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Posted in: New York woman with baby falls 8 stories to her death but baby OK See in context

It was a selfish act, and when someone gets at the lowest of the low, they don't care who they affect when they tap out. Also, even if we knew the answers to why she chose to commit a murder suicide, she had no right to try and take her child's life period.

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Posted in: Dead cat, bird found on department store escalator in Kashiwa See in context

Reporting things like this in the news probably gives the person who is doing this more motivation to keep doing this or advance to a higher level of sick acts.

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Posted in: Survey among expats: What did you think about Japan before you started living here? See in context

I agree with the foreign display of Japan that can give people the wrong stereotype assumptions. Movies for instance.... Netflix among other companies need to start choosing better Japanese movies to translate and showcase here in the states, or around the world. I've watched just about every movie and I have a hard time trying to show some of my friends and family some things about Japan because they are the most off the wall stories. Just about all of the movies only showcase the oddball strange things about Japan, how about some better cultural selections? Not perverted, kooky, depressing, lets put Japan in the limelight titles.

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Posted in: ANA flight cancelations top 450 with Dreamliner grounded See in context

Will this affect the ticket prices or bottle neck the system for other airlines? Now that those people will have to change plans and all.

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Posted in: Mutilated animal corpses still appearing on streets of Kure See in context

Who ever it is wants to remain anonymous, and they are sick and a coward picking on helpless animals. But there is something funny about all of this, and yeah it may be just a silly theory of mine.

However, you noticed how there wasn't any dogs reported being killed like this? Just birds and cats... Perhaps it's because the attention that people give to a dog in distress, rather than a cat? For instance, how many people really take notice and look around or up when alley cats get into a brawl running around hissing and knocking things over, or sound as if they have been killed.

One time I had waked past this cat that had been ran over by a car. It was still alive trying to meow and in pain, and lets just say it was almost in two, but not severed. Some of the people walked past the poor thing looking and looked away most never even noticed, me and an older lady had stopped and I wanted so bad to somehow put it out of it's misery. She had asked me if it were mine, and I told her no. She then called some pet control place, and I stayed with her until they came. It was terrible.

But then a different time a boy accidentally ran over his dog's tail with his bicycle, and the small dog let out a few loud yelps. Just about everyone in a 3 mile radius turned around and stared at them for a good 30-45 seconds as if they were watching a crime scene unfold. The boy couldn't understand why so many people were staring at him as he sat there petting his dog. Just saying.....

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Posted in: ANA, JAL ground Dreamliner fleet after emergency landing See in context

This one hits close to home because my in laws live in Takamatsu. There is a very good chance that any one of us could of been on that plane. Or not even... They live not that far from the airport. Even though this is a countryside airport doesn't mean these things have plenty of room to land if they miss the runway. This gets creepier everyday.

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Posted in: Transport Ministry to probe JAL Dreamliner fuel leaks See in context

The world has enough disasters to deal with, hoping that if this is a "routine" mishap with new jetliners. Then they should have been able to nip it in the bud, and not just fluffing off the public. But honestly they probably are, the jet fuel either isn't the only thing smelling foul here.

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Posted in: JAL reports another fuel leak in same Boeing Dreamliner See in context

This is past getting ridiculous IMHO. I wouldn't ride these things even if it were a free trip to Japan and back. So many people (on various threads/ ticket buyers) brushing this off as small frivolous issues until one of these things become a fatal disaster. Then the same talking heads will complain and ask why nothing was done about it.

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Posted in: Hide and seek See in context

Does anyone even use these WWII/Vietnam tactics anymore?

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Posted in: Boeing Dreamliner hit by two more mishaps in Japan See in context

@jessebaybay Lets hope the next ones (if any) are not them being fatal in anyway.

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Posted in: Sock thief on the loose in Chiba See in context

sigh In China 22+ people are stabbed, USA 27+ are shot to death, Japan a sock gets stolen. And people claim Japan is full of loonies.

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Posted in: Taking Hello Kitty love to the extreme See in context

At first from the small pic, I thought it was a photo of a 5 year old girls bed room.

Also I can bet that you can only see out of 25% of her back window. I never understood how so many drivers could get away with having so much clutter on their from and back dashes. Filled with more stuffed animals than at a Build a Bear shop.

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Posted in: Hot time at Wendy's See in context

Thing about Japan though. People will go here after standing in line for hours in the blaze and of course....buy a lets say...... a wasabi burger. Even though it's the same ole, same ole that they could have gotten anywhere in minutes. But the fact that they got it at a Wendy's changes everything. I can see these people walking, wildly swinging their Wendy's meal bag show to show off.

