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When it comes to phone creators these days, because technology advances at such a rapid pace, we are really only paying for the name behind the phone.

Alcatel, Huawei, OnePlus, and more make phones that work exactly the same and do all the same thing.

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Posted in: Some of Samsung's new folding phones are already breaking See in context


you’re right.

Half my screen went black and now it’s blinking in and out. My phone only arrived this morning. This sucks.

But the good news is, because my phone is from T-Mobile, I can leverage this issue into getting my phone for free or at least 60% off.

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There is a clear notation on the phone that says do not remove the protective covering. Sadly many people are removing the covering. The covering is similar to the usual plastic film that covers a screen when you first get it. However, this one is not to be removed.

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There’s a note on the back that clearly says. Don’t remove the protective covering. People are removing the covering without reading it.

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The issue with the expectations for kids to learn English is that they haven’t given serious thought to implementation of their goals. They simply set a target and then left it to the wind to blow them in the right direction.

Also, Eiken is a horrible exam and has no real use in actual English usage. I know too many high school students and college students that have Eiken Grade 1, pre 1, and 2. Many of them can’t have a proper conversation outside of the Eiken study material. The Eiken is a cram exam. Students cram for it and take it. They don’t actually learn anything.

In one of my advance classes at my University, all the students have at least Eiken pre 1. The rule of thumb amongst myself and the other lecturers is that there is no real difference in English level from JHS to University. What does change them is the study abroad.

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Discrimination: I’ve had my share of it. Whether it’s jobs that decline my resume because of my look while completely disregarding my actual experience and ability.

Or the time I walked into Lacoste and when the lady asked if I am looking for a gift for someone else and I told her no, for myself, she tells me nothing will fit me because of my size. Then when the shirts actually fit she tells me she’s surprised.

When waiting staff at restaurants won’t even acknowledge my existence.

Or when people are surprised by my intelligence. My masters degree in derivatives market didn’t just fall out of the sky.

There is a lot of discrimination here.

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The Yamazaki whiskey from Suntory has won best Whiskey 3 years in a row. This year their AO blend is a strong contender. It made it past the first round.

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Rest In Peace to the Queen of Soul. Congratulations on your award.

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Shining Monday: Come into work late as long as it does not negatively impact the company. It’s not a law, more of a suggestion from the Abe administration.

Premium Friday: Go home early on Friday as long as it does not negatively impact the company. Another suggestion that came before Shining Monday.

Apparently 11.2% of survey workers took Premium Friday last year. 96% of those workers also said they had to work extra hours towards the end of the month because going home early made them too busy during the remainder of the month.

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Disney isn’t necessarily aiming only at Netflix. They are doing what they have always done. Corner the child and family market.

Still. Most of these streaming services are still working towards profitability. That is why Netflix is raising their prices so much.

One of these streaming companies will go bust soon. Most likely Netflix since it operates on mostly debt.

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This guy is amazing. He is about to be a top 5 pick in the NBA.

Congratulations to him. He worked really hard to improve his game over the past 3 years.

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The OECD didn’t say Japan needs to increase the consumption tax that high. They are saying that if Japan wants to put a dent in the deficit and create a surplus then the tax would have to be as high as 26%. Because that isn’t feasible, they should focus on ways to keep their inflation target of 2% and find a way to reduce health care expenditures.

The article here is missing a few facts.

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Clearly that body of idiots have no idea what the wages are like in this country and they clearly don’t know that the actual cost of goods and services are more expensive here than other countries.

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My US bill versus my Japanese bill.

USA: Unlimited 4G LTE, calling, messaging, unlimited 3G or 4G data roaming depending on the country the speed varies. $0.20 per minute calls to countries not covered by unlimited international calling. Unlimited WiFi calling when roaming. Cost: $110 after taxes per month. We have 3 phones on my family plan.

Japan: 6Gb of 4G, pay for text messaging. 1 min free for all calls. Pay for everything else. Cost: ¥6,328 per month. 2 phones on my plan. One of the lines uses 2Gb.

Will they really reduce the cost or just move the fees to somewhere else? New surcharges.

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I think it shares many similarities to investigative journalism.

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I’m curious if it was due to him working too many hours or he just didn’t sleep well the night before.

The good thing is no one was hurt and it only caused a 5 minute delay.

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It's more about domestic population decrease.

