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Posted in: Interpreter under fire after calling African runners 'chimpanzees' See in context

My issue with her is that she was clear being malicious. It wasn’t simply being unaware. Living in Japan, the word cute can have a wide range of meanings and it is not all positive. It’s can also be used as a euphemism for an insult.

But what shows her malice was when she also referred to them as primitive. As a black man, I take more offense to that than the chimpanzee comment. I doubt the runners were behaving in a rude and obscene manner to warrant such a response.

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Posted in: Japanese couples increasingly begin to arrange prenuptial agreements See in context

With such stipulations at what point does it stop feeling like love and more like a business arrangement?

i understand the financial aspect of it as I even have one. But entering all those stipulations sounds more like you’re trying to forcibly create the perfect image of a marriage. Seems more like a cohabitation contract.

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Posted in: Cost of 2020 Tokyo Olympic ceremonies up 40% See in context

The Olympics are not something that helps an economy. While certain individual business may profit, cities and economies suffer because of it.

2016 Olympics gained $11B in revenue for Brazil. However, it cost them $20B to set everything up and another $3B in cleaning costs. That means the government lost a lot of Money. Many countries and cities have pulled out of 2024 Olympics because the skyrocketing costs are just too much of a burden for cities and tax payers.

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Posted in: Trump makes his case for Nobel Peace Prize; says Abe nominated him for it See in context

Obama won the prize because he was America’s most internationally diplomatic president in a long time. 

Obama also introduce several bills and peace initiatives such as ending several American torture programs, signing the pact to rid the world of nuclear weapons, signing the carbon emission reduction pact, and also being able to bring Israel and Palestine to the table to talk peace. 

Trump has absolutely nothing to do with the Korean peace talks. 

Trump has been institutional in dividing the people of his own country as he ran a campaign based on division. 

Trump has also stepped away from international diplomacy with many nations. 

Also, Trump won’t let himself leave the shadow of his predecessor. He continues to bring up Obama so people will consistently compare the two. Also, Trump is not responsible for the current progress of the American economy. Many of the things he implemented only went into effect this year. All Presidents except Trump seems to know that the first 4 years are a direct effect of the previous 4 years of policy.

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs limiting health insurance coverage to Japan residents See in context

I can understand Japan’s stance because health care costs can be great. So for the government to shell out money to cover the cost of some individuals that might be abusing the system would hurt the economy.

However, the big issue here is that some visas will not allow them to bring their family members so this will be a huge factor in foreign workers not coming to Japan. Especially when that worker is the primary provider.

As for the system. It is up to the company whether they provide full insurance benefits. Year to year workers are also eligible. Also, the national insurance done through the city also allows the same kind of system so even part time workers are eligible to have their family members benefit.

My original contract with my University was Year to year. However, I am on the Shakai Hoken. This upcoming March will be the first time I will receive a 3 year contract. I’ve been with them for 3 one year contract.

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Posted in: Man, woman slashed near subway station in Tokyo; suspect arrested See in context

Holding a grudge against your former coworkers. What could they have possibly done to him? No intent to kill? Then why point a deadly weapon at someone?

@ Marsh Mallow

Safety depends on many things. In my opinion Japan is a very safe country for men. I think it can be a dangerous place for women since there seems to be higher, unreported, sexual assaults here. Far too often women are groped, stalked, or worst here.

Compared to my home country of America, Japan has less serious crimes such as murder and physical assault. But Japan has far more rights and labor rights violations. Well possibly. This is possibly because if it isn’t reported it is hard to gauge.

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Posted in: Software pirates use Apple tech to put hacked apps on iPhones See in context

You don't need to jailbreak anything. I know several people that have been using Tweakbox for years. It allows you to download actual App store apps for free if they are paid for apps. It also allows you to use some or all of the services on an app for free. An example would be Pokemon Go. You could purchase many of the items without actually using money. An example of where it would fail would be Netflix because the paid content requires you to gain access directly from the developer's server.

