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Posted in: Japanese club plans crowdfunded Iniesta statue See in context

They can afford to pay millions to their players but need the crowdfunding for this…pathetic cheap bastards!

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Posted in: Japan to allow in 87 foreign students, making exception to ban See in context

Students = cheap ( underpaid ) labor !

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Posted in: Former pro baseball player arrested for stealing champagne See in context

It’s surprising to read the comments here which sort of support the acts of stealing ! STEALING IS A CRIME AND THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES! Shops have a notice pasted on the walls that shoplifters will be named and shamed so if you knowingly shoplift be prepared to face the consequences!

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Posted in: Former pro baseball player arrested for stealing champagne See in context

90+ % of sportspersons and celebrities have financial difficulties past their due dates! Only a few can make money through their name after they cross a certain age of 40 or 50. In their prime they can’t manage money well and have hardship later on!

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Posted in: Osaka, Nadal win openers at Australian Open See in context

@Rob Nada… overshadowed by the staggering incompetence of Australia and its leaders.

No it wasn’t through the incompetence of Australia and it’s leaders! It was through the selfishness of one idiot trying to break the border laws by entering the country and lying in his documents. He tried to enter on a wrong visa class and lied on his immigration forms of not visiting any other country 14 days prior to arrival into Australia. In addition it’s through the negligence of the Australian Tennis Association who wanted him to be there so granted him the medical exemption almost 2 weeks after the deadline of these exemptions and lack of proper documentation. The entire group of people in this panel who granted him the exemption should be investigated and dealt with!

Rules for entry into a country is there to be followed and cannot / shouldn’t be bent or broken for rich people while the common citizens suffer and make sacrifices!!!

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Posted in: Kishida says he is committed to containing virus amid Omicron surge See in context

Time to close the restaurants at 8pm and limit the testing… it’s the only two strategies that work for Japan to bring the numbers down….then praise the fake data by saying Japan is doing well on the global level. Restaurant workers suffer without enough income through this stupidity of closing restaurants at 8!

No financial aid for the common people despite passing trillions of yen budget. Other countries have given three- five rounds of stimulus while Japan cried and cried just to give a mere ¥100,000 which lasted less than a few days for food and bills. 100,000¥ for children was pure discrimination against people who can’t have children due to medical reasons! Singles who contribute so much to society through long working hours and high taxes got nothing! People are suffering to make ends meet. The rich keep getting richer and the average to low earners getting poorer! Kashida had proudly claimed to close the wealth gap but in fact it has widen and keeps widening.

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Posted in: Australian Open players tire of Djokovic saga See in context

Djokovic and his family - all seem to suffer from similar lack of aptitude.

He failed to vaccinate, falsified documents and needs, at a minimum, to be sent back to Monte Carlo or Dubai.

Djokovic is a vapid drama queen and simply needs to be sent packing, if unable to follow rules & regulations.

Exactly!!! The falsification of documents in itself is enough grounds for deportation! Can’t blame human error for a simple question that he falsely answered! It’s just amazing that even a non citizen has so much power to fight deportation in Australia even though he is in the wrong!

I lost all respect for Djikovic when I saw him exposing children to his infection on December 16-17 after testing positive for Covid! Infected and didn’t even wear a mask when in he should have been in isolation!

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Posted in: As McDonald’s Japan restricts French fry sales, rival boosts its fry sizes by 25%, at no extra cost See in context

Come to think of it McDonald’s might just be trying to make more profit by selling small fries instead of the lager ones ( larger size has lower profit margins ). Some people might be buying 2 or three small fries now so that increases their sales. All companies are blaming the corona virus pandemic when infected they should have come up with plan B and C in the past two years!

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Posted in: As McDonald’s Japan restricts French fry sales, rival boosts its fry sizes by 25%, at no extra cost See in context

It’s not that one chain is better than another! Humans are different and they prefer different chains! Some like McDonald’s, some MOS Burgers, others like Freshness Burger while some prefer independent Burger shops. Personally, I think many independent burger shops in Tokyo are crap as they are overpriced and taste worst than the fast food chains! Better to make a nice burger at home. But that’s just my opinion and others feel differently.

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Posted in: Border restrictions force 300 foreigners to decline Japan teacher jobs See in context

These teachers won’t be missed…lol !

Japan is one of the best countries in the world for short term stay ( less than a year ) but one of the worst for many foreigners ( not all though ) for long term stay! But then again back home things are much worse for many foreigners in Japan! So as much as I hate to say this, it’s time to just suck up and learn to appreciate Japan the way it is instead of trying to change it for the convenience of foreigners!

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Posted in: Strong quake jolts Tokyo, surrounding areas See in context

Big one around the corner… stay safe people!

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Posted in: Surfing sunset See in context

A surfer rides a wave …

If you call that “ rides a wave” then all hope is lost…

The background in the photo is really awesome though!

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Posted in: China warns Olympics diplomatic boycott nations will 'pay a price' See in context

All these countries that are boycotting the games have got heaps of internal problems in their own countries! They are trying to shift the focus of their own citizens towards China so that they can’t realize the deep deep internal problems within their own country! America complaining about the Chinese Governments camp for the Muslim minority yet it’s the American Government who have killed millions of muslims ( many innocent ones ) globally without any apology!

