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What's kind of funny about this whole situation in sad but also kind of sexist way is that Maezawa was advertising this as some momentous opportunity to become the "first woman to travel to the moon."

How great would it be for the history books to read about how the first female on the moon was a dating contest winner rather than an aspiring astronaut, as a way to inspire young girls to pursue the sciences. Frankly, I'm actually hoping that NASA will succeed before he does.

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Even if the Rising Sun flag is innocuous, it's still a really odd choice. The bigger question is, why would fans wave a military flag at a sporting event if not to make a political statement?

Unless Yomiuri Giants fans are known to fly the Rising Sun during domestic baseball games, for instance, it seems like a calculated move to incite a reaction among an international (East Asian) crowd.

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oldman_13Today 07:31 am JST

Yup, all it takes is just one incident of an alleged threat against Koreans by Japanese, for the anti-Japan brigade to condemn all Japanese and negate the overwhelming numbers of Japanese who have nothing but love for Koreans.


"Overwhelming numbers of Japanese"? "Nothing but love for Koreans"? Surely you must be joking. Take a look at the public opinion polls comparing Japan and South Korea, and you'll notice that a majority of Japanese respondents consistently have more negative views towards SK in almost every category than vice versa.

Even at the peak of the Hallyu Boom in the early 2000s, which was as close to a so-called "golden age" of Japan/SK relations as you could get (relatively speaking), the enthusiasm over Korean dramas in Japan among a limited (primarily female) demographic was largely drowned out by the even more fervent counter-reaction against this sudden popularity of Korean culture, often in the form of protests against stations like Fuji TV for airing the shows.

To this day, even Samsung phones sold in Japan are branded as "Galaxy" rather than "Samsung Galaxy", because otherwise a lot of Japanese consumers would stop buying them, regardless of their quality.

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Simon FostonToday  01:02 pm JST

A large number of them are members of Nippon Kaigi and other such groups, so they may be feeling pressure not to cause problems for a PM who's promoting the right-wing nationalist militarist agenda.

I see. So does the average Japanese person not know about Nippon Kaigi or just not care? I imagine a kind of reasoning by cost-benefit analysis is not uncommon among those who are aware, where the perception of the LDP as a party that can "get stuff done" takes precedence over any discomfort people might feel about their nationalist shenanigans.

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As idiotic as Trump's statements were, it's very encouraging that there was sizable criticism from both sides condemning his racist language. By comparison, I wonder how vociferously the Japanese public would push back if PM Abe were to tell Renho to "go back to her country", for instance. (If I remember correctly he had his own "birth certificate" moment with her a few years back.) It's just helpful to keep things in perspective every once in a while.

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What is it about Abe that makes people keep supporting him?? I know the common refrain is "political apathy" among the Japanese electorate, but why Abe in particular? It seems like even with his scandal-plagued administration that man is politically bulletproof. To my knowledge he's the only prime minister who's managed to stay in office longer than a couple years within the last decade or so.

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