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Posted in: Man held for killing woman in love hotel used SNS to look for suicidal people See in context

He is clearly a serial killer in the making. He can try to justify it as assisted suicide but it's plain murder. Furthermore, strangling is a horrible way to go. This guy is sick for preying on these people to live out his fantasies.

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Posted in: Canadian father sues Japanese firm for paternity leave harassment See in context

more than 70 percent are away for less than a fortnight

Couldn't just say 2 weeks?

There are many things that need to change. Valuing long hours over actual production. While companies are bad for their practices the government should equally share the blame. There are many benefits that people don't know about in Japan. It is extremely difficult to access that information even in Japanese and neither the government nor companies make people aware of their rights.

Finally, when people actually exercise those rights, they are punished. Even when the punishment is illegal, the government doesn't make things easy by creating a system that makes fighting these injustices so difficult. It took over 2 years for his case to be heard. This entire time he's racked up legal fees that would eat away at most of any compensation he receives.

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Posted in: Trump escalates impeachment fight, barring envoy's testimony See in context

Trump is an idiot and is only making the case against him easier. These consistent derailments are actually impeachable offenses and he is only assisting them in removing him from office.

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Posted in: Japan labor body to step up support for foreigners, freelancers See in context

They are in effect private contractors, and as such, should be like anyone else here who owns their own business, be responsible for their own insurance and pension payments.


Most people are not "freelancers" by choice. It is what the system allows them. An example is my wife's sister. She has worked at Lexus for over 2 years. Full time. But she is considered a freelancer and has been on 3 month contracts. Her title changes continuously but her job functions remain the same. Because of her contract, she isn't entitled to benefits. Also, because her title keeps changing, she isn't entitled to be a full time employee after 3 years of working at the same company because of position changes.

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Posted in: Docomo achieves world's first 5G communication between bullet train and experimental base stations See in context

While it's nice to see that they are trying to perfect their 5G network before releasing it to the public, unlike the US and South Korea (South Korea's 5G is by far the best in the world), I'm seriously worried about how much they will charge us for using 5G. Verizon is currently charging $10 and South Korean companies were forced by the Government to top the price at $7 per month. Japan usually doesn't limit their companies so I'm worried how much they will charge us.

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Posted in: Apple supplier Japan Display aims to seal $468 million bailout deal by end of Oct: CEO See in context

This is what happens when Apple stops producing their own screens and decides to outsource their entire phone, computer, and other screen production to Samsung.

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Posted in: Japan's August household spending rises for 9th month, but wages fall See in context

In 2017 Japan cut corporate tax rates and reduces their total tax burden by as high as 25% in order for them to raise income levels and help spur the economy. The result: lower income, higher taxes that greatly affect those with the least amount of income, and record savings numbers for Japanese companies.

Great job Abe.

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Posted in: Business economists foresee slowdown in U.S. growth See in context

The economist speaking common sense again. Campaign season and the trade war with China will automatically equal slow down.

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Posted in: Where U.S.-Japan trade deal falls short of TPP pact See in context

In other words. Trump pulled out of the TPP because Obama's name was on it and essentially placed us in a much worst deal. Even for the areas that now see the levels equalized with that of the TPP ultimately lost out because they potentially would have made more during the 3 years Trump has been in office. This entire charade has been a huge waste of time and only succeeded in burning a hole in people's pocket.

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Posted in: Over 70% worried about economic outlook after consumption tax hike: survey See in context

The tax hike just went into effect. People will take some time to adjust but spending will definitely continue to decrease.

Look at the monthly train pass increases. Its ridiculous. I was forced to buy a 6 month in September because of the price difference in October. Over ¥10,000 difference.

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Posted in: Japan drug price reforms risk hurting investment: Bristol-Myers CEO See in context

They wouldn't risk diverting medicines away from Japan. While Japan is a small market, it is still one if the largest consumers of medication. So they are trying to optimize their bottom line. They wouldn't abandon that much money.

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Posted in: Airline bankruptcies surge, leaving rivals vying for planes See in context

The major reason is that all these low cost carriers tried to take action away from the high priced carriers. The problem with that is that the high cost carriers responded by lowering prices and still offering better services at a slightly higher price.

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Posted in: Man arrested for allegedly molesting young girl in car See in context

How they educate children in Japan are a bit different. Where in my home country (America), we are taught not to trust strangers, not to speak to them, and don't go anywhere with them. However, in Japan, according to my wife, many are taught that someone might need help and Japanese are inherently good people. So when a stranger calls out to you, you think that person might need help or it's a trusting person because Japanese people don't lie.

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Posted in: Kansai Electric gift scandal extends to Kyoto branch See in context

why they call it gift?


Bribes have such a bad meaning and would anger too many people over the fact that the company won't be prosecuted. If you call it gifts, then it doesn't sound as serious and the government can wash their hands clean of the situation.

Aalso, I'm pretty sure that this "gift" bribes are a fundamental part of the company culture and every branch takes part in it.

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Posted in: Former education minister makes waves by linking same-sex marriage to revising constitution See in context

By restricting and limiting the rights of any one group of people automatically empowers the government to do the same to all people.

Ffurthermore, who does the legalization of same sex marriage actually harm? It's not like these couples don't exist in society. Allowing them to get married would only help the economy. When you restrict their rights, they will leave to find a place where they are accepted.

