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Posted in: Policeman injured after being dragged along by car of fleeing suspect See in context

I have to wonder: Why officer would put his arm on the inside of the escaping vehicle? Did he think in fact he would come to a halt?

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Posted in: Newspaper deliveryman shot by crossbow arrow in Aichi See in context

It is possible, Mirai. Or laziness police did not look hard enough.

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Posted in: Man stabs 17-yr-old girl in back, cuts her hair as she walks home See in context

There is no completely innocent paradise, baroque. We deal with same problem as many other countries.

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Posted in: Uno Kanda speaks about being robbed by her babysitter See in context

TV "talent" ..laughs..

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Posted in: 70 year-old hospital patient stabbed to death by fellow patient in Kawasaki See in context

How he was able to get the knife?

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Posted in: No. of reported stalking, domestic abuse cases in first half of year highest ever See in context

Crush Them, woman does not owe those men...

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Posted in: Police arrest man who tried to get 9-year-old girl into his car See in context

To pay such a great attention you want to applaud this girl. Please be safe our children!

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