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Jim N Helen Hill comments

Posted in: U.S. Ospreys win Japanese hearts and minds with quake relief flights See in context

Reckless, it has a longer range and higher speed because it transitions to conventional fixed wing.

It has a liability in that the two engines are not linked on a single power train like a CH46 or 47 so the loss of one engine is more likely to result in a crash. There is also a critical point during transition where the craft can neither glide nor auto-rotate if failures happen.

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Posted in: Trump: I was 100% right on 9/11 Muslim remarks See in context

What everyone remembers was stories where the news interlaced reaction in the gaza strip and west bank with stories about the high Muslim population in Jersey city. They were sensationalized and intentionally miss leading aimed at people who have a 5 second attention span. The reporting was criticized at the time mainly because the neighborhoods they were referring too are majority Hindi not Muslim.

The real sad part of this story is that a NJ realestate developer could look at bombed out sections of the west bank and think "hey, that's NJ".

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Posted in: Japan, with a GDP more than 20% larger than Germany’s and with twice as many citizens as Italy has, can still thrive within its own ecosystem. Except for trade, it requires little overseas intercourse See in context

Mastering a complex foreign language wouldn’t be more useful to them than Japanese is to a Kansas farmer.

I don't know about a Kansas farmer, but as an Idaho farmer it was important to me. English was also important to the FFJ home stays who came over every year. I always feel guilty about how easy it is for me to travel in Japan compared to a foreigner in the US.

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Posted in: Trump says rival Carson needs to explain recollections See in context

How could the people who proof read his book and reviewed it let it slide years ago. There no such thing as a "scholarship" to West Point. It is not a private school. If you are nominated and accepted, you are part of the military and everything is provided. Cadets even get a stipend. The fact that he doesn't bother to research the system before making up his story, well that's just lazy.

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Posted in: In an era when Western business executives and traders obsess over China, and governments focus on ISIS, Syria, Iran and Vladimir Putin, Japan has receded into international obscurity. See in context

That is a very poorly thought out statement. Japan is a mature nation that has made the investments to have a seat at the table of developed nations. As the only Asian country to meet this level it has a unique position and anyone ignoring its markets or political developments would be stupid.

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Posted in: Do you think the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were morally justifiable? See in context

In general, the use of the weapon was justifiable because Japan had declared unrestriced warfare and had already used chemical and biological weapons on civilians an military personnel in the course of the war. That is not fair to the citizens of a country ruled by a dictatorship but that is how it cracks up. As a member of the Axis alliance, they set forth the code of conduct that included the mass extermination of almost 7 million people.

However, the decision to use the weapons was also tainted by racism of war planners that were more comfortable with using the weapon on Asians. The decision to end the war fast was more of a concern of Japan falling under the control of the Soviets that saving lives. It is unfortunate that their concern was not on the retribution the civilian population that the Russian and Chinese occupation would have resulted, but just keeping the strategic ports and airfields out of Communist hands.

One piece of misinformation that is often quoted is how many live we saved by the US not invading. There were no realistic plans for an invasion. General LeMay had resources in place to raze from Aomori to Kansia using conventional weapons in 30 days. The US would never have wasted that many troops, even to prevent a East / West Japan scenario.

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Posted in: No. of foreign visitors to Japan in April exceeds Japanese departures for 1st time in 44 years See in context

Why are the ticket prices so high to get into Japan? A flight to Singapore is $1K less than a flight to Japan, but it connects in Japan.

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Posted in: Nago mayor takes anti-base case to U.S. See in context

The villagers in Narita did not want the Narita Airport built, although they all wanted an international airport for East Japan. This is largely a "not in my backyard" issue. The majority of Japanese want US military cooperation, but nobody wants to be buzzed by a Sea Knight at 3am every day.

Hopefully some of the Senators will be able to show him the thousands of letters they get demanding they prevent a base closing in their state, and the hundreds of letters from the people next to it that want it gone.

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Posted in: Search for Malaysia Airlines plane widens as frustrations grow See in context


This is still in the Search and Rescue phase, they will not waste time on or resources on anything that would not lead to rescuing survivors. They are only focusing on scenarios, no matter how unlikely, which would result in survivors, until there is no hope. Then they will start the recovery effort.

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Posted in: Zushi to ban loud music, alcohol at beach See in context

The tattoo thing is an example of selective enforcement. They aren't going to bother anyone for having a dolphin on the ankle. It is so they can kick someone out who's causing problems even if no one wants to make an official complaint.

