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Posted in: Nothing can stop Tokyo Olympics from going ahead: IOC's Coates See in context

Thee some old men who are totally not in sync with reality, not just in Japan but also Australia.

This idiot should not be telling Japanese people how to run their lives. Japanese people's health and safety comes first before any games.

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Posted in: Swimming star Ikee answers anti-Olympic messages See in context

I wish you the best, Ikee.

You are a very strong person and take good care of yourself.

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Posted in: Packed trains, drinking: Japanese impatient over anti-virus measures See in context

This is the second year I am writing off as my plans to move to another country have been shelved as majority of countries at the moment are reluctant to open borders to foreigners.

May even be half of next year before I see any progress.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 591 new coronavirus cases; 747 in Osaka See in context

Again, Tokyo not reporting the number of tests. Must be very low, below 5000.

It's all about Olympics.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for dumping boiling water on 1-year-old daughter See in context

I have difficulty reading this.

Is she a abandoned single mother needing help in many ways?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 609 new coronavirus cases; 884 in Osaka See in context

Once again, Tokyo is not reporting the number of tests done to keep the infected numbers low.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,027 new coronavirus cases; Osaka 1,171 See in context

Kyakusenbi_Arimasu, rest of the world is actually testing it's people than just a handful of people in Japan to keep the numbers low.

Japan ranks in the lower part of the countries for it's response to COVID-19.

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Posted in: Young widow arrested for killing Japanese 'Don Juan' in 2018 See in context

I never ever disclose my financial position to anyone other than my financial advisors.

Simply do not want to attract the wrong type of people.

Even my car, I usually park it far away when meeting friends.

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Posted in: Young widow arrested for killing Japanese 'Don Juan' in 2018 See in context

I had a friend who was the ultimate womanizers. Not rich but good looking, had the gift of talking up women, dressed elegantly all the times.

He must have dated over 1000 thousand women. But he never married. He was the happiest person I have know.

His downfall was that he drank a lot. When we would go out, he would drink 3 drinks in time I drank one.

He went back to UK. I tried getting in touch with him but not possible.

Not sure what happened to him.

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Posted in: Do you think Olympic athletes in any country should be allowed to "jump the queue" and be vaccinated before other people? See in context

I would have medical workers, nursing homes, older seniors, service workers, teachers, law enforcement be tested first than athletes. I have been a athlete all my life and love sports but it's not a priority.

More needy people first.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers defend request for 500 nurses as virus spikes See in context

Money rules over public safety.

Way to go, Japan, the World is laughing. lol

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Posted in: Japan's coronavirus death toll tops 10,000 See in context

Not surprising the Tokyo numbers are low as only 5,594 were tested in a metro Tokyo population of 34 million.

Olympics and money rules over public safety.

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Posted in: Man arrested for defrauding his 35 girlfriends See in context

I had difficulty handling 3 women at the same time. lol

Those days are long gone and it was fun....

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Posted in: Cultural Affairs Commissioner criticizes Japanese music, angering many See in context

This man is right. You have to up your game than the sleepy Japanese music.

Think hard , loud and just do it.

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Posted in: 77-year-old man arrested over wife’s murder See in context

Is Death with Dignity available in Japan?

If I was a terminal person, I would rather have the injections and die peacefully than labor others for years.

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Posted in: 19-year-old mother charged with murder of newborn son See in context

I thought abortion was available in Japan.

Mistakes happen.

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Posted in: Bodies of 2 adults and 2 children found in parked car in Yokohama See in context

This seems like a daily occurrence.

How could it be stopped?

Japan and Korea lead the world in suicides. Not a record to be had.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. plan to keep watch on Rakuten after Tencent investment See in context

I have investments in a number of companies. The difference is Investors get an annual percentage return of investments. Majority of investors are NOT involved in the running of the company.

This is different from having shares in a company. Highest share holders will be involved in the running of the company.

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Posted in: Loneliness is rampant. A simple call, or hug, may be a cure See in context

Loneness is one of the biggest decease in the world.

Better to talk and be out and about, talk to anyone, even just saying Hello and staring a conversation.

Also do reading, aloud, helps.

Never break bridges with anyone because you never know when you may need them.

Smile and think less.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 405 coronavirus cases; 719 in Osaka See in context

Keep numbers down by testing only 5,459 in metro Tokyo! lol

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 543 coronavirus cases; 1,220 in Osaka See in context

The number of tests have not been shown for Sunday 18th. The number of tests in Tokyo show are for 15th.

I bet fewer tests wee conducted to keep the numbers low on Sunday 18th.

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Posted in: 84% of Americans view Japan positively: U.S. poll See in context

Majority of he Americans do not know where Japan is and it's values.

Not saying in a negative fashion but reality.

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Posted in: Koike says Tokyo Olympics will rekindle hope like 1920 Games after war, Spanish flu See in context

The Antwerp games were many years AFTER the Spanish flu had FINISHED.

We are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic now.

Putting Money above the LIVES of the people if the Games continue.

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Posted in: Head of Tokyo Olympics again says Games will not be canceled See in context

Money Talks......

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Posted in: S Korean consortium to produce 100 mil doses a month of Russia's Sputnik V vaccine See in context

Michael Machida: almost 92.00% effective.

Very good vaccine.

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Posted in: Mercedes rolls out luxury electric car in duel with Tesla See in context

If you have driven a Mercedes Benz, then, It's Mercedes Benz or Nothing!

My Mercedes Benz Sports car is 20 years old, well maintained and looks and feels like new. I just can't let go of it.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 591 coronavirus cases; record-high 1,130 for Osaka See in context

Don't know weather to laugh or cry, only 1,829 tests in metro Tokyo, a population of about 34 million??

The Tokyo Governor should be ashamed of herself. Doesn't anyone in the media have balls to ask the Tokyo Governor why so little testing?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 510 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,452 See in context

Not even 5000 tested in Tokyo to keep the numbers low. Very sad state of affairs.

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Posted in: Retiring in Japan: What’s the best strategy? See in context

20 million yen seems pretty little to me. Can you really live on that in retirement?

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Posted in: Chinese vaccines 'don’t have very high protection rates,' says official See in context

This is the last we will hear from Gao Fu.

Will totally disappear or die from unknow causes.

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