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Jim Dandy comments

Posted in: Kremlin denies role in plane crash believed to have killed Russian mercenary leader Prigozhin See in context

Just like they have not been spraying cyanide in everyone's face for decades and calling it a heart attack.

No one outside of Russia believes you Putler

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Posted in: Bernstein family defends Bradley Cooper from 'Jewface' storm See in context

It's a fact. Why does everyone have to play the victim. Most stereotypes has basis in truth.

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Posted in: Sumo wrestler catches on quick as he learns to be defensive lineman for Colorado State See in context

Good luck to him! Stay low, get mean and don't get rolled up on.

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Posted in: Biden to visit Hawaii as first wildfire victims named See in context

I'm not sure when it became the Federal Government's responsibility to pay for disasters? Did they pay when San Francisco burned?

Make no mistake, this is one of the richer areas in the country. If they didn't have insurance or the state didn't save any of the billions in tourism dollars for a firey day I'm not heart broken.

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Posted in: Muslim mobs attack churches in Pakistan after accusing Christians of desecrating Koran See in context

I wonder if Christians will start random terrorist attacks on innocent mosques and Muslims just because? It's different because our mothers, father's, grandparents, schools etc don't blame all of our societies short comings on Muslims

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Posted in: Singapore hangs man for drug trafficking; woman due to be executed Friday See in context

Heroin kills, fentanyl, kills. They serve no positive purpose other than medically for pain in other derivatives.

Good job SG. I like their set of what's legal and not. They also do what they say they will. Straightforward

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Posted in: Ex-intel officer says U.S. hiding info on alien craft See in context

Sure I sound nuts but with so many galaxies out there it seems a high probability to me there is at least one other life form out there. Likely smarter.

What other life form pollutes their home, multiplies with out limit further polluting, kills each other in war regularly, rapes each other in different ways etc. Sure that if there are aliens, they think we are idiots.

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Posted in: Russian fighter jet fired flares at U.S. drone over Syria, U.S. military says See in context

The USA should leave the middle east and go back to selling them weapons. All they know is war, war, war. Half of American wars are doing something for some one in the middle east. Let them kill them selves. They are good at it. We don't need dead Americans, especially in Syria. ISIS will come back, the Taliban will try to expand and Iran and Saudi Arabia can solve their own regional problems.

If they continue terrorist attacks on Americans send a few B-52's to level a city. If it continues level a few more cities. Make sure it is not a zero sum game. No need to pretend to be Mr. nice guy. An announcement something like for every American who dies from a middle eastern originated terror attack, our goal will be to kill 10 of your people. Then do it. There is no way to stop these people history shows.

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Posted in: U.S. military aid for Ukraine for first time includes Black Hornet spy drone See in context

Poor Ukraine is caught between expansionist Russian dreams and western lack of acceptance of it. Zelensky had a chance to join the EU and NATO before the war except they were at war with Russia since 2014 and could not join.

Zelensky's knowledge of Hunter Biden's and Slick Joe's ridiculous extortion scam pretending to employ Hunter Biden has been leveraged into billions of taxpayer dollars going to Ukraine. All be it for good cause. His money vacuum from the USA may disappear after the next election. Putler knows this and now magically this news is being made public even though the main stream media outlets don't cover the facts. How is freedom of speech working in the USA? Turns out it can be bought and controlled.

In the middle Ukranian and Russian men and kids are suffering horrible injuries and dying. Just sad.

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Posted in: Monitoring group says thousands of Wagner mercenaries have arrived in Belarus since failed uprising See in context

It seems most likely that Wager was used as a fake revolt to bring out the people against the war and move the Wagner group to Belarys for an attack. 15 commanders arrested since yet Wagner guy in Belarus. This media outlet has communist censors

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Posted in: Kerry says climate cooperation could redefine U.S.-China ties See in context

It is simply incompetent to send Kerry, a proven Buffoon to negotiate anything. Watch the USA agree to some ridiculous concessions while any foreign nation laughs at the USA.

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Posted in: U.S. climate envoy John Kerry spars in heated exchanges with House Republicans ahead of Beijing trip See in context

Bob Kerry is a hypocrite making money off of climate change. Just because he flies on Soros' or some other donors private jet because they know this question is coming doesn't make it right.

Even if he flies commercially the space for his body guards and entourage makes his carbon footprint one of the biggest on the planet.

How about a zoom call Bob? Too hard to discuss bribes and kickbacks when recording?

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Posted in: Greta Thunberg charged with disobeying law enforcement during climate protest in Sweden See in context

Throw her in jail. Over publicized entitled......

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Posted in: China accuses U.S. of turning Taiwan into powder keg with its latest arms sales See in context

Says the world's manufacturer of ak-47 and rugs.

The USA will trade Taiwan for Cuba ultimately. Taiwan is not worth it.

E ven though Taiwan was established in a deal between Chang Kai Shek and Mao to be democratic at the end of the war. Chang beat the Japanese and Mao beat the weaked democracy.

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Posted in: Court finds consultant guilty of taking bribes over Tokyo Olympics See in context

ahh a scapegoat gets a hand slap, the whole crew was in on it.

