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Posted in: Nadal loses in first round of French Open See in context

Thank you for the fighting spirit Nadal! Even in loss you were awesome!

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Posted in: High-profile opposition figure Renho to run for Tokyo governor See in context

Most comments here coming from people who are not a resident of Tokyo Prefecture yet they have the nerve to bash Gov.Koike for this and that! They should stick to their own prefecture politics!

The residents of Tokyo will stick with Koike for another term as she has done so much for Tokyo that the city of Tokyo is being mentioned internationally in such positive ways! Never before was Tokyo so popular globally until Gov.Koike took charge.

Yes, there were negative as well such as the Covid pandemic and the pandemic hit Olympics! But that’s totally understandable because no city in the world was able to deal with Covid effectively. Tokyo one of the worlds largest and most populous cities kept up to par with other major cities.

Olympic fiasco blame goes to the LDP led Government and the weak PM Suga who was bullied by IOC President Bash. LDP Government didn’t have the balls to cancel it in the first place!

Gov.Koike will win with a landslide despite the few haters who will continue to hate her!

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Posted in: Foreign thieves likely behind stolen Japan bonsai amid boom abroad See in context

Vietnamese again! Japanese Government keeps relying on Vietnam for cheap labor ( slavery programs ) and the end result is that they commit crimes in Japan! But actually foreigners still make up less than 5% of the total crimes committed in Japan! The criminal industry is dominated by the Japanese in Japan but thankfully most of it is organized crime instead of brutal ones on the streets!

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Posted in: Japan inflation slows to 2.2% in April See in context

Inflation slowing down… lol ! That’s the most idiotic thing I’ve heard this year considering the prices of everything has gone up sharply and the wages have not increased at all! Not to mention the value of the yen is super weak!

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Posted in: 80-year-old man arrested after attacking his daughter with machete See in context

…was taken to hospital and police said her injury is not life-threatening.

This is a commonly used expression by Japan Today writers for any person who survives an attack! The reality is far from the expression! Maybe it’s a non-native English language issue which they can’t comprehend and apply properly.

If you browse through any article related to violence and attacks, you will come across the above expression ( if the person survives ) or just one expression confirming death! Lack of writing skills probably!

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Posted in: Death penalty sought again in retrial of 88-year-old man acquitted of 1966 murders See in context

Typo above…not 86, it should be 88! Which makes my thoughts about his innocence even greater!

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Posted in: Death penalty sought again in retrial of 88-year-old man acquitted of 1966 murders See in context

Some people who commit murders in Japan get less than 10 years even as the evidence is clear. In this case the evidence seem dodgy and as it is the case cannot be proved beyond reasonable doubt so guilty or innocent the man has spent 44 years on death row. It’s about time to let him go to live out his remaining few months or years freely.

This is just my personal view but at 86, I don’t think a guilty person will try to claim innocence after been in prison on death row for 44 years! At 86, people usually have nothing to lie about as they are living on borrowed time! I think he was innocent from the beginning.

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Posted in: Japan lower house OKs bill to reform foreign trainee program See in context

Basically, this bill indicates that the LDP led Government wants to bring in foreigners who will work like slaves without complaining for a short time and then leave Japan. At the same time, Permanent Residents life will be made harder and harder just to get rid of them and chase them away from Japan. The LDP led Government doesn’t want foreigners settling in permanently to call Japan their home and thus are looking for ways and means to revoke the Permanent Residency status! Non payment of social security ( less than 10% foreigners fall in this category compared to 20% Japanese nationals ) are just excuses the LDP Government came up in order to pass this bill. Imagine if a permanent resident gets into an accident and can’t work then can’t pay his taxes temporarily due to financial difficulties, or loses their job unexpectedly and has financial constraints while finding a new job and fails to pay their social insurance…the Government wants to kick them out by revoking their PR status. Imagine when there is another pandemic worst than covid, lockdowns and job losses and these PR holders have financial constraints and can’t pay the social security and the Government will revoke the PR status and kick them out! They just want to get rid of long term permanent residents somehow! To create and increase the fear of uncertainty amongst the permanent residents who have tried their best to make Japan their home is just discrimination and disgusting behavior by the LDP led Government!

Permanent Residency should be given the appropriate protections as it deserves as the name itself suggests “ PERMANENT “… no two ways about it !