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Posted in: No. of murders in Japan in 2013 drops to postwar low See in context

In many industrialized countries, (like US) they usually report the homicide rate which includes suicide. It would be interesting to see the numbers of suicides included in this.

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Posted in: U.S. Army seeks 'Iron Man' armor for commandos See in context

Read the original "Starship Troopers" It has long discussions on the political reasons for such technology.

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Posted in: If I were a young Japanese and I could speak English, I would probably choose to emigrate. See in context

I believe Lee Kuan Yew needs to read his (ie. he owns it) newspaper. The strong displeasure at Japanese and Western "talents" taking jobs that Singaporeans expect as their birth right is displayed there every day. Japan has its problems, but I would take living there in over Singapore, even for 50% less pay. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone from the Lee family could understand the concept that some things are more important than money.

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Posted in: 'Iron Man' shows Hollywood's bent to take on China censors' steely grip See in context

This is no big deal, the studios have always been doing this for years. The always shoot extra footage so they can have one cut for the theaters, one for cable, one for airplanes, one for TV. For a foreign film to get through to the US censor board and the theater association is almost impossible.

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Posted in: Panasonic investigated in U.S. for alleged bribes See in context

There are three reasons that the justice department goes after a foreign company on the FCP act. 1) the money comes from a kick-back scheme that is paid for by USAID or World Bank funds (US tax dollars) , 2) The company is consistently uses corruption for a competitive advantage against US companies, or 3) the corruption is politically destabilizing and goes against US interests. As it is, US companies are essentially locked out of SE Asia because it it illegal to do business the way the locals want. That not to say that the US companies are a paragon of moral virtue, but they at least try and hide it.

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Posted in: U.S. raps M'bishi Heavy for work on California nuclear plant See in context

If the test equipment used in the test is not properly calibrated, then the test data is meaningless. Actually the NRC is giving them some facesaving in allowing them to justify the lapses. Otherwise, they have to redo all the experimental work. BTW this is a company based out of Virgina in the States so you can hold off all your bashing comments.

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Posted in: Japanese car sales in China rocket 72% in November See in context

silly girl...they are there not just for the labor, but so they can sell to the world's #1 car market. if they move manufacturing to other asian countries, that would mean exporting the finished products into china = additional costs.

@Maglev If you don't build there you don't sell there.

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Posted in: Second stealth jet puts China on path to top regional power See in context

@Graham, That is because the old Phantoms can still ice anyone else in the sky :)

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Posted in: Biden comes out swinging in testy debate with Ryan See in context

Neither of the two even have the basic comprehension of foreign relations to understand that US Marines can only provide security on the embassy grounds which is technically US territory. The attack occurred at a consulate where only civilian security can be used. Which ever side wins the Secret service better do a good job protecting #1.

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Posted in: Having their say See in context

30 people? I ave sen a bigger line outside a curry shop there.

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Posted in: Japan to abandon nuclear power by 2030s: report See in context

I think it would be more correct that the use of "conventional fission reactors" will be phased out by 2030. That is just common sense as they are obsolete technology so they will not replace them and the ones in service are all at the end of their life. All they have to do is nothing, which is what they are best at.

By 2030, Korea should have come up with a better solution and they can just buy it from them :)

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Posted in: Worker at Fukushima nuclear plant dies of heart attack See in context

Silent heart attacks are very deadly. I had one at 40. Luckily, I had resigned from GE several months so I was taken to the taken to the ER for blood thinners immediately instead of being told to lay down and see if it gets better. His supervisor should be disciplined severely for their inaction.

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Posted in: Japan concerned as China's first aircraft carrier starts second trial See in context

This thing is not a true aircraft carrier in the normal sense of the word. It is similar to the small carriers made by Britain and France for the North Sea. They have a ski-jump ramp that can throw planes in the air. If weather conditions are good they can come back to the ship using VTOL/STOL. Other wise they have to ditch after mission and hope for a pick-up. We learned this the hard way when France was supposed to provide carrier support for the Libya operation

Building a conventional carrier is easy, but training pilots who can wire-cap is not. This ship is just a stunt and of little tactical value. The Russians would not have sold it otherwise

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Posted in: Companies impose energy limits amid power crunch See in context

Have they put limits on pachinko parlors? When they do that, then you know they are serious.

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