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Posted in: Athletics out of top wild-card spot See in context

We did really well in the start, (Brewers) and gradually just fell apart at the end. sigh not the first time.

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Posted in: Japan marks 3rd anniversary of quake-tsunami disaster See in context

@LFRAgain, Ah, I see what you mean. Makes sense.

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Posted in: March 11, 2011: What are your memories of that day? See in context

I was in the states at the time, in the same house, in the same living room where I had watched 9/11 unfold. (My mother's house) So, here I was up late watching a John Lennon movie (about his killer, forgot the name) When my phone started ringing. At first I was screening the calls to finish the movie up until something told me something was up since he kept calling over and over again.

I finally answered and he asked if I'd been watching the news, or if my wife and her family were ok. I flipped the channel to CNN and just couldn't believe what I was watching as my soul almost sunk into the couch. My wife was still in Japan at the time awaiting her VISA, and thankfully was living near Yokohama. Those images shown from that day on CNN will forever be burnt into my mind just like 9/11, and it was eerie how similar witnessing both events were to me. I was very lucky to have nobody I know taken from me on both those days.

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Posted in: Japan marks 3rd anniversary of quake-tsunami disaster See in context

I can hardly believe it's been 3 years already. I hate the sound of warning sirens of any type, and sounding them on the anniversary would freak me out even more. I understand why they are doing it, but I think bell tolls would have been a better choice in my opinion.

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Posted in: 10 little-known rules for eating Japanese food See in context

Don't mix your rice into your miso soup.

I had actually learned of this bad manner from a book called "inspector Imanisi Investigates" by Seicho Matsumoto. One of the detectives did this when he went home for lunch. He had always did this because it tasted really good.

So the next time out to lunch with my wife I did this for two reasons.

The book made me curious. I couldn't finish the rice by itself since it was getting too dry.

Result? It tasted really good, but I found out that's it really rude and considered muck that is usually fed to stray cats. I got an ear full , but I still do it when nobody's around, it's a really good way to eat lots of leftover rice. Just don't get caught doing it!

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Posted in: Tongue pierce lets the paralyzed drive wheelchairs See in context

So what happens when you stick your tounge give a raspberry?

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Posted in: Who was Lee Harvey Oswald? Many questions linger See in context

When i was stationed in Atsugi, i tried to find anything about LHO. Old logs, pics etc.. (We ran across old logs snd such from as early as 1950-51) But it was like he never existed. Because apparently he was stationed there.

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Posted in: Is Japan really racist? See in context

Someone mentioned about the people who pass out flyers on the streets. I used to hate how they would always pass me up and pretend I wasn't there after they had just looked me straight in the eyes. I always look and smile at everyone of those tissue/flyer ad givers when they come across my path. Me not being Japanese and my wife who is..... Guess who gets the tissue/flyers? Most of the time they will look at me like a deer in the headlights, or nervous like and show signs of not sure what to do. Others will just ignore you and act like those fake sleepers on the train who pretend nobody's there. I always smile and greet them back so there is no intimidation on my part.

Now when I do get one who decides to give me a tissue/flyer, I ALWAYS take it. My for awhile my wife would laugh and say "Why did you take it? You don't have to take those, and besides it's for make up! LOL!" I tell her and anyone who questions why I collect so many for what looks like no apparent reason. "I take them for the next foreigner who comes along and may actually have a use for this advertisement. If I don't take it, maybe they might assume that foreigners don't like to take flyers and tissues and/or are rude and then there would be less of them handing out to gaijins."

By the way, those tissues really come in handy in winter.

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Posted in: Maid cafe robber gets away with Y130,000 in Akihabara See in context

Glad she is ok and alive to tell sbout it. The details they sleays give in these stories are so vauge, that its pointless. They just discribed about a million guys around the world.

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Posted in: 10% of all high school students can't live without Internet: survey See in context

Funny thing is, many schools and businesses are resulting to Internet transactions and that doesn't help matters much either. But like it was mentioned by other posters, yeah ..... 10% seems way too low.

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Posted in: Water break See in context

It's quite strange how many of the insects and crows are huge in Japan compared to many other places. A few years back, we had a problem with the crows swooping down at people as if they were going to attack on base in Atsugi. But other than that, they can be a real cool animal to watch.

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Posted in: Akihabara See in context

As luck would have it, I happened to trade work days with a co-worker. So I had to work the day of the attack, while normally I had planned to go to Akihabara that day for sure. In fact where the incident happened was right at the intersection where a couple of the shops I always went to were located. Had I not have been offer a trade of work days from a co-worker, there would have been a very good chance I could have been there while it happened. I went back months later, and it was eerie being at the actual scene of where that massacre happened.

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Posted in: Two queens and a PM See in context

They are both pretty, ( the women, not abe) and so are the outfits. But the one thing I always didn't like about the kimonos were the fact that they hide the woman's figure, making them almost look like a linebacker.

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Posted in: Art attack See in context

Wish they would have gotten the artists name. One of my favorite artists in Japan is Shohei Otomo. This doesn't look like his style, but who knows.

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Posted in: 5-year-old girl run over by truck while cycling in Toyama See in context

Good grief, hate reading about things like this. Lets not paint with a broad brush, People are always eager to blame the driver right away. But sometimes it takes two to tango, and with out seeing the actual scene, it's hard to pass judgement on what really happened. Regardless of how many bad drivers, or careless cyclists there are. Always hated how many in Japan let too many little children be independent when clearly there is too much danger lurking around.

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Posted in: Man hit by arrow while walking in garden in Ibaraki See in context

I agree, safety measures should of been well thought out for things like this. But I'm not surprised about the bad location spot. I took a trip to Pataya, Thailand and went to an Elephant zoo where you could ride and feed them. What was right next to it? A gun range with a hack job of a brick wall where the targets are set.

