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Posted in: What are some of your favorite examples of the way English is misused in products, advertising and pop culture in Japan? See in context

saw a young boy wearing a T-shirt that read masturbating is not a crime. there is a new appartment building near my house called hard on my favourite is the budget toilet paper my wife bought called daily load

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Posted in: A day at the beach See in context

I thought they were digging for Asari (japanese clams) ,that's what I and millions of other people did today..and they are taken home and eaten..usually in miso soup

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Posted in: Three dead, one child severely injured in Nagoya head-on collision See in context

I wonder how many of them were actually wearing seat belts

my thoughts exactly,and how many were using a mobile phone and/or watching TV

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Posted in: Figure skating gets more attention than Toyota's problems in Japan See in context

The Japanese don't like bad news and secretly they have huge pride in the Toyota name. Now they have inner shame. The president has scurried over to congress and apologized in the Japanese way.In Japan expressing regret,then carrying on as if nothing ever happened is more than adequate to get you out of most bad situations. The public hate any bad news,especially as toyota have put shame on the country internationally..so as usual they just bury their heads in the sand, look the other way,change the channel and watch the olympics.another problem solved the Japanese way. There are intelligent people in Japan who access foreign media or read quality newspapers but they are in a small minority. I love watching the TV news when they do report a terrible crime in Japan,the newsreaders read the report with a serious face,then when finished they stare at the desk for a few seconds,maybe a sigh or a humm,then back to a report on someone who went to an onsen 'kirei' then ate some 'oiishii' food...and all is well in the world.

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Posted in: Two-year-old boy found dead in puddle in Ibaraki See in context

and the reason why they didn't find him until 9pm was that there would have had to be liaison meetings about further meetings between the rescue services,lots of standing around until everyone was satisfied that the correct channels had been followed,form signing,lots of lip sucking and can coffee drinking...and then finally being careful not to tread on anyone's toes then the search would start...too late

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Posted in: Two-year-old boy found dead in puddle in Ibaraki See in context

Sounds very strange My 2yr old boy would freak out if he was left outside alone..and i would never leave any of my kids alone with dogs. probablly she got engrossed with some mindless garbage on TV or her Ketai

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Posted in: Over 70 dogs perish in Nara pet shop fire See in context

I can feel their pain as they took their last breath.

Can you?? If so get to the hospital quick,might be something serious

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Posted in: Jury member loses cool in Miyagi high school girl rape case See in context

How do I say 'you piss me off' in Japanese?

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Posted in: Obama's bow to emperor causes outrage in Washington See in context

"touch!",Kancho then "good jobu!"

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Posted in: Younger twin stabs older sister after argument See in context

older by how many minutes?

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Posted in: How to stay beautiful in Japan through your diet See in context

Japanese kids have very nice skin,but once they get into their teens and twenties the girls skin is awful.I think Chinese,Korean,Thai and Fillipino girls have much better skin than japanese girls blemishes,huge moles and sun damage maybe someone has been looking at too many photoshop images on the net.

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Posted in: Last call for Kabukicho red-light district See in context

Tokyo is becoming very boring...

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Posted in: Youth found dead in vacant lot in Shizuoka; police suspect bike gang involvement See in context

bike gang..no loss ..less noise

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Posted in: Kano Sisters See in context

Kyoko -'filth' Mika -'wisdom'..not to spend so much money making her face look like she is living in a wind tunnel

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Posted in: Temple burns down as monk attacked by hornets See in context


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Posted in: What behavior by train passengers bugs you the most? See in context

groups of gaijin who sit on trains loudly complaining about trains whilst assuming those around cant understand them.

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