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Posted in: 'Russians, go home!' Pro-Ukraine protests sweep Europe See in context

Bottom line is this war could have been avoided if the Ukraine Government had just agreed to stay away from NATO and not try to get nuclear armed again! Or Ukraine should have joined NATO under the radar rather than beating the drums day and night about their intentions! There were easier ways to join Nato rather than the approach that Ukraine Government were doing! The Western countries encouraged Ukraine to offend Russia day and night and when the time came to protect Ukraine from Russia, the West are just sideline spectators implementing sanctions which won’t last! The brave Ukrainian citizens are fighting the Russian military themselves! Would The US allow Mexico, Cuba or Venezuela to get Nuclear armed…a resounding no! Heck, they would have done the same to these countries as Russia did to Ukraine ( Iraq is a proof of that )!

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Posted in: 'Russians, go home!' Pro-Ukraine protests sweep Europe See in context

Lots of innocent Russians are being targeted for just being Russians globally! Shouldn’t the Russian Government officials and the Russian military bear full responsibility?

Its just the same as The US arresting and putting millions of innocent Japanese in camps during the war instead of just targeting the Japanese imperial army! Or China putting innocent Muslim’s in concentration camps all on the disguise of removing terrorist elements! Or even when more than 200,000 innocent people in Iraq ( civilians ) were killed by the unnecessary and completely unjustified war that The US did during their invasion falsely claiming Iraq had WMD’s ( not even a single WMD were in Iraq )! And yet, The US and it’s cronies did not face any consequences to date for that!

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Posted in: Memorial service held for Sri Lankan 1 year after death in detention See in context

This is probably a good lesson for immigration authorities to learn from! Instead of holding detainees for months and sometimes years it’s better to just deport them instantly! Let the appeal system and other legal procedures proceed while they are in their own country rather than wasting the tax payers money on visa violators / detainees and then get bashed 24/7 by people about the poor conditions in detainees center! While I do sympathize with this Sri Lankan citizen who died, it’s was partly due to her breaking the law as well by violating her visa and being here illegally! If we just allow everyone to break visa conditions without detaining them then might as well just remove the entire immigration process worldwide and make people move to any country of their choice without the visa process…now that won’t be possible!

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Posted in: Russia detains U.S. Olympic basketball champion on drugs charge See in context

If she had done the same thing while entering any other country, she would have been arrested as well! She would have been given a death sentence in Indonesia who don’t tolerate drugs at all! In Australia straight to the detention center followed by jail time or deportation. In China, hard labor in prison for many many years. In North Korea, she would have been never heard from again! In the US it’s hard to say because their legal system is just pathetic where criminals walk free and innocent ones serve jail time ( yet the have the nerve to whine about the legal system in the world )! In Japan she would have even been denied the right to a lawyer for 21 days while being grilled by prosecutors!

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Restaurant workers suffer from lack of money due to shorten hours, the citizens can’t have a decent meal after 8pm, foreigners with visas to study and work in Japan stranded abroad all in the name of controlling the infection but the authorities had the nerve of holding this super spreader event! Shame on them!

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Posted in: Valieva case boosts drive to raise age limit at Olympics See in context

She lost in the woman’s single events and didn’t get a medal for that. Now the media can stop bashing her. The investigation hasn’t been completed into her doping but the media already delivered the verdict of guilty since she was Russian. In case of Russia or China the international community is super fast to condemn and bash ordinary people who aren’t connected to the Government. If this was an American then the international media and community would have played the minor ( under 16 ) card and hid her name and fought for her rather than bash her!

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Focus on the covid situation in Japan instead of HK! Death toll has been so high this month yet there isn’t any talk about it. Just closing restaurants at 8/9 isn’t the answer as it doesn’t work! Better strategies could be used rather than this idiotic restaurant closures.

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Japan houses from 1980 are built according to regulations to withstand a strong earthquake (7+) but unfortunately there isn’t any regulations for snow. But some designs both old and new are in such ways as much snow fall off naturally. However, a large number of houses still require physical removal of this snow from the roof.