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Posted in: S Koreans declare start of Japan firm asset sale over wartime labor See in context

The legal steps that Korea is taking is a form of bullying. Typically big countries such as Japan, America, and European nations shy away from such actions such as suing a country or company for war time actions. When people from New York wanted to take legal action against the middle east, there was a big reason why the President shut it down. When you open a door such as that where you committed more war crimes or war actions than those that have happened to you, it opens you up to a bigger loss because now several other countries will view the green light to go ahead and take such actions. That is one of the big reasons why other countries are not involving themselves in this particular battle. Should Japan try to take this to the International Court of Justice, it would become a disaster because it would put allies against each other and create an international disaster. Korea would not want that as well. I think they are hoping that the government steps in and offers to pay some kind of settlement.

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Posted in: Democrats question T-Mobile-Sprint merger deal See in context

T Mobile aggressive moves are not sustainable in the long scheme of things. That’s part of the reason they have already raised prices. Initially their moves were to increase the likelihood of them being bought out by a larger competitor; however, that move was blocked by the FCC.

Even though T-Mobile is gaining a lot of ground it still pales to the size of AT&T and Verizon. Even after the merger those two giants will still remain at 1 and 2.

Sprint is a failing organization and will only continue to fall without this move. While some jobs will be cut, this move may ultimately save a lot of jobs. Although it’s a failing organization, Sprint has a lot more capital than T-Mobile. T-Mobile has been financing a lot of spectrum purchases and is more profitable but they have a large amount of debt and together they can help balance each other out.

While T-Mobile continues to add customers more than other providers, there is a huge difference with the type of customers they are adding. Verizon and AT&T tend to add more high net worth clientele and corporations as well as the more profitable section of government contracts. T-Mobile and Sprint add more everyday customers and those that fall below the poverty line.

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Posted in: Clooney, Pitt among Hollywood actors yelling 'cut' over Oscar award changes See in context

The show is just too damn long. But to sacrifice the non stars or workers that are underpaid and make the movies and shows actually work is just wrong. This is their opportunity to shine and get their name out but they want to cut them out. Why don’t they just stop all the monologues and pre show/warmup talks? Just jump into it.

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Posted in: 13 same-sex couples file suits for marriage equality in Japan See in context

When they say 1 in 11 that simply means the amount of people that actually responded out of the people they surveyed. This does not represent the actual number and there are still some people who are uncomfortable with coming out.

I seriously can’t understand why so many are against same sex marriages. A loving family is a loving family. Doesn’t matter what differences or similarities there are. Also, it makes sense economically. Also, happy people are more motivated.

As for the couples who are bi racial, you risk alienating them and pushing people, who can be very productive in an economy, away. This would only further the current plight they have with a shrinking population and workforce.

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Posted in: Japan to make unauthorized downloads of all copyrighted work illegal See in context

Majority of people are not longer downloading. The vast majority of watchers are streaming.

As the takedown of pirate bay has shown countries, if you the host country doesn’t make it illegal, then you will have no hope of actually enforcing a shutdown.

You can potentially have ISP’s block certain sites but then you will have people fighting censorship.

If companies are not offering translated services, the government of other countries won’t fight against the millions of streamers that want to access something that has zero effect on their economy.

The movie and music industry are much different. They impact other economies. Manga sales do not really impact other economies outside of Japan so they will not really be motivated in helping Japan enforce something like this.

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Posted in: China's January forex reserves rise to $3.088 tril See in context

Holding this much reserves only makes sense if China has a large amount of US dollars and its keeping its currency pegged to the US so it can exercise more control over US dollar rates. Also, it works to hold large amount of back up currency that is not linked to your currency as a way of hedging against the fall of your own currency and protecting your economy in such an event.

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Posted in: Osaka splits with coach Bajin See in context


Money is most likely the biggest reasons. As trainers work with individuals and they become more known or more successful, they tend to demand more money as compensation for their work.

