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Actually, I would say she embraced New York culture. New York night have many races and cultures. However, people typically only work together. At the end of the day, most people tend to stick to their own and retreat back to their neighborhoods with similar individuals. By their own, this could mean race or different mores.

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Posted in: Writer hopes Japanese step out of 'comfort zone' as society diversifies See in context


you could say that. She only went to New York because she was a fan of “Sex and the City.”

While she was there, she started her own company and found success with her Japanese clientele. She literally only needed English for her online banking.

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Posted in: Writer hopes Japanese step out of 'comfort zone' as society diversifies See in context

After around 35 years of living in the States, and NY of all places, you don’t have any choice but to “step out” of your comfort zone. Kinda funny.


its clear you know nothing about New York. What makes New York a horrible place to study English and a horrible place to diversify yourself is that there is too much temptation to do everything exactly as you do in your own country.

Even though my wife is Japanese and speaks English, all her clients in New York are Japanese and Japanese companies. The neighborhood she lived in when we met was filled with almost all Japanese people. All the stores and restaurants she frequented were owned by Japanese people. She needed absolutely no English for her daily life. There are many communities just like that all over New York.


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Posted in: Japan surpasses China as largest non-U.S. holder of Treasuries See in context

Controlling so much debt is how the US will continue to keep its relevance. Because so many countries own so much US debt, it helps keep their currency and economies pegged to the US dollar and US economy.

This is also how America helps to ensure that it doesn’t fail. Because America failing would drag down many other economies around the world.

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine for war dead See in context

While I understand that people who suffered at the hands of these individuals don’t see them deserving of being honored, they still died in service to their country and during a war fighting for their country.

There are “war criminals” in every war and on all sides fighting.

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Posted in: Pompeo voiced support for Japan over wartime labor issue: sources See in context

Notice that this article doesn’t even have a single quote from the person they claimed sided with them. Kono said he sided with them in a closed door meeting.

However, he recently clearly said “they are both great allies and I don’t know which side is right. I hope I can help them find a path forward. At least, I hope to bring them both to a stand still agreement.”

Kono is claiming Pompeo sided with Japan behind closed doors but is publicly not picking a side.

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That long held belief is no less accurate than when scientists said “There will be a major earthquake in Japan sometime in the next 10 years.” Japan has had a level 7 or higher earthquake every 4 or 5 years. Almost a level 8 or higher every 10 years.

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Posted in: Study debunks Japanese belief in link between deep-sea fish, quakes See in context

Was it necessary to publicly debunk this his belief?

It was disappointing to find no correlation

Some superstitions are great for a culture.

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Among the 112 companies surveyed, 66 percent said the Japanese economy was flat, 23 percent said it was gradually expanding, and 10 percent saw it as in recession

While multiple trade wars throughout the world may be partly responsible, the biggest reason has to be rising prices mixed with shrinking wages.

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It also means you have speaking power when it comes to moving company assets. Denying a settlement is not moving company assets. The only thing the government can do is force the removal of the CEO and get one in place that will make the moves it wants made.

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Posted in: TEPCO toughens stance toward nuclear disaster damages settlement See in context


owning share simply entitles you to a portion of company assets and earnings.

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The reason is that Apple is pricing themselves out of the market.

Their phones are too expensive. While Samsung, Google, and Sony phones top out at around $1,200, an iPhone topped out at around $1,600 for the same or similar specs. Huawei phones top out at around $800.

iPhone prices increase dramatically without justifying the cost increase between models. It’s as if they keep saying it’s more expensive because it’s “Apple.”

When it comes to wearables and wireless earphones, they do well in that department. They also keep their prices low. Also, most competitors are newcomers to the market.

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I agree. Not just with women, but men as well. Managerial positions are horrible because they pay doesn’t match the workload. Especially when you were a base level employee. But if you can make it past the initial managerial posts, then the bonuses become better.

While they may not have a lot of role models to look up to, they have the opportunity to become trendsetters and that is a better thing.

She is the only woman in the 19-member department and while her male boss said that she should scold subordinates when necessary, she said she felt uncomfortable being harsh with them.

This comes down to knowing your employees and learning how to motivate them. I don’t respond to scolding and become combative.

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I’m still waiting for “real” portable air conditioners. The person that invents a proper and affordable one will become the richest person in the world. At least during the summer times.

While those portable fans may seem useless in some areas, it does have its uses. Using that electric neck fan with an umbrella really works well.

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Wataru Adachi is suspected of uploading unauthorized image files of the megahit comic in May 2017 on Mangamura

2017? Can you be arrested for crimes that predates when the law goes into affect? This is ridiculous.

The association estimates that number of visitors translates into losses of 319.2 billion yen ($3 billion) for the manga industry.

That assuming that all those people would have actually paid for the manga. I’m pretty sure those 620 million people would not have all paid for the manga.

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If you are referring to the NYDailyNews writer then I am aware of him. Many things he says are true but they are also one sided. While China is getting hit hard, so are many US businesses. The thing is, if China fails then so does America. The two economies are too intertwined.

Trump is simply trying to do to China what past Presidents did to Russia in order to cripple it. The problem with that is China/US is not Russia/US. America helped build China. Furthermore, many American corporations became empires because of their business ventures in China. A huge part of the American bail out after the 07 crash was because of China. In the end, this will simply be a test as to how quick both economies break.

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea dispute puts U.S. in bad position: Trump See in context

Seriously, I feel like someone has cloned Trump over the last few weeks. He seems to be saying all the right things consistently.

