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jinkoenig comments

Posted in: Obama says Japan's wartime sex slavery was 'terrible' violation of human rights See in context

Yes. If it's true.

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Posted in: Japanese girl mauled by dogs in NZ was bitten 100 times See in context

I can't help praying for her recovery.

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Posted in: Crown prince has A-type flu virus See in context

I cannot help praying to get well as fast as possible.

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Posted in: Fisherman rescued in Pacific after tuna boat fire See in context

I'd like to know detail information of this happening. For instance, was it attacked?

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Posted in: Most Japanese want Abe to heed fallout over Yasukuni: poll See in context

This news source differs from the information that I know. Many Japanese approve Abe prime ministers visiting Yasukuni shrine. To begin with, Abe prime minister has made nobody trouble by this behavior. On the other hand, Chinese actions are very troublesome for Japan. For example, a collision vessel, a rock-on attacking, the violation of Japanese territorial sky and water many times, ADIZ problem so on. Abe PMs behavior is natural but Chinese attacking actions are illegal. I do not know why PM Yasukuni visiting affects bad influence to the world?

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Posted in: 11-year-old boy in critical condition after being hit by car in Saitama See in context

I think, bad drivers are always high speed a straight line but they often turn right difficulty due to lack of skill!! As you know, Japan’s road traffic rule is a keep to the right therefore right turn timing make a timely to thread coming car way. If a poor skill driver’s car drive ahead of you, then you wouldn’t go to turn right so long time but you really surprise this car because this car will be unbelievable high speed as soon as enter to a straight road. Good drivers are not only safety a right turn with smoothly but also safety speed on a straight road.

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Posted in: Japan hangs two death-row inmates See in context

Don't make a noise 'Cause it's natural to execute them to hang. They were murderer. Do you know why Japanese condemned criminals are hung? Because as a punishment for giving pain. I think, unti-executions don't understand victim's sensation!! I never forgive condemned criminals and I want to hang them all as fast as possible.

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Posted in: People power See in context

I wonder why they haven't protested Chinese invasion actions. I'd like to tell this reason. Why they only attack Japanese government? It's obvious that China is bad behavior. Do a demonstration front of Chinese embassy as well as crazy against state-secrets law demonstration! Why they never do it?

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Posted in: Pool lifeguard apparently drowns See in context

He might get an electric shock or not? Because our lifeguard has to clean job after pool close then we use a cleaning robot. This cleaning robot is need an electric power from somewhere socket. Even if he had been wet, he might be got an electric shock probably. Of course, I always beware about electric shock in a pool.

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Posted in: 98 windows smashed, staff room flooded at Odawara school See in context

I think, an adult people (include teachers) must scold students if they do an evil deed. If it needs, inflict corporal punishment for them. These physical punishments will be for these bad students. Recently, current trend is physical punishments are too bad for child. But I think, Of course overdoing is bad but an adult people ought to instruct human’s rules to children then often using a physical punishment on them. We certain teach them that these are bad or these are good by bodily punishment now and then.

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Posted in: Japan executes three death-row inmates See in context

Mr.Patric Smash, Absolutely, I knew many innocent prisoners at old time. But I think, we have to separate problem of a false charge and death penalty. And now, there’re very few these false charge problems in Japan due to progress of science force. Therefore current judges are really accurate.

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Posted in: Japan executes three death-row inmates See in context

“Reducing murder rate?” What’s the meaning of the sentence about it? Death penalty is only penalty for murders. We don’t expect reducing murder rate by this penalty. Humans are not born killers certainly on the other hand, humans have got a responsibility. Therefore it’s right to bear the responsibility!!

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Posted in: Japan executes three death-row inmates See in context

It’s natural to hang these condemned criminals. Their crimes never forgive except compensation their life. I believe that an erasure of offense is only able to remove the death penalty!! Please consider victims especially very young children and their parents. I wonder why anti-death penalty people can say, stop the hanging.

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Posted in: Chinese frigate locked radar on Japanese navy vessel See in context

I dont understand why Abe government is right wing? It is no problem to issue self-defense force to an invasion. I wonder why China said Senkaku islands are Chinese territory. It goes without saying these are Japanese. How does China think, if Japan pronounces that Manchria is Japanese territory? Are Chinese people right wing? Chinese are offended by this sentence.

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Posted in: Death row inmates want prior warning instead of being told on day of execution See in context

It is difficult to receive their request. They seem to be no regret though they have happened serious crime. I think it cannot be expected a hanging. All their requests are meaningless and we never hear their voice. Because they are already sentenced the death penalty.

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Posted in: Supreme Court rules making teachers sing 'Kimigayo' is constitutional See in context

Japanese school teachers are really crazy and foolish. i wonder why they can't sing a national anthem as they're standing. they don't have a common sense therefore student has come to be foolish.

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Posted in: S Korean PM criticizes Japanese gov't for boycotting Korean Air See in context

i can't believe Korean's action 'Cause it goes without saying the island of Takeshima is a formal Japanese territory. but they have captured by unlawful occupation. i think, they should have to release the island as fast as possible.

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Posted in: Reaching for the universe See in context

but i think, she seems to be cute especially her vampish teeth !!

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Posted in: World's smallest Windows 7 computer See in context

World's smallest computer!? Can this computer install Visual C++ development tool and can this computer run a software compiling by this application? Even if it can do, I recognize this device is a computer.

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