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Posted in: Man arrested after leaving ailing 86-year-old mother to die in park See in context

Poor old mother must have been so worried wondering where her son went while waiting alone on the park bench. A million bad thoughts must have rushed through her mind during her final moments. The world is becoming crueler and crueler each day.

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Posted in: All Blacks captain Cane looks 'to evolve' as a player during Japan stint See in context

@Mr Kipling

Yes, he wants his bank balance to "evolve" into a bigger one. And why not, he deserves it.

You beat me to it… lol !

In addition, it’s likely that he won’t be part of the All Blacks team in the next World Cup…

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Posted in: Starbucks Japan gives us a pistachio Frappuccino for Christmas See in context


Starbucks is now a sweets shop not a coffee shop. You can't even smell coffee anymore as it's swamped by the smell of sugar and confections. 

Exactly! In fact all coffee shop franchises in Japan such as Tullys, Doutour, Excelsior are also like Starbucks in terms of being a sweet shops. Good quality coffee is near impossible to find in these coffee shops. The only places you’ll find good coffee in Tokyo are some very small coffee shops ( no seats or just 5-10 seats ) which are run by a single owner. Most of the time these Japanese owners have stayed in Australia and done professional barista training there. They really have the great unparallel coffee making skills in comparison to the university students who make coffee at Starbucks, Tullys and other franchises!

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Posted in: Line operator says 440,000 personal data items leaked See in context

People put so many idiotic videos and photos of themselves on social media thinking it will make them a celebrity without any shame and not a single thought of privacy but these same people whine and complain so much if there is any form of data leak! Humans are becoming bigger imbeciles each day thanks to social media!

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Posted in: 76-year-old man dies after dispute with 19-year-old at traffic lights See in context

In Japan, abnormal behavior by young people makes the news, but in China and South Korea, it doesn't make the news because it happens on a daily basis.

This is an incident that makes you feel the difference in social standards.

How quick you were to condemn China and South Korea when this article was about a crime in Japan… you must be a racist dickhead highlighting faults in others just to cover up your own faults!

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Posted in: Autumn afternoon See in context

Looks like a place to go to but definitely not the time to go there with that crowd! With that number of people in that small area is definitely not exciting… but just watching the head of other humans in front of you and their backside is fun for some people who enjoy these crowded area in Tokyo!

Japan ( in fact just a few minutes by train from downtown Tokyo area ) has so many beautiful places which are not crowded if only the people make an effort to go there! But people in Tokyo just stick to their usual crowded spots!

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Posted in: Australian warship sails through Taiwan Strait See in context

What a waste of Australian taxpayers money! All the way from down under to the Taiwan straits for just a show! The Australians navy isn’t even in the top 10 naval forces in the world ( these top countries naval forces showing their strength and flexing their muscle makes somewhat sense just to frustrate each other but Australia doing so is just pointless )! I expected better from the Australian Government but they too are just becoming puppets of The US instead of thinking what’s best for their own citizens. It’s one thing to be an ally of The US ( important to do so to keep China, North Korea and Russia at their toes ) but to just become brainless puppets is pathetic!

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Posted in: Azabudai Hills complex opens in Tokyo See in context

Seven men ( six old men including 2 foreigners ) and one woman doing the ribbon cutting… that’s Japan for you in a nutshell!

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Posted in: U.S. retailers ready to kick off Black Friday just as shoppers pull back on spending See in context

Japan copies The US to bring all the bad crappy lifestyle stuff… but still haven’t been able to replicate good things that The US does such as an actual Black Friday sale with gigantic discount in comparison to the fake ones that Japan does!

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Posted in: KFC releases first-ever spicy miso chicken in Japan See in context

A small piece of drumstick at KFC now cost more than 300¥!

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Posted in: New island off Japan may not last long, say experts See in context

People think that by commenting “ China might try to claim it “ is funny but it’s simply idiotic. The disputed islands that Japan, China, South Korea or Russia claim as their own has always been for certain reasons. Every country has a right according to their cases to claim it as their own. So people who make fun and laugh at the idea of other countries claiming their rights over a disputed island have no knowledge of history and why there is a dispute about the rightful ownership!

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Posted in: Coldplay at Tokyo Dome See in context

Good payday …

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Posted in: Unification Church in Japan offers to set aside up to ¥10 bil in compensation fund See in context

There are so many other cult religious groups in Japan but of course UC is the biggest one! They took the full brunt of criticism only because of its links to Korea and global operations. The smaller cult organization operated by local Japanese can definitely pick up the members from UC who are lost in life and look for guidance. The blame not only falls on UC for manipulating these lost humans… more blame should be placed on the Japanese society, family members, acquaintances and friends who cause stress and depression for these lost humans and push them to the waiting arms of cult religious groups like UC! Family members, acquaintances, friends and Japanese society as a whole is the major villain in these situations!