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Posted in: Japan to ease COVID border controls, entry quarantine from March See in context

Add fuel to the fire…then watch as the covid numbers will rise again and number of deaths reach thousand plus daily!

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Posted in: Canada wins gold in women's speedskating team pursuit after Japanese skater falls See in context

They went too fast and she couldn’t control herself… nothing too tragic! It doesn’t necessarily mean that they were going to get the gold. It’s same as a car going over speed and crashing while the other driver goes at a speed that he is sure to control and wins…simple as that! If the Canadians were also just focused on going at that super speed they would have been faster on the clock but would have fell as well.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy attacks mother of girl from his school at her apartment See in context

Everyone should buy one of those delivery boxes and place it outside their house. It cost like 2,000¥ on Amazon and Rakuten. And the delivery company workers should also make and effort to use those boxes rather than asking for access and requiring people to open the door! This will not only assist in safety but also aid delivery workers to make only one round of delivery rather than multiple.

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If this was a 15 year old American or Japanese than they would have protects her as a minor and not even released her name to the media. The authorities would have used the protect minor guidelines according to the way it was designed to be used. It’s just horrible that the media has crucified this 15year old! Even reporters harassing her during her practice session! There is a million ways her sample from DECEMBER could have got a positive result. By law that test result should have been thrown out since it didn’t follow the rule of testing within 20 days! Take a new test to decide if she’s clean for the Olympics! It’s also important to remember that these test at times can be inaccurate and return a false positive results for banned substances. That’s why more than one test is necessary. If she is banned than it’s probably the end of her career as Russia will get new / younger girls to win gold medals in the next Olympics and world championships!

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Posted in: Ukraine president asks for evidence on new invasion warnings See in context

The US is the main cause of all the problems in the world! They have been spreading rumors about the invasion rather than being more diplomatic and trying to assist reach common ground between Russia and Ukraine. The US can’t even fix their own political system ( Trump still going around spreading lies, coup conspirators walk free, Democrats and Republicans fighting day and night without thinking of ways to reach middle ground for the benefit of Americans as a whole ). Come 2024 The US will be a mess as a civil war is highly likely!

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Posted in: Japanese, S Koreans in China hold mixed views on Beijing hosting Olympics See in context

Learn to appreciate the country where you reside. Foreigners living in Japan should learn to appreciate Japan and stop bashing Japanese system. The same goes with foreigners living in China. As foreign residents show some gratitude to your host country! If you hate the country you reside in then go back to your own home country!

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Posted in: COVID-19 entry ban could deter interest in Japan: UK scholars See in context

These students in particular who are complaining the most can just do online lessons if studying Japanese language is indeed their only reason for entering Japan! But actually it’s not!

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Posted in: COVID-19 entry ban could deter interest in Japan: UK scholars See in context

All this whining about border closures in Japan… just deal with it! Local people including foreigners are suffering to make ends meet. These people who want to enter Japan keep complaining and whining failing to realize what everyone else is going through!

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, South Korea meet in Hawaii to discuss North Korea See in context

These countries have many internal problems which needs solution. Rather than trying to fix the world they should fix their own country first! America is on the brick of a civil war and come 2024 all hell will break lose when Trump runs for presidency again!

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Posted in: Paris deploys police as protest convoy approaches capital See in context


An "excuse"? Are you suggesting the authoritarian, intrusive rules are not a valid reason?

Have you seen what most of these protesters do? They just damage public properties, cause violence and even attack innocent people who are walking by! Some carry nazi flags with pride and are just looking for a fight. Clearly you want to live in a violent society like this. I’d take authorization with peaceful living rather than these absolute garbage protests filled willed hatred and violence any day. Lock these protesters up, enough with the human rights crap!