Its the number one reason trainers and athletes split.

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Posted in: Anti-Valentine’s Day protest march held in Tokyo by Revolutionary Alliance of Unpopular Men See in context

I can’t stop laughing. To believe that all these years I’ve been angry that I have been shelling out money for Valentine’s Day and that the event is too one sided in America.

There are men fighting that they are not getting picked and that it’s unfair that certain others are chosen more than them.

First world problems.

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Posted in: Japanese swimming star Ikee diagnosed with leukemia See in context

This is sad. Especially after you put in so much work and time. To know that something like this slows down your career when you are on top is a difficult thing. I hope she comes back in top fighting form. She was ready to do even bigger things.

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Posted in: Watches worth ¥43 million stolen from Kumamoto store See in context

Automatic watches from top end designers begin at $10,000. Furthermore, these watches are purchased because they tend to rise in value as time goes on. Automatic watches are considered lifetime watches.

The market for fake automatic watches are just as lucrative. There are people that bring in millions per year just by selling knock offs. Some of these fakes go for $4,000 and the people buying them know that they are fake.

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Posted in: Mother, 2 children found dead in submerged car at Okayama port See in context

She had a 4 month old. There is a possibility she could have been suffering from postpartum depression.

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Posted in: Vietnamese woman escapes from detention at Narita airport See in context

With all the security an airport has, it is amazing that she was able to escape. I’m impressed.

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Posted in: Japanese cities worried about receiving more foreign workers: survey See in context

I can understand their concerns. The government is just making all these changes without properly implementing support programs. Companies are now required to do many things and make a lot changes and the government itself isn’t doing anything aside from creating more visas.

I think we need more government sponsored programs as well as subsidies in order to help these changes take root in a positive way.

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Posted in: Renault denounces Nissan over Ghosn investigation: report See in context


I do not think Ghosn is fully innocent and I do not believe most are arguing about his innocence. What people have been fighting is his unfair treatment in this particular when you compare it to others, in Japan, that have done less, similar, and worst than what Ghosn is accused of. Also, the reason why people here seem to be challenging the Japanese system is because this is a news site in Japan that posts articles about Japan. If you go to sites of any other country, you would find the exact same results there about that particular country. People in America have problems with the American system, people in the UK have problems with the UK system, and people in Japan have problems with the Japanese system. There is a mix of those for and those against. That is part of the point of these things.

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Posted in: Japan Tobacco forecasts strong sales amid tepid heat-not-burn products market See in context

Big tobacco in America has said it before. Middle class and above are not where most of their profits come from. The poor is where most of their profits come from. So I can understand why Japan tobacco expects an increase in profit. With a cigarette people receive more bang for their buck so poor smokers are more likely to go the overall cheaper route. Vaping and e-cigarettes hit the pockets harder on people that chain smoke. So as more people fall into poverty and stress increases, it makes sense why tobacco companies continue to rise. I am from New York and I thought people would stop smoking once packs became $15 per pack and then e-cigarettes and other mediums came out. Tobacco companies had their profits slowed for a bit, but afterwards, it picked right back up and they gained more profits.

Stopping people from smoking is a very difficult thing.

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Posted in: Rise in sexual abuse cases in aid groups as more victims speak up See in context

To be honest I do not fully believe that the reason these things are happening is because women are speaking up more. I think women have always been speaking up about such things. The current mediums available to them have given them such a large voice that societies, companies, organizations and more can no longer just bury it. Everything is far more public in today's society.

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Posted in: Renault denounces Nissan over Ghosn investigation: report See in context

I cannot recall who said it, but one of our posters said it on one of the earlier articles.

"The Japanese Government hastily jumped at the bone placed by Nissan. Now they are simply holding Ghosn because they are trying to build a case against him and save face."

