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HPV is not the only cause of cervical cancer. Furthermore, acknowledging something like HPV would be akin to acknowledging STDs in Japan. The government is not ready to properly educate people on such things. STD testing is still very taboo in Japan. The people most commonly tested are workers in the sex industry and then pregnant women. Even for pregnant women, they only test for select diseases.

Cancer is not only on the rise in Japan but across the globe. It is interesting that you see the reverse in Japan. Where typically men make up most of the cancer patients, in Japan it seems to be women.

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Even though El Chapo is in prison, the Sinaloa cartel has not lost power. This cartel isn't the same as the cartels of old. This cartel is a unification of all the cartels so it's harder to beat.

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The NBA stars had press conferences canceled by China and had their hotel under watch by the military. That isn't a situation anyone wants to be in. Lebron even said: "he couldn't hold his comments for another week?" Because the players would have been out of China.

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China is the NBA's second largest market. At first the NBA was against Morey. But once they also got backlash from fans back home, they decided to defend him.

Many players are upset with Morey and the NBA not because of his comments, but the dangerous situation he placed the players in while they were abroad. He made the comments while multiple teams were in China. He could have placed their lives in danger. China has rules that sometimes come out of nowhere and people are held for questioning due to those rules. He placed the players in an unnecessary risky situation. Also, the players are upset by the double standard. When the players take sides or say something that costs the NBA money, those players are fined and suspended. While nothing happened to Morey.

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Posted in: School bullying cases hit record high in Japan in FY2018 See in context


You can't sue the train company for perverts. Furthermore, its not their job to deal with them. That is a crime so it comes down to the legal system and the authorities. As for school bullying, a heavy lawsuit would force change. If you can sue the train company for perverts, that sets a dangerous precedent as many people will do that. Also, there will be a huge increase in false cases as well. Lastly, who do you think ends up paying for these lawsuits? The end-user does. That means our prices will increase for an already expensive transit system.

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Posted in: Samsung to deploy software patch after Galaxy S10 fingerprint flaw found See in context

Luckily that issue wasn't found on my Note 10+.

While it offers the same face unlock as Apple products, using your fingerprint with the scanner behind the screen is so much better. Never liked how quickly and easily the Apple face ID unlocked my phone.

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industry leader Netflix

Netflix is the industry leader simply because it was one of the first to the party. However, they are now struggling to acquire subscribers. One of the reason they became as big as they did was because of huge discounts they had with mobile carriers in the US.

For years US carriers gave a free year of Netflix any time you upgraded your phone. Furthermore, streaming services never counted towards your data and most basic phone plans gave you a basic Netflix membership complimentary. Sadly they have stopped most of them. I still have another 4 years of free Netflix because of the upgrades on my family plan.

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Posted in: School bullying cases hit record high in Japan in FY2018 See in context

Many people don't want the bad press that comes with bullying. For many things, a lack of acknowledgement means it doesn't exist in Japan. So many schools don't report it. Bullying cases that become public can now sink schools. There was a huge bullying case in Kobe recently where a group of elementary school boys forced a girl to take off all of her clothes. Even now, many parents in my parenting circle are still waiting to hear the name of the school so they can avoid sending their child to that school.

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Posted in: Sarcastic Koike says: Let's hold Olympic marathon on Russian-held islands See in context

She's getting annoyed by all the attention. Especially the negative press. Also, she doesn't want to share the spotlight with another city.

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Posted in: Abe visits typhoon-hit areas; emperor's parade to be postponed until Nov 10 See in context

PR stunt or not. That is what most leaders do. Still, it's better that he visits than not visit. Do you really think most leaders visit disaster sites because they want to?

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Posted in: IOC apologizes for abrupt plan to move Tokyo Olympic races; Sapporo mayor not notified See in context

That press conference last night must have been hilarious.

Reporter - What are your thoughts on the Olympics coming to Sapporo?

Sapporo Mayor - Don't you mean the Tokyo Olympics?

Reporter - No. Sapporo.

Mayor - Looks at his aide and asks. What are they talking about?

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So does that mean that Japan's recent economic forecast downgrade is also for the same reason? What about China, Mexico, EU, and more?

Also, being removed from the list doesn't affect them immediately. That doesn't go into effect until next year.

What I can agree with you on is that Korea relied heavily on Japan to get to where it is. But you are also forgetting, most 3rd world countries did. China also did the same. So did many other 3rd world countries that became advanced economies. It's the natural rule of things. Both economies will hurt from this but the fact that they downgraded their forecast this years is the more in lined with the same reason every country has recently done the same. The US/China trade war damages the world economies more than any other. Also, the EU crisis does the same.

So while you are arguing over potential future ramifications. I simply giving the real reasons as to how this article missed its mark.

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Also, the Korean market isn't misleading. There is a reason Korea is the highest exporter of robotics and robotics research. Their main fields are robotics and ship building. There are a lot of companies that have shared researching agreements with Private South Korean robotics firms. Google self driving tech has a lot of patents and parts from multiple Korean firms. Who do you think spearheaded the robotics research for autonomous limbs for people?

The second most advanced robotics country is Singapore.

Just because things are not reported in the news. Doesn't mean it isn't there. I do my research.

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If you understood what 5G meant then you would know Japan lags behind the world. All those technologies that they developed is not reliant upon 5G capabilities. Furthermore, the Government only allowed access to 5G spectrum this year. Japan is behind on 5G. I do my research. A large section of the investment portfolios I pitch as well as funds that I back are heavily connected to 5G, 5G research, and 5G utilization.

I do my research. That is how I know Japan lags behind 5G.

