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Jim Greenidge comments

Posted in: Lawmaker breaks taboo by handing letter about nuclear fears to emperor See in context

I hope it was a mass invitation to see "Pandora's Promise". The off-the-wall media-abetted fear over there needs some serious enlightenment.

James Greenidge Queens New York

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Posted in: 54% of cities hosting nuclear plants OK restart: survey See in context

This is a true BizzarroWorld of education. You have a source of energy that in its global worldwide history of over 60 years -- including its rare very worst days --has on checkable record by international authorities, least affected human health and polluted the environment far less than a single year's death and damage tally by just one of fossil rivals in routine operation, and yet it's been reviled, demonized, and stained with death slander that is totally contrary its readily accessible safety and accident mortality record. I wonder if oil or gas were as maligned by Hollywood and Luddites and ignorance and superstition and vaporware doomsday allegations as nuclear energy has whether we'd be literally in the dark ages today. Maybe it's "hip" to be anti-nuclear, but its record -- especially compared other energy producers -- really doesn't deserve scorn and hate once your research gives it a fair shake, like the national green activist of De-carbonize Australia has, and who, for the price of enlightenment, is being hounded and vilified by anti-nukers for going against the fear flow. Why?

James Greenidge @atomicinsights

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Posted in: Scientists setting radiation exposure limits took utility money: probe See in context

Er, were their findings disputed by reputable authorities in case this is another media evil nuke witch hunt?

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Posted in: No problems reported at nuclear plants after quake: IAEA See in context

Any word on how the gas and oil and chemical plants fared? Didn't even bother to check? Not very good reporting!

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Posted in: Student abducts 12-yr-old girl, confines her in travel bag in taxi trunk in Hiroshima See in context

That girl must've been a midget or a contortionist to fit in that bag! And the kidnapper still couldn't lift it either?? Very odd on both sides!

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Posted in: 20,000 protest outside Noda's residence over nuclear restart See in context

Too bad for the frightened; others need the juice for reality things like hospitals and factories and keeping your lights on.

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Posted in: Gov't sat on U.S. data showing radiation spread after 3/11 disaster See in context

Where's the data? Get it from the academics actually responsible for the measurements and placements. AtomicInsights.com

Facts, not Hysteria

James Greenidge

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Posted in: Experts discuss better nuclear disaster communication See in context

To me, they need LOTS more tsunami emergency communication than for things that hurt no one!

James Greenidge Queens NY

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