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Posted in: Trump brags about high TV ratings for his coronavirus briefings See in context

When there is a pandemic combined with a recession and a lockdown, people need and want to stay informed. What did the President expect? People to ignore him and look away during these times? Everyone needs to know, what are you going to do? They are also expecting their stimulus checks.

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Posted in: Toyota seeks ¥1 tril credit line as virus hits funding market See in context

Take it from your record profits, why does big business need funds!

Why use your money when you have the benefit of using someone else's money? Having a line of credit doesn't mean you will use it. But its still good to have in case of emergencies.

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Posted in: Japan, spared mass outbreak so far, now sees national crisis after Tokyo surge See in context

Regardless of what the real numbers may or may not be, the government and companies need to start taking it seriously. Japan is a top down society. So if companies and the government don't seem to be taking it seriously and taking proper precautions, then the people won't take it seriously. They want people to stay in doors during the weekend but cram them together during the work week. It's only natural that people want to get out on the weekend.

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Posted in: Filthy lucre: Paper money shunned for fear of virus spread See in context

Sadly, stores in the US will end up suffering the same fate as stores in New York and California when they try to tell people they don't accept cash. Many stores were sued and it was deemed that they had to accept cash as it is the government form of payment. By refusing cash it is saying you don't accept US patronage.

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Posted in: Outdoor smokers on the rise as April law set to take effect See in context

@Dango Bong

My opinion is eateries should be able to decide themselves if they allow smoking or not. 

I can't agree with you. I hate smoking but I believe someone should be free to smoke when they want. However, some of the things I've seen with smokers is horrific in Japan. I've gone into yakitori, yakiniku, and izakayas and far too often I see babies and children sitting right next to their parents smoking. Also, because of the health issues of second hand smoke, I think it's unfair to subject staff and other patrons to it. While some places have smoking sections, they clearly don't build them properly as I've seen smoke pouring right out into the whole area.

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Posted in: Guide to reduce virus risks issued for schools before reopening See in context

For one, schools are closed now officially as Spring Break began yesterday. But they have reopened clubs.

Also, Osaka trains seem more packed today than it has been over the past few weeks.

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Posted in: Nikkei gains sharply to 18,000 level on BOJ fund buying impact See in context

@ Bugle Boy

Is the article talking about another SoftBank? According to the tokyo stock exchange, it’s currently 46 yen down at 1368.

Softbank Group is valued at the price listed in the article while Softbank, the mobile division is listed at the price you are referencing.

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Posted in: Parents worried about impact of school shutdown See in context

Respondents cited children's mental stress from changes to their daily routine

I am pretty sure this stress is from the parent's side more so than the children.

I almost hit my kid in a fury after we became stressed out by the school closures,

Case in point.

many parents complained that their neighbors looked on them critically if they let their children play outside.

That is interesting. In my area I've seen almost daily baseball or soccer matches between kids in the park.

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Posted in: Koike urges cooperation to avoid Tokyo lockdown See in context

There won't be an explosive rise in numbers. They are making it almost impossible for anyone to get tested so the numbers remain low and they don't have to put in place any real contingency plan. They also want to avoid an America like situation where people are storming testing centers and overwhelming the system.

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Posted in: Will coronavirus slow the world's conflicts -- or intensify them? See in context


In what way is "Trump causing people to rise up and commit crimes against Asians in America"? And what "recent war of words" are you talking about? 

Many asians have been reporting being attacked and local chinese restaurants have begun to be vandalized more since Trump, during his press conference, told reporters and the world that this is the "China virus." "They should blame China." Also, his most recent attacks on China about it being only their fault when they questioned his initial responses to the virus as being not quick.

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Posted in: SoftBank to sell up to $41 bil in assets to buy shares, reduce debt See in context

reflecting the firm and unwavering confidence we have in our business,

More like fear and uncertain of the future so you are drastically reducing your exposure.

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Posted in: Warnings fail to stop Japanese crowds from viewing cherry blossoms See in context

The way the people see it is: I have to go to work every day and still get crammed into the same overcrowded train; moreover, since the government and companies don't seem to take it seriously, I guess we, the people, also don't have to take it seriously.

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Posted in: Will coronavirus slow the world's conflicts -- or intensify them? See in context

Right now, it seems as if it is intensifying them. Trump is causing more people to rise up and commit crimes against asians in America and the recent war of words between America, China, and Taiwan are also making things worst. Ignorance is really dangerous right now.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics seem sure to happen — but in 2021, not 2020 See in context

The real reason this is starting to become real for them is because several athletes from America, Australia, and several European countries have gone public and stated that they will be boycotting the Olympics. While others are starting to speak out against holding the Olympics.

If athletes refuse to participate, you can't have the olympics.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for filming up girl’s dress See in context

The logic behind this just makes no sense. Was this really worth throwing away your career? This is just mindboggling and should never have happened. Especially from a cop.

