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Posted in: JAL screening passengers from nations subject to U.S. entry ban See in context

@lucabrasi Yeah I just learned that it's not just JAL but ANA is doint the same too.


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Posted in: Abe to meet Toyota CEO; Keidanren sets up Trump task force See in context

This is why I like Abe. He does his job.

Just wanted to say 2 things.

1) Japan will never join the "Chinese sphere of influence". If you understand the majority Japanese position joining Chinese line is unthinkable. Regardless of what, "Freedom, Democracy, Rule of Law" is not joke to us Japanese.

2) Trump should come to Japan's agriculture. That's where things are not fair. We Japanese tend to consider agriculture, especially rice, something more than just business but Japanese culture and even something religious. But that is not actually true. Today average age of Japanese in agriculture is over 60 y.o. because agriculture is a dirty tough job. Also, if agriculture is Japan's sanctuary, automotive industry should have been America's sanctuary. But US opend their market to Japan and Germany.

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Posted in: JAL screening passengers from nations subject to U.S. entry ban See in context

I use ANA.

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Posted in: Trump to seek quick progress with Abe on replacement trade deal See in context

Free trade with Trump? Is that American inside joke?

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Posted in: Trump seeks 20% tax on imports from Mexico to pay for wall; summit with Mexican leader falls through See in context

So America is leaving WTO, OK.

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Posted in: Starbucks teams up with Japanese clothing brand to create new contactless payment system See in context

Good job SB marketing team for coming up with this idea, this is a good idea in Japanese market. We Japanese who go to SB are the kind of people who prefer that small leather think than a plastic card. It may sound odd but that's who we are and SB marketing team somehow got that subtle reality in the market. Nice move to differentiate themselves from Doutor and other coffee shops. Good work.

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Posted in: Toyota to invest $600 mil, add 400 jobs at Indiana plant See in context

But I'm guessing that Trump has his intention of America's hardware manufacturing industry revival. Today, America's competitive business is finance, high tech, pharmacy, services in consulting, accounting and legal etc. America is a country of very highly skilled people. Time of orthodox factory workers in manufacturing industry is over in America. But he wants that time back.

He may be right for wanting that. Considering the population of America, they would need huge amount of ordinary manufacturing business that provides well paid full time decent jobs instead of low pay part time jobs.

America's unemployment rate is low already but many Americans are not satisfied with current employment. They want to work harder on more decent jobs earning more money and safety for future.

I wonder what area of business could provide that. Ship building? infrastructure? natural resources? Trump needs to come up with the answer to that. Car factories shouldn't be enough. That's not the answer.

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Posted in: Toyota to invest $600 mil, add 400 jobs at Indiana plant See in context

The catch is, Toyota's investing US is good for Toyota anyway, there is nothing wring about it.

BTW Trump wants Japanese to by American cars just like Americans buy Japanese cars. That will happen only when American motor companies invest the same amount of money and efforts in Japan as Japan has spent in American market for decades.

American motor companies have not been doing anything in Japan. BMW Japan worked hard for decades in Japan since early '80s to sell their cars therefore we have a lot of BMWs today while no American cars in Japan. Shame on American "business" they just failed.

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Posted in: New U.S. defense chief to visit Japan, S Korea next week See in context

As a Japanese, the only thing I'm worried about is, when Secretary Mattis and Japan's Minister of Defense Inada stand together and pictured, Inada would look like Mattis's granddaughter from high school. or even grand grand daughter from elementary school.

I know it's not polite to talk about things like this but I honestly hope Inada considers her outfit and hair style so that to look like a minister. She is often more like AKB48.

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I hope Tsutaya survives. They still have a lot more selections than Netflix and Hulu has.

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It's just politics. When China becomes a free country with freedom of academics then I would start listening to them. But now, it's just politics as everything is only politics under communist control.

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Posted in: Caroline Kennedy leaves Japan after 3 years as U.S. ambassador See in context

She was a great ambassador really. I also like to thank the staffs of US Embassy in Tokyo who worked hard to support her mission here in Japan. In many cases very difficult tasks diplomacy-wise that they accomplished.

I hope she'd have an opportunity to visit Japan again simply to enjoy, without political and diplomatic burden. She'd be always very much welcome here with great honor.

