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Outside of the fake marriages, divorces between spouses, thus possibly losing the "spouse" visa, those I understand, but yet I am curious to know more details on how the children of Japanese nationals had their visas taken away.

"Child or spouse of a Japanese national" is a Japanese visa category. It's entirely possible that 100% of those who lost their visas were spouses but that the available statistics didn't provide any further granularity beyond visa category.

Why would a child of a Japanese national need a visa in the first place? They are Japanese. Unless of course they made the choice to NOT take their Japanese citizenship, thus living here as a foreigner and NOT as a Japanese citizen, making them the same as any other foreigner in country, having to follow the immigration laws and having a residence status.

They would need a visa if they were adopted and had no Japanese biological parents, or if they had foregone their Japanese citizenship. "Child or spouse of a Japanese national" is a residence status.

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Posted in: It is now OK for train drivers on JR Central lines to drink water See in context

If you are getting into an airliner, will your best impression be formed if you saw the Captain and he's glugging water?

I wouldn't care in the slightest. What kind of psychopath would take issue with that?

How about salesladies in the shop glugging water?

I think it would be a bit rude to be drinking in the middle of interacting with customers, but if a clerk wants to take a wip when there's a momentary lull, I would not take any issue with that.

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