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Posted in: Putin makes troop deaths in peacetime operations a 'state secret' See in context

"Silence is the stigma of lies, it is a counter measure weight for any heavy rethoric lies which blackened strategy with in pulse..."052915jimmy

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Posted in: U.S. to 'fine tune' Iraq strategy in light of Ramadi debacle See in context

Mitigated by "Sugar Mountain" composed and sang by Neil Young...Audience are the world,script written from a thousand miles apart at the table of Ukriane,with actors listening to their cell phone what scenario must be played in the interest and profit of oligarch at the lime light of chaos locations which propagandize by politicians so as excite by organs bidders...Funks!

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Posted in: Toyota pledges to help find cause of Takata airbag defects See in context

Thoroughly calibration and test is needed and also don't mix where the origin of mineral resources applied cause it differentiate components durability in different kind of applications and usage.

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Posted in: At least 10 Afghan police officers killed in Taliban assault See in context

The rubber match of Pasthum and Taliban from the base of Democrat and Republican strings who can pulled the longest will reign, not to mention British policy or as they cover Policy Makers. In short there's no traffic to Silk Road yo, blam,bang, and boom, is just a noise, generation will prevail...

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Posted in: U.S. defense chief: After Ramadi, Iraq's 'will to fight' at issue See in context

These are professional soldiers.How can not they leave the fight if the helper fight half of the enemy and the other half was helping them too. So at their point of view is just elimination of populations.Syria did the right thing for them, they give the territory they want to caliphate as state to save population then view the direction where these mess heading then the real fight will break, and it's not by string attach but by people choice when they have a real truthful help to gear it up and it's coming...What's the difference of dying from conventional war and nukes anyway in fighting? Remember that there's a two weight of justice, the law and the weight, and as of, the law is getting heavier in smooth maneuvering in human common senses amongst.

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Posted in: Eurozone issues Greece an ultimatum See in context

"Never commit the top part of Banana tree just because there's blossom on it,cut it, and plant it in your backyard to allure people in your side that there's a future on it..."021715jimmy, it's about time we look eye to eye to Meduza.

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Posted in: Boehner raises possibility of Homeland Security shutdown See in context

Oh! Well, looks like we are heading to clean system, never shoot our foot to collect disability...yo know what I mean?

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Posted in: Policewoman shot dead in Paris as tension mounts See in context

"If every gun have a bullet sample from makers that was fired first before selling it mach to serial number, then we can easily track any gun related accident who owns and came from even knows who instigated any chaos among nations. Do you think world agency's apply this? Or we just adapt covert and invert in any cases (individually or by nation).

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Posted in: Merkel sets strict terms on easing Russia sanctions See in context

"The earlier the better, two continent are sweeping while Europe is chocking, people need to be relieve now while there's a chance to catch up and balance economical position which then benefit all among laborers which then improve welfare and livelihood among Europeans that makes the "World at Best" for all"...010815jimmy Godspeed

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Posted in: Deal salvaged at U.N. climate talks in Peru See in context

Regraft the basic statistic of individual which percentigize every needs including usage and effect of global warming so it's not bases by other nation but a nation itself statistically on their wages perimeter to start with, in these,every human will be accounted in accordance of status quo for its natural that rich individual consummate more and not bias for the benefit health of our planet. It is us that carry the burden of our actions none other else...Good Luck

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Posted in: Putin breaks silence on family See in context

For the sensitivity of management, never expose your inner circle cause they will be sitting duck in every field of covertions...

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Posted in: China will never use force to achieve its goals: Xi See in context

Nice objective...Partial knowledge it did open just to detest those chosen and while the road that was cemented, none ever yet knew what will pass then and the worst part they neglected and sanction who put them in the summit. Oh well. Keep it up!

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Posted in: Iraqis show no sign of uniting in response to massacre of Sunni tribe See in context

Tribes knew and want portions, whether power, influence,territory, arms, oil, and money, these are what it flows in the desert river...Quid Pro Quo

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Posted in: Red warning lights flashing for global economy See in context

Wrong! The simple answer is sanction, tupid... The market is choked by sanction which integrated around the world even to the poorest nation funk.enjoy the covert and invert to fear those nations who has cash in M.E. Nations which is not last long for others secured already and ready to Rambo to Oil Market which cause chaos there every time economy and Money is deflated.Calculate and measure customers and consumers globally or regionally even creating hatetreds, still numbers exceeds to reality...

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Posted in: Work starts in Ukraine to collect wreckage of MH17 See in context

It's poker game in Ukraine among players, lol, Vlad layed his cards 4aces, others bidders holding different cards which has 4aces also. Some ask "What's the deal on these?",Porochenko said, this is how we played here! Like fracking under the pipeline...my funk casino name "Nothing To Lose"...

