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Posted in: U.S. charges 4 Americans, 3 Russians in election discord case See in context

I find it disturbing this is not on teh Communist News Network, the Communist Broadcast System, etc.

The discord, lies, fake, biased information spewed by MSNBC, NBC, CBS, CNN, ABC and main stream media in the USA is revolting. Spewing their extremist left wing agenda that is ruining America's core values. Uneducated people subscribe to their unsustainable policies. It will never change with 40% of the population feeding at the public trough and piles more getting contracts from the government.

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Posted in: California town celebrates ties with tsunami-hit Japanese city See in context


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Posted in: Tsuruga reactor operator required to correct document errors by August See in context

They can't get the paperwork right but they are going to run a highly complex NUCLEAR reactor? How? Why?

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Posted in: Russia's Pacific Fleet placed on high alert for snap drills See in context

Two dictators pretending to be friends while both of them can't wait to put a knife in the back of the other.

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Posted in: Germany closes last nuclear plants See in context

Good for Germany to see that long term nuclear power will result in another nuclear accident, be a target in a war and leave a legacy of spent nuclear fuel rods no one knows what to do with.

Thankfully they stuck with their plan despite the unknowing majority.

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Posted in: Thailand's promised cannabis bonanza disappoints as politicians trade blame See in context

I am surprised they are complaining about $5,800 a kilo. I spoke to a grower in the USA whose cost is $800 a pound and sells it for $1200. So about$2600 kilo. 50% margin is good imo.

Last I checked SE Asian input costs are way less. Does not make sense.

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Posted in: DA leading Trump case says rhetoric won't intimidate office See in context

Is it illegal to pay people not to talk? The RNC and DNC supposedly do it regularly it seems is common knowledge. If not they use coercion or in Clinton's case, have a state trooper shoot them in the back of the head with a .22 and have the coroner call it suicide.

I am pretty sure it is illegal to pay a porn star for sex. Then again porn stars have sex for money all the time.

What about all of the past presidents who committed adultery? Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, Roosevelt and the woman in Georgia etc? What about all of the racial statements Biden made in the 70's?

I don't condone any of this but this seems well timed for the election cycle to come to a pinnacle around elections. Let's hope the USA can find a talking head to deliver the same message Trump did. It's obvious the DNC controls the socialist media in the USA. You have to be biased not to.

I saw this on another post on Japan today and agree whole heartedly, 'the USA has become Russia or China'. The media is censored and biased, unpalatable opinions are attacked by paid stooges, everyone is surveilled without authority or need, people who represent our constitution are pariahs, People who represent the minority are enabled ridiculously at the expense of those who work. China and Russia don't need to attack the USA is self destructing.

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Posted in: Prince Harry says he always felt 'different' from other UK royals See in context

The previous 2 comments made me laugh

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Posted in: Hong Kong court convicts 3 activists behind Tiananmen vigil See in context

Now the stupid people in the west understand why they were revolts.

China makes up what ever they want and off you go to be beaten into submission or never return. Those are the options.

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Posted in: U.N. chief slams rich countries, energy giants for 'vicious' tactics against poor See in context

This is comical. The main force repressing poor countries dictators efforts to keep people poor. Impossible business laws, resource control and manipulation, repressive army or police instilling fear etc.

Much like the USA. Quit whining and work.

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Posted in: Belarus says it has 1.5 million potential soldiers outside armed forces See in context

I'd guess Belarus has media control and the people there would go to Ukraine to help Russia because they get a different story and are linked to Russia. How many, how well equipped?

As an American tax payer, while I want to see Ukraine succeed I question why the USA is giving the most? Europe has way more to loose and acts ambivalent. They didn't want their ill conceived oil shut off and whined about the cost. America paid it.

It makes some sense to tell the Europeans that if they don't care to guarantee why should the USA.

One European nation has put the NATO mandated 2% of GDP to defense a few years. Again European selfishness will lead to world War as Russia rolls into Moldova, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia etc unless the American taxpayer pays for their selfishness. I say let Russia take Germany, France, Spain, Italy etc. It will just be a drag on their economy like it has been to the USA. Maybe Russia, China can divide the world and find peace.

