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Posted in: Kumi Koda returns to showbiz this week 3 months after giving birth See in context

I am very happy for her and am glad she is making her money.

What I want to know is how celebrities can have their babies and be back to pre-pregnancy size in a couple of months while the average Jane takes about a year or so to get her body back to pre-pregnancy state WITH NO poouch tummy hanging out. Me thinks celebrities have secret surgeries or hire fantastic personal trainers to which regular people don't hv access to the special exercises they use.

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Posted in: Japan's indifference to 'Gangnam Style' riles S Korea See in context

The song is stuck in my head. I find it fun and silly. Aside from that the world is liking the song yet some Korean entity is upset that Japan just doesn't care? Really? Why be mad that 1% of the world isn't interested. Sounds like angry child syndrome.

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Posted in: Taliban gunmen shoot 14-year-old girl activist in Pakistan See in context

This is pure hate against women/little girls and different beliefs. Is there anyone who can or will stand up against these murderers and manipulators?

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Posted in: American soft ice cream brand Mister Softee debuts in Japan See in context


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Posted in: Drug trial begins for Japanese teen in Bali See in context

Drugs are bad. Never bring a person to a better place in life. Only lower.

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Posted in: Man robs convenience store of Y700,000 See in context

Time to keep tazers and meat cleavers behind the counters.

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Posted in: How to stop kids from walking into door handles See in context

I'd buy em. Who wants their kids to get hurt in any fashion? I don't. I see them as a great way to prevent eyes from getting poked and knots adorning foreheads. Some see them as stupid I see them as child proofing the home so I don't to spend time or money in the ER.

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Posted in: Afghans angry at Koran burning in Florida kill 7 at U.N. compound See in context

Futile. It is all futile.

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Posted in: Earthquakes and cherry blossoms: Japan's reminder of mortality See in context

Reading about the couple living in their car pulls at my heart strings. These are the times where I was extremely rich. I'd walk up to their car, give them a couple million yen and tell them that hope has come their way today.

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Posted in: Can Apple thrive without its visionary CEO? See in context

I agree with all tkoind2 stated. The only reason some are questioning whether Apple will stand with Jobs on leave is because they put Jobs in "god-status". Jobs already knowing his own frailty in life has already groomed the person after him to take his place. He is a wise man and took care of all in case the inevitable happen while he was the standing CEO.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan discussed action against anti-whalers: WikiLeaks See in context

I am in agreement with the Japanese gov't. This IS becoming a political and a foreign affairs issue. People coming into your home and telling you to stop doing things that you have been doing YEARS before you even existed?? Please. Anyone who is willing to go berserk over an animal while HUMANS in their own country are being slaughtered DAILY needs to be sat down and I don't mean in a good way. Revoke their all rights as a group and slap them with a terrorist label. They want to use similar tactics as terrorists, let them be treated like them.

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