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What they aren't telling you is that the glue holding the wood bits together is highly flammable! So much so that homes made from such manufactured materials burn up in 5 minutes, compared to homes built of solid wood boards that take 20 minutes. That means people on the second floor may not have time to escape before the heated glues explode in a massive fireball, so people on higher stories would certainly be living in a potential fire death trap! The explosive nature of the glues is also putting the lives of firefighters at high risk. That's why I refused to use any such materials when building my house, in which the framing is all made from solid construction grade wood boards.

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Good question Scrote! I was referring to the 5% margin of error that the Medical Officer of Health here in Ottawa Canada quoted me on another health related issue, namely the threat to our drinking water from the spreading of city sewage sludge on nearby farms in our rural neighbourhood. The Health Department head doctor explained the government's refusal to investigate by saying "Jim, even if all the rural wells were poisoned by the city sewage and you all got sick, that wouldn't constitute an epidemic because people with private wells are less than 5% of Ottawa's population." This is the "risk management" model governments use to justify ignoring the possible harmful effects of polluting practices on human health.

Regarding the study under discussion: " researchers examined data on more than 738,000 deaths from 1988 to 2013 in New Zealand, where Christmas comes during the summer. Overall, about 197,000 of these fatalities were heart-related."

Note that the figures cited are rounded to the nearest 1000, creating a margin of error of + or - 500 for the reported 197,000 heart related fatalities. I'm not a mathematician, but it appears that introduces an error of 1/4 %, which could lower the claimed result from 4.2 to 3.95% Then there is the question of how accurate the reports this is based on were? What proportion of the fatalities might have been misdiagnosed as "heart related" when in fact the deaths were a result of something else? All of which causes me to wonder if this "study" may be much ado about nothing!

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A statistical difference of 4.2% is considered insignificant in most research, as it is less than the 5% margin of error.

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Abe and Obama's intention to "console the souls of those who died in the war" is a step in the right direction, but it will not work if the message that the war is over and the world is now at peace is contradicted by a commitment to prepare for war with China and/or Russia. You can't have it both ways! If this meeting is truly about showing the troubled souls who died in WW2 and are still trapped there that war is over and they can now go to the Light, then include the leaders of China and Russia as well. If Abe and Obama and Xi Jinping and Putin were to tour the world's war memorial sites to assure the souls of the dead that war is over and all are committed to peaceful resolution of conflict, that would be a giant leap forward for all humanity past, present, and future!

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Every study suggests certain things about certain people! I was prescribed statins after suffering a micro stroke. After taking the first prescription while my case was being assessed, I stopped taking them to see if I could get my cholesterol level down by changing my diet. After a month without the statins, my doctor confirmed that my blood test showed my cholesterol levels were good. The doctor was appalled when I said I had stopped taking the statins, and tried to convince me that my cholesterol level couldn't be "therapeutically low" without the statins. I replied that the blood test showed otherwise, and that if my cholesterol was any lower my muscles would be harmed, and I needed to be able to do physical work. That was 5 years ago, and the doctor has confirmed in yearly tests that I remain perfectly healthy without prescribed statins or baby aspirin. What does that suggest, and why is this not newsworthy?

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The drug company researchers have been barking up the wrong tree for the past 30 years.

Prions are the obvious cause of brain wasting diseases like CJD and Alzheimers. They are misfolded proteins that are part of brain chemistry. The normal proteins are water soluble, but when misfolded they become insoluble, causing them to build-up and form blockages in the brain. Most brains produce amyloid plaque with aging, but the plaque only becomes a problem some 15 years or more after the person has ingested prions from sick animals (as in CJD from eating Mad Cow) or eaten food that has absorbed prions from sewage fertilizer contaminated with prions excreted by sick people. And breathing prions in sewage aerosols from aerial spreading or from field dust blown in the wind is 100,000 times more infectious than eating it!

However spreading city sewage on farmland is such a cheap and easy way to get rid of it that governments at all levels are deaf, blind, and dumb regarding the diseases it is causing. Half of all the highly contaminated city sewage in North America is disposed of on America and Canada's prime farmland, with no regard for the infectious prions that survive indefinitely in the soil and water and air. Google "prion disease" and "sewage sludge biosolids" to check this out for yourself!