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Posted in: Ministry of Finance, BOJ to launch smartphone app for visually impaired See in context

I'm not understanding this. If you can't read a banknote, then how are you seeing the screen on a smart phone? Maybe it's time to buy better prescription glasses instead?

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Posted in: 2 girls vandalize junior high school, inspire copycat incident See in context

Reminds me of Ryu Murakami's book/movie "sixtynine".

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Posted in: Mother of suicide boy files slander charge against 3 bullies See in context

I recommend the movie "blue bird" with Hiroshi Abe. He plays a teacher with a stuttering problem and is the substitute teacher for a class that bullied a young boy who tried to commit suicide. So Mr. Abe makes them learn a valuable lesson in a strange but powerful way. Great movie, and I think these kids should learn the same way.

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Posted in: 6-year-old boy falls from jet coaster at Fukui theme park See in context

Sad, and I feel sorry for everyone who had to witness it.

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Posted in: Body believed to have drifted from N Korea found on Akita coast See in context

I've seen and helped recover decomposed bodies from the water, and it's a freaky scene in itself. If you have never seen a "floater" They actually start to resemble a fish face look at a certain point. But to add that he was still holding onto a metal box that contained pictures of the NK leaders really adds a whole new level.

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Posted in: Samsung releases new Galaxy S4 smartphone See in context

Every time I got a new apple, Sony, or Microsoft product, I made sure I waited and had those companies prove themselves to me. I for one don't believe the ridiculous biased hype that many feel when talking about a said company, because we can no longer swear by name brands anymore. (remember when people used to do that?) Best of luck to samsung S4 and set a fire under apple's arse to keep them improving it's new devices and have this back and forth push. I also hope those who jump on the new shiny bandwagon prepare to brace themselves for unforeseen problems if they should arise. I never understood how people are so gullible to place themselves in hard spot, and spends tons of money on something that hasn't proven it'self fully. Time usually tells all, and many times on both Apple and Android users, those who thought they were cool in line and flashing those new phones. Later are embarrassed and blame the world for their ignorance. Do your homework.

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Posted in: 69-year-old woman arrested for city hall bomb threat in Toyama See in context

Perhaps she was trying to scratch something off her bucket list?

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Posted in: Woman dies after heavy-set police officer sits on her See in context

This could have been prevented had she cooperated and not resisted arrest in the first place. With that said, I for one do not trust all officers of any kind, and you never know how the can react or carry out certain procedures. One time late at night I was pulled over (This was in the US) I right away put my hands on the steering wheel and turned on the car light. Why? Because there are idiots out there who jump or get the wrong ideas. It's to protect both of us, to ensure to the cop he has nothing to be alarmed about, so I don't get tazed or shot because of his ignorance. Just do what you are asked to avoid situations like this.

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Posted in: Woman dies after heavy-set police officer sits on her See in context

Resisting arrest is a crime, obviously she wouldn't cooperate with the police hence the reason why it took a few to try and apprehend her. The story (like always) still leaves out important details, and it's easy for someone who has never done security work at all to drum up accusations like many I have read here. Who is to say she really died from how she was restrained, perhaps she had other health issues, or may have been on drugs. Who knows for sure?

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Posted in: Review: Galaxy S4 decent, but filled with gimmicks See in context

Also I think people should always wait before they jump on new electronic devices. Too many want to be the cool, gotta be first to have it, or the impulse buying which is really naive. Even though I have used apple products for years, and owned various ipods during it's existence. I've always waited at least 6 months that way all the pros-cons are well known and I don't get buyers remorse. iphone5 has been out and i've done my research on not only the phone, but what carriers are strong enough and good enough to handle it with quality support. while someone will in the future will buy the iphone6 or the S4 and become disappointed and/or get burned by a money hungry incompetent carrier because they couldn't wait and jumped on the bandwagon.

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Posted in: Review: Galaxy S4 decent, but filled with gimmicks See in context

I think both apple and samsung phones are great, and it benefits us consumers when both companies try to out do the other. Even though I prefer the iphone 5 for various reasons other then being used to the apps and from using ipods for years. I do not toss the S3 or S4 to the side and claim its a lesser model because I don't think it is. I however as a preference didn't care for the S3 because only because I felt it was rather too large just a bit for a phone. Of course you get the gadget geeks who may toss in facts that can be a reasonable factor of which side you choose. But those who thumb down other comments or bash and start fan wars because they don't like the fact that one person likes apple or vice versa is ridiculous. Different strokes for different folks, I'm buying a phone for myself, not for them.

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Posted in: Smartphone users who text while they walk becoming a hazard See in context

This is nothing new. I once watched a girl get hit by a car from texting on her phone. Landed on the hood with a death grip on that phone. Got off the car and continued walking and texting like nothing happened. I couldn't believe my eyes along with the rest of the people in the vicinity who suddenly just stopped in awe, so I can imagine what the person in the car felt. He had to get out and check to see if she even damaged the car, she didn't care one iota. Still can't believe it happened after all these years. Smart phones ran by dummies.

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Posted in: Apple's profit falls for first time in nearly a decade See in context

Perhaps I'm too early to the party. But I'm glad that this hasn't turned into a fanboy/girl war. I agree with badmigraine, and I just hope that competition is still strong everywhere for a longer while because we consumers benefit from that.

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Posted in: New app brings your bank accounts, credit cards, financial insights to your iPhone and iPad See in context

“Most people feel tracking their finances is a burden, but it takes too much time....... " You know another thing that is by far a worse burden? Trying to clear theft ie: identity, credit card, cloned accounts etc....

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