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From the 900,000 subscribers that Netflix lost in the last couple of months bill of it came from its own decision to pull out from the Russian market. In fact 700,000 plus subscribers were lost by pulling out from Russia! Actions have consequences. So globally Netflix just lost less than 200,000 subscribers. That is understandable as people have been returning back to the office and going out for socializing after being stuck inside during the pandemic. So many don’t have time to watch Netflix anymore. Disney plus has been picking up subscribers since it’s new and people are curious about it especially the Disney fans but this is eventually going to level up and the growth will stop. It’s just common sense as to how the world works!

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As far as the adoption process goes, it's the same in many countries. 

What terrible generalization is this! No it’s not the same in many countries! Have you actually tried to adopt using the system in Japan or do you know someone close to you who has done so ( probably not )! Stop making wild generalizations when the reality is the totally opposite! Japans system is the most complex and complicated and many good people who could have been wonderful parents just gave up after years of dealing with this system in Japan! Until and unless the adoption system improves in Japan we will keep hearing about newborn babies being killed by throwing in the toilet, garbage and elsewhere! The Japanese government has money to throw around to other countries in the form of donations and aid but never tries to make any efforts to allocate funds to deal with these areas!

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Anyone ever try adopting in Japan? There are thousands of couples and they make you go to weeks of parenting classes, even if you already have natural children at home. They go through your financial records, the process takes years and years and most prospective parents give up because they make it so difficult.

One of my mate from the UK who has Japanese citizenship now and his Japanese wife wanted to adopt a child in Japan and went through hell! They finally gave up after 2 years of parenting classes, application form filling one after the other and constant interviews almost every week. They then went and adopted from abroad and the entire process took a mere few days! The system in Japan is terrible. It’s like the system is telling mothers to throw your baby in the garbage or kill then rather than leave them in baby hatches / adoption centers! The officials just don’t want to deal with the adoption process so make it near impossible for people to adopt as well as mothers to give up child for adoption. End result is that newborn babies are killed! THE BLAME RESTS ON THE PATHETIC SYSTEM IN JAPAN!

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The US already throws about $350 million a year at the region.

Seems like you pulled this amount out of thin air!

As the article clearly states, currently the US only contributes 20 million dollars per year to the entire Pacific region and they will triple it to 60 million if congress approves it! That’s a very very small amount! Heck the White House probably spends more on bottled water each year!

Bottom line is that these island nations were neglected until China tried to help them out and then suddenly the US and it’s puppets like Australia started to make promises which they won’t keep ( congress will not approve anything easily that the Biden Administration requests )!

I still clearly remember that the last big cyclone in Fiji broke the country badly and the US only contributed $150,000 as humanitarian grant compared to 1 million by Australia and 5 million by China!

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The good news about this is that since China has taken a big leap in self driving vehicles, other countries such as Japan and The US will make more efforts to break through this industry just to compete with China purely out of jealousy! Then we will see some actual developments as far as the self driving vehicles are concerned!

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Good … waste more taxpayers money! Let the citizens suffer more as there are so many out there who are struggling to make ends meet!

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It was never about being a ‘ recovery Olympics’… more like a pocket filling Olympics for the corrupt IOC and throwing money Olympics for the Japanese organizers! In the end the common citizens ( taxpayers ) will suffer!

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Posted in: Japan to extend additional $100 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine See in context

Government doing nothing for its own people yet throwing money around to others!

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They keep asking individuals to do power saving at home and yet all big malls, offices and companies consume so much power without any consideration! The amount of power saving done by individuals at home will be to no avail to fight the lack of energy! The larger corporations need to make more effort. It’s high time to turn off the big LCD displays used for advertising! And those summer lights decorations on trees in many areas especially in downtown Tokyo!

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I don’t see how and when will the Japanese stop wearing masks! It will only happen if the Government gives clear directive as to stop the wearing of masks instead of the vague messages it’s giving at the moment!

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Not too sure who consider price hikes as « desirable » except BOJ board members !

Answer to your question is people like “ Whatsthe411…” who commented:

In the west, prices are up over 20%. Japan is great shape

This person clearly doesn’t go shopping in Japan or won’t have made idiotic statements like that! Any person who goes out to buy food items in Japan will realize how the prices have hiked! Those who are parasites feeding on others money don’t seem to realize it or don’t care about it since they aren’t using their own money!

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The Japanese Government has billions in cash to throw to other countries in the form of donations and have the nerve to give each Japanese family only 2,000¥ ( that also with so many criteria )! Heck, even a refugee from Ukraine gets more money than ¥2000 on a daily basis! Time for the Japanese people to seriously raise up these issues during the election campaigns during the Q&A’s with the candidate’s!

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Some comments here from the Americans who are so against the coup in Myanmar or any other country in the world, and yet they still supported the coup that Trump tried to pull off saying “ we are patriots “ … they are pathetic traitors in reality!

