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Posted in: Child fatally assaulted by father was earlier released from custody despite his sexual abuse of her See in context

This is literally disgusting, he deserves a death penalty.

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Posted in: Japan to spend more on defense, refit 1st aircraft carrier See in context

Alright guys, I know that spending taxes on welfare is important but we should be discussing Why the government spent on defence and shouldn’t be talking about Instead of... whatever. Cause that’s completely nonsense and you could say it whenever the government approves anything. So, back to the story, my opinion is, since China and both Korea is being a threat to japan for several years now, I think they considered them as a hypothetical enemy.

I actually don’t understand why people are so much against these case when China, especially, is literary invading SE Asia.

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Posted in: There has been some criticism in Japan of freelance journalist Jumpei Yasuda, who was freed after being held hostage in Syria for more than three years, that if you go to a dangerous place, despite the government urging you not to, and are taken prisoner, you get what you asked for (referred to in Japanese as jiko sekinin or self-responsibility). Do you agree with this view? See in context

Okay, I’ve read through Yasuda’s tweets but apparently he talks about self responsibility when travelling to somewhere the government doesn’t allow you to go... like Syria..etc he also said something like ‘I don’t wont people to think that the government has done something’ which made me felt strange. Furthermore, he claims to be prisoned for 3 whole years in Syria but his skin conditions looks exactly the same as he used to be. What’s strange is that the Japanese government announced that there weren’t any departure record of Yasuda using a Japanese passport. He really might be Korean(no offence). And the topic is basically about Yasuda, not the journalism itself. Finally, what I want to say is, why aren’t there any holy spirited journalist eger to tell us about what’s happening in Uygur and Tibet? Btw Yasuda did almost nothing special and this is like his 5th time getting caught in that specific region. Maybe we should ask him how does de feel like to dump taxes.

P.S. He seems to be looking down on people from Arabs.

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Posted in: Police officer in koban stabbed to death in Sendai; attacker shot dead See in context

This again. I think the Japanese cops should fire guns more often so that there would be less people trying to attack them. Like the us cops, for example.

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Posted in: Protesters across U.S. call on Trump to reunite immigrant families See in context

Family belongs together? Huh don’t make me laugh, we could ship you back right away! lol jk

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Posted in: S Korea revels in World Cup revenge against Germany See in context

I’m not sure about this but it seems that it’s is appreciated to charge or physically stick around to the player who has the ball in S.Korea. This game was really a lucky game since the German GK abandoned his job.

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Posted in: Mayor in western Tokyo to resign over sexual harassment See in context

I think that the Japanese in upper class thinks they could do what ever they want. Thus the Japanese culture sometimes look down on women. I suppose

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