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I love how the fair share crowd are always the ones who pay zero share and suck money for the productive people of the world. They are never charitable but ALWAYS expect others to be. They should be called the hypocrite consortium.

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Some good points are made here:

RE: Baseload power use. The USA is near 100% use now with the few EV's now in service. I am told rates are increasing now.

RE: more solar panels. There is cost in energy to produce the panels. A cost to dispose of them. Acost of the resources used to make them. A cost of the pollution to make them. In the end if truly environmentally friendly photovoltaic or some new invention produces electricity more efficiently this is a great solution for all.

Right now I am enjoying global warming. The seas have not risen because there are 6 billion more people on earth than there were 150 years ago. How many gallons does each person hold? Global cooling/ice age will result in vast deserts of cold barren land. People should look at facts before complaining all the time or jumping on the current bandwagon of political rhetoric. Study your physics, geology, history. The earth has been through quite a few cooling and heating phases in the last 5 billionish years.

Probably good to invest in gas companies, utilities, power grid (will need updating) and maybe coal if the demand is what people say it will be.....

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Just an aside to this conversation. How will the electricity be generated? Wind and solar won't dent the demand, Coal is too dirty, nuclear ruins the earth for a half life of 5,00 years where ever there is human error or earthquakes (inevitable) which leaves gas. Gas produces as much carbon monoxide as coal so it's just transferring pollution from one place to another.

The internal combustion engine produces power where it is used which is most efficient. Porducing power and transmitting it over a line is wasteful. We will have to see if these somehow get more efficient.

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As an actual taxpayer in the United States of America I am mad. This maroon is giving away tax payer money again to make himself look good.

Our federal deficit is 130% of GDP and soon to be 180%.

This conversation is over. There is no way to stop what is coming. In the very near future the debt will not find buyers and interest rates will rise. Then the Federal government will not be able to funds its "entitlements" granted. The Federal Reserve will try to buy more debt than they are causing more inflation. The cycle will be vicous and fast because of our size relative to other economies. Europe will turn their backs on us like they always have. Japan will be chinese without US support. The "entitled "Americans" who do nothing but sit and collect checks will get hungry and there will be class warfare like never seen anywhere in the world. The communists have been waiting for this. The UK and their satellites are the only (except a few) places not buried in debt. The oligarchs in the communist countries will battle over who will control the world in their infinite lust for power.

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The headline is wrong. The Taliban threatened attacks.

I guess if they have not been pounded into the ground enough and can't wait a few more months, then the poor people of Afghanistan will endure more bombardment.

These people have known nothing but war. Even Alexander commented on their backstabbing war like ways in the 10th century. I would defend my country too but the lack of education, infrastructure, intellectual development etc is sad for the people. Chill out Taliban. Just because we are leaving doesn't mean we are done.

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While I believe in capitalism, it seems workers are under valued today. In an era of CEO's that make millions upon milloins to "manage" companies where verything is already accomplished the people doing the job get the short end of the stick. Seriously, what talent does it take to manage a hardware store, department store, a utility company, oil company, social media company? They are all tab a slot b decisions.

Yet these people steal mega bucks. I'm ok with them making more because they are smarter but the greed at the top is absurd these days. It;s like the turn of the century

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Good job Australia.

They are thugs. Absurd S China claims, concentration camps for political dissenters, forced labor, a population of good people in fear of speaking their minds, Hong Kong, Taiwan, paying off the Biden administration, wars in India, controlling ports, enabling N Korea etc.

India, Australia, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thais etc will do well to coordinate against the red menace.

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