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Posted in: G-20 leaders agree on $2 trillion boost to growth See in context

We'll access and explain the direction of World Map, not putting chaos as political influence which make it more delays and confusion, and while implementations will be there and some might be farther or nearer to the likes of few in cohort to progressive developments and right strategy, it will all benefited among's after all. So start a good reconcile in all'th hindrance so moving forward keep it on for all. Some openly volunteered and has a positive plan, and others already interconnected- means a signal of rejoining peace and prosperity, it is a good sign that they understand how humanity heading in our planet with color blind to achieve our civility goals. I'm looking forward next year for the release of 2 trillion dollars to fund the new projects that will help nations reach the goals. G-8 February 21st 2015 is my request to release the fund to IMF and World Bank a trillion each.Tyvm and Goodspeed, peace to all

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Posted in: Power plays: Relationships to watch at G-20 summit See in context

" Start to play down and solutionalize difference's among policy's that does not materialized, I knew you all, by club or regional hemisphere of billioneers, projects and infrustracture are a must to move forward for win, win, progressive among inhabitance in our planet..."11-15-14 jimmy, among your figures 2 trillion can be easily obtain and release if I can see improvements among friends and for (world maps ) pipeline that can also include highways and speed or maglev rails plus infrustracture that can be relaxation for travelers. Plan what it needs the length of travel cause even commodities sometimes needs to stock.God Speed.

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Posted in: Banker hopes for smalltown encore with 'curtain call' loans See in context

Although economy depend in labor, it does effect also population if we don't measure strength among our workers to repopulate our nation so as family matters as consolation...

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Posted in: U.S. says TPP is priority, as China touts free-trade zone See in context

Free trade, means the opening of all products and no more top secret abound but only those in drawing board. In deed it will help more to those unadvace nation, take note all are for sale.in short it's a forwarding move for transparency . What you got Lol

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Posted in: Asia-Pacific ministers endorse trade, graft pacts See in context

Forward your roadmap by opening Silk Road for future progressiveness of economy, better to surprise and have option among those in stealmate economy nations to look forward than blah,blah,blah, fear etc, to connect their self later if they want. Let the action begin, spread the opportunity.Goodspeed and Goodluck.

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Posted in: 25 years after its fall, Putin puts Berlin Wall's lessons front and center See in context

Yellow ball played in between powers...ts amongst

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Posted in: Why does 'Engrish' happen in Japan? See in context

Lol, It's a sense of thought without delivering grammatical expression, a direct answer to wondering curiousity of an eye, take note "It' a sign" to fake fountain and for sight seeing. wakaro ka?

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Posted in: WTO at a crossroads amid blocked trade deal See in context

Since these are cooperative among's ,Stockpiling can be used for catastrophic circumstances by other nation as we'll as concern, a leverage to miliminize standard as help or donation. All'th conjunction by numbers,must declare,to guard and watch then inspected by organization echelon, so nobody will violate the rules and term. It can be circulated upon mostly to those who have excessive due to the fact that things sometimes happens unpredictable in our planet. Study we'll not for reasons of interest but for fairness ground among.

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Posted in: Putin to attend G20 summit in Australia See in context

Contribute a wellness among people as leader including your neighbors, not creating a chaos that will spread in continents. Common sense are lacking among decisions of few powerful nations and funny to see that novato twisted some old guards including queens and kings while pleasant dwellers saw and felt the consequences .lol

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Posted in: Top finance officials grapple with weak growth See in context

It was declared already how to guard any existing epidemic of any kind 1986 Japan but those knowledgable nations which has different agenda that studying dangerous epidemic that creating anti dote and owned pharmaceutical can airborne it to lesser knowledgable nations as bargaining chips to crack their natural resources so as use for Primarily World agenda and policy. These are already conjuncture with environment Global Warming on the text. And as Legarde said (IMF) it's real and be bolder, it might be radical by view but the weight are universal. Constraining consequences by illusions not by factoid can not advance any progress, best are formed then renegade and innovate to attach tranquility of unending success . Among of you knows that bigger space is more better for expanding rather than small or divided whether financial or any kind of form, for our world population and and the earth itself ain't shrinking but expanding and also billionaires views are lacking horizon to creat or investing their assets. Think!

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Posted in: Financial leaders pledge 'bold' action on economic recovery See in context

Some outreach easily the goals,but the problem is the captain want rough harrizon to cut the Adm.Admiral envisioned by saction. Solve it Dr. Kim president of World Bank?

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Posted in: U.S. says Russia firing artillery at Ukraine military See in context

" You can not rob a beggar when still heading to the place he/she alms..."072414jimmy

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Posted in: Ukraine says military plane 'likely' shot down from Russia See in context

Railway,highway, and pipeline way the pot of this mess. Some far away can not reach the cards so they are asking royalties not owning the casino.Shame!

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Posted in: Australian PM ribbed over 'cringe-worthy' photo with Abe See in context

Standard procedure to work area, safety first is a gesture to show concern to any visitors in a work area...duhhh

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Posted in: World's largest all-LED vegetable plant starts operations See in context

Something big for stepping farther to open up...outer home...u dig it?

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