve the coronavirus crisis may be a major war breaking out somewhere. The economy will recover with the merchandise of weapons once the war begins. See in context

How dare these guys even come up with such statements!!

Scum like this destroy the life of common folks like us.

What would he do if the war is here..and some other economy recovers!!???? Or would he find it acceptable coz his theory becomes valid anyway....

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Posted in: Gov't says 98.6% of households received virus relief cash handouts See in context

For those who think they have saved their money.. it's anyways going to go into the extra expenses you incur because of Covid ....

Just look at the masks... We get packs of 5 or 7 now .. prices 300 to 400 yen... So you effectively spend 60 yen per mask.. 6000 yen per 100.. which is about 5000 yen extra compared to normal times.

Same goes to alcohol gel Sanitizers and the like..we had those in 100 yen shops.. it's no longer the case...

And every time, you fall sick with the slightest cold...and visit a doc fearing the worst, you spend a little extra on the x-ray, blood test and antibiotics.

Whether you like it or not...you are giving back to the economy and spending that money.

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Posted in: Japan ramps up aid to Mauritius after fuel spill See in context

On a very completely unrelated note, wait for oppurtunist China to exploit the situation here... Extend financial help for reconstruction ..and when Mauritius can't pay back, take the beaches/ports on lease for 70 years.. just like they did with Belt and Road...

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Posted in: Sticky situation See in context

When did 'rainbow' start to mean 'gay'..

So what would "chasing rainbows" mean in future? Why are we killing English?

That sticker is just about alright.

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