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Posted in: Japan pledges patrol vessels, $1.1 bil aid for Vietnam See in context

@Saiko, I'm with you.

In a very rough explanation, US and EU printed around 3 times more money of theirs, US$ and Euro in last decades to deal with "Lehman Shock" and other things like government debts they could never pay back. The amount they printed is BIG. really BIG.

But Band of Japan didn't. We didn't print.

As the result, JP Yen became much rare against US$ and Euro. Since the beginning of 2nd Abe administration BOJ is working hard to print a lot of JP Yens but still not enough to match US$-Euro-JP Yen balance. This is the time Japan should keep doing big QE along with proceeding other policies Abe brought up.

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Posted in: Chinese tabloid says U.S. needs to 'wage war' to block off South China Sea islands See in context

@nostromo "the South China Seas are China's backyard"

No. the South China Sea is International Water. Not China's backyard.

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Posted in: 26 N Koreans rescued as cargo ship sinks off Japan See in context

Water is vitally icy this season I'm glad everyone was rescued. Good job Coast Guard I'm sure it was a close incident. I hope they enjoy some nice meals in Japan before they go anywhere.

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Posted in: China changes start date of war with Japan to bolster patriotic education See in context

Chinese communist party had been fighting for long time for sure. But they were not fighting with Japan, they were fighting with the Republic of China, today's Taiwan. And they the communists were weak against the Republic, they were losing. Republic of China was dominating the nation. That's where Japan came and reduced power of the Republic of China, which caused CCP to take control after WWII. After all China became a totalitarian communist nation in 1949 and operated Cultural Revolution in which 20 to 30 million people were killed that is far above deaths by Nazis and nearly equal to what USSR did to their own people. I'm sure this is not on their textbook today in China. The world don't care for those victims too. So..."history" my ass. is the only thing I can say. History today is only politics. Nothing more than that.

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I'm a Japanese born and raised in Japan and my first kiss was when I was 18, it happened in public. No one freaked out and we didn't care.

I'm telling you. if you love someone and want to kiss and your counterpart wants that too, forget the argument, don't study, just do it.

It's love. that overrides "culture shock" and everything. Do IT!

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Posted in: White House warns China will take export markets without TPP See in context


I don't think so. The US is not what it used to be for sure, but it will not sink. You can like US or dislike US but don't underestimate the power and means of Americans. They are good. and they don't hide inside their border.

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Posted in: Chinese college student dies after being stabbed outside her Tokyo apartment See in context

24 years old, learning foreign language, living in a foreign country in a huge city of foreign culture like Tokyo, I guess she was only beginning her life taking off dream her future. Sad news.

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Posted in: Abe has chance to be Japan's longest-ruling PM after rule change See in context


Are you sure? Ozawa is the guy who took hundreds of Japan's junior members of Diet to China and said "I'm the commander of the Peoples Liberation Army assigned to Japan".

He is a dead politician here in Japan. I guess those things are not reported on English based news media including Japan today...

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Posted in: China says Japanese military endangering Chinese aircraft See in context

Chinese aircraft is dangerous with or without Japan.

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Posted in: Trump: I'll run America like my business See in context

So Americans are going to be treated like his employee?

That doesn't sound good.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., S Korea to step up pressure on N Korea See in context


as if North Korean government is peace loving people? You are a nice person, but Kim Jong-un is not.

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Posted in: Abe, Duterte sign military, economic deals See in context

I've been always wondering why Duterte has been so disrespectful to the US.

Just found out today, in Japan the following episode reported on a news TV tonight. The news also says the following is widely reported too on the news in The Philippines.

@Hiro is right that US embassy in the Philippines had been acting like a Governor General and Duterte had hard time as the mayor of Dabaw for long time. So from the beginning of his presidency Duterte has been disrespectful to the US. Then, after US cancelled the US-Philippines summit meeting at ASEAN, Duterte sent "I'm sorry" message to the US. Then this happened.

When for the first time President Duterte met with President Obama on the backstage of ASEAN conference where the summit meeting was cancelled, President Duterte introduced himself to President Obama. President Obama replied saying "My men will talk to you".

That "My men will talk to you" made super hard line Durerte-attitude of today.

That's that and anyway I hope US and the Philippines will both reconsider the relationship and make it more productive.