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Posted in: How well do you understand the pension system in Japan? For example, do you know how to calculate how much you will receive if/when you leave Japan? See in context

The Japanese pension system is going to collapse in 30-40 years time. Foreigners will be the first to suffer the wrath of this followed by the Japanese. Don’t rely on the Japanese pension system alone for your old age and save up now!!!

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Posted in: Australia will not send officials to Beijing Olympics: PM See in context

100%, eh? Hyperbole, much? Do you know that Australia has a healthy balance of trade with many countries, of which China may be the largest but is not the only one? Australia has already found alternative markets for some of the banished exports, and it will find more. The real estate bubble - if that’s what it is - preceded Chinese investment and will carry on without it. And if it doesn’t, and prices drop, that’s not a bad thing anyway. People have been predicting a real estate crash for most of the past 35 years. Hasn’t happened yet. The universities will market education to other countries in South and South-east Asia, as they’re already doing. And finally, the country is not “completely doomed” without iron ore exports to China. What does “completely doomed” mean in this context anyway? What’s your real agenda in using the Australian government diplomatic boycott of the Games to try and paint such an unbalanced and ridiculous picture of what might happen as a consequence?

You clearly don’t know how the economy and the real state market works! China is irreplaceable for Australia if they want to maintain their strong economic status in the world. No other country can replace China as far as exporting, real estate and capital investments are concerned for a steady Australian economy!

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Posted in: Australia will not send officials to Beijing Olympics: PM See in context

Australia's real estate bubble collapses immediately without Chinese money laundering, the universities go broke without being able to provide "education" (i.e. path to residency) to Chinese "students", and the economy is completely doomed without the revenue from selling iron ore to the Chinese. Australia is 100% reliant on China for its continued economic survival.

Totally agree with you on this… people thinking otherwise don’t know the reality of the situation or how the economy works! Replacing China as a partner is never going to be a success for Australia and their economy is just going to crash in the months ahead!

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Posted in: Australia will not send officials to Beijing Olympics: PM See in context

The current Australian Government going out of its way to pick a fight with China…lol !

Australian barley, coal, copper ore, cotton, hay, logs, rock lobsters, sugar, wine, beef, citrus fruit, grains, table grapes, dairy products and infant formula have all been subject to Chinese sanctions.

Australian Government has bit the very hand that fed them ( China ). Without smooth trade with China the Australian economy will collapse in the months ahead as that is inevitable. No other country including America and Japan can buy the same quantity as the Chinese we’re buying from Australia! In the end the local Australians will suffer! People commenting here supporting the boycott don’t have any vested interest in Australian economy or majority local Australian as for them only bashing China is fulfilling!

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Posted in: U.S. announces diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Olympics See in context

The US should try to solve its own internal problems before raising a finger at other countries. So much racial injustice occurs in America daily. Then there is their garbage political situation where there was almost a successful coup in the so called ‘ most democratic country “ in the world on January 6th! None of the actual instigators have been charged except the rioters! The US no longer has the right to tell other countries how to deal with their own internal issues! Fix your own divided country first!!!

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Posted in: Strong quakes jolt areas near Mt Fuji, Wakayama See in context

The really big one is just around the corner… take care everyone! Keep enough cash in hand ( ATMs and credit cards won’t work ), store lots of drinking water and canned food! These are the perils of living in Japan!

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Posted in: Japan reverses halt of inbound flight bookings after criticism See in context

They should have the balls to stand by their decision making process! Daily flip flopping causes more confusions and makes people wonder if something exchanged hands under the table for a complete turn around!

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic Games uniforms for 28,000 volunteers remain unused See in context

The Tokyo Olympics was a farce! Tax payers money wasted on this big party for the IOC executive! Volunteers and athletes never made any serious impact in this game! The only positive for the people in Japan was that Japan won more medals than previously. What was suppose to bring money for many businesses and people turned out to cost them dearly!

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Posted in: Mother gets suspended sentence over death of newborn child See in context

Japans law and order at its best!

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Posted in: Metal bottle falls from U.S. Marine Osprey onto residence in Okinawa See in context

American military should just go home! Japan should arm it’s own military and they can create one of the best military forces in the world with all the cash that they are wasting on paying The US for their presences in Japan!

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Posted in: How crowded is Kyoto now without international tourists? See in context

Without foreign tourists so many businesses suffer! Local tourist will never spend even 1/3 of what foreign tourists will spend on souvenirs, restaurants and hotels! So much for all the anti-tourist people who got their wish!

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Posted in: IOC says Peng Shuai has told Olympic officials she is safe See in context

So much for all the anti-China people bashing China for her disappearance while she’s been chilling at her home away from the fake western media! And even though she physically appeared and talked with IOC President Bash people commenting here are nothing less than idiots that they don believe it!

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Posted in: Japanese convenience store chain running out of fried chicken, takes precautions to save Christmas See in context

Life was so much easier without Twitter and other SNS!

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Posted in: Mishima unveils world’s 1st made-to-order carbon fiber lounge chair See in context

More luxurious items for the rich while the common humans suffer!

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Posted in: What are the pros and cons of a completely cashless society? See in context


Less bacterial contact!

Easier to carry cards then coins!


Computer glitches and hackers!

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Posted in: What do you think are some of the major differences between J-pop and K-pop music? See in context

Few decades ago…

J-Pop rocks…K-Pop what is that?


J-Pop sucks! … K-Pop rocks!

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