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Posted in: It's not me: S Korean female stars rush to deny K-pop sex videos See in context

This isn’t very surprising. South Korea has a history of men making these videos with women secretly and then sharing them online. When I studied abroad in South Korea, there used to be a famous and popular website when men could go and upload videos of their ex girlfriends and other women they used to be with.

Men that do these types of things are heartless. Things like this have the ability to completely crush someone’s future. You should never mess with anyone’s livelihood.

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Posted in: Former Morning Musume singer Maki Goto apologizes for extramarital affair See in context


This is one of the few times I can’t agree with you about men receiving a pass while women are shamed.

This particular area has constantly caused many men and women in Japan to issue public apologies and resign their positions.

A prime example was the man that fought the first major male politician to take paternity leave. When he was caught committing adultery he was forced to resign and issue a public apology.

The rule seems to be it’s okay and ignored as long as it doesn’t become public knowledge.

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Posted in: Former Morning Musume singer Maki Goto apologizes for extramarital affair See in context

In Japan, you can file a lawsuit against the person your significant other is cheating on you with as long as it is not a pay for play relationship. As for your spouse, you can file a lawsuit against them only if you are divorcing them because of the affair.

Japan has a history of apologizing for public figures that are caught having affairs. Resignations are also common.

Was she really being abused? Maybe. We don’t know. But there is a lot of stigma that follows divorced women in Japan and that is part of the reason they don’t necessarily file for divorce.

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Posted in: Japan issues rules for companies hiring foreigners via new system See in context

This is great news. All they need is proper oversight to make certain these things are actually being done. But this is great news. Many workers were not being paid or they were paying well below the minimum wage. This at least helps protect against that.

@Sh1mon M4sada

India is one of the biggest exporters of IT professionals and Doctors. Many of their workers typically end up being employed in Europe and America.

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Posted in: 49 killed, more than 20 wounded in 2 New Zealand mosque shootings; 4 suspects in custody See in context

Condolences. New Zealand is considered the second most peaceful country in the world with Iceland being number one. Things like this are some of the things I didn't think I would see or hear there. Islamophobia is getting out of hand and a lot of innocent and good people are suffering for something that they have absolutely nothing to do with.

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Posted in: Bank of Japan gloomier on economy but maintains policy See in context

The Japanese economy has been bubbling for a long time now. The Government has an incredible amount of growing debt and cannot find any production to help offset it. Meanwhile, Japanese companies have been reaping many of the benefits of the Government costly moves that will ultimately hit hardest against the Government and the people. The debt crisis in Japan far outweighs what happened in Greece and we saw what happened when that bubble popped and how it dragged the entire EU down. While America has the worlds highest debt amount in terms of dollar, Japan has the highest debt about in terms of percentage versus production.

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Posted in: MtGox founder gets suspended sentence for data tampering: acquitted of embezzlement See in context

Personally, I believe he actually did the theft. The reason being that he was skimming a few coins off over the course of years.

I believe he used this as a way to finance his lifestyle. You simply don't find an external wallet with the missing coins unless you are either responsible or you know of the person that is responsible.

Did one man really destroy the entire belief in the investment market in Japan? I don't think so at all. There have been far worst cases in Japan that have accounted for much higher loss.

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Posted in: Abe suggests he won't seek 4th term as LDP president See in context

I don't think that Abe will run anymore. His approval ratings keep getting hit and too many scandals keep breaking under his leadership. What I would like to see is Japan under the leadership of a party other than the LDP. They have pretty much been in power since 1956. They had a few years where they didn't over see the Prime Minister seat, but they have always held a majority in the government. Japan has more or less been on the same track for the longest time. Place a new party into the head seat and other government posiitons.

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Posted in: Gov't warns organizations against firing pregnant foreign trainees See in context

The government issues a warning? What does that actually do to protect or help those individuals? The government issues many warnings, companies never listen. They barely respect current Labour laws.

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Posted in: eSports hits big time, with or without Olympics See in context

I understand the huge draw in video game playing and how much money companies are making from this. However, you will never be able to convince me playing video games is a sport. Moreover, an Olympic sport.

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Posted in: Nissan asking shareholders to vote to oust Ghosn as director See in context

It only makes sense to vote to remove Ghosn. Regardless of whether he is guilty or innocent, business operations need to resume and you can’t Senard to put his best foot forward if he is only temporary.

Furthermore, there is no way of knowing when Ghosn current ordeal will wrap up and whether the Japanese courts would ever allow him to perform any type of operations.