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Posted in: Asian stocks advance after Wall Street closes out another winning week See in context

The yen is so weak that the AUD and NZD which were worth like 70-80yen per dollar are now valued at more than 105¥ per dollar! Yen is also powerless against the British Pound and The Euro! Seems like the media has given up as well as there is very little to no mention of how the yen keeps declining in any articles and the BOJ sits back and lets the free flow devaluation happen!

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Posted in: Man arrested for putting girlfriend’s 3-year-old daughter in washing machine See in context

The man is pure evil ! Throw him in prison! I wonder if child abusers get the same harsh treatment from other inmates in Japan prisons as they get in The US!

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador to Japan visits southern islands at forefront of China tension See in context

After the 2024 presidential elections when Trump comes into power he will instantly remove Emmanuel from the Ambassador position because Emmanuel keeps provoking China with his hated. Trump knows that keeping china satisfied is good for business so he will send an Ambassador who keeps away from all the China related matters! Trump being a businessman knows the importance of China as his businesses and his daughter Ivankas entire fashion line is reliant on China. After Trump removes Emmanuel we will never hear of Emmanuel again as he will become irrelevant and China will have the last laugh!

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Posted in: 500 melons stolen from greenhouse in Ibaraki Prefecture See in context

Got to feel for the farmer! He worked hard all year round to grow the melons and some culprits took it all! Hopefully these culprits are found and made an example of by getting lengthy prison sentences! They probably need the traditional Arab style punishment where their hands would be whipped and stoned!

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Posted in: Palestinians rally in Tokyo to mark 76 years of displacement See in context

These people have nothing better to do with their life then gather for protests on the streets causing traffic pileup, disturb and block other people walking by! And all this on a workday Wednesday showing they are all probably unemployed or do bare minimum part time jobs at the bottom of the barrel! Go back to your countries if you want to protest on the roads!!!

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Posted in: Japanese game maker Sega Sammy sells Seagaia resort to U.S. fund See in context

Business in that area hasn’t been the same since the closure of the Dome a few years back. But the area still has potential and this is one of the best investments that Fortress Investment Group of the U.S will ever get as the currency value for this transaction if just perfect for them!

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Posted in: New Tokyo restaurant charges higher prices to foreign tourists than Japanese locals See in context

Paying more than 6,578¥ ( local price on weekends ) for a lunch meal then trying to overeat to compensate for it is simply unhealthy and not worth it! Just have a decent and healthy lunch meal at some other restaurants for less than 2,000¥ !

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Posted in: Japanese companies urged to OK seated cashiers to spur job motivation See in context

Gone are the days when customer service workers had pride in their job, focused 100% at their work and served every customer with respect, professionalism and friendliness. Now these lazy workers whine whine and whine! From complaining about wages to being rude to customers. Then on top of it all many of these workers have their focus on their cellphones ( social media apps running and being accessed ) during work time instead of providing a better customer service. You’ll notice them checking their cellphones every now and then during work time! Japan used to pride itself with perfection when it came to customer service but the way things are they will soon become like other Asian nation with standard level of customer service.

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Posted in: To fend off tourists, town starts building big screen blocking view of Mount Fuji See in context

When these tourist no longer go to that local spot then the businesses around there will start to collapse and they’ll blame the tourists not going there! Many of these areas become a ghost town and people move away from there leaving empty abandoned properties behind which turn it into an eyesore! Instead of blaming the tourist for everything ( and instead of constructing that eyesore black mesh net ), the local authorities in that area should make effort to deal with tourist through much more efficient ways through higher penalties of rowdy tourist, designating / designing some proper photo taking spots, building some police Kobans around there to enforce rules more effectively! The town will surely collapse without the tourist going there as businesses such as restaurants, cafes and convenience stores ( heck even the vending machines ) will all close down!

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Posted in: Yen sinks to 158 range against dollar in New York See in context


How you got downvoted for just saying the facts is unbelievable!

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Posted in: Hamster abandoned at Tokyo ramen restaurant gets new home See in context

I remember finding a cage with 8 hamster babies in a small bushy area next to the road during my walk way back in 2020 in Kichijoji. 7 were not moving and barely breathing while 1 was moving a bit. It was February and so cold outside but some heartless person had thrown the cute hamsters!

I rushed them to a nearby veterinary hospital within 5 minutes but unfortunately 7 died and one survived. I kept the one and he gave me so much happiness through the pandemic and lockdowns. He lived with me for 3 years 6 months ( until 2023 August ) but left me with so many happy memories and love! Love your pets and don’t throw them away because they love you so much!

