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Posted in: Mother, employer of epileptic crane driver ordered to pay compensation over fatal accident See in context

What could the mother do? The employer knew of his condition? What did she hide? Nothing, Mother shouldn't be involved other then attending his trial. ("The court on Wednesday also ordered the driver, Masato Shibata, 28, and his employer at the time—who was aware of Shibata’s epilepsy—to pay damages") Even has had other accidents due to his illness. I feel for the victims parents, but to blame the mother? Do they know for sure that she did or did not try to convince him? Sometimes anger and other emotions effect their judgement.

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Posted in: Memorial service held for victims of 2005 fatal train derailment See in context

Thanks for the link malfupete. It's another reminder never to take things in life for granted, as it could end in any moment. The scary thing is, many people don't realize how often their lives are in the hands of one person. It's even scarier when THAT one person doesn't realize how many lives are in their hands.

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Posted in: Are social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, changing the news gathering and reporting process for better or for worse? See in context

Oh lets see.... celebrities who almost on a daily bases make an arse out of themselves on twitter, then forced to recant their flub with a fake apology. Along with the two nut jobs that mistakenly told Japan and/or world that North Korea launched missiles. I'm going to go with for worse.

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Posted in: Free gifts, cheap coffee no help as McDonald’s Japan troubles continue See in context

I don't think that ridiculously failed 2 minute meal scheme helped matters much.

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Posted in: China calls on Japan to stop scrambling its fighters See in context

Isn't there an old saying; "If you tell a lie long and loud enough, you will eventually start to believe it" ?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic bid chief vows 'safe' Games after Boston blasts See in context

Someone remind him of this date: March 20th 1995

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Posted in: Shake See in context

I say Kerry looks like Jay Leno with a hint of Andrew Jackson.

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Posted in: Unexploded ordnance disposal to cause Tokyo train suspensions in June See in context

Another story that leaves you scratching your head. There has to be more, has anyone else heard what and why? Was it from WWII? A old left over bundle of dynamite from demolition squads? But more importantly, why a such a long wait to remove such a potentially dangerous hazard?

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Posted in: Official sends out missile alert instead of earthquake alert See in context

bajhista65 stole the words out of my mouth. That is exactly what I was going to respond to therougou's story with. I'm sure common sense has kicked in with someone over behind these fiascoes. Someone may have pointed out that it may NOT be a good idea of how they had it all set up. But once this rarity happens, it's ignored by the "Oh well forget the common sense route, the book told me different." attitude that is quite unbelievable sometimes. I don't know how many times I've had to deal with robotic by the book loons while I lived in Japan. I'm not saying to not go by the book, but come on people! This is through out all of Japan from listening to robots at a McDonald's to an everyday office worker and disaster officials.

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Posted in: Japan to deploy Patriot missiles in Okinawa permanently See in context

I just hope that those who are stationed along with these things, don't have itchy fingers like the Tokyo/Yokohama twitter geniuses.

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Posted in: Official sends out missile alert instead of earthquake alert See in context

Kim Jong Un is probably choking on his snicker bar from laughing hard.

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Posted in: Official sends out missile alert instead of earthquake alert See in context

Calm down Japan. This is all laughs for right now, but it shows the lack of attention to detail which in high tensions like this and/or war could be right down deadly. Tokyo's 6 minute response is a lot better than Yokohama's 20 min stutter. But still that is minutes too long.

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Posted in: N Korea threatens nuclear retaliation against Japan See in context

They just won't shut up will they?

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Posted in: 24 injured after M6.3 quake hits western Japan See in context

I have family in the Takamatsu area, and they all are fine with no damage. Great full for that, but every time there is a mention of the word earthquake, I right away have flashbacks of the news footage of 3/11 disaster as it was unfolding live.

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Posted in: This robot’s got soul! Animatronic Ray Charles sittin’ on a bench in Osaka See in context

That creepy thing reminds me of those mechanical puppets at Chuck E' Cheeses. Creeped me out as a kid, and I see they still can't get rid of those mechanical clicks and creeks.

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Posted in: Japan trying to confirm N Korean missile launch status See in context

This is foolish. Obviously NK isn't fooling anyone. Yet I rather play 3 Card Monte then real life Missile Command.