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Posted in: Djokovic on entry list for vaccinated-only Indian Wells See in context

Serbia will give him a fake vaccination certificate. They provided him with a fake Covid Positive result certification last time to enter Australia on a medical exempt! This guy is just losing all the respect that he had gained over the past few years because of his constant lies and attitude.

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Posted in: Japan to extend virus restrictions in Tokyo, 12 other prefectures until March 6 See in context

Clearly the current measures aren’t working since the infection rate has been going up ever since the quasi emergency was implemented! Yet these idiots keep continuing with the same strategy of just closing the restaurants early and bringing hardship to poor workers!

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Posted in: Japan to extend virus restrictions in Tokyo, 12 other prefectures until March 6 See in context

Yeah just penalize the restaurants and poor staff who can’t make enough money to survive since restaurants close early. All this while allowing people to travel in packed trains like sardines!

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Posted in: Nathan Chen wins figure skating gold; Kagiyama takes silver, bronze for Uno See in context

The judges like have a history of cheating, I can't think of any sports that the scoring seems to be based on the athletes past reputation. Unbelievable, falling twice and improving on his 8th position in the short program and ending fourth. It is like the judges tried for him to win a medal but couldn't.

Exactly… they were really trying to get him up there for a medal. 8th to 4th despite twice falling down…lol ! It would have been a real shame if they somehow gave him the second or third place medal at the expense of the other two Japanese. There was no way he would have won gold because Chen was just on another level! But luckily the two Japanese winners weren’t cheated out by giving Hanyu a medal that they truly deserved since they performed much much better than Hanyu on this occasion!

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Posted in: Returning Japan Olympians to have smartphones undergo security check See in context

Remove the Chinese spyware and install the Japan / American ones !

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 17,113 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 92,078 See in context

Don’t know why everyone is saying tests are in short supply, just bought 6 on Amazon

The ones sold on Amazon are highly unreliable! Even the information displayed on the product itself states that this product is not accurate. High quality RAT kits are difficult to find. The cheap ones on Amazon are just unreliable ( read a few reviews and you’ll realize it ).

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 17,113 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 92,078 See in context

155 deaths is really concerning! For the past few days the number of deaths nationwide has been relatively high! More data needed as to how many were vaccinated, the age groups etc.

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Posted in: Peng Shuai emerges at Olympics; gives controlled interview See in context

It’s funny how the international media is still focusing on this attention seeking liar and back in their own countries millions of sexual abuse victims get no attention on their cases. There are so many rape cases and sexual assault cases against Trump and some sexual harassment cases against Biden but the international media didn’t focus on those. Similarly globally there are many of such cases against political figures but again no attention is given to that. But day and night they go ahead and write articles on Peng! Focus on the filth in your own countries!

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Posted in: New Zealand COVID protest convoy jams streets near parliament See in context

Few idiots fighting hard to make corona virus stay around forever!

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Posted in: Trump's heir? Some supporters eye DeSantis as alternative See in context

Oh my god! I have never lived in America nor I consider myself one, but due to some jus sanguinis law I also posses an American passport and boy, if he runs for office, I would find myself registering immediately for voting in the next election, this guy rocks!

This is the most common problem with many countries where people who have no interest in a country, contribute nothing to that country and have no plans to be part of that country vote in elections to chose a leader…

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Posted in: Trump's heir? Some supporters eye DeSantis as alternative See in context

Trump won’t share the limelight with anyone. As long as he is alive he will want to be the center of attention. He will run in 2024 then in 2028 then in 2032 and so on regardless of whether he wins or loses the election. It’s all about Trump Trump Trump in his world. If anyone challenges him for being the new face of The Republican Party, then be prepared to face the abuse and harassment that Trump will send your way!

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Posted in: Peng Shuai says allegation was 'enormous misunderstanding' See in context

False accusations like this makes the life of real victims more difficult! There are millions of victims out there whose stories are not believed and simply ignored but fake accusations like this gather international attention just because it’s China! What is the world becoming as humans are losing all common sense.

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