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Posted in: Can telecom networks cope with millions working from home? So far, yes See in context

This might become a major problem in Japan as well. At certain peak times, connectivity certainly lags. It can frustrating.

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Posted in: No. of coronavirus infections in Japan passes 1,000 See in context

With a small numbers of tests the infection rate is probably higher.

Tests won't change anything. What companies and the government are not doing is the bigger issue.

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Posted in: Trump angrily defends his handling of pandemic See in context

The worst things Trump did during this situation was give an incredible amount of misinformation which led to multiple occasions where government organizations had to issue separate news conferences to give out the correct information. But none of that compares to how he's endangered the lives of millions of Americans by going on live TV and calling it the "China virus" and telling people to blame China. Since that moment, I've known several people who have been verbally assaulted or treated differently even at their place of work because of Trump's word choices.

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Posted in: Illinois and New York join California in ordering lockdowns See in context

One of the most horrible things to happen during this time is the rise of fraud and scams. There are people pretending to be amazon and offering work from home opportunities so they can get your bank information or have you send them a deposit for your equipment that will never show up. Also, others that are pretending to be the US government offering your relief checks but need your personal information and account information. These people are despicable

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Posted in: Illinois and New York join California in ordering lockdowns See in context

Parts of this article are a little late as the Tri state area (NY, CT, and NJ) are now a week into their rolling lockdowns.

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Posted in: More Americans think U.S.-Japan relations improved under Trump: poll See in context

1000 respondents does not give you enough information. I can question 1,000 people in the middle of the country that can't pick Japan out on a map.

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Posted in: ANA negotiating paid leave for 5,000 flight attendants See in context

@Bugle Boy


I'm not talking about allowing employees to use leave as the right thing. I am talking about slashing executive pay before trimming the workforce. Even if it's inevitable that the workforce gets trimmed, the fact that the first step was aimed at the executives is a rare move.

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Posted in: ANA negotiating paid leave for 5,000 flight attendants See in context

The airline also said it is planning to cut the salaries of executives and employees at the managerial level.

ANA is the first company I've heard of globally that is doing the right thing. Throughout these times, its normally the lowest level employees that are simply placed on the chopping block while the executives get paid to weather the storm. If you cut down the pay of the executives you can hold on to so many jobs.

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Posted in: IOC reviewing Games scenarios; cancellation not among them: Bach See in context

They need to cancel them. One of the worst things for a competing athlete is to play in front of an empty crowd. You can't hold the Olympics with no in person spectators. As a former athlete, I can honestly say it didn't matter if I played an away game or a home game, the energy from the people made you play at another level. Whether it was exciting the home crowd or siphoning the energy from the away crowd by beating their team. Spectators are a necessary part of sports.

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Posted in: Governors ask people to avoid Osaka-Hyogo trips during long weekend See in context

You can't call for people to avoid these areas when the government and businesses in this area are doing absolutely nothing to help people take it seriously. Lead by example and do something for the people. They will follow suit.

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Posted in: Expert panel discourages large gatherings, recommends reopening some schools See in context

What kind of experts are these? Isn't that counter productive? You should avoid large gatherings but let's reopen the schools which crams 600 or more people together.

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Posted in: Ex-police officer arrested for robbing convenience store in Yamagata Pref See in context

I think this speaks more to the issue that retirement benefits really are not enough. They shouldn't have to go this far to live.

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Posted in: A young Douglas MacArthur visits Japan in 1905 See in context

A hero? Nowhere close. Many can say that the reason the war crimes issues became as large as they have presently was because of MacArthur. He and Ridgway worked behind the scenes to cover up a lot of Japanese war crimes and worked to secure pardons for some of the biggest perpetrators during that time. Many of the things that he did didn't become known until decades later when the intelligence files became unsealed. MacArthur also tried to force America to capitalize on the weakened Chinese government at the time a go directly to war after world war II. A world war just ended and he tried to thrust America and their allies into another war.

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Posted in: Local gov't ordinance in Kagawa aims to limit kids' time on internet, video games See in context


They need an ordnance that limits juku time and homework time; that is what is killing childhood in Japan.

The juku system isn't the main problem. It's the school system. A system that caters to the lowest level student will always be inadequate to properly prepare children for their cram exams that they need to get to the next level. The fact that students can't learn what's necessary to get into the schools of their choice in their regular school systems is a travesty. I would prefer them doing away with regular school and just send the child to juku because they genuinely learn more there than in their regular schools.

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Posted in: Gov't considers cash handouts to households to ease virus impact See in context


Japan has no leadership. They simply follow what the US or UK is doing.

I can partially agree with you. But the major difference between Japan and other countries is the culture in place. Also the laws as well. Example, if a company gives you time off for these situations, by law, all future situations that fall within this scope must be met the same way. That's why they fight hard to maintain that business as usual culture. I know several people that work for Japanese companies overseas and some have been off for almost a month while those same companies have maintained the BAU mantra in Japan. How they feel about their employees and how employees might respond is the main difference on how companies behave here versus overseas.

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