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Posted in: Random street stabbings reported in Saitama, Kanagawa prefectures See in context

Apprehend these criminals and make an example out of them. Give them the harshest and longest prison terms as to deter others from doing the same criminal acts! Recently, due to the pathetic judicial system of Japan, crime levels has been rising steadily and immediate action is needed to return Japan to the wonderful, peaceful and low crime rate country!

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Posted in: Philippines willing to deport alleged robbery ringleader 'Luffy' to Japan See in context

I hope he is kept in the Philippines prison and dies serious time there. Japans legal system is a joke and he might even walk free in Japan. Keep him with ruthless criminals behind bars in Philippines.

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Posted in: Trump opens 2024 run; says he's 'more committed' than ever See in context

What’s Trump’s end game? He knows very well that he won’t get the Republican Party nomination unless nobody else runs for Presidency. Mike Pence, DeSantis ( probably going to get nominated ), Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz, Sen. Tim Scott, Gov.Glenn Youngkin are all going to run even though they haven’t announced it yet since announcing it too early makes the excitement extinct! If Trump doesn’t get the nomination he’ll probably create a third party just to satisfy his ego! This will break the Republican voters and Democrats will win easily! Trump is hellbent on destroying the Republican Party one way or another. This is karma coming back to bite the Republican senators who should have impeached him for January 6 riots and got rid of him then. Having said this, I personally still prefer Trump to DeSantis because with Trump I know what I’ll be getting but DeSantis seems like the devil disguised to end America one way or another!

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Posted in: Two 14-year-old boys arrested for robbing jewelry store, assaulting owner See in context

Back in the day our parents used to discipline us properly but nowadays most parents especially in Japan don’t seem to care!

The legal system in Japan will set them free without even send them to any juvenile detention centers. They’ll keep repeating these type of behavior and join yakuza in the years ahead.

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Posted in: Two 14-year-old boys arrested for robbing jewelry store, assaulting owner See in context

@Elvis is here…

How a hammer blow to the head is not life-threatening is the most interesting detail.

Exactly what I was thinking. Poor journalism or lack of proper information given to journalists by the police or doctors perhaps.

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Posted in: Japan wins World Pastry Cup See in context

@ velvet…Pierre Herme is very well compensated by Japanese businesses.

Exactly! *

A rigged competition from the beginning! It’s all about getting good business deals and money making with under the table dealings!

Also every human has a different taste preference so to have these types of competition to determine the best pastry is meaningless! Best of something shouldn’t be used as loosely as these types of competitions use since it’s best for only the judges and a small group of people. The French have different taste preferences to the Italian or Japanese. The Japanese have different taste preferences to the Chinese or Indians who make up more than half the world! If we are talking about majority of people then they will definitely have a bigger say for the so called “ Best “ food or pastry! Americans…well they are always just easily impressed by Japanese food even if it taste horrible so no comparison there! The Japanese mostly despise American and British dishes! So many countries with so many people that claiming a particular food or snack is the best is just unrealistic! For me I do really like many pastries in Japan more than the 37 countries that I’ve been to but I can’t say it’s the best outright since others don’t think so! Depends on which shop you buy from and when you buy it!

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Posted in: Some fear COVID downgrade may cause more infections See in context


Have none of you who are cheering this decision noticed that 500 people a day are dying from this virus? I really hope that none of you contract it or any of your loved ones.

The people cheering this decision are the ones who are reckless, have been downplaying coronavirus and will definitely be added to the 500 deaths per day in the near future. They don’t value safety and their life!

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Posted in: Japan to allow unlicensed electric scooter riding from July See in context

So much negativity about this on this thread! These electric scooters will pose no more dangers than the mamachari bicycle riders who speed up without any care of the people walking on the sidewalks / footpaths or even drivers driving on the roads. Other bicycle riders are also dangerous when they hold an umbrella in their be hand and try to cycle past people or some even using cellphones while cycling! Bicycles are already dangerous enough and take up more space as well as pose more danger than this electric scooters! Also the Japanese Government has decided this so if some foreigner don’t like it then you know there is a simple solution of returning back to your own country… but wait you don’t want to so just stop whining about Japan!

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Posted in: Australia to spend $2 billion on 40 U.S. Black Hawk choppers See in context

Australia was a beautiful country with a super strong economy as well as good lifestyle for its citizens but since they became a puppet of the USA especially in the last 4-5 years, all this has changed and their economy is suffering and this will inevitably lead to poor lifestyle and doom Australia. The US breaks every country it builds closer relations with because they will force those countries to do the bidding for them. Puppet masters and puppets situation!

