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Posted in: Tokyo government to launch dating app to boost birthrate See in context

Why do you have to disclose your private information to the government? In addition, you have to go through an interview. Feel like a job interview.

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Posted in: More than 2,800 food, beverage items to cost more from April See in context

We need another pay raise. Two pay raises a year… sound good to me.

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Posted in: Taiwan raises $17.2 million donation for Japan quake aid See in context

Thank you so much, Taiwan!

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Posted in: 24 confirmed dead in Noto quake as more damage reports come in See in context

Please stay safe and warm.

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Posted in: Japanese airline to allow pets on all domestic flights from January See in context

So what happens if the person is allergic to dogs or cats? What happens if there loud?

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Posted in: G7 calls for immediate repeal of bans on Japanese food, pressing China See in context

China has the freedom to make a choice . China has the right to protect their people, if the rest of the world wants to eat contaminated fish so be it.

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Posted in: Japan to give $10 million in emergency aid to Gaza Strip civilians See in context

Give the money to Japanese single parents to support their children.

People in Gaza will not see that money, it goes to the government.

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Posted in: China's Fukushima-linked seafood ban unacceptable, Japan tells WTO See in context

China has every right to protect people’s health.

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Posted in: Japan to see price hikes on 35,000 food, drink items by end of 2023 See in context

How many times does the food prices go up?

My salary doesn’t go up 3 or 4 times a year. I would be rich by now.

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Posted in: Number of food items in Japan seeing price hikes so far in 2023 tops 29,000 See in context

Prices go up!

Birthrate go down!

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Posted in: Anti-summit rally See in context

Let's move forward not stay in the past.

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Posted in: Asia's tourist hotspots prepare for boom as China relaxes COVID rules See in context

Here we go again! Brace yourself! Probably another lockdown. Hopefully I'm wrong.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. urging more students to study in each other's countries See in context

U.S. is most violence place, I won’t recommend it to students. So much racism, guns and can’t trust anyone.

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Posted in: Japan's loosening of COVID-19 entry restrictions may keep citizens wearing masks See in context

Foreigners should wear masks, it’s clearly not following the rules. If tourists are not wearing masks, certainly they are going to mask’s inside the train. They should be penalized for not wearing masks.

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Posted in: Japanese language school decertified over abuse of Vietnamese student See in context

That is so wrong in every way holding a student by chain.

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Posted in: KDDI says 70% of services restored after wide network troubles See in context

An employee pulled the plug. Just plug back in and reboot the system.

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Posted in: As COVID fears ebb, Japan readies for more tourists from abroad See in context

“Visitors have to abide by guidelines requiring travelers to have a special coordinator, stay on specific routes and abide by rules like wearing masks and regularly using disinfectant.”

Some or most tourists will not abide the rules, it’s how they are… they just don’t care.

It will be too crowded in Tokyo and other cities. There should be a limit amount of tourists coming in and I believe that Japanese citizens should enjoy their own country.

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Posted in: Man arrested after allegedly groping woman walking home See in context

Maybe, he was lonely and needed a hug. lol! Seriously, it’s just wrong. People should respect other people.

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Posted in: Tokyo closes books on costly, pandemic-delayed Olympics See in context

Here is a suggestion… how about abolishing the IOC permanently. It just unless and a waste.

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Posted in: Japan eases border restrictions, starts visa procedures for guided tours See in context

Oh no… it’s going to be crowded again. Yuck! Hopefully, they will respect the rule… in wearing masks.

But still must be careful with Monkey pox, since U.S. raised level 2. Now have to wear masks.

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Posted in: Valieva case boosts drive to raise age limit at Olympics See in context

The best course of action is for Kamila Valieva withdraw from the game. It would be the right thing to do.

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Posted in: U.S., European business leaders urge Japan to end COVID entry ban See in context

Look at Europe and U.S. everyone… well almost everyone.

-Don’t want to wear mask.

-Don’t want to get the vaccine.

-Everyone wants to do what ever they please.

Giving no consideration of other people around them.

Business can be done by using our wonderful technology computers. Fast enough to do job.

If everyone got the vaccine and wore masks, and followed the rules. The pandemic could have been over last year and business as usually.

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Posted in: U.S., European business leaders urge Japan to end COVID entry ban See in context

We are in a pandemic it’s natural to that Japan is protecting its Japanese citizens.

Why do other countries have to force other countries to open their borders during a pandemic?

I’m sure Japanese citizens don’t want more people to come in and in effect Japanese citizens with the omicron virus.

European Business or U.S. has no rights to force Japan to open up its borders during a pandemic.

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Posted in: No. of foreign trainees in Japan falls for 1st time amid pandemic See in context

Japan is doing a great job of protecting Japanese citizens from the Omicron virus by keeping borders closed. If tourists, other foreigners would have allowed into the country, the Omicron would spread easily and quicker in the country. The medical system will be overwhelmed with patients in the hospitals taking caring of citizens, foreigners and not enough beds. I also want this coronavirus to be over, if people would listen get vaccinated, wear mask and follow rules, it could have been over long time. Japanese citizens first outsiders secondary.

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Posted in: Measures that made Tokyo Olympics possible also left public disconnected See in context

Silly Olympics who don’t have a care for the humanity.

What happened to the meaning of the Olympics, it was supposed to be the Tohoku region recovery. I guess it got lost in translation.

The real winner are doctors, nurses and medical staff who work day and nights and help patients fight the disease.

The losers are athletes, volunteers and other staff members who participated in Olympics. If they had some humanity decency, they would give up their medals. While they were celebrating, laughing and over joy. Patients are dying in hospital fighting for their lives. Families are losing love ones, relatives and friends to Covid.

What matters to athletes… that earn shiny trinkets. 

If they were not the pandemic… yes then let’s celebrate. Still I believe that Olympics is useless and should be abolish. It’s wasting money.

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Posted in: Bach says Tokyo Olympics have 'far exceeded' his expectations See in context

Bach: Tokyo Games have "far exceeded" his expectations with two days to go.

Here are the facts

Close to 500 athletes, volunteers and staff members Covid positive.

one athlete went missing

a group of athletes drink party outside

Uzbekistan has been arrested on suspicion of raping a woman at National stadium.

people are going out to watch the Olympics, which government told them to watch at home.

This does not far exceed the expectations. Bach is only trying to look good.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics CEO says COVID cases at Games 'within expectations' See in context

The silly Olympics has more than 259 athletes and staff members test positive for COVID-19. This is connected to Olympics, now people are going outside to see and take photos that has to do with games. Government said stay home.

Also, government is neglecting their duties, to focus on the Olympics games. Everyone should listen to the experts, when they say stay home. It really does not feel like a state of emergency.

Stay safe everyone!

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Posted in: Missing Ugandan athlete spotted on camera at Nagoya Station See in context

Ugandan athlete has tested positive for the virus when he arrived in Japan. The Ugandan athlete could spread the virus to the local Japanese citizens. Already, IOC has failed to keep everyone safe, never understatement the virus or people.

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