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Posted in: Yokohama mistakenly tweets North Korean missile launch See in context

Not only did they mistakenly send the message. But took 20 mins before it was brought to their attention, and it was by a follower? So many fails.

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Posted in: Japan increasingly nervous about North Korean missiles See in context

Japan just needs to send Kim a shipment of snicker bars.

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Posted in: Japan 4th in world liar rankings See in context

How did North Korea not take the cake on this one? Were they left out to give other countries a chance?

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to kill woman with poisoned shoes See in context

I'm wondering how this acid could dissolve rocks but not shoes?

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Posted in: Tokyo serial arsonist may have also ransacked homes See in context

It seems like pyromaniac thieves are coming out of the wood work? Vending machines and Homes.... What's next?

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Posted in: Fukushima to get 20,000 cherry trees on 190-km coast See in context

This is what I question. The trees are being planted to raise spirits, and hopes. Yet the scientists have warned some places have the possibility that "Living" things my not be inhabitable for many years. What happens if the trees die off? Could this possibly do more damage in the long run? I do hope for the sake of the people there that the most if not all trees survive, and they can find peace and hope for a better tomorrow no matter what it brings.

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Posted in: Opinions split on whether or not to remove mannequins from Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum See in context

The world needs to stop desensitization of issues like this and let it stand for what it was made for. To remind everyone and anyone why war shouldn't happen.

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Posted in: Do you think of a pet as a member of the family? See in context


I understand where you are coming from. But this is just me, if I was stranded somewhere with food and water, I would of gave my pet a bit of it as well as my family, even if I had to take from my own portion. While I am maybe fed and rested, I would be mentally sick, no way I could sit there and watch it suffer. I mean it doesn't take a whole lot of food to feed an animal compared to a human.

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Posted in: Masked wrestler city councilman forbidden to wear mask during sessions See in context

What did I just read? The Sunday Comics?

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Posted in: Do you think of a pet as a member of the family? See in context

Yep, so I guess you could say I lost a family member 6 months ago. I still miss my bud. Sickens me when people get pets for status and then abandons them when they are no longer interested or the pet no longer fits the bill.

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Posted in: 4 men arrested for employing 14-year-old girl at brothel See in context

The things is that many girls around this age know that this is an easy way to get money. I've heard it from the grape vine. From women who have done things like this when they were young or who knew someone who had pulled stunts like this just to get material things they wanted. It's also a fact that there are girls who look for older guys as well. It's not always a one way street, it's wrong no matter how you slice the lemon, but it's true.

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Posted in: Japanese travelers abroad lack street smarts See in context

Some of the listed issues had nothing to do with street smarts. I mean the balloon accident could of happened to anyone, it was a freak accident. Going down a dark alley in New York with 100,000 Yen on the other hand would be considered lack of street smarts.

I shore patrolled in Guam a few times back in 2005, and more than anything I had to help the police aid many Japanese tourists who fell victims to petty crime (thank god). One time, two Japanese women who were robbed. One of the girls had been non stop weeping and looked in bad shape. I had felt sorry for her and her friend because it could of really ended bad. Come to find out she was fine and not really shaken up at first. Then the switch was flipped when the police told her she lost out on her coach bag and LV wallet inside the bag. She was more concerned about those things, rather than what could of happened. Police told her that she was lucky as it could of been worse. Her response. "Yeah, but what about my things?! Those were not cheap fake brands!"

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Posted in: 2 infants die after being left asleep in car See in context

Now that the temp is rising, get ready to see more of these "Monkey see monkey do" crimes. Because the law and justice system against this is a joke.

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Posted in: Woman confesses to killing 25-year-old mentally disabled son See in context

WOW! What in the Heck did I just read from some of these posters?

I've always read about how people were against a mother killing a child a bunch of times in other stories because they were "SICK" and "TIRED" of the blah blah blah. That's terrible... But a 25 year old disabled son gets killed and it's poor mother, poor old woman. and the BS "Mercy killing"....

Those who feel this is "OK" to do has me scared of today's society even more. She had no right whatsoever to take his life. By the looks of it it seems many people are stuck in the 1950's old ways of thinking of mentally challenged people. I have a brother who is challenged and just happened to celebrate his 26th birthday and wish for many more. Never would I consider anyone to take his life for any reason. They are human just like you and me, they just have greater challenges than any of us could ever imagine.

The woman will suffer for taking his life, and she should, it was wrong.

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