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Posted in: Nissan CEO tells Tokyo court Ghosn had too much power See in context

The point that seems to be sorely missed in all of this is the gross injustice being done to Greg Kelly who clearly is guiltless. He has languished in Japan for nearly three years in a sham of a trial which was designed for Ghosn. But because Ghosn escaped from Japan the Japanese have to make darn sure that somebody pays, and since Kelly was the only non-Japanese executive at Nissan left to punish, it might as well be him.

The Japanese justice system is a pathetic joke. There is no honor in how the prosecutors have handled Greg Kelly and are pursuing him in a misguided, yet typical, effort to save face.

Of equal concern is this, "Why is the United States standing by and letting this happen to Greg Kelly?"

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan exec says automaker sought to hide Ghosn's pay See in context

So let me get this straight. Every Nissan executive is off the hook on every count and the one lone foreign executive, Greg Kelly, gets stuck holding the bag??? If you are following this trial at all you can see that Kelly clearly had nothing to do with the things being alleged. What a joke the Japanese legal system appears to be.

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