The lack of a living wage is one of the main reasons and a more immediate reason than the population crisis. Most of the Japanese population is still in the working age. The baby boomer generation has not retired yet. The population crisis has a more drastic affect down the road. Currently, the biggest issue is the lack of a living wage and overwork. You can’t afford to spend or you don’t have time to spend.

Focus on the extended golden week gripes that many people are saying. They can’t really afford to go anywhere right now or they need the money and want to work.

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Companies in Japan are also trying to find a way around the relatively lower rate of domestic economic growth, smaller domestic markets, and the need to increase revenue oppor­tunities.

Lack of investment in Human capital is one of the major reasons for this. Purchasing power is shrinking for many people here. Even if they have the purchasing power, lack of time to actually use it is another reason. People either can’t afford the money or the time to help reinvigorate the economy here.

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500 hours in a month? To pull something like that off you would have to work 16 hours or more every single day in a month. That’s just crazy.

All of the agencies told Kyodo News they will make efforts to improve the working environment of their employees.

In other words, we hear you and we will take what you are saying under consideration but we can’t promise anything.

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Taxi drivers may talk and communicate, but he still managed to get away with money from over 100 taxis.

There is absolutely no reason that they should give change first. Furthermore, if he is going to the atm to take out ¥10,000 I am sure he can also take out ¥1,000 or amounts smaller than ¥10,000.

Taxis here can’t go completely cashless because 80% of transactions are cash based. Many people don’t carry cards or want to use other alternative forms of payments. But too many taxis here ONLY accept cash so it makes them easy targets.

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Posted in: Another women’s university in Japan to accept transgender women, the first in Kyushu See in context

Currently there are a few cases in the US where transgendered are either being barred from competing in sports that they now identify as or they are apparently much better than the other athletes in the sports they are competing in.

One of the top female runners at the collegiate level is transgendered and people are complaining that person has an unfair advantage because of natural genetics. One famous case is CeCe Telfer.

I am all for everyone's rights. That they will be allowed to enter into an all girls school shows how far people have come towards accepting differences.

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The almost 30% is one of the lowest in the OECD. Again, I can’t fully vet their information.

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While I can’t fully vet the OECD population, currently almost 30% of those age 63 or higher are below the poverty level in Japan. 80% of those that are 63 or over said their pensions cannot sustain them month by month.

Also, Japan has a rise in elderly crime because they see prison as a viable retirement option. Free meal and boarding.

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higher population than most other Asian countries?

how does 120M put a dent in 1.4B in China and 1.2B in India?

Mentioning that 20% of population is over 70 may not sound alarming by itself. But it was used to note the stark contrast between that percentage and that of those aged 0 to 15 which stood at 12%.

Currently the US sits at 15% of the population being over 65 and 18% of the population being under 15.

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SoftBank owns sprint.

They have $10B invested in Uber.

$3B invested in GM.

$1B invested in a US freight company.

They have $5B invested in US tech company NVIDIA

and around $50B invested in other numerous ventures within the US.

Softbank is becoming a monster. It makes sense why the US is wary of SoftBank

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Its better that police officers have a firearm and not need it than to need it and not have it. It only takes one dangerous situation to change everything.

The reinforced holsters are something they should have had a long time ago. Most countries have reinforced holsters to prevent things like this.


Forensic staff wear clothing and hair garbs like that in order to prevent themselves from contaminating a crime scene. Fallen hair can also mess with a crime scene and require extra work.

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I agree. This is all just a big media war until something actually happens. It’s a bunch of hearsay without any actual proof given on both sides.

As for the big changes, I don’t think corporations will change anything. It will be BAU. Regulatory changes and huge incidents/movements that occur across multiple industries or multiple countries is what makes corporations make changes. The Ghosn issue would be viewed more like an exception or extraordinary circumstance.

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I’m surprised. I know their clothes don’t last long, but their prices are low and their stores are constantly packed in Japan, US, and other countries I’ve seen them.

I honestly thought this might be one of the few companies that would always be on the up. They seem to be extremely popular.

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Walmart and Amazon. The poster children for underpayment of wages.

Amazon likes to boast about its new minimum wage. But they offset those gains by cutting many employee programs, holiday pay programs, and stock plans for employees that ultimately took money out of their pockets.

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Disney is a monster of a company. They can literally bleed money to outlast Netflix. This Disney service will be every parent’s nightmare. I can picture my two daughters now.

On a side note.

entire library of "The Simpsons."

Does that mean the Michael Jackson episode is making a comeback?

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