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Posted in: Mother arrested after 11-month-old daughter drowns in bathtub See in context

Child welfare center officials said she had been receiving guidance

Probably weak guidance consisting of 'Ganbatte' and 'Gamanshite' and sent on her merry way.

When will Japan wake up to this sort of thing, mental health support is terrible.

RIP little one

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Posted in: Apples stolen from orchards in Aomori See in context

Stolen apples for apple stollen?

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Posted in: Trump gets Buckingham Palace dinner date See in context

After his state visit to France, he wanted a military parade a la Bastille day.

This time he will want a crown like Lizzie.

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Posted in: Tokyo hotel to trial newly-developed wooden straws, ban plastic See in context

I saw them presenting this on the news last night.

The woman was using these straws to drink from a plastic cup...

oh the irony

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Posted in: Mother, 2 young children killed in 4-vehicle crash in Hyogo; trailer driver arrested See in context

Very sad news, the truck driver must have been going quite fast for such an impact to move a large truck

Of course k-cars are handy and cheap for family / city commuting etc they are really weak in highway accidents.

In Europe all cars are subject to crash tests to give them a rating, is there such a system in Japan?

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Posted in: Gov't to announce 2019 sales tax hike to address debt mountain: reports See in context

What bothers me is they are increasing tax but not reducing the crazy wasteful public spending that goes on .

Recently I've seen signs being renewed or large stickers affixed for the Olympics which are completely unnecessary.

Example: Original signpost for junction - Ma-zaka - new sticker placed - Ma-zaka-hill.

I can't imagine the cost for every junction or signboard in Tokyo.... Insane

At my school there are already standing flags for Olympics and posters for the new characters.

These will be binned before they even start. No wonder the Olympics is running over budget.

As regards to social security, look at public workers pay and pensions, especially the fire service.

I've heard the nickname for firemen is 'Zeikin dorobo' - tax thieves.

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Posted in: UK's Hunt says Britain can flourish even without Brexit deal See in context

What people fail to realise is how explicitly linked the UK is with Europe, goods pass through borders without delay. Laws and regulations are written Europe wide. The UK works on a system called 'just in time' bringing 40% of it's food from the EU. If all of this is cut or disturbed, it will be a logistical and bureaucratic nightmare.

When he says:

A "no-deal" Brexit is possible... but I don't think it's in anyone's interest for that to happen. So that's why we are cautiously optimistic that we will get a deal. But there's a lot of work to do to get there."

Yes, if a no-deal happens, it will plunge the UK into a crazy recession.

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Posted in: 4 dead, more than 300 injured after M6.1 quake hits northern Osaka region See in context

Used to live in Takatsuki, hope everyone there is ok.

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Posted in: Next 'Fantastic Beasts' movie thrills fans with return to Hogwarts See in context

er, the first movie Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is from a book that Harry owned in the first HP book/movie, doesn't this directly connect it already?

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Posted in: Scotland says May's Brexit stance ups chance of new independence vote See in context

a few points Firstly, Scottish Nationalism is civic nationalism, not ethic like the British national party. So to compare the SNP to racism is just plain stupid. Secondly, we havent voted for the Tory party in over 50 years, we detest the London-centric policies it brought. e.g. testing the unfair poll-tax in Scotland 1 year before the rest of the county. Thirdly, with the vote for independence last time we were assured (lied to) of many things positive about staying in the Union, one of which as I recall was to be 'part of Europe'..... If the goverment continues to treat the Scottish people to lies and broken promises, I'm not surprised at this news. Lastly, as many people seem to forget, a vote for independence is not a vote for the SNP, it is for the people of Scotland to decide to have a fairer more progressive country.

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Posted in: Japan's troubled 'space junk' mission ends in failure See in context

Excuse me, this satellite was experimental, it was sent up to see if it could be done. Saying it's a 'latest failure' is just being overly negative, more tests and experiments need to be done to perfect it. Just look at Space X trialing their reusable rocket, how many failures and explosions have they had? Chalk it up and move on.

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Posted in: Gaming chair helps you maintain good posture See in context

I wouldn't be able to feel my legs 20mins after sitting seiza like this...

