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Posted in: Immigration agency admits to mistreatment of Sri Lankan before her death See in context

I simply don't understand that doctors are not available on weekends in Japan.

They should have rotational schedules and some are available at the weekend.

Patients come first.

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Posted in: Man arrested in train stabbings says he suffered rejection in relationships See in context

It is wrong to label someone as a loser.

A lot happens and not happens in our lives.

I am a highly educated, good looking and have good personal relationships.

I also have had a lot of rejections in life, both work and relationships.

Things not always go the way we want them to be. After each rejection, if we do not analyze what we did wrong, we would be in a desperate place.

We cannot have everything that we want in life.

I read somewhere that we win only sometimes. so be prepared for a lot rejections and you will not be disappointed.

There is a lot of fish in the pond.

I read something from a big American Investment company, one of the founders said,

Keep your expectations low so if things do not workout as you expected, you have little to loose.

We need to stay calm and if things work out celebrate otherwise move one.

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Posted in: Vietnam to reduce quarantine for fully vaccinated travelers See in context

I am fully vaccinated and will not travel to any country where half or all of my vacation is spent locked up in a hotel.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy suspected of kicking 6-year-old sister to death See in context

Injuries will tell if it was a fall or punches and kicks.

No wonder that the hospital called the police as the injuries were not consistent with a fall.

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Posted in: Washington football team bans headdresses, face paint See in context

Wearing eye black is not a fashion statement. It is to cut down on reflection in sunshine.

All Blacks is named after the ALL black jerseys and not any culture.

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Posted in: Canada, Sweden ask for time change for women's soccer final due to heat See in context

I have been going rock climbing for the past 3 months and the weather has been like being in a red hot oven. It's 2 hours I do and longer than a football game.

Athletes are fitter than me and should be able to endure the 90 minutes game. Thy should be given at least one break each half to refresh. I carry gaterode with me.

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Posted in: Canada, Sweden ask for time change for women's soccer final due to heat See in context

Request denied by IOC.

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Posted in: Canada, Sweden ask for time change for women's soccer final due to heat See in context

NBC pays billions of dollars but as someone else said, USA team is out and not much USA following for this game. Could be changed.

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Posted in: Australian Olympic athletes under fire for rowdy, drunken flight home See in context

What is new? On my many travels around the world, have found nobody but the drunk Australians or the British being rowdy and causing trouble.

These two cultures cannot control their drinking but think it is manly to drink a lot.

Not too long ago, a Australian drunk couple killed a policeman in Bali who was trying to stop the rowdiness.

Japan should send the bill to Australia plus ban these players like American airlines do, and Australia should ban these players not only for playing but also flying.

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Posted in: Man dies after being assaulted, thrown off bridge in Osaka See in context

How cruel. No one came to the aid of the victim and some people just want to film and not help.

Today's phone addicts.

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Posted in: Court denies Belarus sprinter's legal bid to run in Olympics See in context

If it was not for the Dictator in Belarus, I would not have any sympathy for her.

But her life was truly in danger after she criticized her coaches and returned back to Belarus.

She has a lot to learn. She wants her cake and eat it too.

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Posted in: Simone Biles to return for balance beam finals See in context

Mental Health issues are not day to day, nor pick and chose events that you want to participate in, also having a bad day at the Olympics.

It is indeed pressure to perform the work she has chosen like we all do in our work places. Some people can handle pressure better than others.

Please, do not use the 'Mental Health' issue as you are belittling people who actually have Mental Health issues and also for years. I have a friend who is battling mental health for many decades after he was molested by his own father at the age of 10.

Biles has had a good life and should be gracious when she does not do well like other USA athletes.

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Posted in: Olympic vehicle injures 2 in suspected hit-and-run accident in Tokyo See in context

It's an accident. Please stop no matter who your passenger is.

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Posted in: Official: Belarus sprinter receives Polish humanitarian visa See in context

Same treatment from Japan was not offered to the Black Ugandan athlete.

He was sent back to Uganda.

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Posted in: Belarus runner alleges Olympic team tried to send her home See in context

Japan has to be careful as to what they do with the athletes seeking asylum.

They go easy on one, flood gates will open and thousands will be lining up for asylum.

seems like the Japanese Olympic committee did not do enough research.

