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I cant stand my grandfather hes gotten so much worse. If hes not complaining that "im not talking to him", he cant hear anything, he cant remember anything. He forgot to renew his car sticker, he got into a fender bender and my brother asked him about it he didnt remember, when there was an ambulance trying to get past he didnt even bother with it, he gets annoyed at my gran for "back seat driving" he said he'd rather get in a traffic accident then be told "what he was doing wrong". He gets annoyed when we dont drink beer with him, he gets annoyed if we dont have second helpings, he gets annoyed if we dont eat dessert, then today he called me fat. Hes always calling people fat, so rude. I hate visiting them for dinner and we do it twice a week.

Old people get worse as they age, no filter cant hear, cant remember anything, whiny and rude as hell. Quite frankly Id like to kick them out my life.

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Women power in action.. We openly display and wield power in society that try to limit it and decree female submission and we fight for our rights and for our peoples to pursue our vision in spite of personal cost.

I dont know why people let you get away with comments like this. This protest has nothing to do with that

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