The person that said something to that extent seems like they hit the nail on the head. Ghosn has always been a figure that many conservatives in Japan did not like. He changed many of their working habits and he demanded an unsually high salary. Although Ghosn was not the highest paid CEO in Japan, the salary structure than rewarded him instead of having it as a bonus structure was something many conversatives did not like. Also, he got rid of the tenured promotion system for Nissan and instead promoted people as well as gave people bonuses indicative of what they actually accomplished in Nissan. That system that is seen more in Western companies was frowned upon by conservatives in Japan.

Furthermore, having a big name such as Nissan become the subject of potentially being bought out by a foreign firm rubbed many conservatives the wrong way. Also, many Japanese heads, especially those in Government hated the Nissan Renault deal because Nissan had no say in Renault business activities because they had no voting rights; however, Renault does have a say in Nissan activities because of its voting shares. Also, since Saikawa knew his time with the company was coming to an end, he decided to pull the trigger and offer Ghosn up to the government without sufficient evidence. The government was merely a pawn. They are trying to save face and build a case now.

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Posted in: Dead woman, unconscious man found in Okinawa hotel room See in context

Did he feel guilty for killing the woman? I don't believe she wanted to die if she had several injuries on her body. That sounds like he became too rough with her.

Interesting thing about Japan is that people are not arrested in the hospital. In America, you would still be considered under arrest even while you are receiving your treatment at the medical facility.

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Posted in: Global coal phase-out raises viability questions about Japanese plants See in context

I said replacing the infrastructure and systems are more expensive. I did not say coal was cheaper than renewables

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Posted in: Global coal phase-out raises viability questions about Japanese plants See in context

@ Selene

General Electric, an American company, merely supplied the blueprints and materials. The plant was built by Japan and a Japanese company, Tokyo Electric. Furthermore, experts, from Japan and in Japan, have been telling the government that due to release of new technology that the plant was no longer considered up to par and needed to be renovated. Because TEPCO did not want to shoulder the costs they used substandard safety regulation practices and ignored it dispite Japanese experts bringing this concern to them since the 90’s including up to the year the earthquake happened. The plant was built in the 70’s.

As for shifting away from coal. Japan and it’s systems have a heavy reliance on it so it is difficult to simply phase out something like that. The use of coal and it’s systems are an integral part of Japanese infrastructure and a shift would cost trillions so I can see why they are trying to go the cheaper route of upgrading the technology instead of replacing it.

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Posted in: Ex-yokozuna Kisenosato opens up about injuries, anxieties, future See in context

I haven’t seen many matches but I got to watch a few of his bouts. They were amazing. Harumafuji is still my favorite of all time.

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Posted in: South Korea, U.S. sign new cost-sharing deal for U.S. troops See in context


The U.S. is receiving more money from last year. However, South Korea is still paying a lower percentage because of rising costs.

1) Troop salary increases.

2) Troop upkeep increases.

3) They are increasing the troop amount by 2,000 additional troops.

That equals. More money but a lower percentage.

Example. This is fake.

Total cost was 1B in 2018

US pays 600M

Korea pays 400M

Total cost is 1.3B in 2019

US pays 800M

Korea pays 500M

Yes you received more money. But you are receiving a smaller sum overall based on rising cost.

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Posted in: South Korea, U.S. sign new cost-sharing deal for U.S. troops See in context

Could be considered paying for the privilege of being occupied or not paying the full defensive costs of defending yourself.

As for the Trump thing. Korea is now paying less than it was before for the cost of hosting U.S. troops. Trump said they would pay 100%.

On the bright side. South Korea is paying 90% of the cost to relocate the troops from Seoul. But that can also be considered a win for them by keeping their people happy. US troops in Seoul are constantly in trouble in Seoul. The troops located in other parts of Korea tend to be more under the radar. Even when I studied abroad there, the troops in Seoul were like college frat guys. Partying, drinking, and fighting in Itaewon every night.

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