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Posted in: Russia strikes Ukrainian power grid and gains ground in the east See in context

This is so sad. So Hitler esque.

To save face Russia could depose Putler, apologize to the world community, leave Ukraine, pay for the phyisical damage to Ukraine with 10x the actual cost, give ample pensions to all of the widows, sons and daughters of Ukraine, sign real nuclear limitation agreements, reduce their nuclear arsenal, and agree to defend world peace for everyone. They have tons of gold and plenty of oil to do it.

I know it is naive but it would be nice. It's really their only real way back into the world community. In 5 years of positive action people would start to forgive them. Otherwise they face the continual exposure of how little Ukraine with 43mm people is kicking their ass with a few weapons from the west, exhibiting for everyone how their weapons are inferior, their army poorly trained, poorly commanded. It's so like the beginning of the eastern front in WWII. Poor Russians being sacrificed by a paranoid little dictator for his self aggrandizement, cannon fodder. All powered by nationalistic brainwashing. Sad for Russia, sad for Russians to obey blindly, sad for the suffering they endure, and doubly sad in every way for Ukraine. Hopefully Ukraine will emerge from this without Russia, corruption and a police state.

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Posted in: U.S. general to aggressors: Allies are battle-ready in Asia See in context

Coming from a family that was subjected to communism where people are afraid to say what they think, wrong or right, afraid to act independently, afraid to start a business, had their house, farm, business taken, I vote for zero communism or other ultimately autocratic regime.

That includes the surveillance state that the US government has set up with Google, Microsoft Apple etc. This is how people are manipulated in dictatorships (China, Russia, Iran etc). You are afraid to say or do anything they object to because if they find out your family and friends are persecuted.

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Posted in: Cabinet adopts policy of using nuclear reactors beyond 60 years See in context

Sure why not leave reactors running 60 years. I'd guess that makes the probability of another nuclear meltdown .9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999%. Nothing like building and keeping reactors running 60 years in the land of giant earthquake and tsunamis in the era where Russians attack nuclear reactors as a war liability.

Someone made too much money on the clean up of FUKuShima and bought off some politicians. WOW! Japan is becoming the USA. Absolutely nonsensical decisions.

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Posted in: UK leader Sunak shakes up gov't to focus on business, energy See in context

The USA has all kinds of ways to turn down solar (one neighbor complains while 99 want it), wind (it's too noisy in the middle of nowhere) etc. While we need fossil fuels long term to support renewable production fossil use can be greatly reduced to extend the life of fossil fuels, clean the earth, strategic reasons, decentralized power production etc. Get it together world.

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Posted in: Ukraine says Russians endure deadliest day; Germany, allies to provide tanks See in context

Anyway you look at it this is a sad situation. I have not been to Russia but was surprised how beautiful Ukraine is. The west is like Iowa, Kansas, the Midwest. Kyiv is a beautiful city on the Dnieper. I never went to the black sea cities but am told they are more beautiful.

So many dead people all for Putler's ego. He never seemed to mind it when propping up a communist state in Cuba. I guess Cubans are realizing Russian support was limited to supplying them with outdated arms and a few scraps while buying their sugar at below market prices. Poor Cubans. Hypocrite Putler.

Russian leaders don't care about the people. Look at their history, Czars, Stalin just throw masses of their people who have been brain washed by their one sided media to be ultra nationalistic. Then there are the political officers behind them who shoot them if they don't advance.

Let's hope the Ukrainians can regain their territory that was stolen in 2014 and the mothers and wives of Russia force the stop of the war without being sent to the Gulag before many more die. Otherwise it is a war of attrition and the world will be dragged in because Ukraine just does not have enough men ~40mm v 140mm. Additionally, demographically men from 20-35 is a smaller percent of the population in UA. Interesting that both are experiencing declining populations while the US population is exploding. Perhaps the asylum seekers will serve in the army for their citizenship like so many prior immigrants in the USA/

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Posted in: EU unveils plan to counter U.S. green subsidies, China competition See in context

It's like the USA took a page right out of the rail, bus, airbus, solar subsidies the EU has given for decades. Now they complain? Europe only knows how to complain.