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"Chris Draper at Born Free Foundation, a U.S. wildlife-advocacy nonprofit group, said Hanako’s living conditions should be improved, by enlarging the space, adding a heated pool and sand piles, and changing the walking surface, if a move turned out to be too risky. He suggested independent experts assess the best action." I agree. I also think Hanako has human friends at this zoo that she will want to be with her as she exits this life. Her life has not been a waste, because she has succeeded in stirring up human feelings for the plight of animals in captivity that will help result in changes for the better. The greatest achievement any of us can make with our life is to leave the Earth a better place for our having been here.

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What gets me is the hypocrisy of the western media attacking Putin over the allegation he possibly approved this death, without mentioning that Obama meets weekly to approve assassinations of people perceived to be a threat to the USA. How many have died in Obama's drone strikes, including "collateral damage"? Why no talk of sanctions against the USA for its unlawful killings in foreign lands that are creating ever more terrorists, instead of stopping them?

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The underlying cause of most mental illness is a history of exposure to overwhelming trauma in early childhood (up to age 5). Young children have an innate survival mechanism called dissociation that enables them to do whatever is necessary to live without conscious awareness of the traumatic event. The sensory inputs bypass consciousness and are stored in the sub-conscious mind. Because the child doesn't know what happened, the body remains in the fight or flight state of chronic arousal. To heal, the sub-conscious sensory inputs, thoughts, and feelings that were dissociated from must be brought into consciousness and recognized as parts of the trauma. When enough pieces are consciously recognized the survivor fully experiences what happened, and can react to it, and realize that it is over. The mind-body can then stand down from the chronic arousal of post traumatic stress, and finally find peace.

Schizophrenia is characterized by hearing voices, and these voices are usually the dissociated parts of the survivor's own personality, and can also be the voices of others who were part of the trauma; e.g. the internalized voice of the child's abuser. Such internal dissociative identities are created by repeated abuse, and can be the thoughts of the abused child, or a personality created to punish the child for whatever happened (children blame themselves for whatever goes wrong). The psychiatric manual labels other symptoms of such chronic sub-clinical PTSD from early childhood as separate mental illnesses. Anxiety disorders in which the survivor is connecting with dissociated feelings from the trauma are another example.

Research has long pointed to most mental illnesses as symptoms arising from untreated childhood trauma, but the medical model of treatment based on drug therapy, electric shock, and psychological behaviour modification techniques has no interest in helping the mentally ill heal themselves. That is the attitude that needs to change to truly help people.

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Regular aspirin use thins the blood and can cause internal bleeding, which can result in a stroke or ulcer. Participants in this study need to be informed of this possible serious side-effect, so they can decide for themselves if it is worth the risk of suffering internal bleeding on the chance daily aspirin will reduce their risk of cancer recurring.

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I recommend that all trains and cars be equipped with an electronic deer alert. I live in a rural area with the highest deer collision rate in Ontario, Canada. The deer alert can be switched on and off from inside, and is powered by the battery. An audible pulsating sound is projected ahead of the vehicle. When deer hear it they look towards the on-coming vehicle, then run away. It works for other wild animals and birds on the road too. I turn it on at night when driving through the countryside, and turn it off in built-up areas. I also switch it on if animals or birds are on the road in daytime, and also in foggy driving conditions. Costs less than $20 US. Everyone should have one.

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@ strangerland, CH3CHO, kiyoshiMukai, cleo - yes, my conclusion that dolphins are as intelligent as humans and that whales are far more intelligent than our species, are in fact based on my personal experiences with whales. My experiences would best be told in a video documentary that would be comparable to the ET movie. I say this on behalf of the whales and their concern for all life (including us!) , and would welcome contact from a serious film producer...

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To my way of thinking dolphins are as intelligent as humans, and their whale relatives are far more intelligent than us! The day we recognize this and respect these species accordingly, will mark a transformative step towards higher consciousness for humans. I do not believe it is too much to ask of humanity that we treat those dolphins and whales who volunteer to live among us as ambassadors for their species, with all the freedom and respect that entails. This includes returning them to their family and relatives in their natural environment after spending some stress free time interacting with us. There is much they could teach us about the interconnectedness of life on this miraculous planet, and about our place in it. Hopefully this happens in time to prevent our ignorant and insane destruction of the natural environment that sustains all life from causing our species to go extinct!