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Posted in: Mother arrested over death of 7-year-old daughter had consulted with authorities in 2019, 2021 See in context

Staff from the child consultation center later met with Ichika, but could not find any signs of physical or psychological abuse.

This department really needs to recruit better skilled workers who aren’t there for just collecting paychecks but actually care about child welfare and a passionate about it. Every child that has died in similar circumstances had in the past been associated with this department but they failed to provide any proper support, protection and guidance. It’s not only about training the staff properly but I feel that there are people working in this department that don’t really care.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abusing live-in girlfriend’s 10-year-old daughter See in context

@Fighto…how you got downvoted by someone is unbelievable! Maybe the person who downvoted you is a child abuser as well and needs jail time as well!

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Posted in: McDonald's Japan to hike prices for third time in 10 months See in context

The number of sales will go down because of this price hike but they will still recover or make more money from the addicted customers through this increase. Currently most people actually kill time in McDonalds sitting while spending a mere 120-150¥ and make use of the tables for at least an hour or so especially in winter when they can’t be outdoors. The smell of the food from McDonald’s will always pull people in. Even though the prices for McDonald’s keep rising, it’s still much much cheaper than other fast food retailers and some burger joints which charge like 800-1500¥ for burgers which are of standard taste or of bad taste for burger enthusiasts! Much better to make burgers at home than these overpriced burger joints in Tokyo!

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka pulls out of Australian Open See in context


Until they don't. How's Nishikori doing? 

Do your research first before making comments!

Nishikori made 13.2 million dollars last year ( 2022 ) and was the 8th highest earning tennis player ( including male and females ). He made only 200,000 dollars for playing and $13 million from endorsements which were 90% from Japanese companies.

Just because you didn’t hear his name recently doesn’t mean he lost all his sponsors!

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka pulls out of Australian Open See in context

For a third straight year ( 2020/2021/2022 ) she has been the highest paid female athlete so she doesn’t care what her haters ( including many here in Japan today ) think or say! But IMO her rapper boyfriend is having a very very bad influence on her playing career but who am I to judge her! Her life her decisions. People bashing her here in Japan today will never achieve 0.1% of her wealth, fame and accomplishments!

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Posted in: Firefighting review See in context


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Posted in: Air from 2022 for sale on Japanese flea market app Mercari See in context

Soon people will start selling bags of fart on Mercari and believe me when I say this that someone might actually buy those!

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Posted in: Secret staff cafeteria in Tokyo is a hidden gem you won’t find in travel guides See in context

Why would any outsider want to eat in any office building area where office workers go to grab a bite? Then to enter that area go through hoops to fill out application forms, submit your ID and waste your time doing all this! To top it all up, this place is located in Basement without any view or any spectacular or unique food! Better eating places are located elsewhere!

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Posted in: Letters from Japan: A confusing situation over an ended relationship See in context

The moment an ex of your partner tries to re-enter the picture is the moment you end that relationship! The past is where it belongs…in the past! The guy just manipulated “ Fellow Canadian “ and gave her weeks of anxiety, confusion and pain! He isn’t worth another second of her time! Using Japanese culture as an excuse was really pathetic as this is nothing to do with Japanese culture. In fact I won’t be surprised if he even made up the whole cancer story because he seems evil to the core!

Someone a million times better will come into the life of “ Fellow Canadian “ as her true love is trying to find his way to her so she should keep hope instead of thinking about that weird liar of a man!

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Posted in: More Indonesians in Japan's foreign trainee program due to weak yen See in context

Well these so called trainees / interns want to work long hours on bare minimum salary, be bullied by coworkers/ bosses, be looked down at and get treated like garbage so it’s their choice to choose Japan for this! They know all this yet try to sign up for these programs so it’s their choice to be treated whichever way the management want to.

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Posted in: Japan joins U.N. Security Council as new nonpermanent member See in context

Japan is a puppet of The US. It’s always been that way after the war and will remain like that! The US will keep its military bases in Japan, keep selling them unnecessary weapons from and keep taking billions annually for it and Japan will keep paying and paying and paying them while their own citizens suffer to make ends! This also hinders the infrastructure development of Japan as a country. An aging country with serious problems regarding its pension which will collapse inevitably. The debt level of Japan with the World bank is the highest ( more than 3 times that of collapsed economies such as Greece )! At the rate that The US takes money from Japan the collapse of the economy is just a matter of time! It’s like The US is the mafia taking protection money from the weak Japan!