Autonomous vehicles and hardware doesn't use the 1G to 5G spectrum. It uses completely different wavelength tech. Furthermore, the bands that Japan utilizes for 5G doesn't offer the speeds needed because it's a low band spectrum that offers penetrating ability needed for the Japanese terrain and not high band which offers drastically higher speeds. So the tech they are working on relies more on advanced WiFi.

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From a full utilization standpoint. South Korea is far above the rest of the world as its achieved 70% roll out across the country in not only cell phone services but internet as well.

The reason China is ahead is because China is developing not only it's own network but also India and also formed a partnership with KDDI to help them so while Docomo and Softbank are expecting a rollout in 2021. KDDI has moved up their expected start date to 2020. India has successfully utilized 5G developed by Huawei. But because the US and Europe began to boycott Indian services, the Government has halted using 5G and further development under the overwatch of Huawei.

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Posted in: Huawei CEO eager to cooperate with Japan amid U.S. fight See in context


Japan is actually lagging behind in 5G technology.

The leaders in Asia are 1) China 2) South Korea 3) India. Japan is far behind these 3 countries. China and South Korea are leading the entire world. Followed by the US and then Germany before India.

I don't think Huawei knows that the Japanese market is even more restrictive than American recently became because of Huawei.

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Posted in: S Korea cuts interest rate again as Japan trade row rumbles See in context

Really? Because of its trade war with Japan? I'm pretty sure other factors have a much larger effect.

Since 2017, Korea had been relying less and less on Japan as a major trade partner and it dropped to being its 4th largest trade partner. How about the trade war between China and the US being the major problem as it is with almost every other country? China and the US account for almost 40% of South Korea's trades. Afterwards its Hong Kong at 8% and Japan at 7%.

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Posted in: Abe to skip Yasukuni visit during autumn festival: sources See in context

Ok then maybe the Germans should make a memorial for Adolf Hitler.


Honoring the dead which may include war criminals and deliberately glorifying one person are drastically different things.

When they honor those that fought and died in the American civil war, they honor all of them as Americans. Not signaling out anyone. What you are discussing is signaling out Hitler. That is something completely different.

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But nothing spoke more of the powerlessness of modernization against natural disasters than rows of bullet trains deluged in floodwaters in Nagano, a mountainous region.

I don't think Japan needs more reminders. As for disaster preparation, it's kind of impossible. Japan is simply in a very unlucky area. Heavy tectonic movement means its an area prone to earthquakes and volcanic activity then it being close to a sub-tropic area means it's at risk of being hit by typhoons.

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Posted in: Abe to skip Yasukuni visit during autumn festival: sources See in context


Nothing in my post should lead you to believe that I see Japan as a victim of the war. Furthermore, nothing should lead you to believe that I have a particular stance on the subject. After all, I am from a country that continually celebrates atrocious individuals. At least 44 of our Presidents are that kind of people. While they have been slowly moving away from it now, Columbus is still highly regarded. Churchill purposely starved an entire country which led to millions of deaths. Yet, all of these people are still celebrated. Mother Theresa heavily opposed equal rights for women. Yet she is held in such high regards.

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Posted in: Abe to skip Yasukuni visit during autumn festival: sources See in context

While I understand why China and Korea would be upset, I still think Abe should visit these shrine. These people died in service of Japan. A war criminal is decided by the winners of the war. The people that fought and died for you still deserve your respect.

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Posted in: Struggling WeWork mulls bailout deals with SoftBank, JP Morgan See in context

Softbank wants to buy the company. The company is trying to sell to JPMorgan instead. Jamie Dimon isn't going to buy that company unless it is absolutely pennies on the dollar where a complete company failure wouldn't really harm JPMorgan's balance sheet.

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What is really funny is that this is a university club and the student is 19 years old; however, they put photos of children to deceive us.

Haga, 19, made the ink by soaking soybeans overnight and then squeezing them into a paste.

Eimi Haga, a member of Mie University's ninja club

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denied entry because they couldn’t supply an address

This is what happens when people focus too much on the process. While the process requires an address, common sense would dictate that homeless people don't have an address.


The numbers of homeless national have deceased from 30,000 to 5,000

Are you saying all the homeless people in Japan are only located in Osaka? Because if you ever go around Shin-Imamiya station, you will see around that much or even more.

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Posted in: Japan home to 3 of world's 10 best largest cities: U.S. magazine See in context


You are missing the big picture. That is what makes Tokyo great.

People are working 12-16 hours a day

That means the tourists can enjoy the sites without the waiting times being increased by the locals.

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Do not misconstrue my words. I am not victim blaming. But, they didn't have to wait for Apple to do something to rectify this issue. All you had to do was take 3 seconds and push 2 buttons on your screen.

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Posted in: Social plague of 'AirDrop chikan' wiped out with simple change in iOS 13 update See in context

This is ridiculous. first, why do all those people have their wifi and bluetooth connections on. Second, why are their settings set to allow anyone to airdrop them.

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While I can understand Tokyo, i can't understand how Osaka and Kyoto are on this list.

When it comes to using modern things, Osaka and Kyoto lag behind. It took me asking 13 taxis yesterday just to find one that finally accepted credit card. I went out to eat at a nice italian restaurant and the bill came in over ¥30,000. They didn't accept credit card.

I have a smart icoca and its worthless for my monthly tickets aside from JR. It can be cumbersome to find out which train company allows you to mix their passes with another train company.

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@Burning Bush

Are you referring to the Trump and Kushner shell company?

It's only importance is that it has the ear of the president. Fiscally, it's not the most important but it holds a lot of influence.

Facebook has way too much power and controls too much information. I don't want them to control or be involved in my spending.

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Posted in: 32-year-old railway police officer arrested for alleged sexual assault See in context

I entered the house under false pretenses but did not touch the woman’s body.

Then why enter her home? Also, I think, in Japan, all his actions have much worst consequences than sexual assault.

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