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Posted in: Man arrested after punching condo management firm employee while holding ballpoint pen See in context

These management companies can be real scum, using yakuza-like tactics if you’re even one day late with rent. Happened to me. One day late and 3 men show up at my door and force me to go to the bank with them to watch me transfer the funds. So yeah, not surprising one of them got punched in the face.

This is Japan where you have to pay your rent on time! Being late by one day is BEING LATE! That’s part of the reason why many Japanese landlords don’t want to give apartments to foreigners because they think that foreigners have a tendency to be late in payments! In your case you were in the wrong and you can’t blame the rent collectors! Maybe in your country it’s ok to pay rent late but NOT IN JAPAN! When one foreigner does such things, it makes all foreigners look bad!

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Posted in: Biden suggests he may block Nippon Steel deal, seeks to triple tariffs on Chinese steel See in context

It was a bad deal to begin with! Too many differences when it comes to the two companies in terms of operation and in the end the American steel workers would suffer while the Japanese Nippon company will end up losing a lot of money.

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Posted in: Man arrested over theft of ¥10 mil gold tea bowl from Tokyo store See in context

On Saturday morning, investigators spotted Horie in the area around Kiba Station wearing clothes that closely resembled those of the man in the security camera footage.

How idiotic for him to roam around in those clothing!

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Posted in: South Korea opposition wins landslide parliamentary vote in resounding blow to Yoon See in context

Yoon will be imprisoned when the new President is elected. This is the custom in South Korea. He will likely spend 2-3 years in jail, and then be released.

It’s nothing to do with custom in South Korea! It’s about accountability and making sure nobody is above the rule of law. That’s how they deal with corruption and try to make their society better.

Countries like America are as corrupt 3rd world countries where under the disguise of their legal system criminals roam freely without any consequences! Even their former president and his cohorts Rudy, Sydney Powell, Mike Lindell, Supreme Court justice Clerance Thomas’s wife Ginni, who all instigated a riot, tried to destroy the constitution and conspired to do a coup still hasn’t faced any punishment and is constantly above the rule of law!

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Posted in: South Korea opposition wins landslide parliamentary vote in resounding blow to Yoon See in context

President Yoon got what he deserved in the election loss because he is a puppet of America and Japan instead of having the South Koreans interest as his priority! He seems to eager to make the Government of Japan happy rather than doing something positive for the South Koreans!

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Posted in: Japan says 'all options' on table to counter excessive yen moves See in context

This weakness in the value of yen does seem to indicate that the BOJ actually wants it to be weak so that Japan Inc ( Japanese companies ) benefit with making more money. They know the local people won’t have a voice loud enough to complain about their money being of such weak value since the majority of Japanese people never show their annoyance against authorities. Don’t be surprised if the yen keeps dropping in value and reaches 180-200¥ per USD by year end! It’s lost almost 25 points in the last 8 months and what’s more concerning is the greater rate at which it’s falling. Good luck to the people who are keeping their savings in yen and the Japanese people who can’t enjoy their trips abroad!

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Posted in: Nissan stripped of eligibility for Japan tax break to boost wages See in context


I don't like Nissan, except the GT-R, but they outsell Toyota in the UK. People like em, even if I don't.

Nissan has never outsold Toyota in the UK and never will! Your claim is totally wrong!

In 2022 Toyota sold 102,181 cars compared to 76,711 for Nissan. In 2023 Toyota sold 109,864 compared to 89,460 for Nissan. I work in the automotive industry and I’m a Brit so I know precise information about this!

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Posted in: Staking out their spots See in context

Looks like a place to avoid! Utterly ugly scene. There are so many other beautiful viewing sites with less people and better blossomed trees!

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Posted in: U.S.-Japan Council chief urges more student exchanges for closer ties See in context

Who in their good mind would want to go to USA given the recent currency exchange rates, gun violence, racism and assault especially for being Asian looking! There are much more safer, better and more beautiful countries to go for exchange programs!

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Posted in: South Korea's Yoon joins early voting ahead of parliamentary elections See in context

President Yoon doesn’t have the interest of The South Korean people as his priority. He is more keen on satisfying the Government Of Japan and bends backwards just to do this regardless of how that hurts the South Koreans.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing Sapporo convenience store employee to undergo psychiatric evaluation See in context

Killing someone needs the death penalty! Taxpayers money should not be wasted on these garbage!

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