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Posted in: Japan reports 192,063 new coronavirus cases; 420 deaths See in context

The people who are downplaying the severity of the high number of infections and death for the past few weeks are the ones who are bound to get infected soon and may even die…be careful what you wish for! Covid is a serious problem and you shouldn’t act like fools by downplaying its impact! Yes, we all need to work and get on with life and we can do this easily through precautions. There is no need to downplay the seriousness of covid!

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. arranging summit meeting in Washington on Jan 13: report See in context

Billions of taxpayer money will be wasted on this ! They can easily have these types of discussions using video conferencing!

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Posted in: Man sent to prosecutors over murder of 3 family members See in context

The prosecutors who failed to charge him for the previous property damages are to blame for this gruesome murders! Police had caught him red handed throwing stones at the car but prosecutors dropped the charges saying insufficient evidence. Then on two other instances there was security camera footage showing the accused damaging the car and again prosecutors dropped charges saying lack of evidence! Now being caught red handed by the police stakeout and security camera footages aren’t enough for prosecutors in Japan to charge evil people. These prosecutors who refused to charge him should be sued and should face criminal charges themselves for their failure in this. Three lives lost because of the incompetence of the prosecutors!

Full background stories are available on other sites such as The Asahi Shinbum, The Mainichi, Japan Times.

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Posted in: Japan looking into group's report of secret Chinese police stations See in context

A friend of my office friend had an ….

lol … you lost all credibility by this statement!

Yes China might be having secret police stations but until we see clear evidence it’s all gossip and rumors which people nowadays just love to do and this is just fuel for conspiracy theorists. Oh Btw, America has CIA secret offices all across the world in every country. The UK, Japan, Iran also have secret bases in many many countries. Ever heard of the idiom “ Pot calling the kettle black “!

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Posted in: Contentious major defense policy shift shows Japan wariness of China See in context

Japan will never realize that The US is the one creating all this tension in the Asia region and telling countries to increase the defense budget because The US wants to sell them their weapons… it’s a dirty game which America are the masters of!

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Posted in: Kishida walks tightrope with planned defense splurge See in context

The initial remark that he made ( something like the citizens should pay for this defense budget without complaining) is just not worthy of him being the PM! More like dictatorship but luckily the cabinet secretary later softened the words and retracted the initial comments! But I guess why bother because the Japanese will continue to vote LDP into power regardless. Then the common excuse will be that the opposition doesn’t have a good candidate even though they actually do have decent candidates who are more human than the old farts and crooks running the LDP. But just don’t have well known flashy names which the Japanese are used to! A one party country!

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Posted in: Miss International 2022 See in context

The 3rd runner up and 2nd runner up win the looks categories easily but as others have mentioned that more than half the judges were Japanese so of course they’ll go for the blonde… lol !

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Posted in: Man gets suspended sentence for causing plane to divert after refusing to wear mask See in context

He should be in prison doing time! Regardless of the fact that he doesn’t want to wear a mask, he committed violent acts which itself are criminal such as twisted the arm of the flight attendant, hit a police officer on the face! Even after the ruling he made a threatening walk towards the judge! It’s just a shame that violent people like him get a suspended sentence and innocent of people who commit far smaller crimes do hard time in prison! Well that’s Japanese legal system which is one of the worst in the world!

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Posted in: Japanese gov't wants to give people an extra ¥80,000 to have babies See in context

That means that even if the grant is increased, parents would be looking at, on average, less than 30,000 yen of it remaining once they’re home from the hospital, 

30,000¥ cash back and then you are looking at a lifetime of expenses dealing with the child growing up… lol !

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Posted in: Taxes to be raised to cover additional defense spending: Kishida See in context

The Government keeps wasting taxpayers money on unnecessary things like hosting the Olympics and state funeral for Abe which was more expensive than the Queens funeral. They keep donating money to other countries while their own citizens are struggling to make ends meet. Now they’ll buy unnecessary weapons from The US and store them without ever using those except during military drills! With the US military presence in Japan buying these weapons for Japan’s defense is really unnecessary because The US military bases are already in Japan for the defense. Now they want to be the host of the Winter Olympics as well and throw away more money! When will the LDP government be voted out… sigh! At least in The US power keeps changing between Republicans and Democrats every 2-8 years and this gives the people hope for the winners and time to whine for the losers but in countries like Japan where one party is impossible to be removed, the life of common people will get harder and harder. The same way as CCP came into power and made the life of common Chinese miserable! If other political parties don’t gain strength in Japan against LDP then the livelihood of Japanese people looks bleak!

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