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Posted in: Nike ad addresses bullying and racism in Japan; riles up debate online See in context

The commercial is controversial because one of the participants is real. And she goes to a North Korean school in Japan. This was confirmed not just by Japanese sources, but by South Korean news sources (Donga Ilbo) as well.

However, the Nike commercial hid this by filming her inside a regular Japanese school. Critics have complained that the discrimination scenario they created for the North Korean Zainichi is a fictional scenario, as records show the woman has never attended a Japanese school in her life (the ad depicts her being bullied in a Japanese school by Japanese classmates)

And in interviews, this woman has expressed interest in representing the North Korean national team, not Japan. North Korea is a brutal terrorist state and regime that tortures and imprisons and kills not its own people as well as those abroad and actively develops weapon of mass destruction like VX poison gas and nuclear ICBMs.

You can't be racist against "North Korean" because North Korean is not an ethnicity -- "Korean" is an ethnicity and culture. "North Korean" is a political ideology. Calling somebody racist against Koreans because they don't like North Koreans in Japan * is like calling somebody racist against Muslims because they don't like ISIS and Al Qaeda members. Until they were called out and exposed and busted by the media, these schools in Japan had pictures of tyrant and terrorist Kim Jong Il at the front of every classroom.

When parents enroll their kids in these North Korean schools, a portion of the tuition goes to Chongryon, which intelligence agencies believe launders money and sends to North Korea, which is then used to fund the evil regime's gulags, military, VX gas and atomic bomb and assassination squads, and pay for Kim Jong Un's brandy, cheese, and exotic cars. Chongryon opposes Koreans integrating into Japanese society.

For those that are unaware, Zainichi in Japan do have a choice if they wish to educate their child in a Korean environment: schools and institutions exist in Japan that are aligned with South Korea. The Japanese far right do not protest the South Korean schools.

Ironically, this commercial may be illegal to show in South Korea: in South Korea, it is illegal to publish anything that portrays North Korea in a positive light.

Unlike Koreans trapped in the DPRK, Koreans in Japan have a choice as to which government they align with.

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