USA saw this back when Canada first legalized same sex marriage. This is ultimately what led to some states passing laws on same sex marriages.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers look for advice to battle heat next year See in context


Your are 100% correct. The Olympics during prime festival season sounds like a disaster. I'm sure Japan is thinking that it is the perfect time to showcase Japanese culture. But the already horrible movement situation with now an extra 2 million people sound like a disaster.

heat countermeasures

The best two I can think of is moving the event date or switching everything to indoor arenas.

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Posted in: Schoolteacher bullied by colleagues; curry rubbed against eyes See in context

@Norman Goodman

Teachers are over-worked, under-paid and always facing a lot of public scrutiny from parents who expect too much in some areas, and far too little in others. From above they also get additional duties but the old duties remain the same. They can't really drink anymore because of zero tolerance drinking and driving. And they cannot really smoke anymore because they are not allowed to smoke during school hours and everyone knows you don't just wait 9 hours for your next cigarette. Casual dating causes scandals because the whole town knows who they are wherever they go. And a million other things off the table. Snapping has never been easier.

I can agree with you on some fronts. Teachers here are drastically overworked. It's probably the hardest working profession in Japan. However, that isn't an excuse for dehumanizing, humiliating, and belittling your coworkers. Also, I don't know where you live (I would love to live there), but in the Kansai area regularly see teachers smoking just outside the school gates. When I worked part time as an ALT 2 days per week, the teachers popped open beers in the teachers room as soon as it turned 17:00. Because I know a lot of teachers in the organization I am a member of, their biggest gripe seems to be they are not allowed to have a dating life because they have to worry about if students and parents see them with a partner. That is ridiculous.

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Posted in: SoftBank's plans for second mega-fund hit by WeWork debacle See in context


WeWork was successful because the economy was still working towards normalizing and people couldn't really find stable work. So many individuals were taking odd jobs and a lot of startups were coming into place. The WeWork model was successful for that moment. It was never sustainable in the long run. It was mixing long term costs (buildings) with short spurt gains (office space when people needed it). So no one sees it as a viable long term thing.

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Posted in: Schoolteacher bullied by colleagues; curry rubbed against eyes See in context

@Yubaru said it best. This isn't bullying. This is clearly assault. Bullying is a top down thing. We can't fix the child bullying issue as well as suicide unless we start addressing it from the top as well.

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Posted in: Man says he stole 159 bicycle seats after someone took his See in context

Took revenge a bit too far. Now it just becomes wasted time.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for repeatedly clogging women’s toilets in convenience stores See in context


Agreed. Nothing like a good 10lbs to clog a toilet properly.

Now I’m going to be extra concerned when I encounter a clogged public toilet.

Really? Every clogged toilet will now worry you?

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Posted in: Uber Eats delivery staff in Japan form labor union See in context

In Japan, more than three million people are estimated to be working as freelancers

They use that term too freely in Japan. Freelancers are traditionally individuals with marketable skills that decide offer their services to a company on their own terms. Just because you take a job as a delivery driver and listed as an independent contractor for the company doesn't make you a freelancer. The company simply is skating over having to provide proper benefits to employees.

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Posted in: Torrential rain hits western Japan See in context


That is just mean. You should be out there in the rain getting what you and her need.

This rain has been on and off during the last hour in Osaka.

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Posted in: Japan to pardon 600,000 to mark emperor's enthronement: media See in context


Pardons are something that happens in many countries. Almost every country does this. Times change and people pay costs. Some crimes are seen more lenient today than they were back then.

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Posted in: Int'l labor union wants Tokyo Olympic venue inspection, worker interviews See in context

Good luck with that. Japanese labor unions hardly have power. Foreign labor unions will have even less power.

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Posted in: Dwindling of South Korean visitors takes toll on Japan businesses See in context

This is what I understand from my weekly visits to Korea. Many Koreans I know seem to believe Japan isn't safe for them and most of the Japanese I know seem to believe Korea isn't safe for them. The small extremist on both sides seem to be receiving the largest amount of attention.

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Posted in: Japan, China may boost ties over next decade, depending on U.S. See in context

This is the most common sense article ever. "My biggest trade partner is starting to ask for too much so I may have to make a better trade relationship with my second biggest trade partner."

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Posted in: Business mood in Japan sours to six-year low as trade war bites See in context

Want to know what else will make the economy look worst? A tax hike that makes most unaffordable things even more unaffordable as well as general inflation and raising prices all while income is either dropping or remaining stagnant.

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Posted in: Gov't to require mobile carriers to lift SIM locks immediately See in context

Locking a device for the first 100 days won't change anything. There are alternatives ways to unlock devices. In the US all phones come carrier locked; however, if an unlock is requested, then the companies must comply within 5 business days. South Korea doesn't allow carrier locks on devices.

The mobile services here are outdated. They still charge for minutes and texting. This makes no sense as most people utilize 3rd party apps that bypass things like that.

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Posted in: Tax hike adds to woes for low-income households in Japan See in context


Don't judge them. They are doing their part to repopulate Japan.

The tax increase is ridiculous and unjustified. Most things in Japan are unaffordable by basic people and this tax increase furthers that when you factor in that corporations had their taxes reduced as well as those among the top 1%.

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