When are the Eu countries, Russia, China going to pay the USA for their existence from WWII? When will the Marshall plan be paid back?

Tired of Europe.

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Posted in: Honda outlines hydrogen power plans to go green See in context

Good fro Honda. Even though this process takes energy to make hydrogen I read that there have been some significant strides forward in how efficently it is produced.

No more battles for rare earth mineral batteries for batteries charged by coal/natural gas/nuclear produced electricity. It's always more efficent to produce power where it is used.

Glad to hear GM is involved, glad there will be something produced in the USA for a change. Glad Honda is in charge of it instead of Government Motors.

I still don't understand how people think electric cars are green unless they produce the power through solar/wind/hydro. It makes no sense.

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Posted in: Toyota world's top-selling automaker for third year running See in context

Toyota is the only sensible auto manufacture. Anyone who took a physics class class knows power generate at the source of use is most efficient.

The EV push is designed to control the auto industry the way oil did. Developing electricity by nuclear (spent fuel rods, catastrophic accidents), coal, oil, natural gas is actually more harmful to the environment because so much is lost over transmission lines. An ignored topic. The desire to have your utility company control you travel is coming.

Toyota's push for hybrid and hydrogen cars will be the future. The only way EV works is if you have enough solar cells to power you house and car which is a big down payment, now, in the area of $70,000 dollars. How many people do you know who have the ability let alone desire to pay that ( it is many years of electric bills). Realizing that power costs are going to increase the payback will likely shorter but still $70,000. This is with out taking into account the oil it took to make the solar panels

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Posted in: Philippines to appeal ICC resumption of drug war probe See in context

I have lived in the Philippines off and on over the last 5 years. I have yet to meet a Filopino who did not appreciate the drug war.

The Philippines has senators on down the line involved in the drug trade. The western world does not understand how effective this actual war was. Now the drug lords are moving back. I met one who just came back from Hawaii to set up shop again at a cock fight (another misunderstood Filipino past time). It is time for the west to stop forcing it's cultural values on the world and accept people are different.

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Posted in: Toyota to replace Akio Toyoda as president and CEO See in context

I personally thank him and his family for making better cars. With out Toyota, Honda etc we would still be forced to buy crappy detroit, German etc cars that get terrible mileage, were unsafe and broke ALL THE TIME.

I've owned 4 toyota's driven them a lot just taken good care of them and they have taken good care of me.

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Posted in: Boeing ordered to be arraigned on charge in Max crashes See in context


It was obvious they knew they had a problem after the first crash. To keep them flying deserves conviction.

If the rule of law prevails they will be put out of business. In true American fashion, no one goes to jail, the company is bought on the cheap or merged and the taxpayer spends a fortune.

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Posted in: NATO allies pledge more arms for Ukraine; Germany holds out on tanks See in context

While Russia has a big army it sounds like they have about 100,000 less men now. Fear of Russia has to be minimal at this point.

Their tactics, planes, armor, helicopters, command, supplies are all inferior or incompetent. If there were a war it would be ugly for sure but it appears all they are capable of doing is shelling the enemy into the ground bunkers and killing civilians.

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Posted in: Russia's Lavrov compares West's approach to Russia with Hitler's 'Final Solution' See in context

BroncoToday 07:19 am JST

Both Hitler and Napolean tried to wipe Russia off the map and plunder its vast resources.

Both were defeated by the inexhaustible resilience of the Russian people.

Yes but throughout history the Czars have bankrupted the country fighting wars. Putin appears to be a Czar with a bunch of oil.

Lavrov did visit Peking quite a few times before they invaded the Ukraine. They have something going on with the Chinese would be my guess.