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Posted in: Baby left in car dies while mother plays pachinko See in context

The car engine being off and the windows rolled up, is CLEAR and OBVIOUS evidence that this was a pre-meditated murder.

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Posted in: What would they do without their cell phones? See in context

It's not just Japan. It's the same in the states. Nowa days I hardly behind a car that isn't slowly swerving in their lane because they are on those phones!!

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Posted in: Melons fall short at only Y1 million for two See in context

LOL It's not because of the economy. It's because people are finally coming to their senses of the stupidity of price trends in Japan.

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Posted in: Beat Takeshi compares same-sex marriage with bestiality See in context

Can't believe people are still debating these kinds of things about homosexuality, while other "sexual preferences" are far more important to worry about. With all the news in Japan of pedophile crimes, and such. Or what about the weirdos who marry their pillows or stupid nintedo DS game characters? He should of been poking fun at these people.

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Posted in: Policeman arrested for licking woman's hair See in context

I had to laugh when someone said licking her hair wasn't a sexual offense. Really? I mean why else would this weirdo do so? Perhaps her hair smelled like cotton candy, so he wanted to find out if her hair tastes as good as it smelled? FFS get a clue.

Also why can't the Japanese commit American style crimes? LOL wow! Be glad the Japanese don't commit so many of foreign crimes that have results that are 9/10 deadly. I rather my wife be creeped out by some weirdo who licked her hair vice a rape, robbery, or worse.

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Posted in: 38-year-old man held for beating father to death while changing diaper See in context

What these stories sometimes don't tell us is the past that these many families have. Not saying what he did was right in anyway. Perhaps the father was a terrible man, and a horrible father to his son.(just think about that for a moment) Now having to take care of a person who was so rotten to him, may have flipped the psycho switch. So with a one sided story given and a short one at that! It's easy to ridicule the son.

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Posted in: TEPCO considers dumping more tainted water into sea See in context

Radio active whale meat anyone?

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Posted in: Rare quake rattles eastern U.S. seaboard See in context

This creeps me out because I live in Wisconsin. We are on a big fault line as well that runs around or with the Mississippi river. It's said that we are well over due.

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Posted in: Osaka police arrest man over dumping of body parts in park See in context

My wife told me that many at first thought the YAKS were involved when it was first reported long time ago. But now reports say they found out that he had wrapped them in old newspapers from 2005, and had them in a freezer for 5 years! Why would he go to a public place to throw away the remains? He must have wanted to be caught.

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Posted in: No. of fake marriages between Japanese, foreigners jumps by 49.2% See in context

I agree with everything sakurala said. Even the other way around. (me getting my wife to the states) is a difficult task. Plus the money that you spend in the process. God forbid if your spouse lived in another country for 6 months after the age of 16. That is even more and more paper work for police records, time and money. I'm not even going to talk about the headache to request marriage while I was in the military. The fact that I was not allowed to have a D.R. on base check her for free anymore, because of the so called "legit" process. But was able to pay the embassy civilian D.R. a few hundred dollars was ok. All this does in the end is justify future processing to milk legit marriages for more money. It's all about money.

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Posted in: Teenage girl motorcycle daredevil wows Japan See in context

It's good to see women taking part in events, breaking the men only cycle. Besides, she seems way more my type than some air headed girly girl who can't keep her face out of a mirror or cell phone.

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Posted in: Actress Sayuri Yoshinaga campaigns against nuclear power See in context

To me IMHO when nuclear plants are not taken care of, and have incompetence running them. It can be a weapon. Look what is going on now? Last I checked it isn't all peaches and cream in Fukishima.

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Posted in: On guard See in context

Didn't expect to see this. At first, I started to think that the one tower in the background was a guard tower of some sort due to the title. Always did love Japanese architecture.

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Posted in: Man dies in fire at Kamakura residence See in context

Seems like another selfish suicide act. Glad the father made it out alive. To bad he had lost so much. His house, belongings, and more importantly loosing his son whom was ill. Talk about being at your all time low.

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Posted in: M6.2 quake shakes Shizuoka region See in context

I thought it was "Expect the worst and hope or pray for the best?"

I've always wondered about the possibility % of volcano eruptions due to all of these EQs like this.

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Posted in: Sunset See in context

Misleading pic. Looked real beautiful until you scroll down and see the aftermath on the bottom.

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Posted in: Beyond borders See in context

You see that is what people here in today's world need to start doing. Especially over here in Asia. Stop bickering over what happened before our time, and not wait to see who will lend out their hand first.

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