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I was in a similar situation. I was driving on a 2 lane highway at 90 km/hr through the wilderness and an oncoming driver of a huge truck fell asleep on the curve and angled across the road towards me. His vehicle blocked both lanes so I couldn't swerve around him, and the road was crossing a waterway so there was no shoulder, just posts with steel cables on either side. I had my wife and two small children with me, and we were seconds from certain death! I leaned on the horn and braked, and saw him jerk awake at the noise and steer back into his lane just in time to avoid a collision. I don't think I am exceptional, I think most people would do the same! So the fact that the driver in the car under discussion did not sound his horn or brake is evidence that he was not paying attention to what was happening. As I understand the law, you are at least partially responsible if you do not do all you legally can to avoid a collision. And that includes sounding your horn and braking. After all, that's what a horn and brakes are for!

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Wow, what an insightful review! I've been avoiding Hollywood movies for years because they all seem to be about glorifying the violence of America's wars without end to prevent the zombie apocalypse, which in my view has already happened! This take on "Furious 7" gives me hope that people are still capable of thinking outside the herd mentality of mindless fear that is stampeding the human race over the economic cliff of environmental destruction and mass suicide. I'm going to watch the movie!

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These two survivors know the war ended and that their peoples are now living together in peace. They have had many years of peace to work on their healing, and are not in the same mindset that they were in during the war. The same cannot be said for the millions of people who died in the war. Their troubled spirits continue to haunt us into the present. Instead of glorifying soldiers in annual Remembrance ceremonies, we need to come together at the killing fields and show the spirits trapped in their horrible death scenes that the war is over, and we are now at peace. Doing this will free them to go to the Light, and free us to get on with living peaceful lives unburdened by the trauma of wars past.

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Aside from the physical reasons for such behaviour, another possibility is that these whales, being highly intelligent as whales and dolphins are, have made a conscious choice to die by stranding themselves on beaches, for reasons we do not yet understand. Foreknowledge of an impending earthquake is one such possibility, however remote the chances to our way of thinking. Being cautious is always a good idea to prolong our survival. But above all, we should enjoy life in the present moment, because the only certainty about the future is that we are each and every one going to exit the physical world. As Janis Joplin said in the intro to her song, "It's all the same f...ing day man!"

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As a child I lived in a small isolated mining town in the frontier wilderness of Canada. There was no television and only one radio station, but they had an excellent library, and I read most of the books. I learned words from the books and encyclopedia that I pronounced phonetically, the way they were spelled. Then when I came to live in a city and attend university I discovered that people kept correcting my pronunciation. To this day I avoid saying "lawyer" because people keep hearing me say "liar"! So problems aren't just in attempting to communicate in a second language, they also occur in one's primary language between people coming from different backgrounds. Fortunately there is much more involved in communication than pronunciation of spoken words. Gestures and attitude and intent are important too, as much information shared between us is non-verbal. If people want to communicate with each other they will find a way. We have much more in common bringing us together as human beings than the tendency of language and cultural differences to keep us separate. So keep trying. We shall overcome!

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"The proverb is thought to have originated in Wales in the 1800s." Those weren't the same apples that are eaten in North America now. They didn't have the chemical fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, and preservatives used today. Not to mention the GMO apples that have just been approved for consumption in the USA and Canada. The not so good news is that people eating today's apples aren't any sicker than people who don't eat them, probably because all the food is just as unhealthy!

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This is good news! Now let's have Israel also agree to nuclear disarmament, and safely destroy their stockpile of atomic bombs.

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It was also reported that anti-depressant medication was found in his room. Such medication is known to be no more effective than a placebo for mild to moderate depression, and a known potential side effect of such medication is suicide! This case reeks of criminal negligence on the part of the medical profession, the government licencing agency, and the air line industry.