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Posted in: Jones says he is interested in coaching Japan, but has not had job offer See in context

Japan rugby is doing so well without Eddie! He will probably take them a step back so Japanese rugby board have to think properly without the sentimental aspect of Eddie having a Japanese root. Eddie no longer possesses those creative skills and ability to take A or B rated teams to glory! Japan definitely falls in A or B rated teams these days. Maybe Eddie needs to go back to club level coaching once again instead of country level to get his mojo and zest back. Eddie in rugby is the equivalent to Jose Maurinho in football… both achieved the impossible of guiding weak to average teams to championship heights and then dramatically lose their so called aura!

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Posted in: Case of deceased woman suspected of killing husband and brother-in-law sent to prosecutors See in context

Waste of taxpayers money! Just a waste of time and administration cost without any end result just like so many other aspects of Japanese judicial systems and all branches of the Japanese Government.

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Posted in: G7 nations call for 'humanitarian pauses' in Israel-Hamas war See in context

When America and its allies invaded Iraq and Afghanistan then thousands of innocent civilians died in the crossfire and there was never any talk of a ceasefire until their objectives were achieved. When NATO did the same in Libya to remove Gaddafi then no one called for ceasefire until their mission was achieved. When any other country such as Israel try to remove terrorist groups like Hamas just to protect their own country, then the human rights activists, UN, G7 and others start to condemn their actions and call for ceasefire! They seem to have forgotten so quickly how Hamas captured, raped and killed innocent civilians on Israel’s soil a few weeks back! One rule should apply for all… the hypocrisy should be stopped and the buck starts with The US and its immediate allies!

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Posted in: Hong Kong student jailed for 2 months under sedition over social media posts in Japan See in context

She knew very well that she’ll face the consequences upon her return to HK!

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Posted in: Kishida struggling to show leadership See in context


I view Mr. Kishida as a the world leader trying to fix world problems first then Japan second , Mr. Kishida needs to stop his panic trying to contain so called ""China Assertion"" and focus on the will being of the Japanese people, I can't see how he could be spending any time tackling domestic crises when he is abroad almost every other month!???

Excellent insight and thought! Also your earlier comment on the need and ways of helping people with pension support is absolutely correct!

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Posted in: Kishida struggling to show leadership See in context

Such a wonderful and of course beautiful country heading in the wrong direction towards complete collapse! The wonderful years in Japan were 2005-2010 and even after the earthquake tragedy in 2011, the people put in lot of effort to help rebuild. Around 2013-2015 was not so bad ( in regards to economy / cost of living ) but afterwards it’s just been a downward spiral leading to the hardship of average citizens. The last 2-3 years has just been terrible for the common people who are struggling to make ends meet while the Government has been wasting money elsewhere instead of helping the people in Japan!

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Posted in: Japan to provide $65 million additional humanitarian aid to Palestinians See in context

All of the 65 million will go to Hamas who are fueled by the Palestine Government. The civilians won’t see any of it!

When America invaded Iraq ( to remove the dictator and make oil access easier for themselves ) and Afghanistan ( to remove the terrorist group ), millions of civilians were killed in the crossfire and there wasn’t any talk about a ceasefire or humanitarian aid that time. Now because it’s not America but another country trying to remove Hamas the terrorist group, there is so much noise about humanitarian aid and ceasefire! In order to remove Hamas there should be no ceasefire at all. Everything America does it right and god forbid if another country does the same then there is lots of problems with it!

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Posted in: Booking a hotel room? Beware of differences between Japanese and foreign sites See in context

The article is just trying to promote Japanese websites which are nowhere close to competing with international websites for bookings made by foreign tourists.

Japanese bookings websites of course take 99% of bookings made by locals or people living in Japan. But for tourists they rather book from booking.com, Agoda, Expedia or other sites which are popular in their own country since the language, price and fees breakdown and clarity is better.

If Japanese websites want to compete and get more customers from abroad then they need to broaden the language ability first as a priority and not only stick to Japanese language. Direct booking sites which many hotel sites offer ( in English as well ) are of course the safest but these do tend to have a higher rates though. And even though they say customer support has English language, good luck trying to call them directly and talk on the phone using English language!