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Posted in: Fury at debate as Trump refuses pledge to respect a Clinton win See in context

@Strangerland "If he wanted to win, he needed to extend his base."

Ah you are right.

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Posted in: Fury at debate as Trump refuses pledge to respect a Clinton win See in context

Clinton was better but Trump might get some of those Republicans voters who had been thinking about voting for Clinton before this 3rd debate back to the position to support him.

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Posted in: 85 lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

@Simon Foston

Yes, politicians should be private people when they go on to religions services. I mean we can't be anything but private when we go to a service. But it happens that their common obligations follow. US President goes to a church, on "official" Presidential motorcade with the Secret Service forces, that doesn't mean the president is not religious.

But I understand your point that those Japanese politicians are visiting Yasukuni for political purposes but not for religious reasons. and taking it as a religions act is naive.

But when it comes to religion I think we have to be "naive". US military doesn't bomb Mosques. That is naive. We know that terrorists know US military doesn't bomb Mosques so they find safety there but US still do not bomb Mosques. Why is that? Because America can't bomb religious sites. as America is a country that represents the foundation of freedom of religion herself.

People here are bombing Yasukuni with words. From political viewpoint some of their idea may be valid, but from the viewpoint of fundamental value of freedom it is oppression of religion. you know what's happening among us Japanese? We in Japan are beginning to believe that the world is losing the idea of freedom of religion. We know that many people in Europe and America are leaving from their Christian faith and thus Freedom of Religion is also becoming meaningless among them.

But here in Japan, we stay with freedom of religion. And if it's gone, I, as a Christian Japanese, will have no churches in Japan too.

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Posted in: 85 lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

oh @thinawatanabe

you always make things more complicated.

@ Aly Rustom It's not Abe, It's The Emperor, who will visit Pearl Harbor.

Several years ago, Japan's Emperor wished to visit Pearl Harbor.

Both US Government and Japanese Government knew that the visit to Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima should have been happened in coordinate. But at that time US political situation didn't allow US government to assure US President Obama's visit to Hiroshima. So The Emperor's request was cancelled.

But after that President Obama made it to visited Hiroshima even before Japan's Emperor visit Pearl Harbor.

So I'm quite sure that The Emperor will visit Pearl Harbor sometime in near future. The problem is that our Emperor is old and about to be, for the first time in a few hundred years of our history, retiring. In that case, the next Emperor will visit Pearl Harbor.

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Posted in: 85 lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Arlington National Cemetery, I don't know if it could be an equivalent of Yasukuni.

Arlington National Cemetery is a cemetery where the fallen of many different religions rest. I guess what is equivalent of Arlington National Cemetery is Chiganofuchi.

I'm a Japanese Christian but my ancestors were Buddhists. So I go to Buddhist cemetery every summer and winter to pray for their rest in peace. That's not too religions thing to do for me but I think that's a natural thing for me to do. I guess I'm praying to my God for their soul in front of Buddhist coffin. On the other hand my going to church is absolutely a religious act. If my parents were Christians, it should have been a lot more simple but I'm not sorry because my parents were Buddhists.

Those people who go to Yasukuni are praying in their way to the souls they want to pray for. Among those millions souls some dozens bad soul from political viewpoint, or whatever the viewpoint, doesn't justify attacking Yasukuni, a religion. 。 If that is justifiable, what happens to Christian churches, Mosques and Synagogues? St.Paul's Cathedral in Vatican has the name of Pope in history who ordered the Inquisition, horrible torture. Does that justify banning Catholic as a religion?

As I said, Freedom, Democracy and Rule of Law is the foundation of Japan. Yasukuni is a religion by the law. Freedom of Religion is on the Constitution of Japan.

and please, if you don't agree, be brave enough to provide some logical objection.

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Posted in: 85 lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context


Though I never visited there, I am offended by the idea to justify some of the things Imperial Japanese Army did. But I don't allow myself to say that they have no rights to follow their religion. Being offended doesn't justify it.

But let's say it does.

I was very much offended by the Extreme Islam terrorists as I was in NY on 911. So, did that justify we demand Islams not to go to Mosque? We rather asked a Mosque leader to join the bi religion memorial and he came. Freedom of Religion in action in USA.

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