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People who don’t want to use it don’t have to… nobody is putting a gun to their heads forcing them to use it! It’s really good for people who miss their loved ones after they pass on and can keep them around as it helps them!

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To add on, as others have mentioned above Fukuoka is almost impossible to beat while ranking Japans cities !

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Clearly the people who compile this list haven’t travelled much! On top of that just traveling as a visitor isn’t enough because to make a list of most livable cities, one needs to stay there, work there and try living as a local… then you can say it’s livable or not! Melbourne and Osaka on the same level??? They must have been smoking something strong when they listed them on the same level at 10th! There are so many better and beautiful cities in Japan itself than Osaka which is dirty, rowdy, noisy!!!

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China has been taking the hardline on Taiwan recently and trying to take control of it because of The US. The US keep meddling in the affairs in Asia and provoking countries to make China their enemy! They keep insulting China and provoke them. The US tells other countries to take harsh steps towards trading with China ( Australia is an example ), all the while they themselves secretly increasing their import / exports with China ( thus increasing their trade ). The US puppets fail to see this and are just fools to follow America blindly. The US will never help other countries if it doesn’t serve them ( no benefit - no action ). Just look at what the US has done in Iraq, Afghanistan and most of the Middle East! They broke the lives of millions and left them without any assistance! The US only provides Japan with the so called security because of the billions of dollars that Japan gives to the US military every year!

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Lots of key information missing! Was the crossing light green when the accident occurred? Was the driver drunk or speeding and tried to beat the red light? Same could be asked if the pedestrian tried to beat the crossing lights when it had already changed red? Also, the most annoying thing about Japan roads is that the green pedestrian crossing light also allows the cars turning ( usually left turn from one road to the next ) at junctions to continue moving and drive across! It should be that when the pedestrian lights are green, then all cars should stop and people cross safely!

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I think that almost all Japanese like wearing mask as they don’t want to show their faces due to confidence issues about their looks! Mask were loved and cherished in Japan even before the pandemic. And since almost all Japanese wear it in Japan, the foreigners have no choice but to blend in by wearing one as well or they’ll be frowned upon or called the lunatic gaijin!

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Stay safe everyone!

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These school lunches are prepared elsewhere ( not on school premises) and delivered to the schools where staff serve it. It’s more than likely that the ‘ poo ‘ could have been added by anyone from the food preparing people, packers or delivery staff. It can also be the 20 year old that they are accusing. Just hope they have evidence rather than just looking for a scapegoat!

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@didou…About 11000yens per citizen

Where the heck did you pull out this number from??? Wrong math !!!! It’s more like 1.14 million per citizen !

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The foxes telling you that they ate less hens in the hen house than they thought.

There will never be an independent audit; files wlll be deleted and documents shredded as soon as it has been officially announced.

Now for Sapporo 2030...

Spot on! The real cost will be definitely higher as the organizers try to paint a fake picture as to hide the reality!

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Australian economy is doomed since they keep offending China with this new action of being a puppet to the US and Japan! The US and Japan will never never never buy the huge amount of stuff that China used to buy from Australia! In the end the local Aussies suffer!

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Clearly, Mayweather is just looking for money to continue his luxurious lifestyle. Don’t be surprised if he even throws away this fight just to fill up his pocket! With billions on stake through insiders bets it is always a possibility!

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 Of course, there are also firm rules in place about what you can and can’t do with your ossan 

Yeah, right! Who are they trying to fool…

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So sad on all levels! She must have worked hard all her life and couldn’t enjoy life after retirement! The killer needs to face the full brunt of the law by getting the maximum punishment for the crime!

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So much for the English teachers salary ( or those so called foreign students who go for the purpose of working rather than studying )! The salary would be crap after the currency conversion! It would be wise to just let the money they earn there ( if they have any leftover after expenses each month ) sit in the bank in yen and convert it later when the rates become better. But this might take a few years! It’s also a good time to look at South Korea and Singapore for not only these English teachers but also foreign students as the salary ( and working conditions ) there is much much higher after the conversion rate!

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McDonald’s list millions in revenue and very soon there will be price hikes in McDonald’s product globally! Already in Japan McDonald’s has been losing money instead of making a steady profit over the last 10 years and this trend will not change anytime soon! Through sanctions against Russia it seems that the Western countries are losing more than Russia and the life of each citizen in the West has taken more of a hit than the Russians! But let’s continue to make our lives more and more difficult and miserable through the rising cost of living until we reach breaking point by supporting these sanctions! Even the Ukrainian refugees have gotten more financial assistance than the usual Japanese in Japan from the tax payers money! When it comes to supporting it’s own citizens the Japanese government will make millions of excuses but when it comes to throwing money at other countries the pride themselves in doing so!

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When they can’t solve the problems at home ( so many issues facing each citizen in Japan who are struggling to make ends meet ), they divert the attention externally and we fools fall for it!

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