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Posted in: U.S. military bulk buys Japanese seafood to counter China ban See in context

If you think the seafood from there is safe then eat it yourself! It’s up to you to think what is best for your health. No country has the right to tell another what to ban and what to allow. China doesn’t want the nuclear waste water discharge area seafood from Japan so it’s their choice. If America and other countries want it then they can buy it as it’s their choice. Then it will come down to individual citizens of America and other countries if they actually feel safe consuming these seafood regularly or they rather have seafood from other areas of the world. Politics shouldn’t dictate the safety of the ecosystem and human health… it goes both ways! 

It’s so unusual that many foreigners commenting here think the seafood from Fukushima area is absolutely safe and they support the Government of Japan as well as Tepco for discharging the nuclear waste water. And yet, most Japanese are against this discharge and even avoid seafood from Fukushima area completely! Seems like the Japanese people are more clever than the foreigners commenting on Japan today as they are more cautious about their long term health!

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Posted in: Rugby World Cup officiating criticized by former All Blacks See in context

The whole match was a farce with poor refereeing / match officiating! Both sides suffered from this poor performances of the match officials! What a wonderful World Cup with almost all unpredictable matches and close wins and loses. But the final was just terrible as at times it seemed that the video referee and field referee were just completely doing different things and lacked proper communication.

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Posted in: Security tight for Halloween in Shibuya See in context

The residents of Shibuya fully supported this measure. For the residents the Halloween crowd are like terrorist! That’s why they voted the current administration into power and they will continue to vote them into power in the future elections. Shibuya residents don’t want wild no mannered people going down there and trashing the place every Halloween and make the residents life miserable! Good on the authorities for tightening things this year. People who want dress up and celebrate Halloween could have and should have made plans with their friends to meet up elsewhere and enjoy the experience safely instead of just crowding up on the streets in Shibuya! These same commenters who criticize the authorities actions here and support the Halloween “ terrorist “ would have sang a different tune if some accident occurred if the authorities didn’t take any actions. Hopefully next year there is a complete ban on celebrating on the streets and instead parks around Tokyo and multiple other locations organize some sort of festive atmosphere so the crowds can spread out evenly instead of just gathering on the Shibuya streets!

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya braces for Halloween crowd despite calls to stay away See in context

I can understand young people loitering the Shibuya streets as it’s exciting for them. But I’ve seen people in their 50’s or older trying to once again join this messy event…lol ! They should probably wine and dine at a decent restaurant and go back home for a proper sleep as they need that at their age! There are so many better ways to enjoy Halloween than wasting time on the streets in Shibuya of all places!

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Posted in: Qantas expands neighbor-free trial to select international flights See in context

Wow! What an easy way for a company to make extra cash! If the seat remains unsold then they get the extra money from the foolish customers who paid for that seat to remain empty… if the seat is sold then they to hell with the foolish customers as the company will make more money ( full seat fare price ) in this situation. This is just wrong on so many levels of fair business practices and I’m surprised that the public haven’t spoken out against it yet! The Government will remain silent on the issue as always.

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Posted in: Gov't floats ¥40,000 income tax cut a year to ease inflation pain See in context

Cash handouts should be across the board! It’s everyone’s tax payer money. In fact average income earners pay more tax than low income earners. It’s not only the low income earners who are facing difficulties but also average income earners who are struggling to pay for daily needs and necessities. Some people I know work so hard by doing 2 jobs and more than 12-14 hours a day just to survive and pay for the high cost of living and when they do this they fall in the average income earners and get no financial assistance from the Japanese Government. It’s like the Government is punishing hard working people who contribute the most to the economy and society. So cash handouts shouldn’t be only for low income earners but should include average income earners as well.

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Posted in: Indigenous Australians end week of silence; denounce 'shameful' referendum result See in context

Australians could have voted either way but it all came down to the strong campaign and a lot of misinformation from the “ No “ team advocates. They were more vigorous, more vocal and did more campaigning. The “ Yes “ team advocates were more mild and even though they had big name celebrities advocating for them it was sort of more subtle. Then the other issue was the voter turnout which was terrible as people just didn’t bother to vote for this referendum.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting taxi driver and fleeing scene without paying fare See in context

As per the article the incident ( crime ) happened at around 10:30 in the morning! Surely, there must have been bystanders around who could have come to the driver’s assistance sooner! Hopefully this violent man is put behind bars ( not a suspended sentence… give him real hard time behind bars ) for a while and then removed from Japan permanently as well as banned for life from entering Japan. This scum spoils the image of Icelandic people who are generally wonderful.

I rarely hear of a foreigner not paying taxi fare in Japan and assaulting a taxi driver like this case. These type of stupid foreigners spoil the trustworthiness of all us foreigners in Japan!

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Posted in: Ruling LDP loses one of two seats up for grabs in by-elections See in context

When the general election is called LDP will win with a landslide as always… nothing will change!

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