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Posted in: Kishida says Japan will ease COVID border controls from Oct 11 See in context

@Bob That ship about "defeating covid with the vaccine" sailed a long time ago, but people still seem to hold on to that talking point for some reason. However, it DOES lessen the severity of the symptoms or the death toll would be much higher.

That being said, and like you are saying...people have a choice now. I chose the vax (have never had covid). And you can choose the test. Anyone that can't handle one or the other, at this point, should just stay home.

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Posted in: Japan reports 50,107 new coronavirus cases See in context

Darnit, quote fail...

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Posted in: Japan reports 50,107 new coronavirus cases See in context

So people vaccinated twice make up about 2/3 of the total even if you count every single 不明 as unvaccinated. This seems to be the general trend as well from the previous times I've checked.

Very strange

I am surprised to see that people still don't understand that vaccination has nothing to do with getting COVID. It PROTECTS you from severe illness only. Anyone and everyone can get COVID. The reason there are more cases of vaccinated is because...um, there are MORE VACCINATED PEOPLE than not! Simple math!

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Posted in: Typhoon weakens to tropical cyclone, bringing torrential rain See in context

I hope this will alleviate the serious water shortage in Shikoku.




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Posted in: Japan seeks to further ease border controls as COVID 6th wave wanes See in context

A three day quarantine is not horrible

As a business traveler that goes for less than a week at a time, ANY quarantine is a non-starter. Glad that Japan is seemingly going to do it the right way!

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Posted in: No. of hotel guests in Japan hits record low for 2nd straight year in 2021 See in context

Even when Japan finally decides to “open”, it’s going to be a slow, pathetic trickle of business income for this maimed tourism industry.

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Posted in: Net population influx into Tokyo hits lowest in 2021 See in context

 If people want to leave and move to less populated regions, that's a win-win for society. Let them leave.

It's what I say about California every time someone complains about the governor or potential vax mandates: JUST MOVE.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 14,086 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 71,620 See in context

Open borders in March, please, thanks. International business would like to resume. Nothing to see here on this wave.

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Posted in: Youngkin wins Virginia governor's race, jolting Democrats See in context

Youngkin got that white, no-degree voter caption locked in around 75%, whew! Time to celebrate at the Waffle House.

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Posted in: Japan to ease quarantine rule to 3 days for business travelers See in context

Ridiculous. This will get abused immiedately. I anticipate a lot of totally unnecessary "business trips" 

There are limits on how many incoming are allowed. This will be no different. There will be a cap, definitely not a free for all.

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Posted in: Experts warn Japan's coronavirus fight in critical phase See in context

Fight in critical phase

Man, this entire damn thing has been one huge critical phase.

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Posted in: United Airlines will require U.S. employees to be vaccinated See in context

My primary airline, and a solid decision. Thank you!

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Posted in: Japan starts checking COVID vaccination status of overseas arrivals See in context

Why so much concern about dividing humanity in asinine social categories?

While a tad harsh, it's becoming more clear that it's the case. At least in the USA, the politically charged anti-vax people are starting to see the light, albeit slowly. Even right wing media is beginning to cave because their base are checking into hospitals and/or dying. Never thought I'd hear Fox people finally say "get your vaccination", but good will prevail. Just like with Biden.

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Posted in: Japan starts checking COVID vaccination status of overseas arrivals See in context

P.S. Knowing that everyone on a flight is vaxxed would offer great reassurance. There should be no choice.

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Posted in: Japan starts checking COVID vaccination status of overseas arrivals See in context

Been Pfizer vaxxed since February. Would love to see my co-workers/friends in Japan, once again. Last time was Nov 2019. Testing is easy. Hoping for a late 2021 entry with test/vax, but not holding my breath.

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Posted in: Internet misinformation fans COVID vaccine hesitancy among Japanese young people See in context

Saddens me to see the stupidity of red states/counties in the USA seeping into Japanese society. 99.5% of covid deaths in the USA in June were unvaccinated. Cold, hard facts.

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Posted in: Japan to extend quarantine for travelers from Britain to 6 days See in context

Except, of course, if you are one of the 100,000 people coming in for the Olympics.

Yep, and they don't even need to be vaccinated! *see 'Murica

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