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Posted in: Russia's Lavrov compares West's approach to Russia with Hitler's 'Final Solution' See in context

From my perspective, Russian invaded the Crimea for strategic reasons, tried to steal the mines and industry in the Donbass by starting and is continuing a Hitler/ Stalin copied move (Czech Republic/Finland, Poland, Eastern Europe) by stating that there are oppressed Russians there. The only reason there are Russian alliances in the Donbass is that Russia took all of the food in the early 1930's and starved the Ukrainians to death. Then they forced the Russian language and 'education' system on the Ukrainians. People say Hitler was ruthless but Stalin likely killed more people.

Putin wants clear access to the black sea, some mines and industry. He thought sleepy Joe was a push over and Europe was asleep. Thank God for the American generals ability to sway our demented president. Thank God for the Poles and Czechs etc. who provided immediate assistance other wise it is likely there would be o Ukraine now. They remember WWII Russian rape and executions. It's a land grab.

Communism is a farce, it always starts as 'we are here to help the poor worker' and ends in a dictatorship with censorship and brutal crushing of any opposition voice. Kind of like the DNC in the USA.

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Posted in: Japan begins construction of new SDF base for U.S. fighter drills See in context

Re: Septim Dynasty.

Would you rather be Communist? Ask some Chinese or Russians how they feel everyday.

BTW- What about the release of all the radioactive water from Fukushima? Appropriately named. It's odd that Japanese news outlets are silent on the issue.

Why not evaporate the water off and bury radioactive waste under the houses of the TEPCO managers who made this long lasting nuclear holocaust possible? The rest of the world does not want to bear the burden of your lack of foresight. Nuclear oceans, awesome.

How many, TMI's, Chernobyl's, Fukushima's etc do we need? Man is not reliable enough to use nuclear power.

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Posted in: China sends 71 warplanes, 7 ships toward Taiwan in 24 hours See in context

I don't understand the USA's politicians. They allow Chinese to export what I'm sure are over a trillions dollars of goods to the USA, helping China build their army, allow Chinese firms to raise capital in the stock and bond markets while Chinese companies don't have to comply with disclosure and accounting principles American Companies have to comply with, the Chinese pollute the earth with zero regard even for their own people and yet now we will draw the line on Taiwan? The poor people of Hong Kong are no longer allowed to express themselves freely with out being taken to some desert jail in western China.

The west is foolish to do business with communists. They should be isolated, oh, wait, the USA is pushing a totalitarian state now so who knows who bought them off this election cycle. Clinton only cost 100 million.

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Posted in: Kremlin says Biden, Zelenskyy ignoring Russia's concerns See in context

I think Putin is concerned Russia is getting their ass kicked by a 5th tier army supported by a few arms from the west.

Wait, did Russia prop up Cuba, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria etc? Cuba is right next to the USA. Did he respect the interests of the USA?

What a hypocritical bag of dung. How is this self centered killer still in charge of Russia? The Russian people need to solve the problem. Mothers in Russia need to speak up about their dead children being killed in a land grab for Putin's ego. The suffering in Ukraine needs to end. Ruck the Fussians!

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Posted in: Japan adopts new policy promoting greater use of nuclear energy See in context

Always a great idea to build nuclear reactors on one of the world most seismically active fault areas. Geologists refer to this area as the ring of fire for a reason.

Will Japan have to pay for spewing nuclear waste into the ocean for the last 11 years? Perhaps a shorter life span is better to help control world over population anyway. Why should Japanese consumers have to pay more for carbon based power? Why not build some hydro stations in some of the many bays in Japan. Solar? Wind? If costs are so high for carbon based fuels these alternatives should be cheap even to nuclear power. However, it is much harder for corrupt governments to profit for power generated on a decentralized basis.

The arrogance and selfishness of men to satisfy their short term needs at the expense of long term benefits repeats world wide daily.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics scandal makes Sapporo bid difficult, says Hokkaido governor See in context

It's odd how this and the Qatari's bribing EU officials are being swept under the rug by media. These are major stories. Our trusted government officals are not so trustworthy. Oh, wait no one is surprised, we all know who the real criminals are.

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