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A resounding NO to any further funding of fossil fuel-burning industries! Instead of encouraging and rewarding them, let's have increasing penalties for greenhouse gas producers, with the fines and taxes going directly towards replacing them with non polluting energy sources such as geothermal, solar, wave, tidal, and hydro. Where nuclear reactors can be safely located (away from coastlines and earthquake fault zones) use only thorium as fuel, not uranium. Wind is problematic because of bird kills and unhealthy noise/vibration for those living nearby. Anything less is a recipe for global environmental disaster.

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A ripped up note was found in his apartment from a doctor excusing him from working the day of the crash. There was also evidence he had been excused for a month during his pilot training to be treated for depression. Did the doctors treating him for a psychiatric condition notify the authorities that he was unfit to fly, and if not, why not? If this man was mentally ill and doctors knew of his condition and failed to have his licence suspended, then their negligence contributed to this tragedy. His employer and fellow employees also had a responsibility to be mindful of his fitness for duty. It is most unlikely that this just happened out of the blue!

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There is not and never will be an effective defence against the nuclear missiles based on land, in bomber fleets, and on submarines that Russia and the USA have deployed against each other! Diplomatic negotiations during the Cold War were based on the fear of M.A.D. - Mutual Assured Destruction, which neither side wanted to happen. There is no reason to go back to that insane state of preparedness to commit global mass murder and suicide, at 5 minute's notice of a supposed attack from the other side. Whatever differences exist between nations can and must be settled by peaceful negotiations through the United Nations, negotiations based on respect for the human rights of all involved. Let's have media coverage of the views of the world's peacemakers, to present this alternative option for humanity to the one-sided coverage we have been getting from the war-mongers!

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There is no justification for the mass slaughter of civilians. Whoever knowingly does such things is criminally insane! My father was a bombardier who participated in the fire-bombing of Dresden in Germany that killed some 100,000 civilians. The air crews were lied to by those in command and told it was a military target. My father was haunted to his grave by the spirits of those who died. He relived those experiences every night in his nightmares. He abandoned his family after the war, to save us from life with a mass murderer. When I met him as a teenager, he explained that the war had no purpose other than to get the ordinary people on either side to kill each other for the benefit of the rich and powerful. My heartfelt condolences to all who suffered in war. Disarmament and peaceful resolution of differences through a functional UN with an international peacekeeping force is the way forward for humanity.

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What about the nuclear bombs that Israel has? Why isn't Israeli nuclear disarmament on the negotiating table?

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Lighten up folks! This sounds like a mostly happily married loving couple! We've all made bloopers, and suffered misunderstandings, and gotten on each others nerves at times (especially in the dead of winter!) My wife of 44 years still remembers and won't let me forget the time I bought her an ironing board for a Christmas present! The silent treatment isn't unique to Japan, I expect it is a human rather than a cultural trait, that speaks louder than words. True love is much deeper than the ego games we play in our day to day lives, because true love is the unconditional feelings we have for each other.

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Posted in: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is considering a visit to Pearl Harbor in spring as part of activities to mark the 70th anniversary of Japan's surrender in World War II. It would be the first visit to Pearl See in context

I believe the battlefields of wars gone by hold many trapped spirits of those who died and are unable to leave the physical plane because they are still caught up in the final moments of their traumatic deaths. It would be liberating for them and for their surviving relations if Remembrance ceremonies were held that were attended by the relations of those on all sides of the former conflict. At such ceremonies the spirits of the dead could be made to understand that the war is over and the world is at peace. Our prayers can then help them connect with their soulmates who have been trying to reach them from the other side to take them to the Light. If Prime Minister Abe and President Obama participate together in such healing ceremonies at WW2 death sites, that would initiate a transformative change for peace and reconciliation the world over, in both the physical and spiritual planes of existence. Let it be so!

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Such corruption has long been considered normal practice, and the bribes and fines just the cost of doing business, the world over. It's the financial well being of the corporate owners that matters, not the health of the consumers of their products. The purpose of an easily affordable fine like this is to fool people into thinking the authorities are taking action to protect them, when in the bigger picture of what's happening nothing could be further from the truth!

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I just spent a week working outside in sub-zero weather and high wind-chill, and developed a terrible cold. Now I know why! Thanks for this explanation. I intend to stay inside where it's warm, drink plenty of fluids, take vitamins C & D, and rest until I'm better.

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