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The problem with being a teacher of "English" in Japan is that the companies pay is very low. This is because the profit margins are slim. I have also noticed that the companies really try and get people who are desperate for money and pose no threat of walking off the job. I personally have made through the typical three interview system and then never get called. I did some research and came to find that being a retired person and not having to totally live off of what the company pays makes them nervous. I enjoy teaching so I do free community based class and it is standing room only and my school aged students score have gone up. This is because I do not teach under the "Stalinistic" memorize or die principle. I also believe in having fun and poking fun at English itself. I also stress the importance of making mistakes and knowing it is ok to do so. My Japanese id horrible and I will have the kids laughing when I try and speak.

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I'm a retired USN American expat. The amount of time ad energy it takes to become skilled in the Japanese Language and writing styles does not translate into a good or even mediocre job. I am fortunate that I'm an American and I was able to get a comfortable employment on a US base; otherwise it would have been poverty level English teacher. I truly feel for the expats from other nations.

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Cool I hate using bike bags and it saves a lot of time!!

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Posted in: Obama to work for better U.S.-China ties: state media See in context

Obama, You are a retired US President. LET IT GO TAKE A BREAK FOR AT LEAST 3 YEARS. Don't be the guy that shows up to work after he retires. Get a life Why don't you concentrate on gay and transgender issues?

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Posted in: Osaka man arrested after sharing futon with dead girlfriend’s body for five nights See in context

To be that lonely is sad.

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Posted in: Japanese status choice among dual nationality holders surges in FY2016 See in context

I am from America and I am a perm res in Japan. I do not see the need to give up my citizenship for Japanese citizenship. I do understand the people coming from Nations that are at war or have extreme poverty rates. In the end the decision should be made on what is best for you and your family. One can complain about not being able to have dual citizenship but you can also reside in a country that allows it. The bottom line is this is Japan and we are in their home and thus need to respect and follow their rules. Remember you are free to go anytime.

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The problem is Japan is becoming a flyover nation this will only serve to shorten the time to it becoming a full fledge flyover nation and no ability to get any form of revenue

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Posted in: Sales tax hike 'obvious' choice for Japan debt woes: IMF See in context

If raising taxes solved the problem then why are places like Chicago almost bankrupt. If you want to save money stop spending it on stupid things like roads to nowhere and ornate birds on crossing guards. When the tax went from five to eight percent it was suppose to put a dent in the debt but instead the Government just used it for other projects just like the USA.

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I just wish the old farts would speed up a little and do the speed limit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Japan, welcome to the upcoming "Single Mother" explosion the US has enjoyed for decades and all of the bills it comes with. And do not forget that the "Single Mother" is always a victim and hero; Thus she can not make bad decisions nor is she responsible, in any way for her actions. The tax payer should be proud to support and care for the love they bring in the world. We should feel the joy of working for those that reproduce.

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Posted in: Japan beef tariff hike threatens trade relations: U.S. See in context

Is there a Non-Liberal out there? You folks are so sold on the NWO and reject any independent thought but yet you call yourself progressive.

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Posted in: 6,000 around Atsugi base to sue gov't for noise pollution next month See in context

Move!!! Common sense dictates if you choose to live in an area that is prone to certain hazards such as noise, chemical or criminal issues you will subject to the fall-out of such risk. Originally NAF Atsugi was in the middle of nowhere and the closest city was Atsugi, thus the name. Over time people and businesses chose to build and live close to the base. If noise was a issue they could have built up places farther away.

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It is the same issue around the world; people want top notch care for the elderly or children and want it at just above minimum wage. In the end the only people that will do those jobs are the ones that should not be around people t begin with or extremely desperate people in need of employment. Skill sets are like anything else on the market if you want quality you will have to pay for it. In short you will not get a Lexus for the price of a Daihatsu unless the Lexus is a wreck.

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I have a Garmin Fenix 3 and I Love it Most of all no APPLE ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!

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Part of the problem is the sterilized method by which most kids are taught. The Eikawa's and the alt schools are so afraid of law suits that anything that could be seen as different is banned. I teach on a volunteer basis and the first thing I teach is it is OK to make a mistake and to enjoy learning. I also vary my lessons up: if the weather is nice we go outside and learn about nature or sports. I use movies and cultural context to teach. Then we have snacks. I have had several parents tell me their child's test scores and confidence had increased. In short the PC culture has really blocked creative approaches to learning. I teach a class of around 20 students ranging from 3 to 89. All are at different English levels and I do not teach at I teach to each one based on their needs.

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Window dressing!. Expats in Japan get dumped on. Once in a while there is an Atsugi Jason, Window dressing for the world, but mostly crap work for crap pay. Unless you teach English and have no ambition above that!!! And the excuse is well expats do not speak read and write Japanese! I know of at least 33 people that speak, read and write better Japanese than native Japanese. These people also have mad education (MA, PHD) and they can't get hired in a coffee shop.

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Posted in: Survey finds big gap in Japanese train passengers who want to sit next to someone of opposite sex See in context

ho cares? If you are luck enough to find a seat during a rush be greatfull !!!

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Posted in: Caroline Kennedy leaves Japan after 3 years as U.S. ambassador See in context

The only thing she can call her own is being the daughter of JFK. Other than that she has nothing- a total coat-tail rider. Good bye and please fade away or do something of value on your own!!!!

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Posted in: Japan seeks way out of Trump's bad books on trade See in context

Japan, will buy a few aircraft. Invest a bit more in America and call it a day.

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