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Posted in: Nigerian sprinter Okagbare suspended after positive for HGH See in context

suspension is "provisional" because there is a A test and a B test.

Two tests. Any full suspensions will be after the second B test results.

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Posted in: U.S. swimmer suggests his Olympic races were 'probably not clean' See in context

Doping is way ahead of testing.

Question is, which swimmer is clean? Probably very few.

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Posted in: Japanese sandwiches give foreign reporters culture shock at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Peanut butter sandwiches are used in USA, for kids!

All the reporters will lose a lot of weight just living on these.

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Posted in: American gymnast Sunisa Lee takes Olympic gold See in context

Prosody: I cannot answer you questions completely as it would take 3 big books to write my life story.

I am not a woman of color but a man of color.

My parents passed away when I was in High School and I was left with two choices.

There was no money. Do nothing or continue with schooling and work part time to pay for everything.

I chose the latter. It was a lot of hard work, doing without a lot of things and eventually now I am a very humble and very financially stable person. I do not even need to work even though I am still young.

Life can be tough and keep calm and sail to better days.

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Posted in: American gymnast Sunisa Lee takes Olympic gold See in context

Sunisa, all class and glory and no excuses after what she had gone through.

All the best in the future as your life is all ahead of you.


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Posted in: U.S. pole vaulter's positive test sends entire Australian track team into isolation See in context

When you put other's health in jeopardy, it is not a choice nor democracy.

To get vaccinated is also showing respect for others.

USA has had protocols for various diseases in the past for various groups to be vaccinated, not through choice.

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Posted in: For Biles, it finally all becomes too much See in context

Mental Health issues is not that you perform badly in an event and decide and chose what events you want to participate in.

Some athletes want all the fame but blame others when they do not do well.

Biles had no issues nor setbacks prior to her performances.

Look at Suni Lee of USA. Her father fell from a ladder and got paralyzed. Two of her family members died from Covid-19. She also had Covid-19.

This is not only pressure but mentally disturbing.

Sui goes on to win the Gold Medal.

I have a friend who was abused when he was 10 years and now he is in his 50s. He is still mentally disturbed and challenged. This is mental health and not just everyday pressure that most of us have to deal with at work and other happenings.

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Posted in: 21-year-old man arrested over murder of 85-year-old woman in Miyagi See in context

Criminals like him should burn in hell. Nobody wants to die no matter what their age is.

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Posted in: Suga denies IOC pressure to hold Olympics: report See in context

Recorded Infections in Japan are 'low' because there is very little testing being done in Japan compared to most countries. Testing daily should be 10 times than the meagre testing is being done.

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Posted in: Police find missing Ugandan weightlifter in Mie Prefecture See in context

The Uganda Embassy has stated that he would be leaving Japan on July 21st.

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Posted in: Drunk droning arrest first of its kind in Aichi Prefecture See in context

This man reminds me of a friend who would start drinking even early in the morning.

I remember being in Hawaii as I was having breakfast and drinking coffee, he appears in the kitchen area with a beer in his hand. He could drink, a lot. If I had been drinking like him, I'd been dead a long time ago.

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Posted in: Missing Ugandan athlete spotted on camera at Nagoya Station See in context

Athletes who breach the IOC playbook rules are deported and never allowed back in Japan.

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Posted in: American father, son get prison terms for helping Ghosn escape See in context

A slap on the wrist for such little jail time for such high crimes.

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Posted in: Eyes on the goal: Women's soccer goes pro in Japan See in context

I have coached teams in USA and know what is required to get to the top.

USA football program is the Gold standard.

When I go to the Health club, I see High school and Collage athletes' come in fully fit and workout a few hours with no smartphones' and go back back. This is in addition to whatever exercise they do at School and Collage.

It's called Dedication.

In USA, football is played from kindergarten to Collage.

A program is in place.

Setting up a League is one thing but will the players have the time to workout to strengthen, also work with coaches on drills?

If the Japan work requires these women to work endless hours and no time for play, then it's a thankless task.

I would like to coach and also setup a program like in USA where we breed players from a young age and progress.

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Posted in: Foreign luxury cars see brisk sales in Japan See in context

I have a Mercedes Benz sports car. I have enjoyed the quality it has including the safety features and I would not want to drive any thing else. It's Mercedes Benz or Nothing!

I have it for 20 years and still feels new.

Please excuse italics as I had no control over it.

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