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Posted in: Trump seeks 20% tax on imports from Mexico to pay for wall; summit with Mexican leader falls through See in context

millions of illegals in its country spooning off the government

how do they spoon off the goverment?, if they are illegal they cant recieve any benefits etc


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Posted in: Trump-related books popular in Tokyo stores See in context

Homotenashi, we are talking about books about Trump and the information contained therein, not Hillary. so by your reckoning, avoiding taxes is ok? if everyone did that in the US, it will be a wasteland by 2046..

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Posted in: Trump-related books popular in Tokyo stores See in context

tiger_tanaka, how little you know.... This man's isn't successful at business, many of his businesses have failed, he has just exploited his workers, syphoned funds from his charity and not paid tax to get where he is today, maybe you need one of these books to see who he really is.

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Posted in: A Disney Christmas See in context

ugh, with Halloween over, it's straight into Christmas, 2 months early...

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Posted in: Japan protests China's drilling activity in East China Sea See in context

Only protesting 'cos Japan was too slow to do the same. Get your arse in gear Japan, get some platforms out there on the border and drink their milkshake.

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Posted in: 2 quakes rattle Italy, crumbling buildings and causing panic See in context

It puzzles me why Italy has no earthquake building code or strengthening system for older buildings. It's one of the most seismically active regions of europe.. they have had earthquakes and volcanoes there since records began.

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Posted in: Abe, Duterte sign military, economic deals See in context

wow, he's wearing a tie

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Posted in: 78-year-old woman attacked by bear in Tottori See in context

A bear was spotted walking along the road near here (Okutama) last night.

I guess they are fattening up on persimmons before they hibernate.

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Posted in: English language services available at two police koban in Tokyo See in context

is this news from the Meiji era? took their time...

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Posted in: Cameron to quit Wednesday; Theresa May to be new British PM See in context


I'm in the same boat. My wife and I were thinking of going back to the UK but we've pretty much given up, even though I own a flat there and paying the mortgage...

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Posted in: Upcoming Godzilla movie to feature largest cast in Japanese film history See in context

ugh, when they going to separate TV and movie production and get a proper director to do Japanese movies. This looks like a TV drama with a bit of special effects. I also hate the way every scene of dialogue has to show a facial shot of every actors response and reaction

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Posted in: Mother arrested for strangling 7-year-old daughter, 5-year-old son See in context

The center had asked the school where the 11-year-old and 7-year-old attended to be on the lookout for any signs of abuse.

eh? how about being pro-active about it and help her before any abuse happens.

Family and child support in this country is terrible, i bet she felt helpless and went there looking for help and they shrugged it off...

no wonder some mothers feel that way sometimes and resort to doing terrible things.

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Posted in: Nagoya 'rubbish house' resident may boast mother of all messes See in context

This seems a common occurrence in Japan, I'm puzzled they dont do anything about it. In the UK if it happens the council gets a court order and clears the place handing the bill to the owner. If they can't pay the bill they have to sell the place http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/4327023/Rubbish-hoarder-ordered-to-pay-38000-clean-up-bill.html

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Posted in: Qantas to raise ticket prices to offset dropping of fuel surcharge See in context

just an excuse for airline executives and shareholders to make more money..... similar to when the yen was very strong, flying to the UK was the same price as it is now.

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Posted in: Dentsu announces '2014 Hit Products in Japan' See in context

Eh? How is No. 6: Thinking about how to lead your life in your later years and preparations for the end of your life. A product??

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Posted in: 'Star Wars' trailer to be released this week See in context

I think with what JJ Abrams did with Star Trek, it will be 100x better than eps 1-3, he knows how to direct and write a pretty decent story

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Posted in: 4 more bodies found on volcano as typhoon nears See in context

I heard the reason that they were not pronounced dead on the mountain is because, in an emergency, the rescue helicopters should only take alive survivors. Because there are still people missing, they have to delay the pronouncement of death so they can take them back. Otherwise they would have to bring them back on foot, which is quite tricky on the terrain.

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Posted in: Rivals dash to support Apple Pay for fear of losing out See in context

Japan will adopt it, sooner or later, wether through existing nfc terminals or new ones The iphone has a big market share here I can see me using the iPhone or Apple watch on the train gate or using at 7/11

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