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Posted in: Ruling finalized ordering cell phone TV owners to pay public NHK subscription fee See in context

This is ridiculous. Consumers seem to have little to no protection against these predatory acts by companies in Japan.

Law makers have already agreed that cell phones costs are already over the top here. This will only make it more expensive.

Furthermore, I am curious as how they will stretch the definition of a “cellphone with TV functions.” Soon they will extend this to laptops and personal computers as well as people that have such devices in their car.

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Posted in: 3 pedestrians hit and killed by car in Chiba Pref See in context

Blacked out: means he was working all night and barely got any sleep. So on his way to work, he fell asleep at the wheel.

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Posted in: Akita police sergeant arrested for paying high school girl for sex See in context

She’s 15 and he’s 50. I don’t care if she kept coming on to him, he still should have known better. There is no equally at fault. All the responsibility falls on him not to engage in sexual acts with a minor.

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Posted in: Companies offer smaller pay increases amid sputtering economy See in context


When we transfer from one country to another country, within the same company, we will lose any unused benefits as our benefits will reset. An example was when I was being sent to Canada for a year to oversee a project. I still had 22 vacation days and 6 sick days that I didn’t use.

My company doesn’t pay out sick days and vacation days. Typically they get carried over to the next year; however, because I was going to a new country where things were different, I would lose my benefits so I had to use them.

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Posted in: Companies offer smaller pay increases amid sputtering economy See in context

I’m curious. What’s smaller than 0? Are you saying they will now reduce your salary every year? Japan’s largest companies hold more than $900B in cash. Many Japanese companies are seeing record profits. However, employees logged negative pay increases during the last 2 years.

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Posted in: Take ham and cheese to the next level by making a slider See in context

Take ham and cheese to the next level

Slider? Is that really considered the next level? Ham and cheese sliders have been around forever. They are not that great.

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Posted in: Nissan, Renault, Mitsubishi Motors form new board See in context


This was a board meeting. Ghosn is a board member. A shareholder meeting is something completely different. Majority of shareholders typically don't attend shareholder meetings. Furthermore, shareholders don't attend board meetings unless they are on the board. Board meetings typically only allow board members, legal team, accounting team, and a proxy/agent if a board member is unable to attend.

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Posted in: Canadian man indicted for smuggling record amount of stimulant drugs to Japan See in context


I don't think anyone considers 30kg to be a lot of luggage. I believe we were all talking about the amount of drugs. 30kg is a lot of drugs by any standard. If you don't think $16,000,000 in drugs is a lot, I would love to know why.

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Posted in: Canadian man indicted for smuggling record amount of stimulant drugs to Japan See in context


I agree with you. How did he get that on the airplane to begin with?

30 kg is a lot. That is the size of an Elementary school child. Also, I do not know how that excuse will fly. A mule not knowing they are a mule is almost impossible these days.

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Posted in: Teenager ashamed of given name 'Prince' adopts traditional one See in context

There are many names that parents need to rethink. These days a lot of parents in America seem to be naming their children after air-freshener scents like apple-cinamon.

While Prince seems like a strange name in Japan, I have met 6 people with that name in America throughout my life. Royalty was another name that I have come acrossed multiple times.

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Posted in: French prosecutors probing Ghosn's wedding costs See in context

I don’t think everyone is out to get Ghosn. Also, even if he is presumed innocent/guilty, it is still their job to investigate allegations. Just because they investigate a claim or supposed act, it doesn’t mean they are out to get him. They are simply doing their jobs.

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Posted in: Abe support rate falls; 69% want Okinawa vote on base issue respected See in context

The important thing here is that Okinawa had the vote, and the vote was in favor of moving the base. Abe, is saying the vote doesn't matter and that the government will do what it wants to do anyway. This override by the government sets a dangerous precedent and will weaken his chances of being elected again.

Okinawa believes its economy will thrive without the US bases. Also, they are using the AEON mall as an example of how well their economy can do if they have all of their lands returned. AEON is AEON and its typically successful anywhere it goes. Furthermore, it will be difficult to gain back the funds that Okinawa gains from the service men and women that are located on Okinawa as well as their families. That is an incredible amount of disposable income they want to move away from Okinawa.

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Posted in: French prosecutors probing Ghosn's wedding costs See in context

Now this is a completely different thing here. What they are saying is that Ghosn misappropriated funds. He combined his wedding expenditure cost with that of a Nissan even cost. That is illegal in most places I know and if he hid that particular expenditure against the cost of an actual Nissan expenditure, then he should pay. However, those things are typically handled internally and as long as the employee pays the funds back and reports it during the time, then its typically okay.