The only I’m curious about is whether he also believes that defending and praising North Korean missile launches also places the relationship between all three in a bad position?

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Posted in: Man referred to prosecutors for leaking 3D map of Japan to China See in context

is this really a crime? Is all that data not already available online? These days they have maps of everything online. Why would this even be considered a threat?

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Posted in: Japan to resume effort to tackle contaminated water problem at Fukushima See in context

Japan is resuming efforts to disperse a build-up of contaminated water at Tokyo Electric Power's wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant

Why would they have stopped? Especially given that they tried to get people to move back.

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Posted in: Students take stand against sexual violence at Japan's universities See in context

I don’t condone sexual assault, but what exactly do the students want the universities to do? Sexual assault is already illegal.

@Bugle Boy of Company B

its not about the legality of it. It’s that programs or help centers for victims don’t really exist at most universities. Furthermore, these things tend to be ignored by universities when students are victims of such things.

Also, even though there are laws that make it illegal, even those laws are very shady. It’s only considered sexual assault when a person resists with all their being. When it comes to consent, that isn’t something that is clearly defined legally. So people that are brave enough to step up and report it still find that the law doesn’t necessarily help them.

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Posted in: 1,000-km relay to honor 2011 disaster victims ends in Tokyo See in context

This event should have been canceled a long time ago. The heatwave that’s gripping Tokyo didn’t just start. I think the fact that they tried to still go through with the event was risky and put a lot of people in danger.

I understand that the cause is important to many and that some people wouldn’t quit because of the competitive nature they may have. But it was risky and the cities should have stopped the event.

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Posted in: Man, estranged from wife, arrested for allegedly kidnapping son at Aomori Nebuta Festival See in context

He is probably just a father that has been denied time with his son.

To be honest, I don’t think joint custody will affect these situations. The same way the law doesn’t exactly enforce divorce settlements or child support.

Japan needs to find better ways to enforce laws that help children get properly taken care of as well as creates opportunities to have positive relationships with both parents.

Also, communication is one of the key reasons that these situations happen. They don’t properly communicate during their marriage so when it ends, it’s only bitterness and resentment.

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Luxury good doesn’t mean it’s luxurious. Luxury goods tend to represent a person’s income. Meaning the more higher end items purchased tends to mean more people are making more money. Lower end TV purchases or not purchasing a TV tends to mean your income is not stretching as far.

Luxury goods are related to a person’s income. Cell phones are also luxury goods. One great example in Japan is when a person purchases a smart phone over a flip phone. Also, purchasing a 4K TV over a regular or HD TV.

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Posted in: Japan household spending rises in June on strong travel, TV demand See in context

@kaerimashita @cricky

TV is considered a luxury good. Luxury goods help indicate the impact of current interest rates and how much is spent on luxury goods is usually an indicator as to whether or not it’s okay to raise interest rates. Although Japanese typically use cash, in other countries Luxury goods are typically made with credit cards. This helps with seeing how well the economy is going by what consumers utilize their credit utilization.

In Japan, consumer spending is always up around this time. That data is meaningless. People take vacations and received their bonuses. Consumer spending is always higher around now and in the end of the year.

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Posted in: Japan household spending rises in June on strong travel, TV demand See in context

consumers bought high-definition 4K TVs as their prices began to decline

This makes sense. 3 years ago when I came to Japan I couldn’t believe the prices of 4K TV. My 4K TV with internet features and more that was 65” cost me a little over ¥200,000. In Japan, smaller and not as equipped TV were well over ¥400,000. These days, the prices have dropped considerably.

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Posted in: Serena Williams again tops Forbes list of highest-paid sports women; Osaka 2nd See in context

Wow! That is a huge discrepancy between the top 2 and 3rd place. Many of those endorsements that she picked up added a lot of money to her first year because of upfront bonuses.

Let’s hope Osaka learns from Serena and properly invests her money and create a consistent wealth flow.

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I am a Trump non supporter. However, this week has seen a much different Trump than I’ve ever seen. He seems Presidential.

Even how he responded to the mass shooting that happened the other day. His first time publicly condemning white supremacy and racism.

Also, this is a move that hits the migrant plight at the source instead of trying to force other people to deal with it.

Doesn’t erase all the other parts. But maybe it’s a move in the right direction.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan mistakenly creates sexually suggestive drink cups See in context

This is hilarious. Lol

There is a part of me that thinks a disgruntled employee helped design these knowing full well what could happen.

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Posted in: Nagoya mayor criticized for demanding halt to 'comfort women' exhibition See in context

The issue with his actions is that it doesn’t only affect Koreans. The comfort women exhibit also represented women from China and South East Asia.

The issue of comfort women -- a euphemism used in referring to those recruited mostly from other Asian countries to provide sex to Japanese soldiers during World War II

Isn’t recruited another euphemism?

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Posted in: NEC shows 'flying car' hovering steadily for minute See in context

Good luck to them, but I think the target of mass adoption by the 2030's is a little optimistic, if not far fetched.


I agree with you. We still haven’t perfected the parts on normal cars yet. Furthermore, new airplanes released are having issues. Now you want me to believe that these flying cars won’t drop out of the sky? Furthermore, while you want them to be available by 2030, there are still a lot of things that need to be sorted out such as airspace rules and regulations. Also, look at the price of vehicles now, I’m pretty sure flying cars will be nowhere close to affordable.

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