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Posted in: 2nd French arrest warrant issued for former Nissan chief Ghosn See in context

This comes out in the middle of all the other things going on there? Huh.

Perhaps an effort by the French to placate the Japanese without much attention?

Still not clear on what he did that was illegal?

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Posted in: Fishermen concerned over IAEA saying Fukushima water release is safe See in context

This is not safe. The sun provides us with plenty of radiation. It's the major cause of aging.

The smallest part of any Uranium, Plutonium or any other derivative inside your body causes cancer. So eat a fish that consumed this (incredibly high probability in the near term) and you get cancer. One thing good is that all these materials are heavy and sink to the bottom. So in the long run, Grouper, Crab, Lobster etc will be dangerous and start coming to the surface with strange lesions etc. Fishermen will throw the deformed over board so it does not affect their income.

Half life of Uranium is over 5,000 years. The more dense the material the longer the half life. Nuclear power is the worst idea in the history of man.

Let's hope the Chinese get Fission to work.

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Posted in: Von der Leyen urges moves to bring Ukraine, Moldova into EU to avoid Russian, Chinese influence See in context

Is this good? The boob in HUngary throws a wrench in NATO all the time. Moldova leans the same way. I know the EU is different than NATO but some times it is better to let them come to you.

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Posted in: Hunter Biden to plead guilty in deal that likely averts time behind bars in a tax and gun case See in context

This guy has openly broken so many laws it is hard to believe he is not in jail.

The apple fell close to the tree.

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Posted in: Hunter Biden to plead guilty in deal that likely averts time behind bars in a tax and gun case See in context

The justice system in the USA is designed to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

To see these pretty major crimes that were committed by a wife beating addict stinks of political favoritism from "the big guy".

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Posted in: 20 richest countries account for over half of 50 million people in 'modern slavery,' report says See in context

This is an extreme view. I grew up in the USA with nothing. I worked through high school and saved for college. Worked through college, went to graduate school at night, worked harder than others to get ahead. I live in the Philippines now. I see the same things here. It is possible to get ahead but people would rathe complain that they can not. I see the same thing in the USA.

I have been to China. They have to work even more to get ahead and they do. They work hard. They are in the era of 1900's USA where parents work hard to get their kids ahead. They expect their kids to do well in school and to work hard.

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Posted in: G7 members should not compete against each other on renewables: von der Leyen See in context

Why not Ursuuula?

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Posted in: Microsoft says China approves its plan to buy video game-maker Activision Blizzard See in context

I've never heard of a communist who didn't love a monopoly!

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Posted in: 3 dead, 2 wounded in early morning shooting at Kansas City bar See in context

Chicago averages 30 shooting day. Not sure why this is news. International news?

This area of KC is called the bottoms I belive. Every one in KC knows not to go to the bottoms. The police wait until morning to go.

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Posted in: DeSantis signs bills targeting drag shows, transgender kids and the use of bathrooms and pronouns See in context

While I am not against any of these fringe extreme minority groups, I feel their voice as extreme minorities has been heard way too much. The USA is a democracy run by the majority.

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Posted in: Uncertainty clouds U.S. transition at Mexico border as new rules take effect See in context

There is no uncertainty. Illegal immigration should stop.

Follow the legal path to immigration like all our parents did.

The democratic plan to buy votes with illegal immigration is pathetic. Trying to illegally give them the right to votes before being a citizen is illegal as well. Mind you some of my best friends come from all races.

The DNC gets 40% of the vote from the 40% of the population that works in state, local and federal jobs. It should be easy enough to get to 51% of the vote you would think. Throw on all of the welfare state and it should be a lock. However they have to resort to immigration tactics just to get the other 11%. Guess it shows how the majority of society is a little smarter than they think.

Giving away our country with debt to fund all this ridiculous will resolve the problem soon This is for sure unsustainable as they like to say. This is close to self resolution. If the treasury has to pay 10% on 30 Trillion it is 3 trillion annually. Total federal revenue is 4 Trillion now. That leave 1 Trillion for entitlements, defense etc. See ya later social security. The woke society is about to be awakened to reality. I say this really in the context of all Government not just the left.

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Posted in: At U.N., world's divided nations agree there's little trust See in context

How can there be trust with politicians who pursue self interest and religious supremacy?

Taliban, various Muslim groups killing westerners driving trucks down roads Full of people, hijacking planes and flying them into buildings, Americans making up WMD to justify an invasion, Russians with never ending imperialistic goals, Chinese claiming whole oceans as their own and pushing around their little neighbors.

It's ugly out there folks.

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Posted in: Trump accuser says many in her generation didn't report rape See in context

Who knows what this woman's intentions are. How many years ago was this? The statute of limitations expired long ago. Is there any evidence? It is her word against his. That makes this a politically motivated ploy.

He's a horn dog but it does not make him guilty 20 or 30 years later. There are women who line up to accuse successful men of rape when they seduce them, just like the girl in in Vail did to Kobe Bryant (she was a known entity in town), and then cry rape.

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