When I worked in the U.S., there were many times I purchased my family vacations on my corporate credit card. This allowed me to take advantage of bigger corporate discounts. When I did my expense report, I would list it as a personal expense and forward them the payment by the date stipulated.

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Posted in: Court turns down Ghosn's request to attend Nissan board meeting on Tuesday See in context

I have seen Jamie Dimon’s expense account get called into question for treating my department to something where his expense account had to list the members involved and certain individuals were questioned on that. I was one of them.

This is Jamie Dimon. A man that has more pull and power than Carlson Ghosn.

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Posted in: Court turns down Ghosn's request to attend Nissan board meeting on Tuesday See in context

@Fagui Curtain

Naive? How so? What you just said justified what I said. As in the CEO would need an entire team. You said your CEO had a bunch of yes men. That would make all of them equally as liable as the CEO.

Also, I have worked at a high level at one of the largest banking firms in the world. Regardless of what you try to hide, money movement leaves trails. Auditors should be able to find these trails. If they can’t, as I also said, it’s clear that they don’t know how to do their jobs.

Also, I don’t know about Japanese banking and investment firms, but for us in America, we are forced to be completely away from our systems 10 consecutive business days. Every year we have to. This allows things that we may be trying to hide to be found more easily.

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Posted in: Court turns down Ghosn's request to attend Nissan board meeting on Tuesday See in context

@Fagui Curtain

For Ghosn to do half of what you just said would mean he would have to be the head of multiple departments across multiple countries as well as wearing many hats in order to do those things. I don't think you full understand how decisions are made and how money moves within a large corporation. Furthermore, how money moves along in an international corporation. Ghosn would need an entire team to do those things. A team across multiple departments. Also, you are telling me it took Nissan over 10 years to learn all of this? Was there no accounting department, was there no auditing department, and was there none of these members in the subsidiaries as well?

If one or two men pulled all of this off, Nissan will look like the biggest fool ever because two people ran so many scams across multiple departments and subsidiaries and not a single person was able to notice for over 10 years. It means they need to fire a lot of people.

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Posted in: Court turns down Ghosn's request to attend Nissan board meeting on Tuesday See in context

I am curious. How can Ghosn intimidate board members? He was already stripped of his position within the company. Meaning the only power he has remaining is casting a vote on certain company decisions. Also, regardless of whether he is innocent or guilty, the reputation of he and the company are already damaged to those outside of Japan so it would only be poisonus for him to want his position back or to stay with Nissan.

Even if Ghosn is cleared of all charges, this is still a situation where and Nissan will go separate ways. The same for his relationship with Renault. As for allowing him access to the board meeting, it is well within his right as a board member and it does not compromise anything about the investigation.

The best case scenario for Ghosn and Nissan is that this will become a public relations nightmare for him and the company. If Ghosn is convicted, Nissan will still lose because it shows that the current people running the company have no idea what they are doing and allowed one man to move around so many parts and do so many things. If Ghosn is found innocent, Nissan still gets burned for the baseless witch hunt that will just seem as if they wanted him gone for selfish reasons that completely go against their shareholders. A not guilty decision would mean that Nissan diliberatly sabotaged their company just to have their CEO, who many people on the world stage viewed highly, removed from his position. As for Ghosn, he won't be able to return to Nissan or Renault because even if someone is found innocent, the shadow of the allegations will still remain. So at best he would play it off to leverage a position with another firm but it would not be at the same level.

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Posted in: Court turns down Ghosn's request to attend Nissan board meeting on Tuesday See in context

Would the Americans/ Canadines allow Meng Wanzhou to attend a Huawei board meeting? 

Yes, they would allow her to attend if the meeting were in Canada. The reason is because she still has a duty to shareholders, investors, and clients. When individuals are serving their sentences under house arrest, they are still permitted to attend these things via video conference or teleconference. It is a very normal occurence. They are not allowed to access company systems but they are permitted to attend these meetings. Especially given the fact that his company is who is accusing him and he has not had an opporunity to plead his case to his company. Also, board members still have a duty to attend such meetings.

However, this is Japan so I cannot comment on what is allowed or not allowed here.

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Posted in: Fukushima evacuees resist return as 'Reconstruction Olympics' near See in context

To be honest. I do not blame them for not wanting to go back. I do not know what the Japanese reports are saying; however, the English translated reports have not been good. Everything from them looking for the cheapest way to make the area inhabitable to them not knowing how to properly store things. I would not blame them if they did not want to take risks until they could get complete assurances from the Government and TEPCO.

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